STORY/ SCENARIO: Ash celebrates his triumph over Gary, to the delight of his ever-present ancestral spirits. After Gary bemoans his defeat, Ash and the ancestors pause to reassure him that further victories are just around the corner.

VARIATIONS: This song again features the male chorus seen in Song 10 and Song 22. The chorus harmony parts and ending are new additions. I have added an extra bar at the start of verses 3-7, in which the vocal part is crotchet rest followed by three crotches, notes A, B, C-sharp. The rhythm for the chorus harmony part which accompanies Ash and Gary throughout the sixth verse (Ne-ver wa-ver….single day!) is as follows:
- For bars 1-8 (Ne-ver wa-ver...Vic-to-ry!), fifteen staccato crotchets followed by a crotchet rest twice.
- For bars 9-24 , coming in at the start of bar 10, two minims followed by one semibreve six times (Set your sights...You will learn), then three minims (You will say) four crotchets (every single) and two tied minims (day!).

Noble youth!
Timeless truth
Well you have defended!
Claimed the throne
For your own,
As befits your name.
Joy and grief,
Be no more suspended!
Hurry and
With us stand
In the hall of fame.

16-bar instrumental

2. ASH
Yes oh yes!
More or less
Nailed it to the letter!
Praise and sing
To the king
All the lands obey!
Even so
We both know
You could still be better -
If and when,
Come again
Back some other day!

Pinch me awake!
This is a dream!
You are a fake!
Things are not what they seem!
Already won -
Bid you adieu!
How was it done?
How did I lose to you?

3. ASH
I'll tell you.
Man to man
It began -
There was no pretending -
Pulses race,
And my face
Sweats like it's on fire!
You will fail:
To the tale
I will write the ending!
Through the pain
I will gain
All that I desire!

Turn up the heat!
I'll never sway!
I will defeat
All those who come my way!
I will receive
Every acclaim:
For I believe
The world will know my name!

4. ASH
A case of
Do or die -
You and I
Grappled for the glory;
Hit you hard,
Off your guard,
Saw the winning line.
Now I've won
And begun
Yet another story:
Sing and shout!
Let it out!
Victory is mine!

ASH/ (GARY following 1 bar behind):
Turn up the heat! (Pinch me awake!)
I'll never sway! (This is a dream!)
I will defeat (You are fake!)
All those who come my way! (Things are not what they seem!)
I will receive (Already won -)
Every acclaim: (Bid you adieu!)
For I believe (How was it done?)
The world will know my name! (How did I lose to you?)

5. BOTH (in time):
A case of
Do or die -
You and I
Grappled for the glory;
Hit you hard, (Voices shrill,)
Off your guard, (But your will)
Saw the winning line. (Overpowered mine.)
Now I've won (Came away)
And begun (From the fray)
Yet another story: (Bloody, bruised and gory,)
Sing and shout! (Sick and sore!)
Let it out! (Only for)
Victory is mine! (Victory I pine!)

Long though I've yearned
Thus to be king,
What you have learned
Means more than anything!
If you retain
All you accrue,
Time and again
You'll be the victor, too.

6. ASH/ (CHORUS pianissimo):
If you just
Set your sights (Ne-ver)
On the heights: (Wa-ver,)
What is there to stop you? (Don't un-ra-vel:)
Make a start (What's be-)
In your heart: (-fore you)
Let your courage shine. (None can see.)
Then in turn, (For-tune)
You will learn (Fa-vour)
Nobody can top you - (All who tra-vel)
You will say (Through the)
Every day (Door to)
'Victory is mine!' (Vic-to-ry!)

Long though you've yearned (Set your sights)
Thus to be king, (On the heights.)
What I have learned (Make a start)
Means more than anything! (In your heart.)
If I retain (Then in turn)
All I accrue, (You will learn -)
Time and again (You will say)
I'll be the victor, too. (Every single day!)

7. ALL*
If you just
Set your sights
On the heights:
What is there to stop you?
Make a start
In your heart:
Let your courage shine.
Then in turn,
You will learn
Nobody can top you -
You will say
Every day
'Victory is mine!'

You will say!
I will say!
ASH (heavy rit from here):
Every day!
Every day!
Vic-to-ry! (Ah!)
Is! (Ah!)
Mine! (Ah!)

*N.B. Throughout verse 7, Gary sings 'I', 'me' and 'my' instead of 'you' and 'your'.