Title: Ancient Mia's Thoughts

Rating: K

Summary: What Ancient Mia thought after the events of Beverly's trial for violating the Fourth Law of Magic. Sequel to Save Beverly's Head and a One Shot.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Star Trek characters and Jim Butcher's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Ancient Mia wanted to kill the Merlin and his little pet Morgan the moment the trial was over. It had last shorter than the fifteen minutes and she couldn't get McCoy's words out of her head. Beverly Howard Crusher Dresden hadn't violated any of the laws of magic. Yes, she hadn't informed her friends that she was a wizard and a member of the White Council but then again that was a huge bit of news. The Merlin and Morgan had changed so much over the last three hundred years. Gone was truth and justice and in its place was fear.

"I must admit that you wizards have ruined things," Mab said and she looked up to see the Winter Queen standing there.

"I'm going to agree with that," she said.

She never asked how Mab had gotten in.

"Harry is mad at the both of them," Mab said. "The Winter Court is mad as well."

"Because we almost killed an innocent person."

"Because you no longer care about innocence," Mab answered. "We might be Monsters but we, at least, follow our own laws."

And then Mab was gone and Ancient Mia was left to think about the words the Winter Queen had said. Yes, they no longer cared about innocence. They had, at the moment that the Merlin got the Doom passed, had become the Monsters and the Monsters had become the more noble ones. Like they had, so long ago, and was no longer anymore.


A/N: A very short one shot.