Kurt and Keaton enter a small storage room and manage to find an old landline. As Kurt tries to get a dial tone Keaton is flipping switches to try to make it happen. Eventually hitting the right switch Kurt frantically dials Patterson's number.

Standing in the lab Patterson feels her phone vibrate in her pocket. She notices it is a triple 0 area code calling and answers in confusion


"Patterson, it's Weller."

"How are you calling from a 000-area code? I didn't even know those existed."

"Listen to me. Phase two isn't over."

As Kurt finished his sentence a gunshot rang out cutting off the communication to Patterson. Both ducking for cover and sparks flew.

"Weller? Weller!" Patterson called desperately after communications were severed.

'Put the phone down Assistant Director Weller.' The male with the gun yelled his gun trained on Kurt.

Kurt places the phone down and looks back at the male.

'Get down on your knees' he tells Kurt.

'Just listen to me'

'No, you listen to me! We are rebuilding this nation, do you understand that? Shepherd's scraping out the rot. We're gonna restore this country. Now, get down on your… '

As he was talking to Kurt Keaton slowly moved towards him before the male turned and pointed the gun at Keaton. As he was distracted Kurt to the chance to throw the phone that he was holding moments before at him.

As he ducked the phone Keaton charged him fighting his and flinging the gun away. At this point Kurt charges him knocking him over and engaging in a fist fight. Keaton then takes him down as Kurt reaches for the gun killing him as he strangles Keaton with the phone wire. Kurt grabs his security badge.

'Lets get out of here.'


They both move towards the exit.

'What exactly did Weller say?' Reade asks

'Just that phase two isn't over, and then the line went dead.' Patterson replied as him Jane and Patterson stand in the middle of the destroyed NYO

'We have to find him.' Jane says

'Weller wouldn't want us to focus on him. He would want us to focus in sandstorm, so that's what were going to do.' Reade said 'We gotta figure out where Shepherd's going to attach next.' He said moving from where he was standing the two girls following him to the lab.

'Yesterday, Sandstorm targeted seven buildings simultaneously.' Patterson said

'All government facilities.' Read added

'These gotta be some other connection that we're not seeing.' Patterson said looking at the pictures upon the computer screens.

'Maybe we're asking the wrong questions' Jane said. 'I mean, what does Shepherd want?'

'Besides mass terror?' Reade asks

As the other two are talking Patterson is reading a small quote off of the screen that says" The American people will not allow terrorists to undermined our democracy." Before something clicked.

'Today's meeting. At the White House, the president's holding a full cabinet meeting to discuss security protocols.' She said turning back to face the others

'Just like they always do after every major attach.' Reade said also clicking on to what Patterson was thinking.

'Right, but what if yesterday's attacks were a catalyst? To get all of our leaders together in the same room?'

'So she can wipe out the government' Jane said she too also catching on.

They all looked at each other finally realising what's going on.

'I'll update Hirst, we'll brief the president, order a full evacuation. Start digging into the attack plan.' Reade said moving out of the lab.

'How does Shepherd plan to hit the most secured building on the planet?' Jane then asks.

'I don't know, but after yesterday, we're at DEFCON-1.' Patterson tells her. 'Civilians can't even get within a mile of the White House.'

'Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. CL-20. I know who we can talk to.' Patterson says looking back at jane.

'Does this look familiar to you, Mr. Riley?' Patterson asks slamming a piece of paper down in front of him.

'I've never seen that before.' He responds

'You're telling me you don't know what CL-20 is?' Patterson asks

'Hm, figured someone in your line of work would probably know.' Jane said standing off to the side arms crossed.

'It's rocket fuel.' Riley then says

'Which also doubles as one of the most potent explosives on the planet.' Patterson says

'Which you sold to a terrorist.' Read than says getting up from where her was sitting.

'That's quite the logic leap.' Riley says

'The CL-20 used in yesterday's attacks bears the same chemical markers as the rocket fuel your company makes.' Patterson tells him

'Then my company was robbed.'

'You really expect us to believe someone all that CL-20 and no one took notice?' Read asks him

'How is Shepherd planning to attack the White House?' Jane asks getting more frustrated.

'I don't know what your talking about.' He tells her

At this point Kurt and Keaton exit the elevator. As Jane looked through the glass of the conference room.

'Kurt? Kurt!' she says moving out of the conference room gaining his attention her pace then quickens to a slight jog the others following behind her as she launches herself into his arms. Her arms wrapping around his neck and his arms around his waist. Pulling away she says.

'I though you were…'

'I'm all right.' Kurt says cutting her off knowing what she was going to say.

'Look, Shepherd's gonna try to wipe out the government.' Kurt continues

'We know,' Reade tells him.

'We think Zach Riley's involved,' Patterson tells him filling him in.

'Keaton.' Kurt says getting Janes attention

'What in the hell is he doing here?' She asks with anger in her voice.

'I don't expect you to like me Jane, but we're gonna have to play nice right now.' Keaton says walking over to the group. After he said that Jane looked at Kurt with a look of disbelief.

'Here's what we know, Jane and Roman stole a chip from Bradley Dynamics which Sandstorm has yet to utilize.' Patterson informs the team now all standing in the Lab.

'We think it's a guidance chip, but for what we don't know.' Kurt said

'What about Shepherd? Any recent Activity?' Hirst then asks. 'Travel, communications?'

'She went to Bangkok last week.' Jane tells her

'we don't know why or…' Reade is then cut off by Keaton saying

'I think I might.' Everyone turns to look at him 'CIA'S been monitoring the gang that controls the Chao Phraya waterway. In that last week, their leader was murdered in a deal gone bad.'

'What kind of deal?' Hirst then asks

'The intel we had said they were selling nuclear material.' Keaton says

'What?' Kurt asks in disbelief. 'The CIA should have shared that immediately.'

'Oh, you mean like how the FBI's been sharing all that intel on Sandstorm?' Keaton counters back. 'I didn't even know Shepherd was in Thailand until about two seconds ago, Kurt…' Keaton couldn't even finish his though before Hirst cut him off

'Enough. Shepherd has nuclear material. Let's move forward' Hirst said sternly. 'How you wanna play this?'

'Reade pair up with Keaton, try and retrace Shepherd's movements post-Bangkok. And Patterson keep looking into Riley, all right?' Kurt asks. 'and try and find something that we can interrogate with.' Kurt says

'In the meanwhile, let's keep each other updated.' Hirst says as the all walk out of the lab except Patterson and Weller.

He then turns to Patterson asking.

'What's your take on Hirst?'

'She super smart, a bit of a maverick. Uh, for instance, she plans to release Jane.' Patterson says now fully looking at him.

'Jane's leaving?' he asks her

'She's thinking about it.'


'I might has, sort of… encouraged her to.'

'Excuse me?'

'She didn't choose this, Kurt. So if there's something that you wanna say to her, I wouldn't put it off.'

Kurt and Jane interrogate Riley where they find out that he launched a satellite for her which she plans to use to bring down DC. During that time it is reviled the satellite will release a glider which is unstoppable and undetectable to hit a stash of nuclear material and bomb DC.

'I'll loop in NASA. We could use their support and cooperation on this.' Hirst says.

'How we gonna find Shepherd's nukes?' Read then asks.

'Nuke's' Zapata, then asks.

'Damn it, Zapata, you shouldn't be here.' Read says

'You need to go back to the hospital.' Kurt also tells her

'Are you two done mothering me?' she then asks. 'Now who's gonna catch me up?'

'I will' Keaton volunteers

'Since when do we work with the CIA.' Tasha asks now only noticing Keaton

'Hospital or Keaton your choice.' Kurt tells her.

'I'll search for Shepherd's nuclear material via drone. See I used to fly F-15…'

'Yeah, yeah, I'm super impressed.' Tasha says cutting him off.

'The domestic drone program… is actually…'

'in the building. I know, I work here.' Tasha said once again cutting him off.

'Okay, enough. You two partner up. Find her stockpile. Jane and I will fly to D.C. be ready to follow up when I land. Everyone stay on comms.' Kurt tells them.

'Wait before we slit up, maybe we should say…'

'No, we shouldn't, all right? We shouldn't say a thing.' Kurt says cutting Patterson off this time. 'This is not goodbye.' With that he walked off.

'This search technology is basically and X-ray on steroids.' Keaton says. 'It detects nuclear radiation…'

'I know what muon tomography is, Jake.'

'Right. Yeah, sorry. How are your feeling?'

'Now your going to start with that.'

'Look I just… I admire you. I mean, you're playing hurt.'

'I'm doing my job.'

'Coming back to work the day after you're shot is a lot more than doing your job. You every think about putting your natural intensity to better use? The CIA could use someone like you.'

'No, they couldn't.'

'We would have gotten intel from Roman; I'll tell you that much.'

'I said no.'