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-About 17 Years Later-

"Holy shit, your Dad is the Legendary Army Fucker... and you want to get a job at our little shop?"

Lavender puffed her chest out in pride at the mention of her father's legendary exploits and stamina, the man who saved the world a dozen times, saved thousands of villages across the world, and fucked an entire army of Lilims once. He had both the title of Hero and Dark Hero, and she was extremely proud.

The flowers in her hair were usually a lavender color, but she painted the tips of them blond to take more after him. She was a Mandrake like her mother, while her twin sister Himewari (named after Naruto's first love Hinata) was a human who took very much after Naruto's own mother. Himewari and Thyme were the only humans among her siblings.

"Of course I want a job-" Lavender paused when she saw a familiar face come out of the store.

Her uncle Stunk.

"Oh, Lavender, you need something?" Stunk asked the young girl as she gave him an uncomfortable look.

"Uncle Stunk... how often do you visit this store?" Lavender asked with a disappointed look. She was already trying to keep this job search a secret from her father, she didn't need Stunk spilling the beans about the truth to her.

"A lot."

"... Mom wants to talk with you about your late rent, I'm just passing the message along." Lavender deadpanned as she turned and walked away. She couldn't work at a store that her pseudo-uncles like to visit a lot.

Stunk gave a thumbs up.

But not to Lavender, he gave a thumbs up to Naruto hiding on top of a nearby building as the man watched over his daughter.

"Well see you."

-On top of the Building-

"Okay, so what is the story?" Stunk asked Naruto as they stalked his eldest daughter, the older of the twins.

"Lavender is trying to get a job as a Succu-girl, and since I want her to be safe, I'm manipulating things so that she works at a store I trust... and I'm going to make sure her first customer treats her right." Naruto had ignored an important request from a client in order to look after his daughter.

If she wanted to be a Succu-girl, he would support her in any way that he could. He would make sure she got a good job at a good store, and that store would be able to make sure she was well-treated. She was his firstborn daughter, and he wanted to make sure that she could set a good example as a hard worker for his other children. His sons wanted to be adventurers or work for the Inn when they got older, but some of his daughters had inheritted some of his more perverted traits.

"Ah... so that is why you wanted me to visit that store today."

"Yep, I guessed which stores she would want to get a job at first, and I knew she would never get a job at a store where she might have to serve one of her uncles as a customer." Naruto grinned at his forward thinking.

"Why don't you just tell her?"


"You talk to your teenage daughter about sex and sexual fetishes and stuff... I'm her father, I'm not the one who is suppose to do that... and you know how laid back Ivy is about this sort of stuff. Nope, I'm going to do things the ninja way." Naruto stated as he jumped from building to building, following after Lavender as she went about her job hunt.

"You're rich, why does she even need to work?"

"Because, I taught her that money you earn yourself is more satisfying than money given to you for free. My children have a strong work ethic that I beat into their heads." Naruto was proud about that. He wished he could have spent some more time with them all when they were in their much earlier years, but he spent as much time with them as he could considering he would take quests and missions almost every day.

Granted, he came home and spent time with them after the missions, but he still missed a lot of important moments like first words and first steps. He was very wealthy, but he wanted to make sure ALL of his kids had a good example to learn from as they were growing up.

"Nice... and Zel is next."

-Moments Later-

"-so that explains it then."

"Makes sense." Zel nodded in agreement with Naruto's plan.

-A little later-

"The plan makes sense to me." Kanchal stated as he nodded his head in agreement. It had been a long time since all of them started to gather like this for a common purpose. Since they started getting paid tons of money for their reviews, they rarely needed to take a lot of quests to keep their wallets somewhat full. "Did you ask Piltia to help out?"

Naruto sent Kanchal a thumbs up.

Piltia had been talking with Lavender, and Naruto had supplied a couple of suggestions, the first of them all the places he tricked his friends into visiting at these times. After he got his daughter frustrated at visiting several locations she would not work at, the last location would get her hook, line, and sinker.

"This is extremely elaborate, and feels unneeded." Stunk pointed out.

Naruto should just talk to his daughter.

"This is extremely elaborate, but completely needed. I refuse to talk to my daughter about sex, even more so after the thong incident." Naruto shivered.

He thought that Ivy had bought a new, extremely sexy thong, to wear for him in bed. He found it on laundry day, and Ivy had sadly informed him that she did NOT purchase said thong, but that the thong belonged to his daughter. He might have experience with fucking LITERALLY thousands upon thousands of women that came in all shapes, sizes, and species, but there was just something about holding his daughter's skimpy thong in his hand that got to him.

"Get somebody else to do it then!? This is too much-"

"Shhhhhh... I can't trust any of you perverts to talk to my daughter about sex either." Naruto put a finger to Stunk's lips.

It was 30 minutes later before Lavender got hired at a store, and entered said store.

They were all sitting down on top of the store as they put up a picture of his daughter in skimpy underwear in the window, to show that she had been willing to start working that very day. Naruto was neutral to actually seeing her naked, as her father she could be butt naked and he wouldn't really feel anything.

"Any good guys?" Naruto asked all of them.

They were looking for a good guy.

"Guy spotted at 11 o'clock about to enter the building."

"Grab him." Naruto jumped off of the building, and grabbed the guy as he walked by. Pulling him into the nearest alley before anyone could see what was happening, Naruto pushed the guy up against the brick wall while his friends blocked off the alley from view. So they were not visible to people outside the alley. "Sup... you about to visit that store?" Naruto asked as he took out a knife.

He held the knife up and touched the tip of it to the front of the man's crotch.

"Yo-you're Na-Naruto!?"

"Yep, so I bet you know what I could do to you if you scream... no... before you can scream." Naruto corrected himself. Naruto took out a small bag of gold coins, and he snuck them into the front of the man's shirt. "... and I've got a little... deal for you. You see, a new whisker cheeked girl just started working at that place you were about to visit."

"You're daughter..."

The man was scared shitless.

'He's going to tell me not to touch his-'

"You're going to be her first customer, lucky you friend. You get to show her a good time, and give her some money for her hard work... oh... were you expecting me to tell you not to pick her?" Naruto asked as he saw the confusion AND fear on the man's face, deep in his eyes as well.


"Well, I'm a very supportive daddy. My girl wants to become a succu-girl, so I'm going to support her. I want her first customer to be a good experience... so Carrot and Stick... you get that gold there to show her a good time... but if you show her a bad time... this kunai is going into your asshole." Naruto wasn't above getting scaring when he needed to be.

There was a gulp.

From Stunk as he heard that threat.

"Yessir... I'll try my best."

"You're not going to try, you're going to do it. I've exploded up a guy's ass before-" Naruto thought of the kunai he shoved up Gaara's ass before, before he realized how that sounded. He looked at the cared man, before he grinned a sadistic prankster grin. He gently pat the man on the face, and he did NOT correct the misunderstanding his words would have caused. "-... so unless you want your ass blown out by me, you'll be the absolute best customer for her." Naruto sealed the deal by giving the man a kiss on the forehead.

Awkward, but it put the FEAR OF GOD into the man.

It was a terrifying thought to imagine being stabbed in the ass, but it was 1000 times more terrifying to think the man who fucked an entire army was going to be fucking your ass with his legendary stamina. Naruto gave a demented grin as he slid his kunai up his sleeve and watched the man take off running into the store.

-Much Later-

"... I can't believe... I just can't believe it... that store we like to go to closed down, the nice little mom and pop diner." Naruto complained as he read the newspaper with Ivy knitting, her belly nice and fat from pregnancy. She was smiling a very happy smile that she was going to get to knit some brand new baby clothes for their newest little additions to the family.

"Oh, that's a shame."

"I know-" The sound of the front door opening and closing could be heard, before Lavender came skipping into the room with a pleased look on her face.

She stopped by her father and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you Daddy, thanks for being supportive."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Naruto denied as he turned the page in the newspaper. Lavender huffed at his denial, grabbing his cheek and pulling on it for a second. Ivy just giggled as she watched the eldest pull on her father's cheek, before she let go of it.

When Lavender left the room, Ivy looked at him.

"Seriously... why not just TALK to her about her new job?"

"I am NOT talking to my teenage daughter about sex, you do it." Naruto was not going to do it, no matter what, he wasn't doing it.

"Daddy, I got my Dungeon Crawler rank ALL the way up to B! I just got promoted!" Himewari came into the room and jumped into his lap.

Naruto grinned.

"That's great, what did you do with your money?"

"I spent it all going to a succu-girl store."

Naruto refused to talk to ANY of his daughters about sex.

They had NO problem talking about it to him though.

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