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Chapter 11- The End. OR 5 o'clock Somwhere!


"Ok, are you sure you have everything you need, Sweetie? You have your toothbrush right? And your socks? Let me just run inside and get an extra pair of underwear."

Ash's face turned bright red as he heard Misty and May giggle behind him, "Mom! For the love of Ho-oh! I have everything!"

"Yes Delia, stop fussing over the poor boy." Professor Oak chuckled, "When the boat leaves, it's not going to stop for you to run off and get Ash a sock."

"Oh, I guess you're right." She turned to Mr. Mime and gave it a small hug, "You take care of everything for us while we're gone, ok Mimey?"

"Mr. Mime!"

Ash bounced around on his toes, "Can we GO now?"

"Hold your Horsea, will ya?" Tracy laughed.

"Yeah Ash, calm down!" Brock agreed, pulling off Ash's hat, while he hyperly tried to grab it back.

"I'm trying!" he beamed, managing to get a hold of the hat and plopping it back on his head, "I'm just so excited about the Hoenn league!" He pumped his fist into the air, "AND I'M GONNA WIN IT ALL!"



Misty rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless. After spending a week at the Ketchum's, everyone was going to ride the boat across the ocean where Ash would be competing in the Hoenn league. "There he goes again."

"Is he ALWAYS like this before a big competition?" May asked amused, watching as Ash started dancing around the yard, almost taking out Masato in the process.

"Yup, it's best to just stay out of his way until he gets to his first battle and chokes."

Ash stopped dancing and glared at her, "Not funny."

"Ok! I'm ready!" Mrs. Ketchum smiled happily and walking back out to the group.

"FINALLY!" Ash exclaimed, "Let's hop on that boat and head back to Hoenn!"

"Ash!" Gary laughed, "It'll take a while before we get to the boat."

Masato nodded, holding up the Poke Navi, "The harbor is at least an hour away."

"Really?" He blinked, "Then let's run!" He exclaimed, sprinted off down the road.




"ALL RIGHT!" Ash exclaimed. He and Pikachu ran up the long platform onto the large cruse type boat, practically threw this ticket at the ticket man, and rushed off to find his room.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group had finally found their way to the harbor.

"Where does...that boy...get...his..energy?" Professor Oak panted, leaning on his suitcase for support.

"I dunno," Brock sighed, as he began walking up the ramp to the boat, "But if someone could find a way to bottle it, we could be millionaires."


"Anyone see my swim trucks anywhere?"

"I would laugh so hard if you forgot them!"

"Shut up Misty. Oh, here they are!" Ash beamed as he pulled his black trunks with the yellow stripe down the side out of his bag, "See, I knew I brought 'em!"

Gary smirked from across the room, "Shame, the girls would have enjoyed seeing you swim without them."


"Owie." Gary fell to the floor with two large bumps on his head, and X's in his eyes, while Misty put away her mallet and May did the same with her frying pan.

Tracy shook his head, slipping off his headband, "Come on guys, quit goofing off. Brock, Masato, and the Pokemon are waiting for us at the pool right now."

"Why was he in such a hurry to get there with them anyway?" Ash asked from inside the bathroom where he was changing.

Misty rolled her eyes, "It's a pool, and that means girls in minimal amounts of clothing."

"And apparently, 'chicks dig little kids and small Pokemon'." May finished, using her fingers as quotation marks to quote Brock.

Tracy blinked, "Wonder why he took my boom box with him then..."


*Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on beach till the break of dawn...*

Clad in his swim trunks, Brock, pimpwalking at his finest, winked at a blonde. His sunglasses tilted slightly, Tracy's boom box on his shoulder blasting the Will Smith hit.

*Welcome to Miami, Buenvenidos a Miami.*

Masato, carrying Pikachu on one shoulder and Togetic on the other, put his face in his hands. Walking embarrassed behind him, he sighed to himself, "Kill me now."

*Bouncing in the club where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn. I'm going to Miami, Welcome to Miami. *

"Helloooo ladies!" He grinned, walking past a dark blue haired girl and a brunette, strutting his err...stuff. "Nice weather huh? The ocean air's a tad chilly though. What do you say we heat it up?"

"Okay, that's enough." Masato grumbled, walking in front of Brock and grabbing his ear somehow. Shutting off the boom box, he turned to the speechless girls, "Sorry you had to see that. Come on loverboy, let's go."

"Pi pikacha." Pikachu sighed, shaking it's head in pity.

"Tic!" Togetic chirped happily, clapping it's wings in amusement.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it would ya?! OW!"


"Look at that pool!" May's eyes twinkled at the sight of the water glittering in the sun, "It's huge!"

Misty beamed, walking up next to her, "Awesome!"

"Last one in is a rotten Exeggcute!" The younger girl exclaimed, kicking her flip flops and running to the pool.

"Hey! No fair! You got a head start!"

Tracy couldn't help but stare at the girls in disbelief as Gary and Ash looked on, eyes wide, "To think, a week a go, they were trying to kill each other."

"Amazing what a day of being stuck with someone in a forest can do to you." Gary agreed, nodding.

Ash blinked, "What are you guys talken' about? When were Misty and May tryin' to kill each other?"

Tracy and Gary sweatdroped.


Tracy smiled weakly, trying to keep himself from cracking up, "Never mind Ash, never mind."

"Oh well," Ash shrugged, then ran to the pool, "Hey guys! Wait for me!"

Gary shook his head with a chuckle, "Idiot."

"Oh, there you boys are!" Mrs. Ketchum smiled at them as she came on to the deck, Professor Oak coming up behind her, "I thought we lost you when you kids ran off to your room. Where are the others?"

"Well," Tracy began scanning the pool area, "Ash, Misty, and May are swimming, we're just standing here, and Brock and Masato are-"


"AHH!" Everyone exclaimed, jumping back as Brock popped out of nowhere and grabbed Mrs. Ketchum's hands.

He scanned over her attire and grinned, "Might I say that bathing suit looks lovely on you!"

Delia smiled nervously and sweatdropped, "Why, thank you Brock..."

Back in the pool, Ash was making gagging motions. While May and Misty just rolled their eyes.

"BROCK!" Masato exclaimed angary. His glasses were crocked, hair messed out of place, and panting from having to chase Brock around the ship, saving the poor defenseless girls on board.


"You're done." With that, he grabbed his ear once more and dragged him away from the shocked group.

Ash sweatdroped, watching the display, "Masato's turning into you Misty!"

"THE HORROR!" May exclaimed, laughing as Misty splashed her from behind.

"Not funny!" She smiled proudly, "I think its wonderful the younger generation is taking after such a great role model like me."

"Did she say model, or monster?" Ash whispered to May, who instantly cracked up.

"Why you!" With that She dove on him, pushing his head underwater, ignoring his pleas for air, "What was that? Hm? I afraid I can't hear you!" She sang.

From under Misty's death grasp, Ash managed to grab her legs, and yank her under with him, causing her to let out a loud yelp.

He grinned at her and flicked her nose, before surfacing, and taking off across the pool. "Bet ya can't get me!"

Misty shot up out of the water, and glared angrily at the boy, "That little..."

"Oh come on, you know you enjoyed that!" May grinned mischievously.

Misty's cheeks turned a light shade of red, but she smiled to herself, "I know..."


Later that afternoon, as the sun was setting, Ash lay on his bed on the ship, pikachu resting next to him. The other's had gone off to do some Wailmer and Wailord watching, or something like that. He really wasn't listening.

He let out a loud sigh and closed his eyes.

"Pikapi? Pi Pika pichu?"

"Hm?" He cracked his eyes oven and smiled, scratching Pikachu behind the ears. "I'm fine Buddy. I just...It's hard to believe it's almost time for the Hoenn league...You know?"

"Pi." Pikachu nodded, Jumping into Ash's lap as he sat up.

He laughed and hugged the yellow mouse, "This is just like the first time we came here, isn't it? But we're not alone this time." He smiled fondly as he thought of all his friends on deck...

Masato and Proffer Oak we're probably comparing facts on the pokemon. His mother would be 'awww'ing over a mother Wailord and child Wailmer. Tracy would be sketching them. Gary was most likely taking notes.

Brock would most likely be using the binoculars to look at...other things, May would be keeping her safe distance in fear of getting attacked, and Misty would be gushing over the 'adorable water pokemon'.

In all of his thoughts, he didn't notice another person walk into the room. She smiled wistfully as she walked over and tapped his shoulder.

"WAAA!!!" Ash exclaimed, shooting up, sending Misty falling to the floor with a yelp. "Misty!" He shot over and helped her up, "Sorry! I didn't see ya come in!"

"Its ok." She said, standing up and brushing herself off, "So, ya coming or what?"


She sighed, and grabbed a piece of paper out of her pocket, handing it to him, "The deck party. We told you about it before we left to look at those adorable Wailmer."

Ash read over the flyer, "Of course I'm coming!" He grabbed his hat and let Pikachu hop on his shoulder. "Let's go!"


"Say, have I seen you someplace before?" Brock smiled at an attractive young girl with pink hair and a mini skirt.

"Why yes, you have." She replied, "That is why I don't go there anymore." She placed her drink on a table and walked off.

Brock stood there, watching her walk off, mouth agape, "That was cold!"

"Ash!" May beamed, walking over to them, "So, Misty got you to come up, huh?"

"Like I would miss a party!" He laughed, before taking off to the refreshment table, "Free food!"


Togetic fluttered over and landed on the table next to Pikachu, "Hey Togetic!" Ash grinned, munching on some potato chips, "You hungry too? All right! Dig in!"

"Tic!" Togetic chirped happily as pikachu handed it a cheeto.

Misty sighed, "Food! That's all he thinks about! One of these days, we're going to wake up, and he'll be huge! Just watch!"

May laughed and shook her head, "It'll be easier for us to split him though! We would each get a bigger half!"

"True!" Misty grinned, as both of the girls broke into a fit of giggles, "Hey, I'm gonna go talk to Mrs. Ketchum. Make sure Moby Dick over there doesn't end up eating the Pokemon while he's at it, ok?"

May winked and gave a thumbs up, "You got it!"


Tracy's eyes scanned left and right. May and Ash were at the food. Misty was talking with Mrs. Ketchum. Gary, Masato, and The Professor were discussing the Wailord and Wailmer. And Brock was busy trying to get a girl's number.

He grinned evilly, and made his way over to the DJ....


"Ahhh...this is so nice!" May sat down at a table with her plate full of food. Her eyes wondered to Ash, who decided it would be better to just stand at refreshment table, instead of running back and forth to refill his plate.

She slipped off her gloves and began picking apart her chicken leg, absentmindedly starring at the young boy. Misty walked back from her conversation with Mrs. Ketchum, and back over to Ash, starting to fill up a plate of her own.

With a loud, sad sigh, May resumed picking at her chicken.

"Keep that up and the poor leg will be too small to eat."

Her head shot up and she found herself face to face with Brock, "Don't sneak up on me like that! Geeze!"

"Sorry," He sweatdroped, pulling out the chair next to her and sat down, "So, what's with the long face? Is it the chicken?" He grabbed a chunk May had picked off and popped it in his mouth, "Tastes fine to me."

"It's not the chicken, Brock."

"How would you know? You haven't eaten any yet!" He grabbed another piece, "It's really quite good. Remind me to get the recipe from the cook."

She sighed again, "It's not the food."

"Then what?"

"It's just..." She looked sadly up where Ash and Misty were talking, but turned away quickly, "Never mind."

"Hm?" Brock turned around to see his other two friends laughing over something, "Oooooohhhh, I see."

She slammed her fist on the table, "It's not fair, Brock! I'm trying to be civil to Misty whenever I see them together, but I can't! I like him too..."

Brock looked at the girl sadly, and tenderly put his hand over her fist, cause her eyes to shoot open, and stare at him as he spoke, "May, what if Ash isn't 'the one' for you?"


Brock continued, "There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Maybe Misty just happened to reel Ash in before you." He looked into the sky, avoiding her gaze.


"I'm not telling you to give up hope on him, but just in case things don't work out, remember there are others..." He looked back down and into her eyes with a smile, giving her hand a slight squeeze, "And maybe, your fish is a lot closer then you think."

May smiled and nodded, "You know what? You're right! Ash isn't the only one. I'm sure there are plenty of others out there, just waiting for me to hook them!"

"That's the spirit!" He beamed, patting her back, "I'm glad I could help! Now, I'm going to get myself a plate of that chi-"

May cut him off by grabbing his hand as he went to stand up, "Brock? C-can I...ask you something?"

A light pink tint formed on his cheeks as he turned back to her, "Yes May?"

"Well...About that whole fish being closer then I think thing..."

"Yes?" he asked eagerly.

"Well...You wouldn't by any chance know what Wally's phone number is, do you?"

"...." Brock blinked, before falling over.

"Brock? You okay?"

"{Oh well,}" He thought o himself with a shrug, "{It was worth a shot.}"


"All right Ladies and gentlemen! Ya'll having a good night?"

The DJ was answered back by a loud cheering and whistling.

He grinned, "Great! 'Cause now we have a dedication! This song is dedicated to Gary Oak..." Gary's head shot up at this. "...from a 'dear friend'. Here you go, 5 o'clock Somewhere!"

*The sun is hot, and that 'ol clock is moving slow, and so am I,

The work day passes like molasses in winder time, but its July!*


"HAHAHA!" Tracy cracked up, and started running as fast as he could from Gary as he chased him around the boat, "Its a good song!"

*Gettin' paid by the hour, and older by the minute,

My boss just pushed me over the limit. Like to call him something,

Think I'll just call it a day....*

Ash and Misty both shook there heads as Gary and Tracy ran by, Gary grabbing two plastic knifes, and grinning evilly. Making Tracy let out a yelp, before running off, putting Pikachu's agility to shame.

Ash laughed, "How can Gary hate this song? It's great!" He glanced over at Misty, to see her tapping her foot to the song. {Aw, what the heck.} With a gulp, he held out his hand, "Wanna dance?"

Misty's eyes shot wide open, her face turning a bright red. Ash was asking her to dance? With him? She smiled happily, and took his hand, feeling electricity shoot up her arm on contact, "I'd love to."

He took her out to the dance floor, and glanced up at her shyly, "I should warn you, I'm not very good."

Misty grinned, and moved his hands into position, "Don't worry, I'll help."

*Pour me something tall and strong, make it a hurricane, before I go insane.

It's only half past 12, but I don't care, it's 5 o'clock somewhere*

"Oh, isn't that sweet?" a voice said teasingly.

Ash and Misty stopped dancing, and glanced up, only to look up at meet with the last people they thought they would see...

"Team Rocket?!"

"Dat's right!" Meowth grinned, sitting on the refreshment table.

Misty raised an eyebrow, "Where did you guys come from?"

"We followed you here." Jessie explained, "We just never quite got around to attacking you."

"Your not getting Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed, tightening his grip on Misty's hands.

"Cool your jets Twerp." James rolled his eyes, "Were not after Pikachu today."

"OR any other of your pokemon." Jessie explained, answered Ash's question, cause him to close his mouth as it shot open.

Misty blinked, "Then why are you here?"

"Ta Party!" Meowth exclaimed, jumping onto James's head with a drumstick.

"Come on James, let's show these Twerps how to really dance!"

"You got it Jessie!" James took Jessie's hand and they both began to dance among the crowd.

*This lunch break is gonna take all afternoon, half the night

Tomorrow morning I know they'll be hell to pay, but that's allright*

"They keep gettin' weirder." Ash sweatdropped, as he and Misty continued to dance.

*I ain't had a day off in over a year, I'll be making vacations,

gonna start right here

If the phones for me you tell 'em I've just sailed away...*


May smiled sadly as she saw Professor Oak take the giggling Mrs. Ketchum onto the dance floor, and Masato dancing happily with Pikachu and Togetic. But as her eyes landed on the laughing Ash and Misty, she quickly tore them away.

*Pour me something tall and strong, make it a hurricane before I go insane

Its only half past twelve, but I don't care. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.*

As she humorously watched Tracy duck under a table to avoid the wrath of Gary and his plastic knifes, her eyes slowly landed on Brock, who once again, had gotten turned down. A small smile found its way to her face, as she stood up and made her way over to him.

"Brock?" she asked, tapping his shoulder.

Brock looked up and blinked, "May?"

"I was just wondering..." She fumbled with her shirt, avoiding his gaze, "If you wanted to...you know..." She smiled at him, "Dance?"

Brock was, needless to say, in shock, "Sure May." He grinned and grabbed her hand, joining the rest of the people on the dance floor.

Misty winked at May as she and Brock started dancing, causing the girl to blush lightly and stick her tongue out, with a smile. Masato grinned at Brock, shooting him an 'I told ya so' glance, and receiving a 'shut up' one in return.

"This really was a good week, huh Misty?" Ash beamed.

"It was." Misty agreed happily, moving closer to him.

"But you know what?"


Ash grinned, "I can't WAIT for the Hoenn league!"

Misty rolled her eyes but smiled nonetheless. He was no Romeo, but he still was hers, or as close to it as he could be for now, and Misty wouldn't have it any other way.

As May was guided past Misty, she grinned, "You realize, once we dock, he's mine."

"We'll just have to see about that." Misty rolled her eyes, but giving the girl a friendly wink. Some battles would never be won...Speaking of which....


"Can't we talk about this? GAH!" Tracy ducked out of the way as Gary chucked a knife at him, "Come on Gary, you shouldn't be mad! You know what they always say?"

Gary raised an eyebrow, knowing he was going to regret asking this, "What?"


"I hate you."



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