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Scattered Through Time

Chapter 5:

He called out to her but she didn't hear him. He sighed. What could he do to get her attention? Normally, he would have just used some sort of magic but he was too exhausted from the days journey.

"What now?"


Sakura flew to right above the building where everyone was to be gassed. She got rid of her wings and landed softly on the roof.

"Time to put the plan into action."

She turned her staff back into the necklace and opened the door.


"What on earth is she doing!!! That's where everyone…" Syaoran yelled to no one.

He knew he had to do something… but what?

"Well, there's no way she could come out of the building without someone seeing her. Maybe I'll ask them."


Sakura soon found guns at her face. There was no doubt who was holding it.

"Put the guns down." Sakura ordered, hoping she sounded braver than she felt.

The nearest guard struck her with his hand and pointed the gun closer to her. She saw Frank and what appeared to be his family. He looked surprised and scared at the same time.

'I don't want to use magic in front of all these people! I guess I'll have to change the plan. Too bad I didn't know they would all be here ahead of time….' She thought to herself.

She knew that there were magic people in this time trying to stop Hitler without being noticed… If Kero wasn't just making up things…

"I request a trade." She said, still trying to be confident.

The guard snorted.

"You think we make bargains? We are not negotiating people…"

"Sakura Kinomoto. Why not. Take me in place of Frank over there."

"Why should we? You are one of our best workers Kinomoto. You know the kind of people we do this to? JEWS like yourself. Vermin that is not meant to live like the rest of us. You however are a useful one."

"EVERYONE DESERVES TO LIVE!" she felt her temper growing slowly.

"I have changed my mind. You are making me want to kill you. It is against the rules so I will accept your deal."

Another guard however, was standing close by. He seemed to object.

"Sir! Hitler HIMSELF wanted to kill this one publicly. To make a statement!"

"We shall tell him she died under the strain of the work. Now you-" He pointed to Frank "-Get lost!"

Frank gave Sakura a helpless look that clearly said he didn't want to leave her alone. Sakura winked at him. He got the message. He grabbed his parents and little sister and ran.


"WOW! Isn't he good looking!" Kristen said eyeing the cute boy who had just walked in.

"Kris, you never change." Corey said rolling his eyes.

"WHO are YOU?" Kristen asked.


"No no. You're a boy."

"I'm Syaoran! I'm-"

"Ahhhh! Regarde Regarde! Tu est Sakura amis!!!"

"SHHH PIARRE! Maybe what you're saying is what he wants to hear!" Corey said.

Piarre looked confused.

"All he said is that I'm Sakura's friend. WAIT! YOU KNOW SAKURA! IS SHE ALRIGHT?!"

"Oh my gosh! You're Sakura's boyfriend!"

Right on cue, Frank burst into the room.

"FRANK!" Everyone yelled.

They all rushed over to him and hugged him. Syaoran stood there with millions of questions running through his brain.

"Syaoran, this is Frank. Frank, Syaoran. You know Sakura's Boyfriend." Kristen said giggling.

"Sakura! You guys what did you plan!!!"

"Whatta mean Frank?"

"Sakura traded herself in to the Nazis to free me! They're about to gas her!"

"WHAT!" Syaoran yelled before anyone could make a sound.

Kristen started crying.

"She was only supposed to free you Frank! I…I have no clue what she was doing!" Kristen wailed.

Then they all turned to look at Syaoran and saw a single tear run down his cheek as he stood there in shock.


"Tomoyo! Syaoran is going a little crazy." Eriol yelled after only a word and a half came through onto the paper.

"Whats going on?" Tomoyo asked.

Almost immediately a couple of words came over.

"Tomoyo: Sakur…saved…death…friend…help!"

"Whats that mean? Sakur?" Tomoyo asked.

"Powers from the past! Give us knowledge! Reveal to us what Syaoran was trying to say!" Eriol commanded.

The words on the paper turned red and flew around and new ones appeared. Finally it was a sentence.

"Sakura traded her life to save a friend… They're going to kill her…" Eriol read.



"And that's how we know about her magic. She said she would save Frank but…"

Suddenly everything turned yellow and Corey stopped in mid-sentence and froze. So did everybody. Everybody but him. Syaoran nearly jumped for joy. He knew this card. Time. Sakura was still alive!


Sakura gave the guard a funny face and flew off. She giggled to herself as she flew back to where everyone else was. She decided to free them and their families before she escaped to look for Syaoran… Speaking of Syaoran… Wasn't that his presence coming from the bunk house? Nah couldn't be.


He ran outside to see if he could find her. He combed the sky for any clue. Suddenly he felt a shift in the magic. Time was starting to wear off!


"Uh oh…" Sakura said to herself. She could feel her magic draining from using time AND fly. She had done it once before but she had been angry at the void card… When she was angry she had more magic at her disposal. She saw everything come back into colour and start moving again. She felt the wings on her back leave and return into a card. She felt herself falling down closer to the ground. Then everything went black.


"SAKURA!" Syaoran called as she fell through the sky.

"Wind! Come forth!" He yelled as he brought out his sword.

The wind caught her and brought her gently down to the ground.

"COOL! YOU HAVE MAGIC TOO!" Kristen yelled.


"Tomoyo! Its ok! I'm sure Sakura will be fine." Eriol said trying to comfort the sobbing Tomoyo.

He hated to see her like this. He wished he'd never decoded that message. He handed her another tissue and just as he did Kero came flying into the kitchen with the piece of paper. Before Kero could say anything Tomoyo wrenched it from his grasp and read it aloud.

"Tomoyo: Sakura is just fine. She used the time card to escape. She's unconscious right now but she'll be fine. So you can stop crying now. -Syaoran"

"How did he know I was crying?" Tomoyo asked innocently.

"I wonder…" Eriol said.


Sakura opened her eyes slowly. She sat up quickly, remembering that she had fallen out of the sky. Looking around the room, Sakura noticed that there was one extra head among her new friends. The extra person turned around.


"Sakura! You're awake! How are you feeling?"

"Fine. How'd you find me?"

"He saw you!" Kristen proclaimed.

"He is very brave."

Everyone stared at Piarre in shock.

"You spoke German!" Frank proclaimed.

"Yes. I did." He said with a heavy French accent.

"You mean you could speak it the whole time?" Corey asked.

"Oui. I didn't know whether to trust you. So I pretended I never spoke your language. I'm not great at it anyways."

"This is so cool! So now when Sakura and Syaoran go to the next time we can still communicate with you!"

"Oui. I hoped I would be able to trust you by then."

"You two better get going before someone notices you." Kristen said.

Sakura and Syaoran answered at the same time.



Everyone looked at Sakura.


"Before we leave…Get your families together. We're busting out!"


"Syaoran: Is Sakura there? -Tomoyo"

"Tomoyo: Don't worry I'm okay. -Sakura"

"Sakura!: Are you sure? Did you find the card?"

"Tomoyo: I found more than one."

"Sakura: So shouldn't you be going?"

"Tomoyo: Not yet… We still have some business to take care of."

"Sakura: What do you mean by that. You should go. -Eriol"

"Eriol: You'll find out when Tomoyo forces you to watch our adventure 6 million times upon our return. -Syaoran."

"Syaoran: You are so right."


"Initiate Plan A!" Frank said. Sakura flashed a thumbs up.

They had planned to use the time card and bring all of the kids into the frozen time. Sakura would use Firey and break a whole in the fence, while Syaoran used his wind power to lift their parents and siblings through the hole. Syaoran had no clue what Sakura was planning for after everyone was free. She said that Syaoran and herself would stay behind but that was the extent of their knowledge.

"Plan A phase 1 complete." Sakura said. "On to Phase 2."

"What is phase 2?" Syaoran asked.

"You're so kawaii when you're clueless. Just play along."

Syaoran blushed as Sakura dragged him back to the bunk house. No sooner had they got back, then an angry guard came storming in to the bunk house.

"WHERE ARE THEY?" he yelled.

Sakura pretended to be just waking up.

"Huh? Wh-whats going on?" she asked groggily.

"PEOPLE-HAVE-ESCAPED" the guard said angrily.

"Oh my gosh! There they are!" She said pointing to the other side of the camp. The wrong side.

"I'll get them!" He yelled running off.

"And now we leave." Sakura said hugging him. "I love you Syaoran. You must have had a horrible time trying to find me!"

"Not…really." He lied.

Sakura looked up and saw the guard coming back. She gasped.

All of a sudden there was a flash of light and the bunk house dissapeard.


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