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1. 目的地:地球 [Destination: Earth]
"Several hundreds of years ago. My ancestors, the Gem Eyes fled the moon, which was made uninhabitable by the evil Marstar Empire, once on Earth they hid amongst the humans, but were eventually hunted down, believed to be Youkai, as far as I know, I'm the last remaining descendant of the original Gem Eyes." Saki Ryuske says to herself as she writes down. Meanwhile on the Marstar base on the moon one figure Emperor Devestatus looks to his subordinates Commander-in chief Prince Pharous, General Draglord, General Yanderus, and hordes of Marslings, Devestatus turns to face his son, Pharous. "I thought that you had killed all the Gem Eyes." In response Pharous faces his father. "Father, I must have made a miscalculation, I promise you, I will hunt down any remaining Gem Eyes wherever they may be. COME MY WARRIOR!" He signals to an offscreen warrior who comes on screen King Bat. "WHAT IS IT MY LEIGE!?" "I want you to make a trip to Earth, and trap humans, see if you can draw any remaining Gem Eyes out of hiding to fight you." Then the monster leaves with a horde of Marslings and begins a capture program.
The capture program has been responsible for the loss of countless countless lives, all the while no retaliation from the Gem Eyes came as there was no Gem Eyes in the area,and the only remaining Gem Eye had no clue as to how to activate her powers following the fact her mother never taught her that and kept her own appearance hidden from any Marstar forces on Earth. However despite Saki's secrecy it was only a matter of time that she would be taken by the Marstars and used as a test subject to see if either she would transform or her mother would transform and attempt a rescue. Several hours had passed since they had arrived, and it was only her and another girl, named Kotomi left of a 9 victims. Both entered into a sleepless rest, but before long after getting up herself Saki decided that if they were to return to civilisation, she would have to transform. "OK this is it. GEM CHANGE!" Saki yelled covering her eyes with her hands, once they were pulled away, rather than her normal hazel eyes, they were now clear gems, then energy surrounded her, turning her into a Gem Eye Emissary of light Gem Eye. The new Gem Eye removed her eye, sucking the corpses into it for storage until she can return to some form of civilisation. Then Gem Eye returned the gem, punched a massive hole in the wall, used the eyes to create a motorbike with convenient side-car Gem Runner. Placing the unconscious Kotomi in the side-car, Gem Eye mounted the bike and set off, only for a set of cars to appear behind them(really just buggies driven by Marslings) chasing them down, firing laser blasts at them, creating large series of explosions that woke Kotomi up, at this point they took a random path "Ok, now Kotomi, what I'm going to do may be considered very stupid and dangerous, but I want you to promise me that you won't scream." Then the bike shot off towards a metaphorical ramp of buggies, the buggies then exploded as the bike shot through the sky, striking the road and shooting off into the distance.
Gem Eye guided it to a place where all the parents were waiting, almost about to set off in a search, Gem Eye removed the eye and released the corpses. Then walking off to find a safe space to transform back. Only to then be tackled by Kotomi, what she said was so fast that Saki was only able to pick out a few words, mostly saying how, that if Gem Eye hadn't shown up, she would have been a goner. "But wait, how was Gem Eye able to know my name." She then asked. "OK it's time, what I am to tell you, must never fall into the ears of those who still believe Gem Eyes as threats. Will you promise me that?" "Of course Saki." "Al right, the reason is because I am Gem Eye, maybe the last known descendant of the original Gem Eyes from the moon, in fact I'm descended from the Gem Eye royal family. Despite what they did to all those who followed under the rule of my family being subjugated and hunted, I don't hold anything against humanity, being so diluted of the blood of Gem Eye royalty that I even doubted if I could transform or not, my vengeance is aimed at those who forced this onto my people." Several hours of silence had passed, a memorial of sorts was held for the 99 who died in the evil plans, while hoping that the figure that saved Saki and Kotomi would keep future girls safe, this held some level of humour to Saki, due to the fact they didn't know that her and the figure are one and the same
(for note the 9 girls we follow in the OVA are called in this story:
1. Saki[survivor in this story/Gem Eye]
2. Kotomi[survivor in this story]
3. Setsuko[first to die]
4. Mari[last to die]
5. Miwa[fourth to die]
6. Saori[sixth to die]
7. Yukie[fifth to die]
8. Junko[second to die]
9. Megumi[third to die]
However, despite dying here, I haven't actually finished with the other 7, but what I'm planning for them will have to wait.)
Meanwhile on the Marstar flagship the emperor looked to his son in anger "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LET THE GEM EYE ESCAPE! I DON'T WANT ANY EXCUSES. I WANT THE GEM EYE'S HEAD ON A PLATTER!" Then back on Earth King Bat and hordes of Marslings went on a complete rampage, killing all in their way, all in an attempt to get out the Gem Eye, and then kill her. The mess was so much that Saki had decided to confront the monster on her own. "Leave them alone." She said, voice shaking immensely. "AND IF I DON'T?!" "I will have to make you." "OH WHAT IS A GIRL LIKE YOU GOING TO DO TO ME!?" "A lot. GEM CHANGE!" Saki covered her eyes like before, with them turning into Gems, then her body became that of a Gem Eye. "WHO ARE YOU!?" "EMISSARY OF LIGHT… GEM EYE!" "GET HER!" The Marslings rushed towards Gem Eye, who raised her staff/sword, waiting for the moment the Marslings would reach her, Then she blocked the weapons of the blade wielding ones, and used energy beams from her eyes to attack those with ranged weapons, jumping up the school, and then jumping down to impale a Marsling and use it as a living(not any more) projectile at other Marslings, eventually there was only Gem Eye and King Bat. "You lot destroyed my home, now its time to return the favour and destroy you lot!" "Not if I kill you. If so I will be rewarded immensely for being the one who killed the Gem Eye or you!" Then a duel broke out with both sides not wanting to give up, both rushed at each other, striking each, it seems that Gem Eye had lost as her weapon had broke, but before long King Bat collapsed, bleeding as Gem Eye's weapon had made contact before breaking, however this damage was revealed to be superficial as it restored itself. "Impossible. How did you defeat me? But I reveal, there are many monsters more powerful than I, and they will have their revenge!" "TRIPLE GEM BEAM!" Gem Eye yelled, firing beams from both eyes, and the gem on the staff, this blew King Bat up. Content with the victory, Gem Eye vanished to reappear elsewhere, this time de-transformed as Saki. Then figures hugged Saki, what was surprising was that it wasn't only Kotomi, but the other 7. "Did you see Gem Eye, he was really amazing in besting the foe." one said, "Gem Eye isn't male." "Is." "Is Not." Then there was an argument over whether Gem Eye is male or female, it eventually ended with everyone agreeing that Gem Eye is female, 'Thank goodness they were able to decide on that.' Saki thought as the 9 looked into the distance. With the defeat of King Bat, the dying message resonates in Saki's mind, but she knows one thing, that the fight against the Marstar empire for the peace of the great green earth has only just begun. Fight Gem Eye!
To Be Continued