I hope you liked this fic, which would be an AU of the series, since it has no connection with the S5, so there would be several "inconsistencies" in the plot of the story.

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Chapter 8: Epilogue, The White Snake.

… ..

Marinette was in her room, trying to comfort her sleep, even though she still couldn't process everything that had happened. Which was eating away at him from her stress, of course, that Tikki had confirmed that Chat Noir didn't know her secret identity, but her doubt was weighing down on her.

Enough, how to open the hatch and go through the night landscape, while she processed what happened; Hawk Moth and Mayura defeated by her own monster sentiment, and whose miraculous were now in Chat Noir's possession, what happened to her class and Lila, with whom he couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"Ugh! It has been too many things" the jet leaned on the railing, hiding her face in her arms.

"You could catch a cold, princess." Chat Noir's voice made her wince in surprise. Sorry! It was not my intention to scare you -the hero approached her, jumping over the railing-, after today, he needed a change of scene.

"I think I too…" Marinette answered, a little unsure, "Everything okay?" How is Ladybug?

"I think that's fine..." the black cat confessed dejectedly, as he sat next to her, leaning his back on the railing-, I know that her kwami returned with her, but I still don't know how she is, although I assume that White Snake it didn't hurt her.

-Did you know her well? –Asked Marinette surprised, and Chat Noir gave a little start-, that is to say, by how you talk about her.

-Adrien Agreste met her, and I think her parents too, princess ... -said the feline hero, standing up suddenly, without taking his eyes off her, anxious for what she might think about all this situation.

"Yes, my parents told me something, but ..." Marinette hugged herself, trying to find the words, "I still have a hard time believing everything that happened, really, I ... could I have ...?" The girl trembled with fear, and Chat Noir rushed to hug her, to comfort her.

-Don't think about that princess, the important thing is that you are here and now -the cat caressed the face of the jet, at the same time that he wiped one of her tears-I know! How about a walk in the moonlight? –Asked the blonde smiling, and Marinette arched her eyebrow, understanding what she was referring to.

"Chat Noir, you shouldn't use your powers that way," the jet scolded him.

"She doesn't have to know," Chat Noir answered smiling, but Marinette's serious face made him retract, "I know it may be irresponsible, but I think it would be good for both of us to do something crazy, at least, to forget everything for wait a minute... do you understand me, pruuuincess? the kitten begged, rolling its eyes wide and lowering its ears.

"Oh no… Not the puppy eyes!" The girl exclaimed, covering her face with her hands, and Chat Noir smirked at that.

"What puppy? I am a cat!" Said the cat, bringing his face closer to the girl "don't you see the difference?"

"Nope! Bad Kitty!" Marinette saw him for a corner of her hands, and Chat Noir made her expression even more tender, finally winning "Ugh! Okay! But it will be the first and last time!"

Chat Noir smiled victoriously, and after transforming into Astrocat, he took her in her arms until they flew high enough for no one to see them, and having the moon in the background.

"Do you want to listen to a song?" The young woman spoke in her ear, and the cat smiled from side to side "At his command, prrruuincess"

In that secret way, they both shared a little dance in the middle of the night, for later, the hero in black took a jet-black sleeper back to his home.

And after accommodating her in her bed, the cat took the liberty of going to sleep on the girl's sofa, since he didn't feel like going back to her home. Not after with her father behind bars at the police station, Nathalie in the hospital due to her health due to the abuse of the peacock miraculous, something she recently found out about with officer Roger from Nooro himself, after Chat Noir will recover the miraculous of the butterfly and the peacock, after the death of White Snake.

To make matters worse, apparently, the sentimonster would have contacted the Guardians moments before carrying out her plan against those who harmed her princess. Since these were now in the Agreste mansion, checking on her mother.

And as if that were not enough, Lila's whereabouts were unknown, because no one wanted to get close to her because of the pestilence that came out of her mouth, something that the girl had taken advantage of to disappear. Surely, she went to hide in the sewers, which was the only place she could hide her curse.

Logically, Chat Noir should have gone after her, but he knew that White Snake's curse would prevent Lila from committing any wrongdoing, so he decided to be with Marinette to take care of her.

He was sure the Rossi girl would give up, and she would turn herself in to the authorities.

Not knowing how wrong he was.

Since Lila Rossi was never going to turn herself in and accept the blame for her many crimes. And that same night, Lila Rossi disappeared into the depths of the sewers, plotting her revenge. No matter how long she took him. Although later, she would retract that decision in the future.

The next morning, Marinette was startled to find the black cat sleeping soundly on her couch, but seeing him so tired, she didn't bother to wake him up, and instead she covered him with a blanket.

And when she went down to the dining room to prepare breakfast, her parents were already looking forward to seeing her again, safe and sound.

"My little princess!" Exclaimed her father, giving her a bear hug that almost took her breath away.

"Y-yes, I'm fine dad" answered the girl, but when she saw her parents with red eyes and dark circles, she was too worried, "are you okay?"

"W-we will be fine, honey" her mother answered, rubbing her eyes, "it's been too many emotions, we finally have you back with us, but...

"The loss of little White, I doubt very much that we can get over it easily..." her father commented with a muffled voice.

Marinette's chest hurt, she knew beforehand that the peacock's Miraculous can be very cruel if not used correctly, and the proofs of this were Ladybug's and White Snake's sentimonster. So she hugged her parents tight, to try to ease her pain, but a loud snoring startled them. And she Marinette remembered a certain black cat that was resting loosely in her room.

"Darling? Did that come from your room?" Her father asked, surprised, and Marinette laughed nervously.

"Ehmm, let's say that a certain black cat has snuck into my room" the raven answered, and her parents opened their mouths in a big "O" when they understood what she meant.

A few minutes later, Chat Noir was sharing breakfast with the Dupain-Chengs, while the latest news of what had happened the day before was being broadcast on TV. And from the anguished expression of the black cat like Marinette, Tom was going to turn off the device, until something unexpected happened during the report by Nadja Chamack, who was outside the Agreste mansion.

"And as latest news, Adrien Agreste has been reported missing, so the police speculate that the young man, upon learning that his father was the villain in Paris who terrorized with his akumas, for more than a year, probably realized on the run due to shock and…" but Chamack's comments were interrupted when Majestia, Ucanny Valley, Eagle and LadyOwl landed near her "We now have the United Heroes of New York!" –the reporter ran towards the group of superheroes "Good morning Majestia, could you answer a couple of questions?" asked the journalist, and the heroine agreed "Are recent events the ones that have brought you here? Will they take action regarding Gabriel Agreste?"

"Indeed, Mrs. Chamack, the United Heroes are present in Paris, by order of the President of the United States of America, Camilla Hombee, after the approval of a negotiation between our country and France, in which it will be agreed if Gabriel Agreste will have to face a trial in the United States for the crimes he committed during the week of friendship between both nations" the superheroine declared seriously, and Chat Noir covered his face, understanding what they were going to mean.

"And what were those crimes, exactly, if you can know?" asked the reporter.

"Gabriel Agreste committed the following crimes" LadyOwl replied, with her imposing voice- "an accomplice in the escape of a highly dangerous criminal, what's more, he akumatized to steal a historical object, then he helped him avoid arrest, and later grant him a miraculous with the aim of creating chaos in New York, putting innocent people in danger; later, extortion follows, reaching the point of almost causing a Third World War" -LadyOwl's words echoed in the people of Paris, while Gabriel Agreste watched horrified what was happening on TV, in the office of officer Roger , it was clear that he was up to his neck, and he did not have his voice to even defend himself, cursing White Snake for the curse he threw at him "if it were not for the good work of Ladybug, Chat Noir, Uncanny Valley and Eagle, the world would have been involved in an armed conflict, orchestrated by Gabriel Agreste, therefore, this man has been declared one of the most dangerous criminals in the world, and we await his extradition to the United States court" sentenced the heroin, and a beep from Nadja Chamack's hearing aid, upends the future of the Agrestes forever.

"Yes? We have just received new information... the governments of the United States and France have come to the conclusion that Gabriel Agreste will be prosecuted by the United States Department of Justice, for which the former most famous designer in the world will be exiled from France, and based in the country of superheroes, where he will be prosecuted for his crimes committed both in Paris and in New York" after reporting that, Chat Noir's colors lowered, while Marinette covered her face horrified, thinking about what could happen to Adrien after this "What could be the maximum sentence that could happen to Mr. Agreste?" The reporter asked the group, and Uncanny Valley was the one that she answered.

"Mr. Agreste has a long list of crimes, from akumas, which can be interpreted as kidnapping and slavery, since the people affected don't remember what happened, therefore, they aren't voluntary in the crimes, with the exception of Nathalie Sancoeur and Lila Rossi, however, since most of the "kidnapped" were handled in less than 24 hours, with the exception of one case that lasted three days, for which each retention would be punished between 8 and 24 years, which would give an approximate total of 2184 years in prison, if the akumas provoked on Heroes Day last year are excluded" what the android said left Nadja speechless as well as shocked several people in Paris "Then , we must add the acts of national and international terrorism, the occasions in which Gabriel Agreste endangered the world after returning to Stormy Weather, almost causing a nuclear winter, and about the extortion in causing World War III if Ladybug and Chat Noir did not give him their miraculous, something that will also be judged, as well as the abandonment and labor overexploitation of his only son, defamation at a minor age, theft of historical objects, destruction of private property, an accomplice in the escape of a convicted criminal, abuse of power, and possibly, he has done many other things that we still haven't found out about" what Uncanny Valley recited left the reporter's mouth open, then Eagle lashes out with a scathing comment.

"In other words, that fluffy is waiting for an eternity in jail, without the right to bail or release for good behavior" commented the heroine of the eagle, and Chat Noir, seeing this, suddenly stand up and leaves the table, being closely followed by Marinette, who called out to him in concern.

"Chat! What's going on?" Consulted the girl, seeing him pass through her window, and behind her, were her parents, just as concerned.

"This is sick… He has been able to do all those monstrosities, and only because of my miraculous, and Ladybug's? Just to make a wish that could destroy reality?" the young feline asked with a broken voice.

"Th-it seems..." Marinette answered sadly, and seeing Chat Noir fall into tears, she rushed to hug him "Chat Noir! What's going on?"

The boy hugged her tightly, and without thinking twice, he took off the ring, to the horror of the Dupain-Cheng family, however, Mrs. Sabine acted quickly, and drew the window curtain, to protect the identity of the young boy.

"A-Adrien?" Marinette barely articulated the question, having the model on her lap, crying her eyes out.

But far from being upset by her reckless action, the raven hugged Adrien tightly, and his parents accompanied him. In this way, the three sheltered the boy in their arms.


To say that Amelie Graham de Vanily was furious was an understatement, to say that she wanted to rip her brother-in-law's head off was the right thing to do.

The blonde woman stomped to the police offices, while Gabriel Agreste was being prepared for his extradition to the United States. And she didn't care or listen to the officers who told her to stop, Amelie passed over them, until she reached the former designer's cell, to plant a punch in his face, breaking his glasses.

"Listen very well, Gabriel Agreste, don't think I'm going to forgive you for the atrocities you've committed, and don't think I'm going to allow my nephew Adrien, my sister's only son, to continue under your sick care, because apart from the demands for your crimes, I'm going to fight for Adrien's custody, and with your record, the court is going to give me the support" the woman put her hands on her hips defiantly, smiling from the side when she saw how her brother-in-law opened and he closed his mouth furiously, but no sound came out of his words "really, if i could have, I'm would have thanked Miss White, that punishment that she has given you is perfect for someone so petty that he poisoned his own son to keep it under control" Gabriel stood up furious, although he was supported by the officers so that he wouldn't hurt the lady, however, his screams were not heard "And one more thing, I suppose you know that Adrien is missing, right?" Emilie's sister inquired, and Gabriel finally calmed down, it was clear that the question of where his son was eating him up in part, "well let me tell you something, he's fine, he called me recently to tell me he's with people who really love and care for him, and I swear on my sister, you will never see that boy again, you don't deserve a boy as wonderful as Adrien!" and saying this, Amelie turned her back on him, leaving Gabriel defeated.

The days passed after the arrival of the United Heroes, who took Gabriel Agreste away in handcuffs, for his trials in the United States, which finally found him guilty of the charges, and of the others that were discovered both in his company and Hawk Moth. So the court sentenced him to serve life in prison in the highest security prison, and as Eagle had predicted, without bail and release for good behavior.

Nathalie, for her part, still weakened by the misuse of the peacock miraculous, was also sentenced, but in Paris, because they couldn't transfer her due to her condition.

Gabriel's assistant was convicted as an accomplice of a terrorist and enemy worldwide, for which her sentence was house arrest, which she must comply with at home, which would be monitored 24 hours a day, without the right to telephone and e-mail. internet, and attended by military rank nurses. The latter, due to the woman's resume, as an expert martial arts fighter, and although her health was delicate, the judges decided that it was best to take the necessary measures. And, like her boss, Nathalie wouldn't be eligible for bail as well as for good behavior.

Although despite everything, the woman had no complaint about her situation, after reading her sentence, she asked for one last thing, and it was to talk to Adrien, even if it was one last time.

"I'm so sorry" was the first thing the woman said, and the model felt her heart tighten, so she wrote her response on the blackboard.

"You did wrong Nathalie, you and my father harmed a lot of people, you endangered the world and almost killed Marinette, but still... I know you're sorry from the bottom of your heart, so don't worry, when I have time, I'll come to visit you, until then, take care of yourself, Nathalie" she showed her the message and Nathalie burst into tears, partly sorry for what she had done, and partly, for having received Adrien's forgiveness.

And that same week, Amelie Graham de Vanily won custody of her nephew, after the sentence was applied to Gabriel Agreste, something that made the blond boy happy, but at the same time saddened him, since he knew that this meant having to go live to England.

Something that tormented him a bit, since she had to tie up some loose ends, and one of those corresponded to a certain Japanese woman.

So he decided not to waste any more time, and made an appointment with Kagami, in the apartment where he lived with his aunt, since neither of them could be in the mansion, either because of the investigations against Gabriel or because of work what were the guards doing.

"Hello, Kagami, I'm really sorry I didn't call you sooner… you know… too many things happened" Adrien explained hurriedly, but the fencer looked at him with his usual cold face, which terrified him.

"I know Adrien, I must say that Chat Noir doesn't know how to keep his words very well" the Japanese declared seriously, and the model swallowed hard.

"Well, you see, I didn't want to hurt you, and well…" but a gesture from Kagami stopped him, who looked at him even more serious.

"Adrien, do you love me, yes or no?" She asked dryly, and Adrien blinked for a few seconds, before relaxing her face.

"No, I'm sorry Kagami, but I've realized that you're a friend to me…" the model sighed deeply before continuing "who I'm in love with is Marinette"

"I don't know whether to feel happy that you finally made a decision without hesitating, or sad that we didn't get anywhere…" Kagami turned her back on him, and walked towards the exit, but when she took the knob, she turned around once. last time to Adrien- "you better make Marinette happy, or I swear on my honor, I'll cut you, Agreste"

"I swear" the boy answered automatically and the Asian girl left the room, and immediately, Plagg came out of Adrien's jacket, with a wicked smile.

"Cheer up, you managed to survive, although it could have been worse" the Kwami commented, and the blond could only pout in response.

Meanwhile, that same night, Marinette was organizing her things, since she after talking with her parents, and for everything that had happened.

They decided that after the medical tests were done to make sure she was completely healthy, she would go away for a couple of months with her grandmother, to get her away from Paris until things about White Snake, Hawk Moth and their class calmed down enough and later, she would be enrolled in a new school.

"I still can't believe everything that happened…" Marinette commented, while she looked at Tikki, who barely tasted her cookies since she woke up from her dream "Tikki? Could you tell me what White Snake looked like? And I'm not talking about her appearance, I already know that from TV, it's just that…"

"Your phone…" the kwami answered softly, and Marinette took the phone, her gaze alternating between the phone and her little friend "White recorded a message for you..."

The girl blinked in confusion, and she opened her folder of videos, where there was a thumbnail of an albino woman, and without thinking twice, she pressed the play button.

"Let's see, does this work?" the woman's voice sounded confused, as she saw something out of nowhere, which she supposed, it should be Tikki, since the cameras couldn't capture the Kwamis "Hello Marinette, if you're seeing this, it means that I achieved my goal, and I was able to save you... well... I'm recording this before Adrien shows up, because today is the day... I already communicated what happened to Mrs. Emilie to the Guardians... I already have my jade snakes ready... and I, I'm already prepared, I know well that I can never really know you, but I do share your emotions, your knowledge, and yes, I know your little "you-know-what" secret, so when it disappears, that mystery of your life will go with me, so don't worry! you will have to worry! Uhmmm..." the sentimonster caressed her head, coming to see tenderness for that action "the truth, if I'm honest, I'm scared, but not because I'm going to disappear, but because I can't save you, I... I was created by Mayura to be your guardian, so I'm having a little conflict, I don't know if I'm doing this for the reason of my creation or because it's something I want to do... although... I think it must be for both things... and I wanted to tell you, what... thank you , for being how you are, because from your essence, I was born, and I was able to meet your parents, I even made a couple of friends... I... thank you very much, and as the last thing I have to say... Marinette, remember that in this world there can be very good people, or very bad, it will depend on you and only you, to get back on your feet, and move on, remember that you are surrounded by people who love you and support you, and never, I repeat, never stay silent If someone hurts you again like Lila did, when something like this happens to you again, find your family and friends, your closest friends, and tell them what happened, because if you don't, things could get out of hand, like it did now... I won't be with you by the time you see this video... so take care of yourself, Marinette, and thanks... I'm White Snake, and I wish you a good life, Marinette... Goodbye..." Marinette couldn't help crying because of that message, and for that, she didn't hear Chat Noir enter her room through the trap door of her balcony, and when seeing her on her knees, with the phone on her chest, felt the worst.

"Marinette! Plagg claws out" Adrien ran to her, and hugged him for a long time until he calmed down.

"She was very kind, right?" the girl asked hurt, and Adrien nodded "I knew you'll be leaving soon…" commented the girl, while wiping away her tears "so there's something I should tell you Adrien…" but the girl is interrupted when the blonde covers her lips with your finger.

"The truth is, I would like to tell you something, Marinette, and that is that I love you" the boy's statement completely disarmed her "when I saw you in a coma, and thinking that there was a possibility that you would not be with me again, I felt a horrible panic , It even crossed my mind to use wish to save you…!" commented the model jokingly "yes, I know that I would have been reckless and Ladybug would never forgive me… but I love you, Marinette, you are the light of my life, and I don't want to lose you, not after how close that could happen... I know you don't know me completely as Chat Noir, but I also know you were in love with that part of me, some time ago" He commented smiling and Marinette couldn't help but roll her eyes "so, I would like to know, Would you give me a chance? Even though you have your feelings for Luka?" The last question, the blonde let out fearfully, and Marinette blinked confused at this.

"Adrien, first of all, Luka and I stayed as friends, because he knows that I was always in love with you" the young woman declared and the aforementioned opened his mouth in shock "and secondly, there is a reason why I said what I said about being in love with Chat Noir, and that goes hand in hand with the third place, come Tikki" the kwami introduced herself to the boy, showing a slight smile, and Adrien, who was in shock, looked at both, trying to process what happened.

"My…Lady…?" the boy asked, and Marinette nodded.

"Hello, mon chaton" and Adrien Agreste fainted, startling Marinette and the kwamis.

That night, they talked about many things, and they opened their hearts, to give themselves the opportunity to get to know each other better, and thus, that their relationship progressed little by little, after all, they were still young. But what they were sure of was that they felt lucky to have each other.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Agreste's condition was a mystery to the public eye, but not to her closest family.

"Seriously, do they have to take her away?" –Amelie worriedly consulted one of her guardians, who had been checking Emilie's state of health.

"In the temple we have the necessary tools to cure her, however, we will need to make some preparations beforehand, and contact Ladybug, who is the guardian of the miraculous to help us in moving her" declared the old guardian seriously.

"Okay…" Amelie said, worried about how her niece was going to take the news.


One year later…

Alix was at her house, fulfilling her class schedule at home, since neither her father nor her brother wanted her to return to her school, after what happened.

Still, she was grateful for it, as she considered it her just punishment for failing Marinette.

But she was still surprised by various things that had happened, such as Gabriel Agreste's escape attempts, which ended in total failure, as her plans always were.

Nathalie had regained her sense of hearing, to the surprise of many, and both Ladybug and Chat Noir explained that White Snake's curse had applied to Lila, it also had the same "side effect" on Gabriel and Nathalie. In other words, by completely repenting, and improving as a person, only then would the spell be broken. What was evidenced in Nathalie, who despite not being able to appeal for probation, was granted other benefits, such as communication through social networks, but always under the supervision of one of the nurses.

Adrien's mother managed to recover thanks to the guardians, but upon learning of all the atrocities that her husband committed, the first thing she did was change her last name and recover her family name. Doing the same with Adrien, now, they were both Graham de Vanily, and they had no intention of ever seeing Gabriel again. Who was still mute, proof that he didn't regret his crimes.

The other one who wasn't so lucky was Lila Rossi, who was finally found, with symptoms of malnutrition and hypothermia, by the heroes of Paris, after following a trail of dead vermin through the sewers. And from the amount of her pestilences, it was not difficult to deduce that Lila had tried various misdeeds, but she was always stopped by the curse that White Snake imposed on her.

Now, Lila Rossi was with her relatives, in Italy, in an isolated area, rumored to be a cabin, and she was forced to clean up her own "trash". She did not receive many visitors, only the routine ones, since the stench became unbearable. And everyone knew that these plagues came from her irrational desires for revenge against her Marinette, which were always thwarted, from a certain point of view, by White Snake.

Meanwhile, her ex-classmates were improving in attitude, now paying more attention to her surroundings, even Juleka and Rose created their own form of communication and the little girl in pink no longer stood idly by when she saw something wrong.

It was the same with Alya and Nino, since they both learned to see beyond her nose, especially Alya, who now questioned all the information she saw on the internet, and didn't believe in it until there was a reliable source.

And of the Burgeois, well, it only had to be said that several of their clients in the hotel were friends and/or acquaintances of Marinette, and since they didn't like how the ex-mayor's daughter had treated the little young Dupain-Cheng, they stopped staying, taking the hotel to ruin, and forcing the Burgeois to leave Paris, as well as move their daughter with their silent tantrums, which were already tiring the parents. Enough, like beginning to apply a tougher hand to her daughter's behavior.

"Many things happened? Isn't it?" The voice of an adult woman startled Alix, and she found herself face to face with Bunnix from the future "Hello mini me!"

"B-but… what are you doing here?" The girl wondered, and her future me responded with a smile.

"Well, I'm here to cheer you up" the woman took her mini her by the hand, and they both entered the burrow "I know well that you haven't had it easy, and I still remember these days, they were hard, but that made me stronger and more cunning" declared the heroine, while moving one of the screens of her burrow.

"Wait! Did you know all this from the beginning?" the woman nodded "Then why didn't you prevent Marinette's accident?! Why didn't you warn me about Lila's lies?!" the girl inquired annoyed, but Bunnix looked at him seriously,

"If he had done it, White Snake would never have been born, Hawk Moth would not have been defeated, and the universe would have torn" the heroine answered seriously, and Alix was shocked "there are things that must happen, mini me, we like them or not, to every action there is a reaction, White's presence made people be more careful about what they believe, our Country is on better terms than ever with the United States, and believe me, that will bring consequences" Bunnix showed him the heroes from the future, commanded by adult Ladybug and Chat Noir "White Snake was someone necessary, because believe me, if she hadn't stopped Gabriel and Lila, they would have crossed several line"

"So, what do you want to show me, if all this is over?" Alix asked confused.

"I already told you, I've come to cheer you up a bit! OH! Here it is!" Bunnix showed the panel to Alix "look what will happen in 10 more years" on the panel, an adult Adrien was shown proposing to an adult Marinette, whose hair was cut like her grandmother, a change he decided to keep later of his trip with her "Ha! It was about time those two were together" Alix smiled sideways.

"Look again," Bunnix told her, and Alix's eyes focused, and she felt her soul almost go out of print.

On the other side of the park, where the couple in love share a hug to celebrate their engagement, a little girl is seen in a white skirt, lead tights, a pink short-sleeved shirt, and who is a copy of White Snake, only that smaller, more tender and with freckles on her cheeks.

The little girl was holding her backpack, happily observing the new boyfriends, something that left Alix baffled.


"Well, Ladybug and Chat Noir's kwamis had become too fond of the sentient, so since they couldn't save her, they decided to transform her soul so that she could reincarnate, in about two more years, that little girl will be called Suzhen, and she will become a great heroine in the future by being chosen as the carrier of one of the miraculous"

"It means? What White is, that is, will he be back?" the athlete asked excitedly.

"She will be, in the future, and you, along with Ladybug and Chat Noir, will have to teach her well"

"Count on me!"

Alix was happy that the sentimonster was given that second chance, and she was sure that both Adrien and Marinette would be delighted, when they meet again one day, with a little White Snake.

The end


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