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~ ~ ~
Your messenger announces to the class that there will be a dance next Friday. Little do you know that I will not be here then. I will be gone, far far away from these insolent fools that sit around me. I will be gone. forever.
* * *
Draco snapped out of his reverie when everyone got up to go to the next class. He walked out of the potions dungeon and went up the steps. He looked as though in a daze. He stopped dead in his tracks. His heart stopped pounding as the raven haired Cho Chang walked past him on her way to potions. Suddenly every thought of suicide left his mind as he watched her hips sway from side to side. Then just as she closed the door behind her, the dam that was holding everything back shattered and all the thoughts flooded back, his heart began beating as though trying to escape, and he began moving again.
"Stupid! Stupid Stupid Stupid! You missed your chance, again, to speak to her. To hear her voice. To look into her beautiful eyes." Draco scolded himself in his thoughts.
* * *
Draco sat in his bed unable to get to sleep. He leaned over the side of his bed and grabbed his calendar. "That's it! I give up talking to her. I will give her until Thursday to speak to me, or I will be gone that Friday night." He said scratching off another day on the calendar. He looked over at the clock, it was now Tuesday.
* * *
Draco climbed up the ladder to Professor Trelawney's Divination class and was suddenly overcome by the stuffy atmosphere of the room. He sat down in one of the overstuffed chairs scattered around the room and breathed deeply the smell of incense. The other students came in in small groups that almost made Draco miss Crabbe and Goyle. They had both left to become Death Eaters. Draco's father had wanted him to wait until he was done with school. No matter how thick Crabbe and Goyle were they were still the closest thing he had to friends. Sure the girls liked him, but that made the guys hate him, and he just needed someone he could talk to and joke about Potter with. He managed to keep up his bad boy position, but it was basically useless without thugs to back him up. He snapped out of his thoughts when Trelawney stepped out of the shadows next to him.
"Hello, class." She whispered mistily. She walked across the room to a high backed chair across from Draco. "I was just channeling my uncle Albert when he revealed to me that we have yet to cover dreams. Dreams are the sub-conscience minds way of telling us things that we fail to see while awake."
"What a fraud!" Draco thought to himself. "I'm sure she hears voices, but not in a psychic way." She rambled on for a few more minutes before Draco actually paid attention.
"Now turn to page 15 in your books and read about symbols in dreams. Tomorrow we will practice deciphering dreams. I want you all to choose a dream that you remember vividly and write it down tonight. Then I want you to write down what you think it means." She said.
* * *
Later that night he wrote down his most recent dream of Cho Chang being sure to not mention her name.
I have dreamed that I was sitting on some steps and a girl was sitting close and holding my hand. Then the scene jumped and we were in the library. the restricted section. The scene jumped again and she was standing over a small grave and not crying. The scene jumped again and there was someone over the grave taking a live child out of it and placing the girl from earlier inside of it. The scene flickered once more and I was holding the child. Then I awoke.
What I think this dream means is that I will meet a girl and some one will try to take it away.
Draco Malfoy

Draco actually had no idea what it could mean. This was only what he hoped it meant.
* * *
Draco sat at the breakfast table reading a book by a very sad muggle author named Edgar Allan Poe. He was trying to get some ideas on how to kill himself the most effectively. He didn't want to do it with magic, he wanted it to be messy and make every one think. As usual he was surrounded by almost all of the Slytherin girls. To his dismay Millicent Bullstrode was trying to chat him up.
"I'm going to the library." He said as he closed his book and grabbed his book bag.
He walked up the steps towards the owelry. He never had any intention of going to the library. He pulled out the sheaf of parchment he had used to write a letter to his mother and tied it to the leg of his black owl, Youkai. He had found its name in some Japanese to English dictionary one of the tourists had dropped at King's Cross station. It meant demon, but he liked the way it sounded and had needed to name his owl. He leaned against the wall and thought about his poor mother, stuck with that man who was his father. The man who was a Death Eater, who killed for a living, who served the dark lord. Sure it brought in money, but Draco just wasn't sure he agreed with everything the Death Eaters stood for. He didn't want to kill; he only made fun of mudbloods to keep Lucius from disowning him and throwing him out. He had to stay to protect his mother. He was jolted from his thoughts when he heard footsteps coming up the steps. He turned and prepared to leave. He stopped when he saw who was coming up the steps. it was her.
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