Santana had a field day when she and Brittany found out. She rubbed it into Kurt's face so hard he thought she'd broken his nose with her words and malice. He thought they'd worked through that foot-in-mouth but apparently she still held on to some anger about it. Apparently it was in hiding waiting to come out when she could use it against him. "And you said bisexual wasn't a thing."

"I was a dumb 16 year old in a town full of hypocritical ignorant people and some of it seeped into me even though I was often the one they were slurring against." Kurt rubbed the spot where his shoulders met his neck. "I said I was sorry and I've apologized and grown and realized how narrow minded that really was. I'm sorry, there I've said it again."

Both Brittany and Santana fell into the category he'd said derogatory things about. They'd gone on to become his besties and neither of them were even remotely interested in his field of choice, there was no competition, it was so nice not to have to compete with anyone after high school that were supposed to be his friends but would backstab him before helping him back up.

"Say it, say that bisexuality exists and not only that but you're bisexual!" Santana gloated.

"It's a moot point Santana!" He snapped. "Even if it is anything but Adam, I'm not interested. I'm with Adam and that's final. It could be a guy, it could be a girl, it could be non-binary or a dog for all I know or care – no – shut up, I wasn't saying that. Will it stop you from laughing so hard? Yes, bisexuality exists but no, I'm not. I've liked boys since I've known what hormones were, even before that, I had liked looking at boys and not for their fashion. I had … well no, I wasn't cross-dressing, because I believe fashion has no gender, but boys didn't typically wear what I did, true. God, if any woman was going to convert me to being straight or bisexual it would have been one of the two of you!"

Santana's mouth hung unhinged for a moment but then she closed it and nodded. "Yeah... I could totally see that. Thanks. Don't expect that compliment back, you're not my type. When I played the field, I played the field, you know: tall, muscular, block heads. Though you are gorgeous and anyone would be lucky to have you, myself included if it were your name written on my ass, I'd have been more than happy to open it up for you."

"Uh... I really did not need that visual."

Santana laughed as she noticed the blush. "You're still such a prude, such an innocent. Tell me, what does Adam do to you or doesn't do to you to help you get rid of that response? Because that boy is not doing something right. By now you should be able to match me in my language and graphics."

"I don't think even I could, you have a league of your own when it comes to that."

"If your tat does turn out to be female, can you sleep with me first? I feel like you owe it to me because you broke my perfect record in high school." Brittany pouted and Santana turned surprised eyes to her. "What? He counts as something in my past that you can't comment on."

"But you didn't ride him, you're suggesting something in the future." Santana explained her look.

Brittany shook her head. "It's just righting a wrong, no harm. It's like we did it in the past then."

Kurt would never understand Brittany's logic, no matter how long he'd known her. Just to annoy Santana after her own backlash to his Mark, he nodded. "Sure Brit, if it is a female behind the name, you can definitely try to right that wrong. As long as Adam and I aren't together in this hypothetical world."

Santana and Brittany were married but he didn't think Brittany would be able to achieve her goal if it ever came down to it. He was a romantic, that was true, which is why Chandler was so aghast that Kurt wasn't interested in finding out his SoulMark but he was also loyal and decent and he loved Adam and so would never think of cheating on him nor leaving him until they realized they just weren't good or right for each other, which was not turning out to be true in the slightest. It was just a joke, one that didn't have any real weight behind it but Santana was glaring at the two of them.

"You know it will never happen, right?" Kurt asked carefully, stepping around Santana cautiously so he could head to the door. He'd come to talk to them, potentially have them help him figure out what to do about Adam and the mark but he should have known better, should have known they wouldn't be any help.

"What if it does turn out to be a girl?" Santana asked and her hand slipped around Brittany's arm. "You just promised her something that none of us actually wants."

"Even if it does turn out to be a girl, there's the fact that Adam and I have to break up first. Both of these are improbabilities and much less likely to both happen. It's nothing to worry about San. I'm sorry I even joked about it."

Santana settled and realized that he was right.

"Besides..." Kurt placed his hand around the door knob and had the door mostly opened before he finished his thought. "She'd have to find me first and I'd probably have had a stroke and died by the time she could get to me." He was out the door and it was closed behind him but he still heard Santana shriek that it wasn't funny.

He headed back to his own apartment that he shared with Adam and steeled himself for the inevitable. He'd managed to avoid it all last night, coming home somewhat drunk, slipping into bed and promptly falling asleep and then groaning in disgust the next morning at his body's betrayal of a headache and nausea.

Adam hadn't fared much better and they snuggled in bed for a long time, both bemoaning their poor choices the night before. They had taken a shower together but hadn't left much room for seeing new marks on each others' bodies that weren't already at eye level. They'd done more than just shower too, but their mouths had been on each other the whole time.

Then they had to split apart and go deal with other responsibilities and Kurt had avoided the whole Blaire thing for the entire day, but he would have to tell Adam tonight, it wasn't like he could hide or keep this one a secret. He didn't want to keep secrets from Adam.

So, that's what he ended up doing that night over the dinner he made. Adam sat across from him all smiles and this was a fairly common event so had no reason to think that tonight would be any different.

"Adam... there's something I need to tell you about, something that happened last night..." Kurt started and had a hard time keeping eye contact with Adam but forced himself to do so, knowing they both needed it.

"You slept with Chandler?" Adam asked teasingly, there had been other people at that party, and he could have slept with a number of them, but he wouldn't have.

Kurt's forced laugh was hardly audible and Adam frowned, knowing it was serious. "I got my SoulMark last night."

Adam looked at him for a long moment and then unhelpfully only said one word. "Oh."

"That's it?" Kurt asked carefully. "Are you upset? Curious?"

"Well, it's hardly fair of me to be anything, I've already had mine, and apparently met them too. We knew it was inevitable. Perhaps it's good that it came now rather than 30 years down the road or when you turned 25. How do you feel about it?"

"Ambivalent." Kurt shrugged. "Like you said, it was expected to show up sometime. I wasn't ready for the punch in the gut that it came with, but it doesn't change any of our plans."

Adam nodded. "You're right, it changes nothing."

Except... it kind of did, once Adam realized where it was located. He would be looking at another name every time he went down on Kurt, it was directly in his line of sight. "I can cover it up." Kurt suggested. "Or black it out." When Adam kind of just stopped and laid on top of his thighs a few days later and just looked at it. "You don't have to see it anymore."

"Even if you did, I'll know it's there, beneath all of it." Adam groaned in frustration with himself. "Did they have to put it there of all places?"

"I see yours even more often, just not always when we're like this." Kurt traced the initials on Adam's back and he hissed as if Kurt touching it was hurting him. Kurt withdrew his hand. "What was that?"

"Let me touch this one." Adam reached out and slid his finger along the pretty but somewhat sloppy scrawl. Kurt bucked and tried to get away, Adam touching him there was wrong even though it never had been before, it burned and hurt and told him to get away. "I'd never noticed that before."

"I'd never touched it before." Kurt admitted. "I was very careful not to touch it and tried hard not to even look at it but it's kind of always in view when you wear certain shirts or nothing at all."

"Is that why you stopped topping from behind?" Adam asked, tracing fingers along Kurt's jaw. He loved Kurt dearly and loved touching him and his incredibly soft skin. Kurt didn't say anything but the small nod was enough. "We're letting them interfere with our relationship and we don't even know who they are." Adam scowled. "Let's stop that now. We promised we'd stay together until we decided we didn't work anymore."

Kurt nodded enthusiastically. "And we're not even close to making that kind of decision, are we?" Kurt asked but already thought he knew the answer and Adam didn't disappoint, but he'd had to ask, just to be sure.

Adam went back down on Kurt then later Kurt topped Adam from behind. They forced themselves to ignore the other names on their bodies.

They continued on in a seemingly blissful state of harmony and love for another 2 months.

It was a dreary rainy April day when Kurt felt like the air was knocked out of him. He suddenly couldn't breath but not because of pain but of an intense pleasure and he quickly schooled his features. He sat inside a coffee shop, looking out at the world. He knew what had just happened. He had brushed paths with his intended and it was likely lit up like a neon Christmas tree on his hip. To anyone else else, he appeared completely unaffected.

He could see a man jerk around and scan the crowd, looking for anyone who also felt what he had. He came by the window, his umbrella blocking him from close scrutiny for all of a minute as he continued looking and then made a circle. His face then was suddenly revealed to Kurt. He was beautiful and Kurt's breath caught again.

He could have also been looking for anyone, it didn't have to be Kurt. It didn't have to be a man. It could have been coincidence, both of their intendeds could have been anywhere on that street or in those buildings. This man with the dark brown eyes didn't have to be the man attached to the name on Kurt's hip. There were thousands of people on this segment of the street alone, more probably as they went to and fro and occupied space upward. He was even looking directly at a (fake expression) of boredom on Kurt's face and not recognizing him. That was just how good Kurt was at not giving away the game. Plus he thought maybe the windows had a tint to them, protecting the occupants from being seen on the street.

No, this man didn't have to be Kurt's recipient of the SoulMark but had Kurt been single, he wouldn't have been disappointed; at least in the looks category. He may not have been incredibly bright as he didn't even consider the buildings around him or the occupants within. His shoulders dropped and he continued on his path. Kurt's heart went out to him, that was a serious look of defeat and sadness that Kurt had spied while he'd stood there, so close if there wasn't glass in the way, they could have touched. As it was, Kurt found himself with his hand on the window, where the man had been, had briefly leaned against. Tears smarted at his eyes and he pushed them back.

Kurt reached for his phone and called Adam right away, out of guilt and responsibility, telling him about the new development. Adam asked very good questions and he hadn't known the answers to it because he hadn't gone to look yet and he couldn't very well do it here in the middle of the cafe.

"Leave it, I'll help you look at it when I get home this evening. Unless you need to go to the bathroom earlier than that. I'm not saying don't look if you need to." Adam laughed and Kurt blushed and they chatted for a bit longer before both had to go back to what they were working on.

It ended up being a sparkly blue color to the ink that matched Kurt's eyes somehow. The blue also pointed out the fact that Blaire dotted their 'i's with hearts instead of circles, but a very subtle heart that could be forgiven for a circle with the way it was done. If Kurt hadn't seen that man frantically looking around for another face that betrayed that they'd gone through the same thing – then Kurt would have probably been more suspicious that it was a female who'd been assigned to him.

Adam laughed when he saw it and held Kurt still so he could press a kiss to the name, even as Kurt spasmed in pain,it was just a brief touch, a physical action that was a big middle finger to whoever had put it on Kurt's body. "I'm not remotely intimated by this any longer."

"You were at one point?" Kurt asked curiously and Adam shook his head in surprise.

"Weren't you when the SS appeared? There's always a risk, a possibility, that the SoulMark and the SoulMate appearing in front of you could make you change your mind. I'm reassured that you've seen him and found him lacking."

Kurt bit down the instinctive need to defend his SoulMate. He didn't know the boy and he'd found him lacking, that was true, but it was hard hearing someone else say it. Besides, just because he wasn't clever enough to check the buildings, didn't mean that he was lacking in any way. Adam was his boyfriend, his love, he didn't want to fight with him about some unknown male. Even if he now knew what he looked like... maybe. Kurt sighed and kissed the side of Adam's neck.

"Now, we never have to speak of them again." He said it teasingly and Adam was more than happy to comply, his thoughts perfectly inline with Kurt's. Which wasn't as straight forward as Kurt's words, he was determined to put the owner of the Mark out of his mind and their lives, but his face was pulled up in his mind's eye more often than he wanted, which was near constant. He tried very hard to stamp it down.

The fact that the fall line he was beginning to work on was completely revamped to include more items that complimented dark hair and darker skin, was to be fully ignored. He said he was designing more for the Santanas and Tinas of the world, (not the Blaires).