Thanks everyone for supporting this story.
I'm happy to say there is not much left that is needed to write for this story to tell a complete story.
Naruto has fully recovered from his depression.
He found love, started a family, and is a father now. Not to mention he has a lot of friends, and regained much of what he had lost over the course of the story.

The story for this timeline has come to it's conclusion, and though I bet many of you would like to see much more, I think it's better to end things for this version of this timeline here where everything is wrapped up rather neatly.

Thankfully, there are 2 more timelines that can be explored.

1. Naruto the Highschool Reviewer (Highschool version Naruto)

2. Naruto the Kyuubi Reviewer (Shota/Trap Kyuubi Naruto)

Vote: Vote for which one you want explored for the next story, and kindly explain why you would like to see it.
There are 3 timelines, depending on which Naruto meets the reviewers first.

If anyone wants to make a Reading/Viewing version of this story, I am now looking for somebody to do just that, so if you want to or know somebody who wants to do it, let me know or tell them to contact me.