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Chapter 1- "Togetic?"

Hot. That was the one word needed to describe how the weather was treating our heroes. The sun's rays beet down through a cloudless sky, and Pidgey hid in the shade of the motionless trees that dotted the dirt path the quartet was walking on.

The only thing that kept the gang from laying down in the dead grass, and waiting to shrivel up and die, was the thought of the Ketchum's air conditioned house that was waiting for them once they arrived into Pallet.

"Ash?" May asked, whipping her sweaty forehead off with the back of her gloved hand.

"What?" he asked, as Pikachu took off Ash's hat and fanned itself with it.

"How long until we get to Pallet Town?"

"I don't know, ask you brother," Ash indicated to Masato, who seemed to be glaring the Pokenavi, waiting for the little dot that was pallet town to get lower in the screen.

May sighed, "Masato, how much longer is it?"

"We should be there in around three days if we keep up a fast pace," he explained.

"THREE DAYS?!" She exclaimed, falling to the ground, "YOUR KIDDING ME! HOW CAN IT BE THREE DAYS?! I'M GOING TO BE DEAD BEFORE THEN!" with this she collapsed into a heap on the ground, Brock cautiously walked up behind the girl and leaned over her.

"You know..." he began, "If we keep stopping like this it's going to take us even longer."

She opened her eyes slightly to glare daggers at Brock, "Then go on and leave me here. I'm not moving!" Pikachu hopped off Ash's shoulder and began to fan her, May smiled at pikachu and turned back to Ash, "I know how much you like to torture yourself and others around you, but can't we take a break or something?"

"Yeah Ash, Please?" Masato chimed in.

"I dunno... " Ash's eyes scanned his companions, May and Masato were giving him puppy dog eyes while Brock just shrugged, and sighed, "Ok, I guess, but tomorrow morning we really have to get moven'."

"ALL RIGHT!" May exclaimed, skipping off the road and under a tree, basking in the shade.

As the boys plopped themselves down next to her, Ash saw something moving in the corner of his eye. "Hey, what was that?"

"What was what?" Brock asked.

"I thought I saw something moving over there," Ash explained, pointing to a bush.

Pikachu sniffed, and suddenly its ears perked up, "PIKA!"

"What is it Buddy?" Ash asked, crouching down to Pikachu's level, "Did ya smell somethn'?"

"Chu!" Pikachu nodded, as it slowly crept to the bush.

"Be careful Pikachu!" May exclaimed, "It might be something creepy!"

"AWESOME!" Masato grinned, as May smacked him in the back of the head, "Hey!"

Ignoring all that was going on behind it, Pikachu got even closer to the bush, "Pika! Pikapika Chu! Chu, Pi, Pika, Pikachu?"

The bush wiggled.

"Pika! Chu, Chu pikapika! Chu pi, Pika!"

The bush wiggled again, until a small white figure made its way out of it...


"AWWW!" May gushed, "It's so CUTE! Wonder what it is..." She held up her pokedex.

"Togetic," it began, " the evolved form of Togepi, Some say, this egg-bird pokemon will appear before kindhearted, caring people, and, shower them, with happiness."

"If it comes before kindhearted, caring people, why is it showing itself to May?" Masato smirked, while May whacked him in the head again. "Owww... Would ya stop it already?!"

May pushed Ash and Brock out of her way, and grabbed a pokeball, "It's so cute, I have to catch it! Torchic, GO!" her Torchic came out of her pokeball and, got in the fighting position, "Ok Torchic, use your ember attack!"

Torchic ruffled its feathers, and sent embers flying to the Togetic and hit it dead on.

"Good job! Now, try your peck attack!"

Torchic began to poke its beak at the Togetic, until finally it collapsed in pain.

"Great!" May smiled, pulling out an empty pokeball "POKEBALL, GO!" The pokeball flew through the air, souring to the Togetic....

And smacked it right in the head.

"Toge!" the Togetic cried, as it was knocked back a few good inches.

"Huh?" May asked, confused, "I don't understand... I battled it, it got weakened, and I threw a pokeball at it. Why didn't it work?"

"Hmmm..." Brock walked over the Togetic, crouched down, and looked it over, "Maybe it belongs to someone already." He suggested.

"Ya think?" Ash asked bending down next to Brock.

The Togetic opened its eyes, and suddenly grinning, hopped into Ash's arms with a loud "Toge!"

Ash chuckled as the pokemon began to happily squirm in his embrace, "Looks like it likes me!" The Togetic then hopped away from Ash, and began to hug pikachu, "Pikachu too,"

"Toge! Togetic, tic, Toge!" It chirped happily.

"Pika? Pikachupi?"


Ash smiled at the two, "Funny... that Togetic seems awfully familiar."

Brock nodded, "I know what you mean, I feel like we've met it before."

"What are you two talking about?" May asked, "It doesn't seem familiar to me at all."

"Me neither." Masato agreed.

"I dunno," Ash shrugged, "but, what I DO know, is that I'm STARVING!"

Brock rolled his eyes (A/N: eyes? What eyes? XD), but smiled, "Well, I guess I can whip us up a bite to eat."

"AWESOME!" Ash grinned.

"BUT!" Brock exclaimed, holding up his hand, "As soon as lunch is over, we're going to look for the Togetic's trainer, got it?"

"Yup!" The younger three nodded and went to go get lunch ready.

As Brock got his pot and cooking things ready, he turned to Ash, May and Masato, "Ok, one of you is going to have to go get firewood."

"I did it yesterday." Ash announced, watching Pikachu playing with Togetic.

"And I did it the day before that." Masato stated, "So May, it's your turn."

She sighed, "I know, I know, I'm going." Mumbling under her breath, she dragged herself into the humid woods. As she began to pick up sticks and small logs, she saw a girl a little deeper into the forest. "Hmm...wonder who that is..."

"TOGETIC!" The girl called, "TOGETIC, WHERE ARE YOU!?"

"Excuse me?" May asked, approaching her, "Did you say you can't find your Togetic?"

The girl looked at the slightly younger May and nodded, "Ever sense it evolved, its been running away and exploring a lot," She sighed, "I should put it in a pokeball I know, but I just can't bare too, it thinks I'm its mother after all, and what kind of mother puts her child in a pokeball?"

May giggled, "Hey, I think my friends and I might have found your Togetic! I tried to capture it, I thought it was wild, I'm sorry,"

"Oh, its ok," The other girl smiled, tucking a strand of her short red hair behind her ear, "It's my fault for letting it run off like that," She sighed, "I'm on my way to meet up with my friends you see, and I guess Togetic wanted to help out by going to find them itself..."

"Makes sense," May smiled, "come on, I have to get this firewood to my friends and little brother, your Togetic is probably playing with Pikachu right now."

The girls eyes widened a little, "You have a Pikachu?"

"Oh, no," May said shaking her head, "but my friend does. Funny, your Togetic and his Pikachu really seemed to hit it off"

"Well, it does have a way with Pikachus..." the girl sighed with a smile.

Before May could ask what she ment, the two arrived at the lunchsite, where three backs were facing them.

"Hey guys!" May called as they walked in, "I found the Togetic's trainer!"

"Really?" Ash asked, turning around, "Who is-" suddenly, his eyes grew wide as he stood there, starring at the girl, to shocked to utter a word.

The girl's eyes widened as well, as she stared at the boy standing only a few meters from her, "Ash?"



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