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A final frontier for all sentient beings that exist all across the universe. From every planet to every star, the Cosmos is something all feel inspired to journey through.

One who travels the universe comes to learn many things that dwell within it.

From countless worlds to millions of civilizations. Life of all shapes and sizes that exist throughout every quadrant of every galaxy. Truly the universe is a world of mystery, wonders, and horrors alike. Far to many for any individual to count.

But none were more fantastic... than planet Cybertron. Home of the Transformers.

Cybertron was a world unlike any other in the entire universe. A world ruled by living machines known as Cybertronian's. A race of autonomous robotic life forms who have molded a society and home of peace and prosperity unlike any other in the universe. And for millions of years this society flourished, and would seem to continue to flourish for generations yet to come.

Yet it was not meant to be.

Cybertronian society that was ruled by the senate, a corrupt functionalists government, was a society ruled by corruption.

And this corruption soon enough gave birth to a new breed of Cybertronian.

The Decepticons.

Lead by their zeal to destroy the senate and rule Cybertron in a new Golden Age, the Decepticons revolution was swift as it was brutal. As it was planned by their ruthless leader, who was feared by almost ALL who opposed him.


Once a miner made gladiator and eventually revolutionary, Megatron sought to destroy the senate and remake all of Cybertron into his image of a bright future.

It was was noble cause for a while. Sadly the Decepticon cause soon changed into one of tyranny. And Megatron's ideals became no better in that regard, as he desired to place ALL of Cybertron under his rule.

The rule of the Decepticons.

Soon, civil war ravaged Cybertron like a plague. Spreading all over the once peaceful world. And it would seem nothing could stop their conquest of the planet.

But fortunately all Hope was not lost. As there were those who fought against them.

The Autobots. And their heroic and noble leader, Optimus Prime.

Optimus and his Autobots waged their battle to destroy the evil forces of Megatron and the Decepticons. And so the war that waged between the two factions raged on for millions of years. Until eventually their war forced them to make one final gambit of survival.

After many battles and many, many years of constant war, the planet faced the consequences of the Cybertronian Wars.

The core of Cybertron, a living entity and the heart of the planet itself, had decided that in order for Cybertron to heal it would need to go into hibernation. But in doing so, Cybertron would become cold and unable to support the life that lived on it. Even worse, the time it would take to complete the process would take Millions of Years.

With this in mind, Optimus and his Autobots created the Ark. A massive ship that carried them across the stars in the hopes of finding a home away from home.

But on their journey they were pursued by Megatron and his forces in their own ship, the Nemesis, and quickly attacked the Ark.

The battle between the two factions was great. But the ensuring battle caused the two ships to decent downward on a far off planet, both falling downward and crashing down on a world unlike any they had seen before.

And now, 4 million years later, these dormant beings now awaken.

The first thing he noticed, was the sounds.

Sounds of machinery. Of life. Of things and people all active and moving as one and not as one.

But it was... different.

Sure there were the sounds that he was greatly familiar with. The sounds of the Ark's main computer Teletran 1 functioning and working. But everything else though... it was unfamiliar to him

And with this in mind, Soundwave's red visor flashed to life for the first time in 4 million years.

Soundwave was quick to get to his feet and run a quick diagnostic to himself. And the first thing he noticed was that he had be altered. The cause being Teletran 1, as he discovered, whom had given him a new Alt. Mode while repairing him. Two of them He was quick to notice both were completely alien in design.

Curiouser and Curiouser.

Regardless, he pushed the thoughts and feelings of curiosity aside for now. There were more important things to do as of now.

He was quick to look around and see his position and see that he was not alone. Everywhere looked he saw the rest of the Autobots, all of which were in a deep stasis lock. But at the very least, they were still very much alive, so they in turn can be helped.

So with that in mind, he pressed the button on his shoulder and quickly called out his backup.

"Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Ratbat, Eject. Operation: restoration." He said in a monotone and electronic sounding voice.

Sure enough, his chest compartment opened up and an assortment of different colored cassette tapes shot out of him. And one after the next, they quickly began to transform into smaller Cybertronian's.

The first was a black panther with red eyes and a pair of hip mounted rockets. The next was a red bird with a gold colored beak and eyes, as well as two blasters mounted on his back. the third and fourth were two identical humanoid twins with a pair of back mounted guns and visors, however one was mainly blue with purple and a red visor while the other was mainly red and black with a blue visor. The fifth was another bird similar to appearance of the red one, except he was yellow in color. The final one was a purple bat with yellow eyes and a pair of guns on his back.

These were Ravage, Laserbeak, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, and Ratbat. Soundwave's loyal Cassette-Troopers.

The much smaller Transformers all landed on their feet when they finished their transformation. However, Ravage soon fell to his haunches and quickly began to rub his head with his paws.

"Uggh, man do I have the mother of all processor aches..." he said as he gave out a low growl. Rubbing his head with his paws all the while.

He wasn't the only one feeling bad though. As a matter of fact, the rest of the Cassettes all looked as if they came out of a bad trip from Energon overload. All of them either looking and shuffling woozily, or clutching their heads.

Heck! Rumble suddenly ducked over to a piece of rubble and actually HURLED into it.

"Oooohh sweet Primus..." he groaned as he got to his feet. And it was only after getting the dizziness out of his head did he finally notice his surroundings. "SWEET MOTHER OF-! What the frag happened to everyone?!"

"Answer: conflict with Decepticon forces caused the ark careen out of control, and crash land in a foreign environment. Resulting in our current predicament." Soundwave explained.

At that, the smaller Cybertronian's turned to Soundwave. And practically brightened up almost immediately.


Like bunnies rushing to a carrot, the Cassettes were quick to surround the larger Transformer. All of them expressing different kinds of joyful emotions as they came up to him.

"Good to see you online!"

"Aw yeah, bossbot's back in action!"

"You're bot damaged are you?"

"What's going on?"

Soundwave raised a hand, and the gesture made them all go silent instantly. "Questions can be answered later. Now, we must revive the other Autobots, and restore them to optimal efficiency again."

And with that, the Cassette-Troopers all nodded and scattered about the room.

One after another they began digging through the rubble and pulling and dragging any Autobots they could find amongst the debris of the Ark. Soundwave was quick to get to work with Teletran 1 all the while as he read a readout of the ships structure while reactivating the repair functions. All the while using the main computer to learn everything he could about where the Ark had crashed. Sure enough, after connecting to the outside of the ship, he had gotten his answer.


The world of earth as he learned was inhabited by a dominant race of sentient beings called Humans. Who of which have created a functioning society, and many of the vehicles being chosen for everyone else's ALT. Modes. Truthfully it was at least a good sign that there was intelligent life here on this world.

A world, as Soundwave soon learned, that was absolutely RICH in resources and energy.

Which was NOT a good sign for him. And he wasn't the only one to realize that.


Stopping in his research of the planet for a moment, Soundwave looked over to see Ravage. The panther-bot having hopped onto the council he had been typing away at.

"Ravage. You wish to report something?" He asked.

"Yeah, something that I know will warrant immediate action," Ravage confirmed. "I've used my olfactory sensors to the limit while I was digging out some of the others. And here's the thing... the Decepticons aren't on the ship anymore."

That, made the communications officer immediately straightened out. His concerns growing even more so as Ravage nodded in silent confirmation.

And Soundwave understood right then and there, one undeniable fact of their situation.

The war was FAR from over. And now... it was beginning all over again, on entirely new world that he KNEW weren't ready to deal with them.

The situation of the current state of things just got a lot more complicated.

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