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Epilogue and Ending Notes

            In the Sea of Chaos, in the royal "throne", sat the grand Lord of Nightmares, in chibi-form.  She was seated on her golden plush chair while waving her hands around a crystal ball in front of her.  Within the crystal ball was a dark, cloudy ball of chaos also known as the current form of her once beloved knight, Kollina.

            L-sama smirked rather mischievously as she started to cast an ancient and original "resurrection" spell.  In the background, Angelina could be seen nursing Mazolina's magical wounds.

            "As if I'd let you go so easily after spending so much time with you, my dear knight.

            Let this spirit be reborn,

            Though she may not have a form,

            Thy beloved chaos shall live on,

            In dear Liona's medalli-on.

            Chaos Resurrection.

            L-sama watched as the ball of complete chaos flew like a fireball from the rooftop into Liona's medallion.  She watched with slight amusement as Kollina's life energy turned the dragon guardian that was once Angelina, chaos black with beady red eyes.  L-sama laughed like a carefree child at the transaction between Lina and her friends.

            Long after Lina had bid her friends farewell, L-sama had started to plan what she could have happen next.  Lina and her group of friends were so fun to play with and their reactions were so wonderfully chaotic, before they realized what had actually occurred.  It took a few days of watching, with slight intervals to spy on the other people of the worlds, before L-sama hit upon a potential idea.

            "Mazolina-chan?  Angelina-chan?"

            Immediately, the two remaining members of the "Chaos council" as L-sama put it, teleported to L-sama's side.  "Hai, L-sama."

            "When you were down there, how many Mazoku Lords were left?"

            Mazolina replied, "Three. Deep Sea Dolphin, Dynast Grauscherra, and Greater Beast Zelas Metallium.  Chaos Dragon Gaav was killed by Hellmaster Phibrizzo who was killed by you, your highness."

            "I see. . . Hmm…  Mazolina?  Would you like to visit there again?"


            "No no.  In about 14 or 15 years or whenever Liona is old enough to travel without her parents."

            "If you wish it so, L-sama, I would be honored to go."

            L-sama toyed around with a small plushie Kollina had given her many years ago as a sort of "Mother's Day" gift.  When L-sama had been surprised by this gesture, Kollina explained that on her plane, the one with Chaotic Blue, it was a popular annual custom to give a gift or show appreciation for mothers.  Since L-sama was the mother of Everything, it only seemed right to Kollina that she give L-sama a present out of appreciation.  "No need to be honored.  You two are the only ones left up here aside from me.  I suppose we'll have to wait at least another generation before we can even attempt to enlist anyone new.  Ah…I'm starting to miss Kollina. . ."

            Angelina cleared her throat and asked, "If you could resurrect her, why didn't you bring her back here?"

            L-sama smiled and shook her head.  "I didn't ressurect her.  In the beginning, I lengthed her life so that she could stay with me longer, but she's beyond resurrection now.  About 5000 years too late, unfortunately.  Since she's now pure chaos, I couldn't very well have her reborn, but her comforting aura is still with her, so I want her energy to be as close to Liona as possible without being really alive."

            Slightly puzzled, Angelina began to ask, "But if she's still technically in that world, does that mean-"

            Reading her mind, L-sama laughed out loud and nodded.  "Yes, her curse is still underway, but with Kollina still there, she'll also be able to protect dear Liona-chan if nobody else is around."

            Mazolina and Angelina were silent.  Finally, L-sama instructed, "Now leave me be.  I need to think out my plan.  Mazolina, when the time comes, I'll tell you what to do.  Angelina, if you really want something to do, befriend Liona when she grows up a bit.  But be warned, both of you, until your mission is done, I'll be banishing you from returning here."

            Both agents bowed before their master and answered, "Yes, L-sama."

            With that, both of them teleported to the farther reaches of the Sea of Chaos, leaving the Golden Lord to her thoughts.

A/N: Alright then.  The plot is set for the next story, sort of.  Be prepared for the sequel, "Liona's Quest".  Now here is Liona's profile.  Be assured that it'll change after the next 14 years.

Liona (Gabriev) Inverse:

Known as: Liona

Job or Status: Daughter of Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev

Slayers Equivalent: She has the potential to become as strong as her mother, but there's an equal chance that she'll end up as dumb as her father.

Age: Two years old, almost three by the end of this story

Hair: An obvious redhead

Hairstyle: A helmet haircut that curves to around her face

Eyes: An innocent cerulean blue

Height: Around 1' 5"

Official Outfit: a cute light pink tunic with baby blue Capri pants, trimmed with a sparkling gold, with a black-exterior, red-interior cape (dark blue cloak when it's cold)

Extra Appendages: None

Aura Color: Unknown since Liona has yet to cast a spell, but presumably a light blue aura

Personality: Usually disarmingly cute and innocent while hiding the potential to blast off someone's eardrums with her earsplitting cry/scream but is easily quieted by several potential items.  Like her parents, she loves to eat, though a bit messy, she likes to talk as much as her mother, and she'll be as forgetful as her father in the near future.

Strengths: She uses her obvious baby cuteness to catch people offguard, and then storms them in her painful cry if they seem at all dangerous.

Weaknesses: Will easily stop crying if given a sleeping spell or shown any of the following 1.) Something shiny 2.) Food she can eat and loves or 3.) Money (She's already been taught the value of money, but Lina won't let her have any unless she earns it herself)

Abilities: To grab a piece of information about a certain person, Liona will grab at either thee chest for girls or heads for guys or whack them on the head for kids/toddlers.  She may be thought of as perverted in this area, but she really is very sweet and innocent.

Main Power: Currently unknown, but has mastered her "Whip of Light" that she received from an anonymous somebody, before it was taken away from her along with her mazoku illusion spell.

Personal Love: At the present time, food, money, and her medallion.

Personal A/N: The only reason Liona calls L-sama her mother is because she knows that L-sama is the Mother of Everything, even if she doesn't know /how/ she knows it.  Also, L-sama wanted to "adopt" Liona as her own, but somewhere along the line realized that in order for Liona to come with her, she would have to die, so L-sama settled for Kollina being very close by her in her place.

Ending A/N: Well, that just about sums everything up.  I'm not going to tell you L-sama's plans, so you'll just have to read it as I post it.  But if you have any suggestions for little things in my next story, I promise I'll consider it if you review!  Okay, Ja ne!

P.S. I forgot to say this before, but the overall story will take place when Liona is supposedly 16, but the first chapter will be about her growing up.  ^_^ Thank you for your reviews thus far!