Chapter 1

Once upon a time, long, long ago... well, more like 20 years ago... Belle married her Beast in front of 6,000 of their closest personal friends. Big cake. Yeah, so instead of a honeymoon, Beast united all of the kingdoms and got himself elected king of the United States of Auradon. He rounded up all the villains and sidekicks... basically all the really interesting people... and he booted them off to the isle of the lost with a magical barrier to keep them there. This is my hood. No magic. No wi-fi. No way out. Or so I thought. Hang on, you're about to meet us. But first this happened. Even though it would bring back the lunarian race

Meanwhile in castle beast

Ben looked out to the isle of the lost. His heart and soul connected him to someone over there. Someone who is trapped in a body that is not her own. He just hoped his idea was going to work and free that person from her prison. As his parents walked in looking as happy as can be. But his heart wanted the person he has felt for. He hated the girl he was with. But he has to deal with her until the girl of his dreams comes into his life.

"how could it be even possible that your going to be crowded king next month, your just a baby." Said Adam

"hes going to be 16 dear" said belle

"16? That's far too young to be crowned king. I didn't make a good decision until I was at least 42. Said Adam

Belle huffed at her husband for what he had said. As she eyed her son and knew there was something going on, she felt the day her son was born as the moon shined down on. The isle of the lost as if someone purposely casted a spell to give birth to a lunarian. But she could be wrong in what she though. Hell she hated the little tramp that her son is with. She's a gold digger and only with him for the crown. Plus she has a pea for a brain. Her son deserved so much more in a woman to be his queen. He just needed to find her.

" Uh, you decided to marry me at 28." Said belle

"I've chosen my first official proclamation. I've decided that the children on the isle of the lost be given a chance to live here in Auradon. Every time I look out to the island, I feel like they've been abandoned." Said ben

Belle and Adam looked on their son on shock from what he had just said. That was something that they were not expecting. Belle wondering if there was more to why her son wanted to do it was the feeling she got long ago.. her family served thesilver kingdom long ago.. tge feeling she gotten was princess serenity. Someone wanted a strong child and they knew possessing the serenity line will be powerful. But she hope she was wrong on that. Ben sighed he had a feeling that his parents would react the way the did. But each night he looks to the moon it gives him comfort. He even speaks to it.

"The children of our sworn enemies, living among us?" asked Adam

"We start out with a few at first, only the ones who need our help the most. I've already chosen them." Said ben

" have you now" said Adam

" I gave you a second chance" pleaded belle

Ben sighed thanks to his mother who seemed to know what to say to his father when he is like this. But then again there was a lot of work to be done since they are going to be here tomorrow. His mother only knew that part.. but they had a hard time thinking of how to brsak it to his father. His mother thinks his soul mate is over there and that is why she went along with his idea. She told him of her family was reborn from the silver kingdom. They served the royal family. But then again he was curious why she told him this in the first place. Maybe it was his connection to this mysterious person. Belle smiled to her son after withholding sex from his father.

Meanwhile the following day

Evie was trying to keep her sisterly friend calm. She was the odd ball of the isle. Even though she is the daughter of Maleficent and hades. Even though usagi spends more time with her father since ge shows her all the love in the world. Plus she heals from her wounds there as well. But usagi hair is pure silver as the color of the moon and her eyes ice blue. Hades came and told her to find happines. He always called her his moon princess. Evil never really thinked much on it. But it seemed they made it to their destination. Sheand evie was the last ones out of the limo. She made sure usagi had her special glasses on since her mother messed up usagi eye sight..

"Hello, foxy. The name's Jay." Purred Jay

"Welcome to Auradon prep. I'm fairy godmother, headmistress." Said fairy godmother

usagi sighed and arched a brow at the happy go lucky lady. And Jay had to flirt with the first prissy bitch he coukd find. Jay and evil only knows that she remembered her life before she was born here. Her soul was older than she could remember. But she knew it was not time to bridge the universe again from endymion evil doing. Fairy god mother had to hide her shock at one of the girls. She was of the serenity line. She was on the council of the royal silver kingdom. But it is not going to be easy for her here since who her mother she was reborn to. Even though it seemed that her mother purposely had a lunarian reborn to be her child. Usagi took her glasses off as her ice blue eyes eyed the woman..

"The fairy godmother? As in, "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo"?" asked usagi

"Bibbidi-bobbidi. You know it." Chirped fairy godmother

"Yeah, I always wondered what it felt like for Cinderella when you just appeared, out of nowhere, with that sparkly wand and warm smile." Said usagi

Fair godmother knew usagi was messing with her but she didn't want to reveal who she was just yet. Other than the males in the school was. Drooling over usagi. Well she is a beautiful girl. Ben was eyeing the silver haired one. Its as if she and fairy godmother knew each other from long ago. But she looked like a goddess. He wanted to touch her long silver hair that looked like wings. Hereyes are beautiful. His soul wasxinging from the site of needed to find a way to rid him of the girl he hated. This silver haired goddess is who he has waited for. He fe,feeling, possessive over he not notice she was not dressed like her friends. She was different a rare jewel from the isle and she will ge his.

"It's so good to finally meet you all. I'm Ben." Said ben

"Prince Benjamin. Soon to be king." Chirped Audrey

" my my someone a stuck up prissy bitch" muttered usagi

Ben chocked on his laugh so did fairy godmother since they heard what usagi had muttered. Even though Audrey didn't hear it. Even Doug snickered from what was said. And sadly it was true. Oh usagi was going to be a welcomed person around many people has the guts to insult Audrey. And it seems that usagi was going to be the one to do so. Oh how he wants beast wants her as well. So he had to think of Audrey nude to get rid of his boner. Even though she enjoys sneaking in his room and try to molest him in his sleep in which he kicked her out once he wakes up.

"You had me at prince. My mom's a queen, which makes me a princess. And my friend usagi is a princess herself." Said evie

"The evil queen has no royal status here and neither do you. And that thing you call a friend doesn't either." Said Audrey

Usagi narrowed her eyes at Audrey as if she was warning her to tred lightly if she don't want her face rearranged. Her eyes glowed blue but stopped when Jay placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down. He knew what some people thought on lunarian. Even though usagi silver crystal that was bonded to the dark crystal. One gift to her knew he very long life. Hades shared the knowledge that his ex wife wanted the heir to tge moon to be her child. The power behind it was something. Ben couldn't take his eyes of the silver heir beauty. Hus heart connected to her. But right now she looked like she wanted to kill Audrey. Maybe he should let her the little bitch was annoying and save him from breaking up with her. The woman of his dreams was before him.

"This is Audrey." Said ben

"Princess Audrey. His girlfriend. Right, Bennyboo?" chirped Audrey

Usagi coughed when she heard the nickname that the airhead just called ben. She thought minako was bad wow this is a whole new level. Ben caught usagi way of what she thought of the nickname. Sadly he hated it. Fairy godmother eyes was sad to see who serenity was reborn to. Yes she knew hades loves his child and tried to protect her the best as he could. But she herself can see all usagi injuries hidden by her silver crystal. She concealed the cursed markings that endymion inflicted on her. But she knew usagi is ben soul mate.. they belong together.. Audrey was never meant to be with him, she spoken to belle and Adam that ben will meet his soulmate soon,, and it was not going to be a easy road for her..

"Ben and Audrey are going to show you all around, and I'll see you tomorrow. The doors of wisdom are never shut. But the library hours are from 8:00 to 11:00. And as you may have heard, I have a little thing about curfews." Said fairy godmother

"It is so, so, so good to finally me... meet you all. This is a momentous occasion, and one that I hope will go down in history... Is that chocolate? As the day our two peoples began to heal." Said ben

Jay jumped in front of usagi protectively. Usagi sighed and laid a delicate hand on Jay shoulders. She knew her father told him to watch out for her but she isafter all sailor cosmos and neo queen serenity. Her mother has no clue she regain her memories of the life she stole her from, but she did miss her children. But grateful for hades as a father. Yes her mother she was reborn to abused her. But Jay was like her brother and protected her. But ben is harmless. But the female she hates. She was well annoyance in her books. But not as if she has not ignored the looks ben has been giving her so he might know what she was to him. But maybe not. It seemed some people here are slow to know what they are to people.

"Or the day that you showed four peoples where the bathrooms are. Because I'm going to barf" grumbled usagi

"A little bit over the top?" asked ben

Ben smiled down to usagi who gave him a look as if he was over the top. But he had a feeling it was more pointed to Audrey. Usagi glared at the girl who will soon be his ex girlfriend. This silver haired beauty will be his future queen. Audrey glared at usagi as if she was the scum of tge world. But for Audrey sake she might not what to mess with this girl. He can taste and feel her powers. He hadaxfeeling she is and has awaken. But he won't let that out in tge open. Her hair looks like the purest of silks. He wants to run his fingers through it. And smell it. But he has a feeling that Jay was a brother in some ways protecting her.

"Hey! You're Maleficent's daughter, aren't you? And a filthy lunarien. Yeah, you know what? I totally do not blame you for your mother trying to kill my parents and stuff. Oh, my mom's Aurora. Sleeping..." chirped Audrey

"Yeah, I've heard the name. You know, and I totally do not blame your grandparents for inviting everyone in the whole world but my mother to their stupid christening. And ,and mind you I'm not judging you on your race" said usagi

usagi just wanted to kill this little bitch. Jay laid a hand on her shoulder as shook his head as if saying it was not worth it. Ben pinched tge bridge of his nose Audrey is passing off the ring he was not going to stop usagi if she decided to kick Audrey ass. He woukd say Audrey started it not usagi. But it seemed Jay stopped her from doing what she wanted. But still he would of loved to see someone put angry in her place. And usagi is the right person to do so. His beast is demanding him to grab usagi and mark her as theirs. But he knew it was not the time to do so. It was a time and a place for that. As he. Motioned for everyone to follow him to give the tour of tge school.

to be continued