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Saint Trilogy part 1- Ignition.

"Long, lost words whisper slowly to me, still can't find what keeps me
- Evanescence, Haunted.

Rikishi sighed heavily, as he walked out of the lift and took his first look at Habitat, the domed citadel, one of the last places where people lived, safe from the machines. It reminded him of when he was small, and stayed in the small Disney apartment area at an airport in Florida. There were plants here and there, hanging from the apartments, and water features in the 'town square'. Mingled in with the citizens who lived in this sanctuary, were many military personnel, identified by camouflage print uniforms. He wore one too, but his prints were of varying shades of blue, rather then earthy colours. He looked around for some help, wondering where to go. He had been transferred here to Habitat, to act as Lieutenant for a Captain Connor, who he had heard, could be a right dragon at times.

He knew he probably stood out. His fatigues were different. And he probably looked foreign- he was always told that he looked like a twenty- year-old Jet Li. He never thought of himself like that. He was Japanese- American. His mom was from Michigan, whereas his father was from Kobe.

Where the heck was he going to find this 'Captain Connor'? He looked around, looking for someone to ask.

"Excuse me?" he asked a woman in the Habitat military uniform. "Where can I find a Captain Connor?"

"John or Sarah?" the woman asked.

Rikishi shrugged. He didn't recognise those names- he wasn't familiar with many military personnel, after spending so long on the front lines. Mind you, his old commander had hinted Rikishi's new boss would be a guy. "John?"

The woman smiled. "Follow me."

She led him off through some corridors, and then through some doors with the signs 'security personnel only'. She turned to him and smiled. "I'm Cassie. Cassie King. And you are?"

"Lieutenant Rikishi Takahashi."

She smirked. "Formal."

Rikishi was confused. She seemed to have no rank, so why was she speaking so casually to him? The other soldiers he had met were not at all like her.

She approached some security doors, where two macho guys cradling machine guns stood. "King," she said. "Hi fellas. We have a hotshot Lieutenant here who wants to see Captain Connor, but he isn't sure which one. He just gave me a blank look when I asked him."

The nearest guy flicked out his wrist to reveal a com-watch. He looked at Rikishi suspiciously. "Name?"

"Rikishi Takahashi," Rikishi sighed. Cassie was annoying him, and he was getting a little impatient. "Look, I've been told this is important, so if you could just kindly direct me to-"

"Go through, hotshot, room two-three-niner. Should be just along the corridor." The guy turned away, and Cassie started walking back to the main dome. Seriously confused by the behaviour of these people, Rikishi pushed his way through the door. I stick out like a sore thumb, he thought.

No wonder. Firstly Rikishi was wearing the different prints. And he knew that he was behaving a lot more formally then these strangers were used to. He tried to relax. Personally, he wasn't at all formal at heart. In fact, he was a prankster. He used to liven up his platoons by being the clown, playing jokes on everyone, telling stories, mucking about, hence his call sign 'The Joker'.

Just be myself, he told himself. If I just be myself, I should fit in better.

He came to room two-three-nine. He rapped his knuckles on the door and waited.

"Come in," came a low voice from inside.

He gripped the handle and let himself in. The room was dark, and small, containing a single desk and two chairs. A woman wearing the same fatigues, and massive boots sat at a chair, her feet propped up on the table. She looked up at him and stood up. "Can I help you?"

He backed away. "Sorry, I think I got the wrong place. I'm looking for Connor."

She grimaced. Her face was hardened, she didn't look too old, but certainly seemed knowing. "I am Connor, moron. I suppose you're the rookie that the front-lines sent back from Japan?"

Rikishi glowered at her. "I am Lieutenant Takahashi."

She smiled. It was a jaunty, but not an unkind smile. She held out a calloused hand. "I'm Sarah."

He took her hand. "And I call you.?"

"Either Captain or Sarah."

He shook his head and laughed. "I think there's been a mistake. I was sent for a John Connor."

She grinned at him. Despite her battled-hardened face, her eyes still gleamed with youth and hope. "No, kiddo, you were sent to help me out. I am the captain around here. El Capitan. John isn't- he's the Head Commander."

Rikishi rubbed his temples with his fingers. "I am seriously confused. You are Captain Connor? My former commander implied you were a man."

"Well he's a dickhead then," Sarah quipped. "Look, what's your name kid?"

"Rikishi," he replied. "And could you please refer to me as 'lieutenant' instead of 'kid'?"

She laughed again, only a little more raucously. "Look, kid, forget whatever you learned with your last commander. The Habitat Soldiers are completely different. We only use our ranks in missions. We don't walk around with the stiff 'sir, yes sir!' thing. Besides, since you are new here, you aren't the big war hero. You're the rookie."


She leaned towards him, her funny-cockiness evanesced, and her expression looking a lot more like that of bull that had been taunted by the matador. "You might have heard all these stories about Habitat being the safest place for humans on Earth. Shall I tell you why? Because every single officer in this entire Citadel pull their weight and fight. So you're a lieutenant who's being staying on the front lines. I know how it goes out there- you and your platoon probably had it easy. Habitat is attacked everyday, and is still standing because every soldier here is fighting. Outside the walls of Habitat, it is the front lines. You are the rookie, Rikishi."

He decided it was time to drop his big polite act and finally reveal to this callous captain his true personality.

"If that's so, El Capitan, why do you need me?" he asked, with an arrogant tone.

She grinned. "You have hacker skills?"

Rikishi nodded. He had been a hacker before his military days, and although he had been a soldier for a while now, those skills had become invaluable in some of his missions. He hadn't even considered that Habitat would need these skills.

Sarah led him out back into the corridor, and locked the door behind her. "I think I better have John debrief you. Not even I'm entirely certain why we needed a computer hacker. But John usually knows what he's doing."

Rikishi followed her as she began to walk off into the labyrinthine corridors. "What is it with this place? Don't you have rules and regulations?"

She snorted. "Yes. But like I said, we do things very differently here. John needs you to help me, in whatever mission he's got planned for me next. But if you can't help, he won't bother."

She stopped at another door. Rikishi stopped her before she opened the door. "Wait. Who's top-dog around here? You or John?"

She grinned. "John, but he has listen to me. I am his mother after all."

He nearly fell over. "You're John Connor's mother?"

"You gotta hearing problem?"

"No. But I guess that makes a lot of sense now."

She smiled and nodded. "We like to confuse people on that around here. Most of us get kicks out of it." Ignoring the look of disdain on Rikishi's face, she pushed the door open. "Hey, Johnny boy? The rookie's here!"

The room was brighter than Sarah's had been. A young man in fatigues, not much older then Rikishi himself, sat at the table. He looked like a friendly guy, unlike his mother, and he grinned brightly at Rikishi as he stepped in. He stood up to shake hands. "Lieutenant Takahashi? Pleased to meet you. I'm Commander Connor. Just call me John."

Rikishi made his mind up immediately- he liked John. He gave John a hearty handshake. "Pleasure's all mine, John. Call me Rikishi."

"Sure. Take a seat, Rikishi." Turning to Sarah he said: "Mom, could you ask the guys to get some land-cruisers ready?" She nodded and left. Rikishi sat down and noticed there was one other person in the room, standing behind John's chair. He was not wearing the normal uniform. He wore a dog-tag and combat trousers, but he wore a leather jacket and a pair of shades. He looked pretty buff and was totally loaded with weaponry, but that wasn't why he seemed intimidating. The guy not only looked strong, but he looked quite eerie- Rikishi couldn't tell if the guy was staring at him or not, with his shades. He assumed this man was John's bodyguard.

"You're bodyguard kind reminds me of that actor.what's his name.err.Arnold Schwarzenegger," Rikishi commented.

John nodded. "I ought to let you know something, Rikishi. We don't trust machines that we haven't made ourselves.except for one."

Rikishi cocked his head. "Huh?"

John turned to his bodyguard. "T, you better give him a demonstration."

The bodyguard stepped forward and removed a glove from his left hand. He then took a knife from his pocket and began to cut around his little finger. Blood trickled along his palm and dripped onto the desk.

Revolted, Rikishi leapt to his feet. "Hey dude! Don't do that! You'll hurt yourself!"

But the bodyguard ignored him. It sure didn't seem to be hurting him. He showed no expression on his face. Suddenly, he ripped the skin from his bloody finger, revealing.


A metal skeleton?

"YAAAAH!" Rikishi yelped, backing away. "He's a fucking TERMINATOR!!!!"

John stood up. "Hey, calm down. T won't hurt you. Yes, you're right, he is a terminator, but he's been reprogrammed. He's one of us. Show him, T."

Rikishi glanced at T. He was putting his glove back on, ignoring the blood. He stepped forward and offered his right hand. Rikishi shook his head. With his left hand, the Terminator lowered his shades to look at him. His eyes were surprisingly human.

"I won't bite," he said in a monotone voice.

After a painful pause, Rikishi stepped forward. Uncertainly, he grasped T's hand and shook slowly.

"See," John said. "I told you."

Rikishi and T stepped away from each other. "Jesus, John, I hope I'm not offending T here, but what on earth possessed you to keep a terminator?"

John smiled. "This one was sent to save me. It's happened a coupla times, but this one managed to not get trashed. He's a friend. And just so that you know, we've programmed him to learn. He might be offended by what you say."

With a gulp, Rikishi glanced up at T. This guy, he certainly did NOT want to offend. T smiled at him.

"So.err.what exactly did you need me for?"

John indicated the chair in which Rikishi had leapt away from. Giving T and uncertain glance, Rikishi sat down and John went to pull something out a filing cabinet.

"Firstly, Rikishi," John said, "we needed a new hacker. The last one was killed a week ago, while on a mission. We decided we actually needed a hacker who could fight as well. Just one reason why we picked you. I've heard a lot of positive things about you."

"Thank you."

"However, I've heard a lot of negative things about you too," John added. "Like back on the Factory Mission, I heard your platoon were sent out for. You disobeyed direct orders from your commander. And this is just one of many incidents I have been informed about."

Rikishi looked away, feeling abashed. He did have a tendency to break minor rules, but more often or not, the Missions ended up becoming suicide attacks, and by disobeying the orders, he'd gotten his men out alive. He was sort of hoping that his 'permanent record' was forgotten now that he was at Habitat.

John leaned forward, grinning. "That's the primary reason why I chose you, Rikishi. You have a certain disregard for rules- you know when you need to obey them, and when to ignore them. That's a quality we all need here at Habitat. Sure, you'll get in trouble for it, but we won't court marshal your ass later." He leaned back, opened the file and passed some aerial photos over to Rikishi. "Recognise this area?"

He looked. "No."

"We call it 'Section 975'. It's about twenty miles south. Our Hornet Planes took these photos. It's an area we've tried to investigate before. It has been quite desolate for some time, be we do find terminators in the region quite often."

"What does this have to do with me?" Rikishi asked.

John pointed to a blurred image on the photo. "This part is a lock: a hacker needs to get through."

"A lock? What is it for?"

"A door, into an underground bunker."

Rikishi looked at the photo again and then looked back up at John, a serious look on his face. "This is where the last hacker died?"

John nodded. "He couldn't fight. We can't usually send more then two people on these missions, otherwise they get detected. We sent Merlin, the hacker, and a soldier called Brock into the area. Brock was overpowered by a group of terminators that attacked, and then they killed Merlin. If Merlin had known how to fight, there's a chance that we'd have gotten into the bunker, and I wouldn't be talking to you right now."

Rikishi looked at the photo again. "When do you want me to go?"

"As soon as possible."

Rikishi rolled his eyes upwards, remembering. "Your Mom said this was her mission. Am I going with her?"

John nodded.

Rikishi leaned back. "Packs of terminators, having to hack and fight at the same time, and with Sarah as my commander. Well, this going to be a nice little picnic. Shall I invite Yogi the bear?"

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to."

With a sigh, Rikishi stood up. "Look, I don't back down from a mission so easily.sir," I'll go. But firstly, I wanna get some new fatigues." He fingered his blue clothes. "It feels a little weird, being the odd one out."

John nodded. "Hey, I'll show you to your apartment." He stood up and opened the door. Rikishi and T stepped out. Rikishi shuddered a little, remembering what T had done to his finger. John started to lead them out of the security area.

"So, do you know anything else about this bunker? What it was used for? It's just I'd rather now as much as possible before running in and doing my Indiana Jones thing." Rikishi asked.

John nodded. "From the waste we've found lying around outside, it seems they were doing biological experiments. We've found human remains, which were obviously tampered with, as well as mecha parts. Someone has been doing some kind of cybernetic experiments on those poor bastards. But for what reason, we have no idea."

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