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"Will you tell me how you knew it?" John asked and looked at the sky thoughtfully. It was already getting dark and he could even see a few stars in the sky. "That it wasn't Lady Smallwood?"

"Except for the fact that she's dead?" Sherlock raised his eyebrows and chuckled when John narrowed his eyes at him. "Come on, that made it kind of obvious, even you have to admit that, John."

"Could you please be serious and answer the question?" He knew that Sherlock was happy because the business with Mary and Ajay was finally finished, but he wanted answers anyway. "Vivian Norbury, secretary of Lady Smallwood. How did you know it?"

Sherlock ran a hand through his hair. "Whoever was responsible for the end of A.G.R.A. had been able to contact them and also had access to the files. I would dare to say that it's nearly impossible for outsiders to get in there. So it had to be someone from the inside. I already suspected that Lady Smallwood was involved in all this, otherwise she wouldn't have tried to help Mycroft that much. They didn't get along well in the past months, I think she was interested in him and he refused."

"So you thought that she just helped him to let more material vanish in the beginning?" John guessed, but Sherlock shook his head.

"Would have been bloody stupid of her. Mycroft would have noticed it, even if he isn't as good as me." Sherlock said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world. John fought the urge to roll his eyes at this.

"So how did you get to know it then?" Slowly, he was getting impatient.

"Whitechapel." There was a smile on Sherlock's lips now.

"But didn't Mycroft say that your trip wasn't successful?" John asked incredulously.

"He was wrong about that." Sherlock grinned. "I already suspected that it was someone close to Lady Smallwood. So I just had to find out more about her employees. And one of them caught my attention."

"Vivian Norbury." He concluded.

"Did you know that she always hated her simple life?" Sherlock asked. "She wanted more, but it wasn't possible as a normal secretary."

"That's why she manipulated the mission?" Somehow, it didn't sound logical at all to John.

"Don't try to understand it." Of course Sherlock knew what he was thinking. "It's over now. They also shouldn't be after Mary and Ajay anymore. Which means they can fulfill their plans and leave the country."

"They want to leave?"

Sherlock nodded. "I think they'll be heading to India, but they're not so sure yet. You should say goodbye to her, John. They'll leave in the morning and I doubt that they'll ever come back after everything that happened."

He swallowed. Even if he'd been terribly angry at Mary in the past weeks, it felt strange to know that she would just leave. After all, they'd been friends.

"You'll miss her." It wasn't a question and Sherlock sounded thoughtful now.

"Yes." John admitted. "Even if she made me really angry in the past weeks."

"I'm sorry about that." A voice behind them said and John turned around quickly. There she was, standing right in front of him, a small smile on her lips. Next to him, he could see that Sherlock was also smiling. "I never wanted to bring you in danger, John."

"I know that." He replied. "Doesn't change what happened."

"That's true." She hesitated. "We could keep in touch, if you'd like that. Maybe we'll even come back one day. I always liked England. I was born here, you know?"

"As Rosamund?" John asked slowly.

"Rosamund Mary." She explained. "I always liked Mary."

John also liked it, but he didn't voice his thoughts. "Why India?" He asked instead.

Mary glanced at Sherlock. "It shouldn't surprise me that you already know this." She crossed her arms. "Ajay has friends there. We can stay with them for some time."

"Real friends or also just those who think they know him?" John couldn't stop himself from asking this question.

"You know that our lives have never been easy, John. If there would have been the possibility, I would have told you the truth, I swear." Her eyes were begging him to believe her.

"I don't know anything about you." He muttered.

"Yet you insisted on helping us." She threw in thoughtfully.

"I did." His lips twitched. "But of course just because it was the right thing to do."

"Of course." Mary smiled slightly and her eyes were shining. "It never bothered me, you know? That you talked so much about Sherlock. I was jealous because I never had what he's for you." At those words, John glanced at the taller man, who was listening to their conversation silently. Their eyes met and John resisted the urge to take him into his arms.

"But now you have found it, didn't you?" He asked quietly when he turned to Mary once more. "In Ajay."

She nodded. "I never thought that he felt this way towards me."

"And you love him back." John noted. Honestly, it was hard not to see it ever since Sherlock pointed it out for the first time.

"I do." She smiled widely. He thought that he'd never seen her this happy, not even back when they first met. There had always been this tension in her and now he also know why. He was happy for her. Finally, she could live her life in peace.

"Mary, we have to leave." Ajay chose this moment to walk towards them. He was carrying a bag and John noted that he was still limping slightly. The wound on his leg was still hurting. "Otherwise, we'll miss the flight."

"Alright, just one more moment." Mary said and Ajay nodded. However, he didn't leave again. "So this is it." Mary turned to John again and he was surprised to see sadness on her face. "I'll really miss you, John."

"You know where to find me, if you ever decide to come back." He replied with a smile. "Maybe we could talk. After all, you know so much about me and I don't know anything about you."

She smiled back at him. "That would be nice." After a few moments of hesitation, John hugged her.

When they parted, Mary turned to Sherlock. "Take good care of him."

Sherlock nodded seriously. "Always." He replied with a smile. Mary looked at him for a few more moments and then she turned to Ajay, who already held out his hand.

John wondered if she wasn't going to say goodbye to Greg, but most probably, she'd already done that before. Sherlock and John watched Mary and Ajay getting into a cab silently. When the car vanished in the distance, John sighed. "And there she goes."

"It's for the better." Sherlock muttered. "She'll be happy with him."

John smiled at his boyfriend. "Just like we're happy together." He closed the distance between them and kissed Sherlock softly. "I love you."

"I love you too, John." Sherlock whispered and wrapped an arm around his waist. "We should go home. It's late and you need more rest. Otherwise, your shoulder will never heal properly."

John chuckled. "Who said that I want to get rest?" He grinned at Sherlock and whispered into his ear what he wanted to do to him once they were at home. "How does that sound to you?"

Sherlock stared at him with wide eyes and swallowed. "Let's go home." He dragged John towards the street where another cab was already waiting.

A few months later

"You're sure that you don't want to come with us?" John asked and raised his eyebrows. "It will be nice."

Sherlock raised his eyebrows sceptically. "Why on earth should I take a walk with you? There are way better things to spend the time with."

"For example?" John crossed his arms.

"I can solve cases." Was the immediate reply.

"You didn't have a good case for two days." He reminded him. "You complained about that this morning, remember?"

Sherlock ran a hand through his hair. "I could visit Molly."

"She's on a holiday with her new boyfriend." John reminded him. "Italy."

His boyfriend grimaced. "They'll break up soon after that."

"Come on, Sherlock. A day outside with Mrs. Hudson and me will be good for you." He tried again. "We could talk about unimportant stuff and hold hands..."

"Just like we did when we visited my parents two weeks ago?" Sherlock asked. "It was nice, that's true. But I'm so sure that there'll be another case soon. I can feel it. This one will be a nine."

John sighed. "Alright, if you insist on staying here. But then don't expect me to feel up for anything in the bedroom this evening."

He scowled. "That's unfair and you know it, John."

John smiled slightly. "I do. But then just stay here." In this moment, they heard the front door slam shut downstairs.

"Lestrade." Sherlock jumped to his feet and clapped his hands in excitement. "I knew he was coming with a case!"

Only moments later, they heard footsteps on the stairs and then Greg entered the flat, a wide smile on his lips. "We've got a case, Sherlock!" He exclaimed loudly.

"I know." Sherlock replied simply. "So what is it about?"

Greg grinned. "The trail of the Borgia Pearl leads back to London!"

Sherlock froze at those words and very slowly, the excited grin on his lips faded. It was replaced by an offended expression. "The Borgia Pearl? Seriously, Lestrade?"

Greg glanced at John. Most probably, he was wondering what's wrong. John remembered the last time Sherlock had mentioned that Pearl. "What's wrong with it? It's really important to get it back." Greg muttered.

"It's BORING!" Sherlock shouted and sighed in frustration. "And besides, I don't have time for it." He announced suddenly. "I was just about to leave. John, Mrs. Hudson and me are going out for a walk."

John raised his eyebrows slowly. "Are we? What a surprise."

"Of course we are, John." Sherlock replied and took his hand. "And now come on, we don't want to let Mrs. Hudson wait."

Greg stared at them. "But Sherlock -" He tried again and was interrupted.

"No! I don't think I'll have a look at it. Really, Lestrade, what are you thinking? The next time, come with something more interesting." Without looking back, Sherlock pulled John towards the stairs.

"Will we see each other tomorrow?" John called over his shoulder. Ever since that one evening they cooked together, John and Greg met once a week for that. Sherlock didn't like it, but by now he'd also stopped complaining.

"Of course." Greg followed them. "At my place?"

"Might be better." John grinned and ignored that Sherlock was squeezing his hand painfully tight now. "Otherwise, you might mention that case again."

"The Borgia Pearl?" Greg smiled slightly when they heard Sherlock groan in frustration.

Downstairs, Mrs. Hudson was already waiting for them. "There you are!" She exclaimed with a wide smile and looked surprised when she noticed that Sherlock was also there. "Are you going to accompany us, Sherlock?"

"Yes, I am, Mrs. Hudson." Sherlock explained. "I can't resist a day outside with our wonderful landlady and my boyfriend." He smiled charmingly and Mrs. Hudson smiled back at him.

"Maybe you should leave now." John whispered to Greg.

"Most probably. I'll see you tomorrow!" His best friend whispered and left before Sherlock could notice his presence once more. When they left the house, Greg was already gone.

"You don't always have to be so mean to him." John noted while they walked down the street.

"To Lestrade?" Sherlock quirked an eyebrow.

"Exactly." He nodded.

"That case is just boring, John."

"You won't stop mentioning this. And you were so keen on a new case." He smiled slightly at this.

"There are better ways to spend the day." Sherlock said simply. "Spending time with you, for example." He leaned in to kiss his cheek. "I can never get enough of you, John."

He smiled. "I love you, Sherlock."

"Would you please stop this? You're not alone." Mrs. Hudson threw in.

"Sorry." John said and Sherlock also muttered an apology.

Suddenly, they heard someone scream. "Look, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson!" It was a young girl and she seemed to be really excited.

"Oh no." John muttered. "That didn't happen in weeks!"

"It's a whole school class." Sherlock whispered. "We have to run. There's a small alleyway to our left. Might have to climb a little bit." He glanced at Mrs. Hudson. "You don't have to come with us."

"And miss all the fun?" She asked, sounding offended. "Let's go!"

Together, the three of them started to run. When they rounded the first corner John noticed that Sherlock was laughing.

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