The sun shines over Paris on its famous Heroes day. It was rather rare that the former city of love, now known as the city of akumas, had a quiet Eiffel tower square was fenced in by dangerously sharp emerald thorns. Police patrolled the area to stop concerned citizens from getting too close. At the front of the crowd was Nadja Chamack presenting the news, albeit without her usual enthusiasm.

"Here live, there is a group of students and two teachers have been taken hostage by emerald snakes. Strangely an akuma hasn't been spotted however…" The reporter shifted her gaze to a girl with jet hair styled in a pair of unmistakable pigtails.

"We have yet to see Marinette Dupain-Cheng take her eyes off that huge and rather strange flower bud." Indeed, the young designer stares melancholy at that plum blossom bud, ignoring the voices of her companions.

""Please stop this Marinette! Alya who was the ringleader of the group of teenagers when lyla wasn't around. The two snakes continued squeezing her every time she tried to speak "you don't have to do this! " she begged.

But Marinette never looked away from the flower, to which the blogger shouted exasperated " please listen to me!" The bluenette barely even turned to look at her as two emerald snakes descended with Gabriel Agreste and Nathalie Sancour as their prisoners.

"What's Adrien's old man doing here?" Nino wondered aloud, but like Alya, he received no response from his former friend.

"This is ridiculous! Totally ridiculous! This snake is wrinkling my clothes, not to mention how cold they are, Dupain-Cheng! You better not go after MY Adrinkis! " Chloe screeched, noting that the model was the only one missing from the group.

Soon a confused and shocked Chat Noir arrived, he addressed the young designer, aiming at her with his baton.

"Release them!" He growled "FREE MARINETTE!" He jumped towards the girl, but to everyone's surprise, none of the emerald snakes reacted. Suddenly Chat stopped the blow before he touched Marinette "You don't have to do this, we can find a solution " the black cat said.

"She doesn't listen...!-"Alya immediately replied but the bluenette's words silenced her.

"I have nothing against you, Chat Noir, unlike them, you've always been of noble heart, but unfortunately…" Marinette made a gesture with her hand, and two snakes leaped off the ground, imprisoning the hero. " Don't hurt him, just watch, and don't worry Chat Noir, I have no intention of taking your miraculous, yet." The female designer walked towards the group of students , while the snakes moved the imprisoned Chat Noir near the plum flower bud, and covered his mouth so that he would not invoke his power "Once the trial against these criminals ends, you will be free, I give you my word."

"Why do you talk to him? " aked Alya offended " Tell me why you haven't answered us all this time?"

"You never listen to those who speak the truth, Why do you believe you have the right to be heard then?" Marinette inquired dryly, Ayla paled.

"Marinette!" Luka's voice could be heard from the crowd, the young woman watched the musician accompanied by her mother and Kagami, as well as Jagged, Penny, Clara Nightingale as well as her many other acquaintances appeared in the crowd "please, let them go!" they pleaded

"You're not acting like yourself " Kagami said, looking at the group "obviously they let you down, but you're not the kind of person who holds a grudge."

"Right! Marinette is not able to hold a grudge, she is a pure and incorruptible soul, so I do this, to protect her" the blunette proclaimed. Thinking about her words Lukas' eyes widened in horror.

"You... you aren't Marinette! That's not really Marinette!" The crowd went wild with this realization while Lila was frozen, Chat Noir observed the flower bud and spilled painful tears remembering.


A week before...

In the park, Marinette and her class had prepared a picnic. And while Marinette was handing out her famous coconut macaroons. Nino and the other boys in the class video chatted with the blond model.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't go, my father says he doesn't trust food served outdoors " Adrian apologized scowling but his friends reassured him.

"Don't worry about it dude. We'll save some Macaroons for tomorrow " Nino promised him.

"Thanks a bunch, see you tomorrow " said the blonde, having to reluctantly cut off the call.

"The food is served!' Marinette's happy called out to her friends while she carried a tray of macaroons. "Enjoy. Bon appetit."

"These are delicious Marinette!" Rose praised. While her other companions tasted the sweets, of course most of them did.

Chloe showed disdain for the macaroons, and Sabrina reluctantly followed her. Suffering in silence at not being able to try Marinette's famous macaroons. But Lilas blood boiled with rage when she saw Marinette stealing her attention because of her snacks. She moved to the table that stood next to the young designer, and while her companions were distracted she yanked the tablecloth. Causing the food to spill into the ground. This caught Marinette's attention and she tried to save the food, but lila started screaming rendering Marinette speechless.

'KYA! Marinette pushed me against the table" Lila cried crocodile tears spilling from her eyes, the girls of the group went to help.

"That's not true!" the bluenette tried to defend herself.

"Calm down girls, Lila, are you sure that Marinette pushed you? " Alya asked confused and concerned "she may have bumped into you by accident...but" Lila interrupted her by dry heaving and clutching her throat several times, to alarm everyone.

"UGH! Marinette, are these coconut macaroons?! GLUP! I told you I'm allergic to coconut!" Rossi exclaimed pitifully, to get sympathy from her female classmates- "not only did you push me, but you also tried to poison me! I thought we had made peace!" Lila pointed her finger at her accusatively, faking outrage ' Do you still hold a grudge against me for making a mistake when you were expelled from school?"

"Is that true Marinette?" Alya asked, to which the girl paled. "Did you make them out of coconut knowing that Lila is allergic?"

"No!Never! Lila lies, she never told me anything like that" Marinette tried to defend herself, but as always, Chloe had to make a comment.

"OH Please Dupain-Cheng! If you wanted to sabotage Rossi that badly, you should have been more discreet" she said sneering. After that everyone stared angrily at the young bluenette.

"It's not true! For the last time, Lila's lying! " Marinette cried desperately, but her companions turned her back on her and took Lila away, who smiled victoriously at her victory.

"I can't believe you, your jealousy has gone too far, girl," Alya said enraged at her former friend.

"Please listen to me Alya! " Marinette begged at the edge of crying.

"No! I'm not going to listen to you, now I have to go to a pharmacy and get something for Lila's stomach ache that you caused!" and with that the brunette left. Leaving Marinette alone in the park.

"Marinette... "Tikki called from her bag, but her carrier only let go of sobs and ran away without knowing that from afar Mayura, who after learning of the picnic, decided with Gabriel's permission, to spy on them in case Lila or Chloe created a situation that favored them.

And she hadn't been disappointed.

"Hawk Moth, we have a target available" the woman said to her boss, as she jumped off rooftops following the girl near Seine River "Lila Rossi has given us a new opportunity to akumatized Marinette Dupain-Cheng."

"Perfect! Fly my little akuma, and akumatize that wounded soul " in his lair, the villain turned one of his butterflies black and sent her to Marinette, while Mayura was already preparing one of her feathers.

Meanwhile, Marinette had reached the banks of the River Seine, she stood very close to the stairs, and tried desperately to regain her breath. That Lila would accuse her in front of her peers of trying to poison her and once again pretending to be the victim of her machinations, hurt her more than she would have imagined.

"Calm down Marinette, you're going to be fine, we're going to work it out... "Tikki tried her best to cheer her up, but her carrier was far too distraught. .

"This has no solution, I'm sick of trying to get them to listen to me, I'm sick of it…"a dry brease caused Marinette flip around, and to her horror, she say Mayura sending a feather to her and immediately, an akuma appears " NOO! " she exclaimed, but it was too late, the akuma had entered her bag and the feather on Adrien's bracelet on her birthday.

"Poor little girl, defamed by a malicious liar, and your friends have turned their back on you " Marinette held her head tightly so as not to listen to Hawk Moth "Princess Justice, I will give you the power to deliver justice over those who commit terrible crimes, in return, you must give me the miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir. " Mayura joined in the villain's speech.

"You don't have to keep suffering little one I'm going to give you a protector, someone who will take care of you at any cost and won't let you suffer again for Lila and her lies, as well as those friends of yours who turned their backs on you at the first opportunity" the woman promised, she approached Marinette to emphasize her words, but the girl backed away, while fighting the akuma.

"NO! I'm not going to listen to you." Marinette continued fighting Hawk Moth's control, which started to annoy the villain.

"Don't be foolish, young lady! I'm offering you a unique opportunity to take justice over those who have hurt you, you have no choice " threatened the man, already losing patience.

"There's always a choice...," the bluenette said, seeing Mayura approach, she gave a couple of jumps in the back "Don't come near me!" Marinette Screeched and took one step further and then felt…nothing.

Mayura covered her mouth when she saw the girl fall on her back down the stairs and hit her head with a loud THUNK, and then it was all darkness for Marinette.


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