Author's notes

This story came about from a discussion regarding how little actual romance existed between Luke and Mara between the Thrawn Trilogy and their marriage in Union. To correct this slight overlook, this collection of short stories were compilied and posted.

Please note that "short story" is the operative term here. Perhaps "tiny story" might be a better description. These tiny little blurbs don't follow any specific chronology or timeline and can be read in almost any order.

And this is a constant work-in-progress, as new ideas are conceived and written down, so keep checking back often. In a shameless attempt at bribing more feedback out of you, I'm going to point out that more reviews are a guaranteed way of getting more of these blurbs. So I'm a feedback junkie, sue me :)

These stories won't have any rating more serious than PG-13, if that at all. And one last thing:

All theirs. Lucas', Zahn's, LucasArts'. This is being written with no permission from said owners and absolutly no profit is being made from any of this (though I wouldn't mind a penny or two...).