"How can simple rules keep two lovers apart ??"

I startle. Jolinar just threw the question at me. She seems to read my memories, too.

"Because our whole society is built upon rules. When you break only one rule it will result in breaking more rules. Breaking rules destroys society."

"Rules are there to be broken."

"Who says that ?"

"My lover. My dear, beloved Martouf."

She flings her memories at me. I see a man with brown hair, tall, with eyes you could drown in. And I feel what she feels.

"You seem to love him very much."

"I do not just love Martouf. I love Lantash, too."

"And who's Lantash ?"

"Martoufs symbiote."

"But...that doesn't work. One person can never love two others."

"Wrote down as a rule in your world ?"

"No...yes...argh, hell, no !",

I shout at her mentally,

"It is just that humans believe that they have to focus such feelings on one person."

"But Martouf and Lantash are one person."

"Hell, no, they're two separate minds !"

"What you describe is a Goa'Uld. We are not Goa'uld."

"Then what is the difference between you and a Goa'uld ?? I can't see one !"

Ooops. I offended her. But she's talking again. Like a mother who tries to teach her child something. That offends ME.

"You are experiencing one of the differences at the moment. We speak with our hosts. We communicate with them. A Goa'Uld would suppress your mind and control your body alone. You won't even know that you're still alive."

"Then why won't you let me speak to my friends and to General Hammond ??"

"Rules. They must not know of the Tok'Ra."

"Rules ??? First you say rules are there to be broken, then-"

"I spoke about the rules that separate you and the man you love. However, some rules can save your life. These are the ones you should never break."