Chiron POV

Ancient times

"Lord Zeus, it's an honour to be in your presence." I bowed down on my front legs, lowering my head to the floor.

"Arise, Chiron. You have done us a great favour in training our children over the past few years and we saw it fit that you be rewarded with a gift. You may choose it and, if it is within our power, we will grant it."

I stared at them, shocked. I was just doing what I enjoyed and thought it was the right thing to do. I didn't want those demigods running into battle with only experience to protect them. "Lord Zeus, this is the highest honour! I don't know how to thank you."

"Oh, just get on with it, Chiron. We haven't got all day!" the god I identified as Dionysus shouted.

I thought for a moment. I really had enjoyed being able to train the heroes and being able to do that for eternity would be the greatest honour and joy I could ask for. "My lords, I ask only one thing; that I might be able to continue the work I love, the very work you are rewarding me for, for all eternity. I ask that I can continue training your children for as long as there are children to train," I told them hopefully. A flash of anger appeared in Zeus' eyes as I finished and he said, "Immortality is something for only gods. We can't just go around giving it to any old mortal who asks. I'm sorry but, no, I cannot grant you that wish."

"Come now, Zeus, he wants to train our future children forever, it's like free labour," Poseidon tried to reason with him.

"For once, I must agree with Poseidon here. It does seem like the logical thing to do as it will mean all our children will have a much better chance at surviving," Athena continued.

"Also, it means there will be more half-bloods to do quests for us and I know, Zeus, that you hate doing your own dirty work," Apollo finished. I hoped Zeus might reconsider but he looked steadfast in his decision.

"No, I'm sorry but, like I said, we can't give the gift of immortality to any old mortal," he countered.

"First off, this isn't any old mortal. This is the centaur who trained our children and probably saved their lives, indirectly, hundreds of times," Demeter said.

"And second off, we gave loads of your children immortality like Dionysus and Heracles. I think you're just biased," Hermes complained.

"Enough! I will not give this mortal immortality and that is final. If anyone else tries to convince me otherwise, I will blast this centaur into a smear in the floor. Now Chiron, any other gift you would like to ask for?"

I couldn't think of anything else that I wanted. "No, my lord."

"In that case, I believe we are done here. Chiron, you may return to the mortal world now if you really don't want any gift," Zeus said triumphantly before teleporting Chiron down off Olympus.