(recording) Hello, Frodo Baggins speaking. You have reached the only phone in the Shire, so if you would like to talk to anyone here, please leave your name, telephone number, and a message after the tone. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. bam! Sorry, that wasn't the tone, that was one of Gandalf's fireworks going off. This is the tone: beep!

-Hello Frodo. This is Frodo. Just making sure the recording works. Um…it does…okay, I'd better hang up now, shouldn't I. Yeah. Bye.

-Frodo! This is Pippin! Want to have dinner at my house? Merry's bringing mushrooms!

-Hello, Gandalf, this is Saruman. I was wondering if you would care to drop by and discuss this ring business? Give me a call and I'll see if I can fit you into my schedule.

-This is Elrond. I'm inviting everyone to a council I'm holding next month. Please RSVP so I know how many chairs to set up.

-Frodo, it's me, Gandalf. Listen, I think you should attend Elrond's council; it'll be a great chance for you to make some new friends. You need to get out more. I've got to talk to Saruman, but I should be back in time to attend. See you there.

-Aragorn? It's me. You know, Arwen. Will you be at daddy's council? I haven't seen you in ages. And bring some of those hobbit things, will you? They are just too cute!


- Um, guys? This is Frodo. Who left that message?

-Sorry Frodo, I talked to Merry and Pippin and none of us recorded that. Oh yeah, this is Sam. Call me!