I know it's been a while, which is why I am writing this AN, and I'd like to apologize for that. Between school and work, I haven't had much time for anything- let alone writing. I work two jobs, go to college and I'm not even eighteen yet. I'm pretty busy, but somewhere in between my work and school I do find time to jot down a couple of paragraphs here and there. I also have to admit that these paragraphs are quit horrible and need some serious revising (which I am in the process of doing .) but what can I say, I'm a bit rusty. I'd like to thank all the reviewers who have kept with this fic and have urged me to update (or at least post an AN and let ya'll know what the hell is going on). There should be an update within a month (once again- I have very little time for writing). Thank you all and I'm sorry about the wait.

But let me also say this to that one reviewer who definitely pushed my buttons (meaning irritated the hell out me) ...Shhhhhhhh. That's right- I said it. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you read my fic and you enjoyed. I'm happy that you cared enough about it to review it. Thanks. But the next time you try to school me, or feel the need to tell me that I haven't updated a fic as if I'm some sort of idiot, do so with a touch of grammatical flare. I had to read that twice to understand what you were trying to say. As for the amount of time I need to update MY fic... your damn right I needed two years. Hell, I need another month to pop this sucker out. What it all boils down to is this. Don't question me. Don't talk down to me. And try to use spell check once in a while- it works wonders.

Thank you all again!