Chapter1: Angel

15 year old Ruki Makino woke up on a fine Monday morning. A grin was formed in her face when she remembered her latest date with her boyfriend, Takato Matsuda, as if it was just yesterday when the fact is, it was two days ago. The red-haired girl opened her closet to gather her usual, daily outfit. Her shirt with a navy blue, broken heart on its center and her capri pants. Some things never changed.

When she's all set to go to school, she waved a 'goodbye' to her grandmother. Her mother? Well, she's at France taking her photo shooting. It's quite okay for Ruki now. She understand her mother although she misses her much. She have her loving boyfriend, anyway. She thought.


Ruki is now with the other tamers. The bell to signal the start of the classes hasn't rung yet. They still have about 40 minutes to do whatever they want. As usual, Takato wasn't there yet. The Matsuda boy is always the last one to come at school among his friends.

"Hiya, Ruki!" Ryo greeted with a grin.

Ruki just gave him a smirk.

"Hi, Ruki!" Her girl friend, Jeri, greeted. Jenrya was with her and they were so sweet. That made Ruki a little bit jealous but she didn't show it. Jenrya's arm was around Jeri's waist.

"Hey, guys!" A familiar voice said from behind them. Ruki and the others spun around.

"Yo, Takato!" Kenta greeted.

The Gogglehead of the group stopped right in front of Ruki and was panting. "Sorry if I'm late!"

"You're always late." Ruki mumbled under her breath.

"Ruki, this is for you." Takato said, giving her a small, brown paper bag. Ruki took it and opened it.

"Yeah, whatever. Thanks Takato." Ruki replied with her usual, cold voice. She no longer calls him 'Gogglehead' because of course, he's now her boyfriend. Takato planted a light kiss on Ruki's cheek.

"Hope yah like the bread!" The brown-haired gogglehead chirped.


"Good morning, Ryo!!!" Some fan girls of his greeted.

Ryo just ignored them. Those girls annoy him for some reasons. But he really don't know why. His head is quite messed up right now because he kept on thinking about his 'special someone'.

"Hey, Digiqueen!" A bratty guy, about a year older than her said.

"What's up, Icequeen?" Another guy, who is a friend of the other bratty guy said, trying to annoy Ruki.

The red-head, purple-eyed girl is now really irritated. Who won't be, anyway? You're not doing anything nor even talk to them yet they keep on bugging you. Takato could feel the anger of his girlfriend so he tried to calm her before she could kill those guys.

"Calm down, Ruki." Takato whispered to her ear. Ruki tried her best to calm down. She just gave them her trademark glare and walked away. 'You just wait!' Ruki angrily thought.

'Icequeen?' Ryo asked himself. 'Why Icequeen when she's really not? If they only knew her well. She's like an. Angel whose wings are wounded and that she can't return to Heaven because of that. That only shows that she has a lot of burdens but she never cared to tell us. Wait, an angel? Why am I saying that?!?' He thought.

"Hey, Ryo! C'mon!" Jenrya said, looking back at the brown-haired boy who seemed to be lost in his thoughts. Ryo didn't noticed that he stopped walking while he was thinking about his. Angel. No! About Ruki. She can't be his angel anymore. Takato owns her now and she's happy with him. He have no rights to call her 'His' or 'His Angel'. Jenrya left Jeri for awhile and joined Ryo.

"What's the matter, Ryo?" Jenrya asked.

"Nothing's wrong, I'm fine, really!" Ryo replied, trying to look that he's just alright.

"You're not."

"I am!"

"You're NOT!!"

"Well, how come?"

"I can see it in your eyes. Tell me what's wrong. I might be able to help you."

"I was just thinking about my lovely angel." Ryo didn't notice d what he just said. Not so loud but enough for Jenrya, only Jenrya to hear.

"An angel? I see. You're inlove! The question is, to whom?"

"A-Angel?!? I didn't say that!"

"Oh, you did! Who's the lucky girl? Who is-" The bell finally rung. A real life-saver for Ryo. It's so close. Whew!

" We'll talk later, Ryo." Jenrya said and went to his classroom. Ryo also hurried to his classroom, still thinking about Ruki.

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