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Chapter 5: Ruki's Knight

Ruki was being tied on a chair, her hands at the back of it. 5 strong- looking men were guarding the whole place. She saw 3 men outside earlier and the 2 were inside. Another tough-looking man, who looks like their leader, was standing beside her.

"What the hell do you need from me?!" Ruki snarled. She tried to escape from those people but alas, luck was not with her.

The leader of the group stood in front of her, studying her face. "I forgot to introduce myself," said the blonde-haired, green-eyed man. He's got a well-muscled body and he's really big. She's definitely no match with him. "I'm Angelo"

Ruki kept on staring at him angrily, not leaning at the chair.

"Angelo or whoever you are, I don't fucking care about you! I don't need Ryo to help me! I don't even know you!"

Angelo, who is about 5 years older than her, cupped her cheek. "Wildcat, isn't it? You've been a big help, you know. Because of you I managed to make Ryo to come here." He said with an evil grin.

Ruki snarled at him. Her purple eyes full of fury. She shook her head, trying to get his hand off her face. Luckily, she managed to do it.

"What the heck's your business with him?!" She angrily asked.

"Well," Angelo started to walk at her back. (The kind of walk when you are waiting for something nervously. But in a slow pace.) "About five years ago, I had a younger sister. Her name's Angelina. Our parents died when I was only 3. Since then, I took the responsibility of taking care of her. I've never seen her so happy when her digimon came. She became a good tamer until that day came. One night she came home looking terribly sad and what surprised me was that her digimon was not with her. She locked herself in her room for a day. She never opened it no matter how many times I begged her to do so. I was really worried so I decided to open it by force and..and I found her bed full of blood. Her dead body sat on the floor, one of her arm was on top of the bed and a blade beside it. After she was buried, I found a note saying that she killed herself because of so much depression over the loss of her digimon. A boy called Ryo Akiyama has a very strong digimon that defeated her Andromon. I was really angry at that time. I decided to investigate about that fucking Ryo and revenge for my sister's death."

Ruki was made a silly smile. "You're sister is crazy.."

"WHAT MADE YOU SAY THAT?!?" Angelo exclaimed.

"Well, first of all it's not Ryo's fault why her digimon died. It's her fault because her digimon was too weak and yet he challenged him. Being a tamer, you should be ready to lose or win. Also, she has no right to kill herself because God only lend her her life and He should decide when to get it from her. What an idiot she is.." She said.

"You know what?! You are a fucking bitch!" Angelo screamed to her.

"Another thing," Ruki added. "do you think that you're sister would be happy of what you are doing?!"

Angelo was pulling his hair, looking some kind of a crazy person. "It's none of your business!!"

"Anyway, how did I got involved in you crazy idea?" Ruki asked, trying to look calm.

"Good question," He said. "because he loves you so much."

Ruki froze upon hearing those words. 'He loves me?!' she thought. 'what the fuck is he talking about?! Does he expect me to believe in him? Well certainly not!'

Not too long, the door opened and Ryo stood there with three men guarding him carefully.

"Hey Ryo!I don't need your help! Get outta --" Ruki shouted to him, only to be slapped by Angelo at her cheek.

"Shut up, bitch!!" He said with an angry glare. He really mean it.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!!" said Ryo.

Two of the three men pushed him inside while the other one closed the door and joined the other two inside.

"What do you want from me?!" Ryo demanded.

"Do you remember Angelina? She's my younger sister and she committed suicide because of you!! Your Cyberdramon killed her digimon!"

"Why did you kidnapped Ruki?!"

"To make you come here.." Angelo brought out a knife and pointed it to Ruki's neck. "Don't worry, I won't touch her IF you follow my instruction."


Angelo gave a signal and the five men approached a table with three baseball bats and two long, rectangular shaped wood on top of it. They gathered all of it.

"You just stand there." Angelo simply said.

Ryo followed and the five men surrounded him and started to beat him up by using those baseball bats and wood. They mercilessly hit him very hard on his legs, arms and head but Ryo never moaned in pain nor fought them.

"How does it feel, Ryo?!" Angelo sarcastically asked.

Ruki watched him got beaten with tears. "Angelo, please stop this now!!" Ruki pleaded but it seems like Angelo didn't heard her.

Ryo was not fighting with them and that made Angelo angry. He got a wooden chair and told the five men to back off then he tossed the chair to Ryo who was kneeling down but Ruki tried to protect him by letting herself get hit by the chair instead of him (she stood and ran to Ryo with her chair). She collapsed at the ground with him but was still conscious. Upon seeing it, the six men ran away from that place.

Ryo, who is unconscious, was full of bruises all over his body. "Ryo, thank you.." Ruki whispered to his ear.

Slowly, Ryo's eyes opened. Ruki was full of happiness upon seeing his eyes open up and that made her tears come out from her eyes. "Why didn't you fought back?! You are strong and I'm sure you can beat them all up. Why?"

Ryo wiped the tears on her cheek and smiled weakly at her. "Because I don't want to see you get hurt. You are too important for me!"

"You idiot! You shouldn't risk your life like that!!"

"I'll do anything..for you, even if it costs my life.. If ever I will die now, can you promise me that you'll never cry? I don't want to see you sad.."

"Moron! What are you talking about?! Of course you'll live!"

"Please.. Ruki.. I.. I.. I lo-" But suddenly his eyes closed.

"Ryo?! I know you're joking me! Wake up, bonehead!" But Ryo didn't open his eyes. "Ryo, this is not funny anymore!! I'm serious!" Still, no reply.

'Could he be..?! No, it can't be!!' She thought. More tears came out from her eyes. Some dropped at his face.

"Hey bonehead, I'm crying now.. Wake up now or else.. or else.." She tried to sound angry but still it didn't work. He's eyes were still closed, not even a word.

"RYO!!" She screamed. What can be more painful than seeing your Love die in front of you.. Love?!?


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