Okay, here it is - my collection of homemade lyrics to the music of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow! I composed these lyrics over several years without any particular plan in mind, so what you'll find - in short - is a right mish-mash of different themes and styles. Some of the songs are actually about Pokemon, others aren't; some feature characters from the franchise as the voice of the singer - even with stage directions - others are, well, just songs basically. To help you out, at the top of each page I'll put a note entitled STORY/ SCENARIO which will hopefully provide a bit of an insight into how (and by whom) I envisage the song being performed.

Unless otherwise stated, the lyrics are intended to be set to the main melody line of each song (i.e. the bit that loops) - i.e. introductory bars and harmony parts do not normally have lyrics associated with them. I've tried to be as faithful as possible to the tunes as they appear in the games; however, occasionally I have found it necessary to lop bits off or add bits to the melody in order to make the lyrics fit. These 'improvements' will be detailed in another note headed VARIATIONS which will also appear at the top of each page. The lyrics which correspond to the altered section of melody will appear in brackets () adjacent to the explanation. Also, unless otherwise stated, I am using the earliest published version of each song - i.e. the version from the first generation of games in which it appears - which in my opinion is usually the best one.

Lastly, it would be wrong to continue without acknowledging the tremendous debt of gratitude we all owe to the incredible minds behind the Pokemon franchise - most particularly its creator, Satoshi Tajiri, the games' developers, Nintendo and GameFreak, and their original musical genius, Junichi Masuda, on whose work so much of my own contribution is based. All art originates from other art, and no one could ask for better or more inspiring source material than those individuals and organisations between them have consistently provided for the past 25 years. Perhaps no other creative team has ever brought more joy into the hearts of children young and old for so long a period of time than those guys have. As well as being a labour of love for me personally, this collection is very much a tribute to and intended to complement those incredible, soaring tunes that were the soundtrack to my childhood and so many others besides: here's hoping this will be obvious to the reader.

Okay, tuning forks at the ready, it's time to sing the Pokemon games! We'll start from the beginning and work our way through to end, possibly even going via the middle! Remember, any and all feedback is welcome, please do not be afraid to comment on or critique any aspect of my work - it's just good to know someone's actually paying attention! Maybe you'll even want to request one of your favourite tunes (Pokemon or otherwise) for me write lyrics to for my next project! Now, a G major chord if you please to get us off and running! Here...we...go!

STORY/ SCENARIO: As he prepares to set out on his journey, a new Pokemon Trainer muses with his partner about the adventures that lie ahead.

VARIATIONS: Immediately before the tune loops there is a crotchet triplet - notes C,C,B. I have added in an extra crotchet just before this and changed the notes to D,C,B,A (Oh, we will go). In addition, on the third playing, the music from midway through bar 14 to midway through bar 16 of the main melody repeats whilst slowing down, bringing the song to an end (If I'm with you, my friend).

Nearly light -
It's time to begin!
Foes to fight,
Battles to win.
We'll be strong,
Through dark and despair:
Right what's wrong,
Rule the world if we dare.
Oh, I can see
What can compare?
Oh, we will go

Toe to toe,
And will against will.
Time will slow,
Then it stands still.
Hearts will pound,
And mouths will run dry;
On this ground,
No one but you and I.
Ah, we are free
To make history
If we try!
Never say die!
Oh, we will go

Up and down
In sun and in rain:
Through each town,
Down every lane.
Don't know where
The journey will end -
Who could care,
If I'm with you, my friend. (x3)