Welcome to Slow Burn! This is my first published fan fiction, just a light side project when I have writer's block on my actual literary work. I'll try to update weekly, so check back for more!

First chapter is pretty light, but this WILL end up as a steamy story with DekuBaku being the focus of development. I may give hints of KiriBaku because I stan, but DekuBaku feels like it has so much more Dom/Sub work involved.

In this story the characters are 19, so let's just imagine that UA added on a year of college/ business courses. Comments and votes are much appreciated! Thank you for reading!

Bakugo stood in the hallway, about 2 feet from a very annoyed Midoriya. A Midoriya who was carrying boxes, glowing with his all-for-one lightning stripes, and intently making very intense eye contact as he scolded him. And Bakugo couldn't look away or process what the green nerd was even saying. He just looked… good this way.

Shit. Bakugo felt a small panic. Okay no, a big panic. This was not normal for him, he didn't DO that. Okay he did, Bakugo felt he was an absolute bombshell of a man. Oh right, the nerd was scolding him. Maybe he should tune in to that.

"I don't give a flying ALL MIGHT what you do with your time, so stay the fuck out of mine." Funny, in all this time, he'd never had Deku immediately and singularly angry with him. But there he stood, beautiful, glowing and full of vitriol, all because Bakugo had shared a lightly held opinion.

"See you in class, Bakugo," the green haired teen finished. Ka-chan had fallen out of Midoriya's vocabulary these last few weeks. Bakugo felt something tighten as he watched the up and coming hero stalk down the hallway.

"Hey Katsu, I know you're king of explosives," Kirishima had been begging Bakugo for a study session when Deku had passed through their corridor. "But Midoriya never blows up that way. Are you sure it's okay to leave it like that?"

He tried to register exactly what the nerd had retorted with. Fuck maybe he was catching stupid from this blockhead. "I mean, you kinda stuck your nose into Ochako's home life..."

Bakugo pulled at the back of his neck, clicking his tongue in annoyance, "Always fucking nagging me, damn Kiri." Deku hadn't gone too far down the hall yet, so he made sure to do it loud enough for the green haired goody-two-shoes to hear.

"I mean, this is Midoriya-"

"Of course it's fine! I didn't say anything the damn nerd didn't already know." Those red shoes didn't falter.

Bakugo had heard he'd been making trips home with Uraraka to help her family move to a new apartment. And maybe it wasn't Bakugo's business, but the successor of the God that was All Might better have better ways of filling his time than helping floaty floozy round-face move around weightless boxes and zero gravity furniture. Like tracking down the next major villain... or sparring with the soon to be number one hero, Dynamight.

Bakugo didn't give two shits if Deku was mad. He looked better that way anyways.

Wait. No, that was not an acceptable sentence. There was nothing true about what his brain just conjured up. Deku had grown, Deku had become admittedly strong, but Deku had not glowed up to the point he could ever be considered… sexual.

"I dunno..." Kirishima stuck his hands deep in his pockets. "I guess it's always this way with you two." Kirishima was too well intentioned, Bakugo knew others tolerated him on the basis of Kirishima's wicked good personality."So about that Agency Analytics test..."

It must've just been the anger. Bakugo is an intense guy, so he just likes intensity. Whatever the case was, he needed to test his theory out.

"Oi, Kirishima." The red head looked up at him, obviously still stuck on the last topic. So goddamn slow. "Get mad."

"What over? My barely passing grades or your tortuous tutoring?" He joked.

"No just come at me." Kiri just looked at him with that look that clearly said we have better things to do right now. "Like seriously dude, I need you to get pissed or tackle me or something right now." Bakugo knew it was weird, but if there was one guy who wouldn't get weirded out in the long run, it was this red headed knucklehead. But the knucklehead wasn't moving and Bakugo was getting impatient.

He raised one hand up to his best friend's horribly styled hair, "Some inspo for ya." He ignited little droplets from his palm, weaker than a firecracker. Just enough to fuck up his hair, and maybe singe the ends. Dude needed a haircut anyways, damn hippie.

And, within seconds he had his back against a wall, air pressed out of his lungs, and hot breath on his face. It felt good, but it didn't feel that different from a spar. Kirishima released his body check quickly, obviously trying to de-escalate this interaction as quickly as possible.

"What the hell was that for?!" Bakugo wondered if maybe Kirishima wasn't angry enough for this to be a real test. But that wouldn't do, Bakugo needed to get under his skin. Which admittedly wouldn't happen with a straight forward punch or sparring session.

"I thought your brain cells could use a wake up." Bakugo was on autopilot. Bakugo knew he loved to fight, and this interaction didn't make him feel any other type of way. Maybe if he just pushed it a little farther. He looped his foot behind Kirishima's knees to topple them over. Kirishima looked up at him vexed.

"Dude what are you getting at right now? We have class this evening and I'm really trying to get my grades up this time." Bakugo felt that Kirishima seemed genuinely stressed. He pushed a hand at Bakugo's chest, forcing him up so he was straddling his best friend in an open doorway. "You know you can just ask me to spar if you need it, but trying to fight me instead of handling Midoriya is beyond toxic and you know it."

Okay well this was useless. "Tsch. Whatever." He'd need to change up tactics, or just figure out another test subject. He got up and brushed his shirt off.

"If you need to, like, use your vast vocabulary to talk about how you feel or something, I'm here for that. I'm also here for some bomb tutoring and well organized notes for the test later." He slipped in, combing a hand through his hair and motioning towards Bakugo's desk. "What I'm not here for is you fucking up my hair, totally not manly." Kirishima picked at the ends of his crimson locks.

On some level he appreciated Kirishima's commitment to his aesthetic, it was essential to being a pro hero. But if he was being honest with himself, he was really weirded out by earlier and he really wanted answers. He had to come up with new testing methods. Violence probably wasn't his best bet to pushing Kirishima over the edge. And the block head was basically numb to Bakugo's taunts.

"Oi dude, your color coding is immaculate on these notes!" Ugh okay Kirishima was a useless test subject.

"Gimme those back, that's Dynamight intellectual property, you lug." He was already rifling through Bakugo's desk while he'd been busy zoning out.

"Take pity on me, I'm not a god in academics like you," Kirishima's red eyes glinted.

"I tutor you all the time, you child. How you haven't absorbed any intellect from any of it is not a me problem."

"It's an emergency Bakugo, don't you want us to be able to work at the same agency after? I'm already tweaked-out over the added coursework this year, let's get through this added year together!"

"I'll walk you through my notes if you just stop nagging me," Bakugo begrudgingly offered. Well, maybe Kirishima was a bad test subject to begin with. He was too understanding and too anti-conflict. The interaction after felt normal, easy, autopilot worthy.

"You drive a hard bargain my dude." Kiri joked, plopping on his bed and casually leafing through a binder he'd dug out. Bakugo sighed, he wasn't going to get out of this study session.

He'd have some thinking to catch up on later.

A morning run, crisp fog, and his favorite thermal turtleneck. Bakugo was a man of routine, strict undeviating routine. Through making less choices in his day, he was able to preserve his crucial decision making skills for KILLING on the battle ground. And these runs were as crucial as his constant anger to his edge- gathering sweat early gave him fuel for his enjoyably blasty combat style.

Successful people wake up early, that is a fact. And Baukugo is a successful guy, who is successful at everything immediately. If he can think of it, he's amazing at it. Which means he just needs to walk through this Angry Deku process methodically. That's all.

He'd look for the facts first, right that is a great step. Okay, so Deku glaring at him made his stomach turn pleasantly and his jaw slack a little bit. But not always, only yesterday really.

Kirishima hadn't been genuinely angry, just a little thrown around, so Bakugo decided he had to throw any data he'd extracted from yesterday out the window.

Deku had ignored him in their evening test, but he always just was a muttering focused mess during tests. Even though he always got good grades back and was almost topping the physical capacity tests. But it did piss him off just a little.

So he had to be attracted to the scenario, because there was no way Bakugo was interested in plain freckles and worried note taking. Not one bit. Midoriya had always been too, well, worried.

So what was different? What was so different between pissing Kiri off and making Deku angry. Kiri was definitely more attractive, just on a base scale. He was taller and didn't run around in his mother's handmade hero suit. Kirishima was actually, well, manly.

If it was power, then yeah Deku had everyone beat, he'd inherited One For All. But if he wanted to break this down to the science of it, then he'd need his next experiment to involve strength. All Might would be an obvious choice, but he just couldn't after Kamui.

So the next strongest person would have to be half and half. Ugh. Okay, so maybe he'd add a crazy hot girl into the mix too, just to rule it out... he wasn't just assuming he was into guys. Aishido could work. And she'd be easy to target, she was such a momma wolf-

"Kyaaaah!" Ochako came flying straight passed him, slamming into the school's outer wall. She was in her full hero get up, which gotten somehow rounder and more streamlined over the years. Shit.

"Wow sorry Ochako! I guess I'm still getting Black Whip under control." Deku came running after her, clad in a beat up t-shirt and moisture wicking workout shorts. In green of course. Shit.

Shit. He ran right into the middle of a Disney-level wholesome flirt fest. "I'm okay!" Girl was tough as nails, he had to give her that. Should I say anything?

"Are you feeling nauseous yet?" Well, technically they interrupted my peaceful morning training.

"Not yet! But I think this is good for today, I have to meet Aishido for a class project soon." It's not like I came into their space…

Fuck it, he's Bakugo. He should act like he felt absolutely normal, for appearances at least. "Yuck, I'm going to barf for round face, you two are SO wholesome." Ochako kind of looked at him with apprehension. Nothing from Deku.

"Just ignore him," Deku smiled and lifted a hand to Ochako. "You'll be happier that way. Go grab some breakfast and meet Aishido, we can pick up when you have some more free time." The thin line of reason in Bakugo's head started fraying. What the fuck did Deku just say?

"Not joining us? It would be great to celebrate the news a little" Yeah, definitely pissed. Deku was supposed to follow him everywhere, Deku should be idolizing him.

"Nah, I really want to nail down black whip for our next centrifuge session," Midoriya grinned, closing his fist tight. Deku was the snot nosed kid who'd followed him all the way to the top highschool in the world, the kid who'd risk his quirkless body to save him from a slime villain.

"Alright, I'm fired up!" Fuck this cheerleader. Fuck this airheaded cheerleader.

"Mhmm." He nodded and smiled as she jogged off towards the main entrance. Deku turned on his heel to go back to the clearing he'd made for training.

"Looks like-"

"Nothing, right?" Midoriya cut him off. "Weren't you jogging Bakugo?" Dismissive- that felt like a shove off if Bakugo had heard one. This was new ground, ground that was making Bakugo's heart rate speed up.

Midoriya gave him a beat or two to respond, looking smug and clicking his tongue. "Well, I have a pretty busy morning of trying to fill All Might's boots and figure out how to help my friends be better heroes. So if that's all you felt like getting out, I'll be off then." Deku activated one for all to cleanly propel himself back towards his clearing.

Bakugo checked his watch, did some quick calculations, and then decided to fuck the schedule and give chase. He's going to push some buttons this morning, one way or another, and he's either getting a sparring session out of it, or, more data from which he can figure the fuck out what's going on with him, and totally separately, with Deku.