There once was a rat, his name was Sir Mousington. He was once a man, turned to creature by a evil witch.He hide aboard a tall ship known as the Hateful Barnacle that traversed the Dead Sea.

One night during the winter Solstice, there was a party held in the belly of the ship. A secret place where hooligan pirates gambled on high stakes card games.

During the festive season, the crew were given pies for Christmas.These pies were very delicious, and the crew used them as gambling tokens for gold. For there were few aboard the ship who would pay their holiday pay for an extra slice of Minerva's Magic Fnapple Pies.

Sir mousington, knew that the Captian, was a sucker for pie. And would reverse the curse that left him with a moustache replaced with whiskers. Sir Moustington climbed aboard the poker table, to everyone shock produced from his little vest pocket. A rare red Ruby, and played those pirates in a card game of their choosing.

The champion of Wicked Grace that night, was the rat who left the party with 3 pies, 667 pieces of gold and 2 Red Rubies. He brought his winnings to the onboard chantry, and shared all but 2 apple pie to the cleric onboard. Saving 1 for himself which he snacked on in the holly decked hall.

Captian Edward Jones was a fair man, and traded a spell for an apple pie. A small blue potion in a little glass vial that undid his curse. Sir Mousington was a man again, with long a champagne blonde moustache. His voice was still missing, and Edward Apologized. For he could not fix everything against such a powerful curse. Sir Mousington was still happy, and thanked the Captain with a secret holiday greeting.

The End