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Slayers: Medallion Crash! An Unexpected Reunion

            After Darkstar, everybody went their separate ways.  Filia opened her Maces and Vases shop while she took care of Valgaav's egg/Val.  Xellos had gone back to Wolf Pack Island to explain his actions to his master (I think).  Amelia had returned to Seyruun and took up her royal duties and paperwork.  Zelgadis roamed the Desert of Destruction in search of his cure.  Lina and Gourry continued to travel together, and that's where the story comes in.

            Directly after they had separated, Lina and Gourry embraced their one everlasting love - food (What do you think it was ^_^).  As usual, they sat at a big table with mounds of plates at their sides.  When they were both finally full, it came to the matter of deciding who was going to pay.

            Lina winked.  "Let's flip a coin for it.  Whoever loses has to pay the bill."

            Gourry shrugged.  "I guess."

            Lina took out a coin from her purse and flipped it into the air.  "I call heads."

            Lina caught the coin and revealed it on her left hand.  "Aha, see!  It's heads.  You lose.  Here, I'll give you this coin.  Oh waiter!  Bring us the bill! (She's in a happy mood)"

            Gourry caught the coin and looked at it.  He turned it over and looked at it.  Something struck a "chord" in his head and he flipped it over again quickly.  And back again.  After about doing this twenty times, he finally realized what was wrong.  By that time, the bill had come.

            "Oi Lina!  This coin is the same on both sides!"

            "Yeah, so?"

            "You cheated didn't you?"

            A fang appeared as Lina smirked.  She readied a fireball in her hand.  "You aren't backing out of your promise are you?"

            Gourry quickly held his hands up in defense.  "Of course not!  But you know, you already took all of my money.  So, wouldn't you have to pay it anyway?"

            Lina blinked.  She smiled at Gourry.  "Eh… That's some quick thinking, for once.  Fine.  Since I'm in a good mood, I'll pay this time, but you'll have to pay for your own food afterwards, got it?"

            "How am I going to do that?"

            Lina stood up after counting the money precisely.  "The same way I do.  Come on let's go."

            After saying that, it was only natural that they hunted down every single bandit gang that they could find.  However, after realizing there wasn't very many bandits to punish (Lina was to lazy to go very far from the coast), they decided to go back to the Old World.  Or rather, Lina decided and Gourry went along with it.

            (I'll just fast-forward this part, so I'll leave the details to your imagination)  After much consideration and persuasion, Gourry and Lina decided to get married.  It was actually because Gourry reminded Lina about her saying that they all go home, so they visited Gourry's home first.  There, all of his relatives and immediate family were having a reunion, so they all banded together to convince Lina to get married into the family.  She held off the wedding saying that she had to go tell her family herself first.  Let's just say, when Lina expected bashing, her decision was met with open arms, figuratively speaking, that is.

            Well, they had the wedding in Zelphilia with Luna acting as the minister.  All of their friends and family (on both sides) attended.  It turned out that they had both made an extremely large amount of friends, the majority always knowing that they'd end up together.  As expected, Lina enjoyed opening the wedding presents the most.  After everyone had left, she sold the presents from people she didn't know as well, and (the presents) that she didn't like.  As for the rest, she stored it in her bedroom in Zelphilia, before going on the traditional honeymoon (^_^)  The newlyweds left to go traveling again a month later.

            Precisely nine months after the honeymoon, Lina gave birth to a health baby girl.  Through careful planning, they decided to merge their own names to make, Liona.  One could tell from the name that the Lina traits outbalanced the Gourry traits.  It really should have been "Gloiunrary" or "Lonrry", but they both agreed that those didn't sound right.  Finally, this story begins when Liona is around two years old.

            In darkness beyond the blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night, four figures had their attention directed to a large circular full-body mirror.  In that mirror was a moving picture that kept watch of what Lina and company were up to as they were doing it.  One figure had long golden hair and was seated upon a golden throne.  She was the first to speak.  "Isn't that little Liona the cutest thing?  I wish she were up here with me.  I feel so lonely and bored."

            The other three people sweatdropped.  Two of them blurted out from behind the chair, "What about us?!"

            The other figure cleared her throat and the two speakers corrected themselves.  "We mean, aren't we keeping you company here, L-sama?"

            Without even turning her head, L-sama monotonously replied, "Three beings that aren't really even alive is no fun.  *Sigh*  I wish I could go down there again.  It's such a wonderfully chaotic place.  But only Lina Inverse is able to summon me, in this day and age.  Darn her though, now she's too afraid of the consequences to do it again."

            The Golden Lord sighed again before she added, "Oh I know!  My knight, won't you go down there and stir up some trouble for me?  If you're close to little Liona, that will mean I am too!  Indirectly, of course."

            L-sama's knight bowed respectively as she replied, "Your wish is my command."

            L-sama nodded.  The other two wished to go as well. "Can't we come?  We can cause more chaos too!"

            The Lord of Nightmares shook her head.  "This Lina Inverse has already experienced my mind in her body.  If all three of you are there, then she might sense that something is wrong.  Kollina here, on the other hand, is much more responsible when it comes to throwing her aura around.  If you want a mission, go the other remaining planes.  Someone has to stay here though.  Kollina, go forth now and get a rise out of the remaining Mazoku.  Right now their just being lazy simpletons who are minding their own business.  Then join Lina's group and protect Liona when needed.  Only use the magic from their world, or else Lina will definitely suspect something.  That is your mission until further notice.  Go!"

            Kollina bowed again and teleported down to the Slayers plane.  Her first stop was Dynast Grausherra.  When her immediate plan was finished there, she went on to the other two remaining Mazoku Lords.  Using trickery, play-on-words, and little glimpses of knowledge, Kollina succeeded in rousing the mazoku lords to start trying to bring Lina Inverse down once and for all.  Kollina just happened to say that Lina now had a very young child, also known as a weak spot.  This gave them much more confidence, so Kollina left them to their planning.

            Lina and Gourry were currently eating in a restaurant, with Liona between them.  As usual, Lina and Gourry ordered a whole bunch of food.  It turned out that the first two teeth that grew in Liona's mouth happened to be her fangs/canine teeth.  As expected, she didn't like the messy "slop" that was usually given to babies at that time, so Lina contacted home and was sent three large containers of baby food that /she/ was given as a baby.  It tasted just like regular food, with different flavors every time.  Liona happened to like the roast beef flavored food the best, though.

            As usual, a bowl of the special mix was put in front of Liona.  She blinked at it for a second before opening her mouth and dunking her head straight into the mixture.  Everyone but Lina and Gourry looked as she seemingly stayed still for about three seconds.  Then she popped her head back up and one could see that there wasn't a single speck of food left in the bowl.  This was partly because a lot of it was on her face.  Fortunately, Liona quickly extended her tongue and licked up the remaining food on her face.  Absently, Lina took a handkerchief beside her and wiped Liona's face clean.  She had done this so many times before that it simply became routine.

            "I see your eating habits haven't changed."

            Lina and Gourry stopped eating momentarily to see Zelgadis standing in front of their table.  He pulled out a chair and seated himself between them, across from Liona.  Lina cleared her throat with a large chug of milk before happily greeting him.  "Hey Zel!  Long time no see!"

Gourry added, "Yeah, where have you been?  Did you find your cure?"

            Zel got irritated.  "Can't you tell by just looking at me?! (That means no)"

            Lina sighed.  "Yare yare.  You know Gourry.  I bet the next thing he's going to say is '/That's/ what the cure was for?"

            True to her instinct, Gourry said that exact same thing (he hadn't even heard Lina's statement).

            Zel sighed.  Liona made a little noise and tried to reach out to touch him, but he was on the other side of the table.  Zel looked up and finally noticed Liona.

            "Who's she?"

            Lina looked and answered as she picked up Liona.  "Her?  Oh, I forgot to tell you, didn't I?  This is Liona.  Liona, this is Zel.  Say 'hi'."

            Liona blinked a few times at Zel before just staring at him with her big blue eyes.  Zelgadis started to get uncomfortable under her gaze.  Liona grinned and suddenly glomped Zel.  She clung onto his face with all of her might.  She was very small for her age, so she could easily latch her hands onto his ears and legs around his neck.

            Zelgadis overreacted a bit, then again, maybe underreacted.  "Aah!  I'm being attacked by a leech!  Help! Get this thing off me!"

            Lina and Gourry abruptly stood up.  Gourry kindly scolded her.  "Come on Liona-chan.  You know you aren't supposed to do that.  Let go of him."

            At that, Liona suddenly let go and plopped onto Zel's lap.  She smiled and giggled at their reaction.  Gourry picked her up and apologized.  "Sorry.  She can't seem to say 'hi' properly yet.  Whenever we tell her to greet somebody, she does that."

            Zelgadis calmed himself down with a cup of coffee (wherever that came from…).  "It's alright.  She didn't hurt me, at least."

            Lina and Gourry seated themselves again.  Lina patted Zel's shoulder and said, "As if a little baby like her could hurt someone like you!  Oh yeah, why are you here anyway? (They're in Seyruun)"

            "I just came from the Desert of Destruction.  I was hoping that I could search the Seyruun libraries for my cure."

            Lina raised an eyebrow and slyly asked, "Oh?  You aren't here just to see Amelia again?"

            A blush became present on Zel's face.  He sputtered, "O-of course not!  I'm just searching for my cure.  W-what about you?  What are you doing here?"

            In the same voice, "Same as you.  We're here to see Amelia."

            "Ah, I see.  Wait.  What do you mean, 'Same as me'?!"

            Lina smirked and said to Gourry, "Come on, let's go.  Amelia said that she had something that she wanted us to do.  Are you coming Zel?"

            "Uh.  Oh I might as well.  I'm headed there anyway."

            After a simple 15-minute walk, they came to the gates of the Seyruun castle.  Already knowing who they were, the guards immediately let them pass.  Inside, Lina grabbed hold of a young page and asked, "Where's Amelia?"

            The page was shaking in his boots.  "The princess is in the throne room with some guests.  The room is to your right and the first door on the left after you turn right."

            Lina raised an eyebrow and let go of him.  "You're lucky I already know where the throne room is.  Now beat it."

            The young boy quickly ran off to finish his business.  Lina led the small group to the throne room.  Since even he knew that there would be people new to Liona inside, Gourry made sure that he had a tight grip on Liona.

            Sure enough, when Liona opened the double doors with a bang, there were people that Liona hadn't met yet.  Upon the throne was Prince Philionel and Princess Amelia beside him.  Zel's eyes became saucers when he saw Amelia.  He had a hard time restraining the desire to drool (^_^).  Amelia had gone through an extreme growth spurt in the last two years.  Now, she was about a head shorter than Naga/Gracia but that meant she was around a good height with Zelgadis . . .(Makes your mind wonder doesn't it?)  Lina immediately saw who the guests were.  She was mildly surprised.  There were two guests; Filia and a young Val.  Lina slowly walked up the path to the throne.

            "Hi everyone!"

            Amelia's eyes glittered when she saw them, particularly Zelgadis.  "Lina-san!  Zelgadis-san!  Gourry-san!  I'm glad you could make it.  Eh?  Who's the little cutey?"

            Liona was squirming to get out of Gourry's grasp.  Lina finally just told him to let her go.  With a spurt of energy so quick that nobody could see it, Liona jumped from Gourry's arms to Amelia's breasts and clamped on (^o^).  Everyone blushed.  Liona looked up slowly at Amelia and cutely whispered to her.  "Pwincess Amewia wikes Zhel, ne? (Princess Amelia likes Zel, right?)"  Amelia blushed twenty different shades of red. 

Before Amelia could answer (even if she was planning to), Liona let go and switched to Philionnel's head.  Lina just sighed and shook her head.  Soon, Liona plopped down onto his lap and said, "Pwince Pwhil fwights for Justish! (Prince Phil fights for Justice!)"  Phil, too, was surprised, but he whole heartily agreed.

Then, Liona curled up into a ball and bounced backward… straight onto Filia (same place as Amelia).  Soon, she plopped down and said, "Fiwia ish a goldwen dwagon and hates mashoku (Filia is a golden dragon and hates mazoku)."

            Finally, Liona plopped down to the seat next to Val and simply hit him on the head with a thwack.  Gourry and Lina both cringed and went to pick up Liona.  Before she was picked up, she simply stated, "Val is special, but he doesn't know his past."

            "Alright you little munchkin.  That's enough out of you," Lina reprimanded Liona.  "Sorry everyone, that's just how she says hello."

            As the three newcomers took their seats, Amelia asked the question on all of their minds.  "L-lina-san?  How does she know that much?  This is the first time we've ever met, right?"

            "Hm?  Oh, yes.  Truthfully, I can't figure it out either.  I do know that it has something to do with her glomping, though.  I'll tell you more about her later.  Why did you send for us?"

            Amelia slightly blushed as she explained.  "Well, you see . . . the Kingdom of Dils is starting to act up, or so we think.  We need to send someone there to deliver the peace treaty, and well, I happen to be that person."

            Zel asked, "So what's the problem?"

            "Hehe, they're known for having a top-of-the-line offensive and defensive army as well as sorcerers.  There's also rumor going around that the King of that kingdom is inhuman.  So I was wondering . . . do you think you can accompany me as bodyguards?"

            Lina held up Liona and said, "Well, my decision depends on what Liona wants.  Right Gourry?"

            Gourry nodded.  Lina continued, "Well Liona-chan, what do you want us to do?"

            Gurgling happily, Liona replied, "Twavel!  Twavel!  Pwotect Pwincess!"

            Lina nodded.  "Well, that settles it.  We three are all for it, Amelia."

            Filia looked at Val.  I'm not sure if I should go with Val.  Maybe it's best that I leave Val with Jillas and Gravos. . ."

            Liona spoke up again.  "Dame (It's supposed to be "No")!  Val come with!  Be playmate!

            Filia considered this.  "That's not a bad idea.  Val always wanted someone his age to play with. What do you say, Val?  Want to come?"

            Val nodded.  He was kind of a silent type in front of people he didn't know (I know this is nothing like Valgaav, but just bare with me.).

            Now everyone looked to Zel.  He blushed and grumbled, "Why should I go?"

            Amelia tried to coax him first.  "Please Zelgadis-san?  It'll mean a lot to me if you come, too.  There might even be a cure there."

            Zel's blush deepened.  Liona backed up Amelia.  "Cure!  Cure!  Zel want cure, yes?"

            Zel sighed.  "Alright. You win.  I'll go."

            Amelia and Lina cheered.  "Yay!  We got him!"

            They decided to leave the next day.  Everyone slept in the castle that night.  In the shadows, a dark silhouette watched Liona from a tree adjacent to the window.

            "So /this/ is the young Liona Inverse.  This assignment will be interesting."

            The figure teleported off to L-sama-knows-where.  For now, everyone slept peacefully and rested up for the coming adventure.

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