Scattered Through Time

summary: A portal opens and sucks the Sakura cards through time and scatters them into different times and places. Sakura must get them back in a week or something will happen...

Chapter 1:

"You've felt it Syaoran. I know you have."

"Eriol has too Sakura. The feeling has been here all day. It's not Clow Reeds magic is it?"

"No. Its something stronger and...more evil."

"Don't worry Sakura. An hour left of school and then you can tell Kero all about it."

"You're coming too."

"And Eriol and Tomoyo I suppose?"

"Of course."


"Yes Yue too. I have a feeling sometrhing bads coming. Something REALLY bad."

"Miss Kinomoto and Mr. Li. Have you been listening?"

"Yes Sensei! The Titanic sank at 2:20 am on April 15th while on its way to New York City."

"Very good Miss. Kinomoto. I thought you were discussing other matters in my history classroom."

"How did you know that Sakura?"

"Your notebook."


"You were absent mindedly taking notes again."

Syaoran looked down. She was right. Everything she had just said was in his notebook right in front of his face.

"Now class, for homework you will wright an essay on the Titanic. Class dissmissed."

Sakura and Syaoran were the first ones to leave. They ran non-stop to Sakura's house and Sakura called Tomoyo and Eriol on the way. When they finally got there they asked Kero and Yue about it.

"Yue. It's today then."

"Whats today Kero?"

"Sakura listen carefully. Every 115 years a portal opens. A special portal that allows someone from the past to interfere with the future."

"And..." Syaoran prompted.

"Thats it. No one knows whats going to happen."

Everyone looked at Eriol.

"WHAT? I'll explain everything after it happens!"

"Why not now?" Sakura asked.

"Because. Its not how it was meant to be."


Sakura sat in the tree at penguin park. 5 minutes until the portal opened.



"You're going to have to go on a mission probably right?"

"I think so."

"Make me a promise."

"Anything Syaoran."

"Promise me that you'll take me with you no matter what."

Sakura smiled. She didn't mind promising that.

"Of course."

Sakura put her head on Syaoran's shoulder. She thought about how in all her 16 years these were the times she treasured the most. Times with Syaoran. She knew how much he loved her. After she finally confessed her love 3 years ago he had stayed with her. Here in Japan. She loved him for everything he was.

Then a gust of wind past by. Sakura looked up. It was time. The wind got stronger and stronger. It began to pick up. It got stronger and stronger. It got so strong it lifted Sakura high in the air.

"SAKURA!" Syaoran called. Everyone came running. They saw a black hole open up in the sky. They saw a rope come out and rap itself around Sakura. The wind picked up and all the Sakura cards came out of Sakura's little carrying case for them. They lined themselves up in front of Sakura. Then the gust pulled all of the cards into the portal. All but one. The portal closed and the rope vansihed. Sakura dropped out of the sky and Syaoran used his magic to stop her from hitting the ground.

"Are you ok Sakura?" He asked.

"Fine. But my cards..."

She turned over the one card. The Time card.

"Now I can explain. Sakura, your cards have been scattered all over the world. Not only that but they've been scattered in different times. Different years. You have to go through time to get them all back. A day you spend in a different time is only a minute in this time. You have a week this time to get them all back. Any cards you don't get will be destroyed. They will no longer exist. This will cause a unbalence in power between the cards and may result in them all turning on you."

Sakura stared at Eriol in shock. Different times? Mutiny? This really was a disaster.

"I'm coming." Syaoran stated. Sakura nodded. She looked at Kero.

"I can't. Guardians are unable to travel through time without using the return card."

Sakura looked down. She only had the time card to help her.

"I have a gift for both of you." Eriol said.

Sakura and Syaoran looked up.

"I have a spell that will help you. It will make what ever you hear Japanese, and whatever you speak, the language that the person you talk to understands."

He said some words in a language Sakura didn't understand. Then a gold powder floated over Sakura and Syaoran's heads and landed on them.

"I have something to tell you too." Kero said. He handed Sakura the Sakura book.

"You've never been past the first page. Turn it."

Sakura did turn it. The hole in the book where the cards usually were vanished and it was just a blank page. She turned back to the first page and the hole returned.

"If you ask it to, It will reval whatever you want to know. If you write something in it, whatever you write we can see."

Sakura hugged Kero. She knew it was going to be dangerous.

"I have something for you too!" Tomoyo said. Sakura had a guess.

"Its a star pin that is really a camera! It will record EVERYTHING that happens so I can watch it later!"

Everyone sweatdropped.

"We'd better get going." Syaoran said. Sakura nodded.

She took out her staff.

"Time card! Take us to the first card!"

There was a flash of light, then they disappeared.

"Good Luck Sakura." Yue said.


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