Souls Found

Is anybody out there? Sorry this is so slow in coming. Life has intruded lately - a lot!

None of these characters are mine; all credit goes to the writers of BtVS. If you wish to share this work with someone be my guest. This is a sequel to my LOST SOULS fic.

Chapter 12

The Slayer takes her time in surveying the group surrounding her - the witch turned vamp, the boy who is not so much a boy anymore but a Master Vamp in his own right, her former lover and the man - the vamp - the not vamp. The - the male - who has now been drawn into this little drama along with the rest.

What a merry band - really. Drawing on her knowledge from Dru, she knows even more of the history between Spike and Angel. Oh this is going to kill Angel! And for once, she doesn't care. Angel's devastation now holds a certain appeal for her.

Somehow through all of the changes they have gone through, she has managed to come out on the other side - not a vamp, not even a souled vamp but a Slayer - pure and simple. Maybe purer and simpler than ever before.

And this Slayer is enjoying torturing a certain vamp so much.

Patting the space on the sofa beside of her, she looks to Spike, "Come have a seat, might as well get comfy. This is going to take a while - even the Cliff Notes version."

"I have no bloody idea what you just said but I wouldn't mind takin' a load off." And with that he strides past the Poof to take a seat beside the Slayer but before giving the Grand Poof one more eat your heart out look. "Don't know what you're sellin' but I'm up for buyin,'" he says flirtatiously as he sits - closer to her than the corner of the couch.

Making eye contact with Angel, she snuggles in beside the willing male form.

With this latest display, Angel can't take it anymore. "OK, Buff, I give. Whatever you're playing at, you win. Now whatever it is, spare us the passion play."

Before Buffy can respond, another voice calls out from behind the vampire trio. "Yes, Buffy. I dare say in this case Angel is correct, it would be best if you dispense with the theatrics and tell everyone what has transpired."

"Giles!" Willow calls out as she launches herself into his arms. "Giles, you all solid and everything! Xander feel - he's all real and tweedy!" She announces as she fingers his blazer.

Both Xander and Angel greet Giles in turn. The two hulking figures take time about dispatching their concerns over Buffy's recent behavior as if she isn't sitting two feet away.

Oddly enough, Buffy is the only Scooby - former or otherwise - not crowding around Giles. Rather she and William the Bloody are playing little games with their hands as they regard the group in front of them with not a little disgust.

"Alright, please --- everyone --- I have been monitoring these events from the other plane." Pacing a bit, he takes a seat - finally gaining the attention of Buffy and Spike as well.

The center of attention, Giles speaks. "Once more, I have been sent by the Powers that Be, to address these most recent occurrences. It seems that Buffy's turning - in fact all of these events, have set a series of events into play that have caused a purification of the Slayer essence."

From this place against the wall, Xander speaks, "What kind of purification? Is she like all lemony fresh?" Giles responds to Xander's comment by cleaning his glasses.

"Oh no, the glasses move, this so isn't good!" Willow quips.

Giles answers - ever the party pooper. "That remains to be seen."

Sliding his glasses back in place, he continues. "When Drusilla's spirit entered Buffy, it eradicated the mating bond between Buffy and Angel and bonded Buffy to Spike in its place."

Spike speaks at the revelation, obviously none to upset, "That Dru, she's such a kidder."

Doing his best to ignore Spike, Angel steps into the conversation, "So that's what's happened, I've lost my bond with Buffy and she's bonded with Spike in Dru's place? If we exercise Dru's spirit, will everything return to normal? I mean, Buffy and me?"

"It is not so simple by half. We aren't dealing with possession here as one usually thinks about it. Buffy has access to Dru's memories, her --- talents --- if you will but she is not controlled by Drusilla's spirit. Drusilla's spirit - his soul - has gone on, as it was meant to." With the last comment, Giles cuts a caustic look toward Angel. "In killing her, you freed her at last."

Angel - soul or no - doesn't respond to Giles' veiled condemnations but continues to focus solely on Buffy. Sensing Angel's increasing agitation, both Willow and Xander have come to sit on either side of him on the large couch facing Buffy and Spike.

Seeing the three as such, repeals Giles a bit. Even with their souls intact, their vampire natures have clearly changed both Willow and Xander more than he would wish to see. Both had possessed such clear, innocent souls and now, now both were imbued with an otherworldly nature. He can't help but notice Xander's hand clasping Angel's thigh as Willow curls herself around Angel's shoulders - for all the world, the three make a tidy little coven. It turns his stomach.

He steels himself to continue. "There is a prophecy."

"Isn't there bleedin' always?"

Ah, yes, Spike would have to chime in, wouldn't he? "Spike, if you please, I would imagine, that you would wish to hear this as it concerns you."

With the dressing down, Spike quiets.

"Ah yes, there is a prophecy that there will be an immortal Slayer. Essentially the last of the slayer line to herald in new age. This Slayer would have a Consort, essentially a male Slayer and together they would protect the earth from demonic threats. When Buffy and Spike were mated -- - something happened --- something beyond their demons, Buffy's soul, Dru's magiks, fate --- the Slayer power entered their immortal bodies driving out all else."

With this, Angel rises, throwing off both his children. "Great, and the next thing you're going to tell me is that the Bastard can walk outside in board daylight."

"Well, yes. I should say so."