Mara stared at her reflection in the mirror, wondering just how stupid she really was. Apparently, quite stupid. It had started like any other day: work, work, and still more work. Though she had her own ship, she was still a part of Karrde's organization and still had put in apperances with him as his second-in-command.

That also entailed taking a bridge shift on the Wild Karrde to prove to the rest of the organization that she hadn't forgotten her roots in the rank and file on her lofty rise. However, that also meant having to be partnered with Aves again. Aves and that stupid cup of caf that seemed to be surgically grafted to his hand.

Mara grit her teeth. How difficult was it for that fool to learn to keep the mug on his side of the centre console? When she first walked onto the bridge, the mug was casually sitting smack-dab in the middle of her seat. Though her first instinct was to break Aves' arm, she somehow managed to restrain herself and merely coughed politely, trying to prove to Karrde that she was capable of learning manners. The twit glanced at her, picked his cup up and promptly dropped it down on the centre console. On her side of the console. Her desire to break his arm resurfaced and she had to fight it with all her will, instead narrowing her eyes at him and he either didn't get the clue or was tempting his fate for some reason. He pulled the cup over a few centimetres until it was straddling the dividing line. Mara growled, all attempts at control rapidly fleeing and her mind working out the various ways she could hurt Aves with the minimal amount of effort. Aves heaved a theatrical sigh and moved the cup fully over onto his side.

Mara weaved back and forth to check all the angles. Sadly enough, it was finally on his side and there was nothing more she could complain about, though the idea of cracking a few ribs still appealed to her. Plopping down into her seat and flipping switches to start her shift, she settled on glaring at Aves in much the same manner as she did Skywalker. Unlike that foolish Jedi, Aves blinked and edged away from her as much as his seat would allow and Mara had to smile at that. Finally someone who knew to properly fear her.

Unlike Skywalker, who only seemed to find perpetual enjoyment at her attempts of frightening him, Aves recognized that Mara was quite capable of hurting him severely and leaving him in a broken, bloody heap. Which is how she liked to be thought of. Now then, if she could only convince Skywalker of that... Why is that she could never quite scare him like she could everyone else in the galaxy? Mara grit her teeth. One way or another, she'd get through that dense skull Skywalker had and then she'd make him pay. Oh, yes. He would pay.

Mara blinked as Aves snapped his fingers beside her ear and had to physically restrain herself from lashing out and breaking his jaw. "Mara, you alright?"

"Of course I'm alright. Why would you think otherwise?" Aves pointed down at the crushed printout Mara had in her balled fist. "Oh. Um, oops?" Mara said lamely as she uncurled her fist and vainly tried to read the crumpled flimsy. Stupid Skywalker, that was all his fault. Not only was he infuriating but now he was interfering with her work. She'd definitly have some words with him over that. She blinked as Aves coughed and pointed at her hand. She'd again balled her fist and re-crumpled the printout. Mara sighed and just gave up, clicking off her screen and leaning back against the seat. How could Skywalker make the day any worse?

About two seconds later, Mara regretted that thought. Temping the fates, it seemed, was a bad idea because Karrde finally spoke up to her about a formal ball being held on Coruscant and how he thought it'd be a good way of meeting new clients and staying in touch with their contacts in the New Republic, hence insuring future work for everyone. Unfortunatly, he had already commited to other business and they really needed someone to put in a good showing. Which in turn meant that his second in command really should think about going herself.

Mara initially resisted. "I have no talent for things like that! If you want them bullied and beaten, then call me, but for peaceful chatter you'd be better off on someone else."

"But think of this as a way of learning those skills, Mara," Karrde soothed. "Besides, our current clients don't trust the word of any but you and I, and you know that." Mara glared and held her ground that she was totally unsuited for it. "Well, it has to be you. See, Skywalker has finally run out of excuses to avoid it and you mentioned that you wanted to see him stuck like that-"

"I'll go!" Mara cried, interrupting her employer in mid-sentence and drawing the attention of every crewmember present, regardless of what they're supposed to have been doing. Mara then cast a wary glance around the bridge, suddenly realizing that she'd again drawn an audience and she walked over to Karrde's chair. "Alright, you convinced me. When is it?"

"That's the problem, it's in three days, which only leaves you just enough time to pack up here and burn your way to Coruscant. I know you just arrived, but this takes precedence so you're excused from your current duties. And don't forget to try to have fun. It won't do if all our clients have the wrong impression about our group," Karrde added with a sardonic grin that broadened at Mara's sharp look. She somehow managed to grind out a rejoinder that didn't totally break the rules of ettiquite when dealing with ones employer, but came close.

All of that lead to Mara sitting in front of the mirror in her quarters, trying to decide exactly what she could cobble together in a very short amount of time that would suit a full formal ball. Oh, the gown wouldn't be a problem because she had several available to her in her apartment on Coruscant that were tailored and ready to go, but trying to match all the accessories she'd be needing in that short timeframe would be a pain. No to mention what she'd do with her hair, though there was Zharvian twist she saw when she was reading the Societies section of the Holonet that she had liked.

It took her a few minutes of studying the Holonet pages to find the picture that had detailed the newest trend in fashions, including the popular hairstyles of the Coruscanti elite and it detailed how to go about how one could do it for herself. But the amount of effort it would take to get all the braids, curls, and strands to work made Mara reconsider the idea since there were many other simpler styles that she could use for a formal occasion.

So many choices, so little time to decide. Mara figurede she'd have enough time on the trip to settle on what look she was going to use to upstage Skywalker and his friends. A smile touched her lips at that thought.