The Pawn Turned Queen, part 4, ch 46-57

46. Magical Revolution

"So, what you're saying is you could make it seem like those memory thoughts are yours instead of Tom's, and that you could decompress them by cutting out the unnecessary parts." Luna asked her girlfriend. "Yes, that's what I'm saying. Though we need to test it of course, and it might take me a long while."

Luna expressed her wonder by kissing Jasmine silly. She'd much rather hear her girlfriend's voice in her head compared to that of lord Voldemort. How Jasmine could stand it she didn't know but she could choose, and the choice was clear.

When Jasmine managed to come up for air for a few seconds, she dropped the next bomb.

"We might as well ask our tutors to skip the theoretical parts then. If this works, we might even get our NEWT's next year too. After that, sex-magic and babies. I'd like a little Selene Lily Potter or maybe a James Xeno Potter." Luna's eyes went wide.

There was no more air to be gotten for the girls other than what the other girl breathed into her lungs for a good while. After that there was only worship of the other.

Both were already looking forward to when they would escalate again, dropping even more restraints. They had covertly asked a few bookstores via owl whether they had any books regarding sex, sex-magic and magical Kamasutra. Up till now, they had only received one reply that had taken it as a prank-letter and had responded by saying it was a respectable bookstore and didn't sell that sort of books, if they even existed.

Luna and Jasmine were not discouraged, rather they were excited. If need be, they would try muggle bookstores for the original Kamasutra and other sex-related reading material, really anything that was not fiction. They both planned to make it a long-term project to try and make the magical equivalent of that. Not only would it be good for the magical world to embrace sexuality, given their stagnating or even declining populations, but it would also be a fun and educational journey for themselves.

"Gabbi!" Luna squealed when the small blonde impacted her side. "I'm glad you're here."

"Where's Jasmine? I've heard you are going to teach me stuff. What will you teach me? Will it be fun?!"

"Jasmine is using the bathroom, she's bleeding downstairs and has not yet gotten used to it. In fact, she's thinking of changing just to avoid it. She did that before, which is very unfair if you think about it. We're going to teach you lots, and we will try our best to make it fun."

"Ooh, let's go to her then." Gabbi told her, already pulling her towards the bathroom. Luna thought about arguing but decided not to, they were all girls after all. Opening the door saw Jasmine sitting there miserably.

"Aah! Don't hug me, I'm disgusting." Jasmine cried as Gabbi was hugging her, completely unmindful of the blood coating her hands and vagina. Luna just looked on, smiling at the two. She was kind of proud of Jasmine, who was really embracing womanhood now.

"Just charm us clean," Gabbi told her laughingly, "don't you know blood removal spells? Numbing spells? Mommy and Fleur use them all the time when they're bleeding."

Jasmine and Luna didn't, as a matter of fact. This would require quick action. "Gabbi," Luna asked. "Did your mummy bring you today?"

"Yes, she's probably still in the Barn. Shall we go find her?"

"Luna, just scourgify me please. We need to get there before she leaves." Jasmine asked, suddenly seeing light on the horizon. Luna was of the same opinion. No way were they going to miss out on these womanly tips and spells. Both girlfriends hadn't had anyone teach them this and if need be would beg Appoline for them.

"Right." She said determinedly. "This will probably hurt though. Scourgify."

"Of course, I will teach you, it will be my pleasure. All women should unite on this front. Now the first thing is to tell me what you know. Luna, did Hogwarts teach you nothing about this?"

"Nothing, I had no female friends either. My menses only started just after this schoolyear commenced. I had to constantly clean my knickers."

"And you used scourgify down there?! The more I hear about this school the more disgusted I am, the healer should have taught you at the very least." Appoline sighed. "Gabrielle my sweet, you might as well listen in, your time is coming too. Xeno, Sirius, I'm sure you have something better to do right about now."

The men did not need to be told twice and fled the room. They had both looked mortified at the spots of blood covering Gabbi when they came in. Gabbi hadn't wanted to be scourgified by Luna, preferring to wait for her mother's spells.

Appoline spoke for two full hours, teaching all three girls a lot. She was fast becoming a motherly figure in both Luna and Jasmine's minds.

"Gabbi, have you tried the exercises we asked you to do in our letters?" Jasmine asked her young friend and now student. Gabbi would be visiting every weekend now, at least until she went to Beauxbatons.

"Yes, and daddy gave me tips too. Mommy and Fleur also wanted to learn from the book you sent so we practiced together when we could."

"Can you meditate now? If you trust me, I will try to help you from the inside."

"Okay." The little Veela answered both questions easily before closing her eyes. Jasmine was amazed at the trust she showed her and vowed to honour her privacy.

Jasmine took out her wand and incanted, "Legillimens," making her go still. Luna looked on and used the opportunity to do some work on her own defences.

Jasmine's mind took Gabbi's mindscape and presented it to her as a cluttered hall, with flashes of extremely vague memories flowing all around her in an unseen wind. This was something not everybody could do, taking someone else out of their mind and taking them to her own vision of that mind temporarily. Gabbi would need to create her own space, a more permanent one. There was so much work to do.

Gabbi herself was sitting in the cluttered hall, just as she was sitting in reality, not that this wasn't real. Jasmine put her hand on Gabbi's shoulder to wake her to this representation.

"Oh, hi Jasmine, is this your mind? It doesn't look like much."

Jasmine laughed. "This is my mind's representation of your mind. There is no order here whatsoever. Tell me Gabbi, where do you feel safe the most?"

"My home of course."

"Well, let me tell you something. You can make your mind be whatever you want it to be. It could be your home; it could be something else. But whatever you choose, first you must sort your memories. You might as well do that here, in this warehouse, until you choose a place, just like the book said. Have you chosen a place already?"

"I have, it will be Delacour manor."

"Right, envision the place from the outside please. Then I want you to…."

47. Men Growing up

"Sirius," Xeno started. "I don't really feel like alcohol today, the note Luna wrote for me the last time is still on my mind."

"I know what you mean. I got a similar note and feel the same way." Sirius admitted. "We almost got Jean drunk too, if that had happened, Gabbi wouldn't even be alive right now. I feel dirty just thinking about it. Besides, the girls shouldn't have to clean up after us, we should be cleaning up after them."

"I agree fully. Luna's note expressed disappointment, she really schooled me there. That too, should be the other way around. So, no more drinking, or no more firewhisky? I suggest we just keep it to one bottle of wine as a maximum per evening. Keeps us responsible without taking away our routine, besides I doubt I could quit cold turkey."

"That sounds reasonable, let's do that. I need to get something off my chest tonight though. You think the girls will accept Pauline? I've yet to tell them about her but now that it's getting more serious I really should."

"Of course, they will. If she is as nice as you make her out to be, they'll have no reason not to be happy for you. You are underestimating them with this I feel. They are more adult than you and I remember?"

"Right. I guess that's true. Kreacher!"

"Master called?" The elf questioned lazily, too content to be bothered by anything, behavior Sirius still found disturbing from the elf. "Take all the strong drinks and put them behind bars. From now on you oversee the booze and we two only get 1 bottle of wine per day, no more. If we try you have my permission to hex us to the wall."

"Kreacher will do Master." He said with a wide smile before popping away. In that second, Kreacher resembled his old self more than the men had seen since the locket's destruction.

"That was as disturbing as it was comforting." Sirius opined, sinking down in his chair, relaxing finally.

"So, when will you introduce Pauline then?"

Sirius tensed back up immediately, sighed, relaxed again, and spoke like he was a doomed man. "This weekend I suppose, might as well get it over with."

Xeno shook his head but didn't try to reassure the other man. If he wanted to feel like a teenager introducing his new girlfriend to his parents, that was his prerogative.

"What do you think she looks like?" Luna asked Jasmine. "Who, Pauline?"

"No, the queen. Of course, Pauline." Retorted Luna, rolling her eyes. Jasmine was playing stupid.

"Sometimes it's better to just wait and see," she finally answered. "No sense fantasizing about someone who's going to be here in half an hour."

Luna knew that Jasmine was very excited, nervous even. After living with Sirius and Xeno for a while, they both had come to regard them as their dads, after a fashion. With the introduction of a woman for one of their dads, it was only logical to hope for a mother figure. That was if Jasmine allowed that hope.

It was clear to see for Luna because she had the same issue, but unlike Jasmine, she let herself feel that hope. This cynical outlook was hurting herself, and Luna was subtly trying to get her to understand that, but now she felt it was time for a more direct approach.

There was of course the possibility that she was afraid of what it would mean for her relationship with Sirius, but Luna doubted that very much. There was more than enough love to go around in this family unit.

Luna scooted over and whispered in Jasmine's ear, "I'm sure she'll be a perfect addition to our family. She'd be mad not to love us after all."

"Right, our family is only getting bigger from now on." Jasmine said determinedly. Then she started smiling. "Do you think they'll be having kids soon?"

Knowing how much Jasmine loved the idea of family, having thoughts of a little brother or sister in her head, Luna was sure she would stay positive. "Maybe we should give them hints. Tell them that we're picking out names already and that Sirius is going to become a grandfather soon."

"Didn't we agree to wait until after we were done with school?" Jasmine grinned up at her. Luna just smirked. "With your memory dumps, our NEWT's aren't all that far off, are they?"

"No, they are not, love." Jasmine squeezed Luna's waist.

When the floo activated, the two leisurely separated, taking in Pauline and Sirius as they strode out of the floo. The latter of the two was showing much more nervousness.

"Hi there! You must be Jasmine, and you must be Luna." The woman said, correctly connecting the girls with their names. "I'm Pauline Pineau, nice to meet you two."

"Hi, I'm Harrison Jasmine Potter, Jasmine today, and this is Luna Lovegood."

"It's our pleasure to meet you Pauline." Luna said.

"Sirius has told me a lot about you two, have you enjoyed living in France?" Pauline said, nicely skipping over any potential awkwardness coming from the Harry/Jasmine situation. Luna knew how much Jasmine liked that by her release of tension.

She had decided that she could not present any other front than the truth if she wanted this new relationship to work out. Sirius was serious about this woman meaning Jasmine could do no less, so she told Sirius to tell her everything beforehand. To see this work out eased all their minds.

Pauline turned out to be a very nice woman and she treated the girls as adults, just like Sirius did. Seeing this, Jasmine slowly let down her final barriers and she opened up completely. Something that was noticed by all.

When Jasmine asked Pauline where she worked, they learned that she worked in the French department of family and support services, where they had apparently met. This raised Jasmine's eyebrow, which led Sirius to explain why he was there.

"Jasmine, I wanted to keep this a secret until it was all ready, but I guess it's time." Her godfather started slowly, "I met Pauline when I went there to inquire how to go about adopting you." He paused. Seeing that Jasmine was speechless. "I know you are almost an adult, but I wanted to show you that you were, are, wanted. This should have been done much earlier but with my extended vacation on the holiday resort of Azkaban I could not. Don't decide immediately, just think about it, yeah." He finished lamely, clearly still expecting some sort of answer.

Jasmine just sat there, teary-eyed, with her mouth hanging open. Luna squeezed her girlfriend out of it.

"I don't need to think about it, the answer is yes!" Jasmine stated with teary conviction. "It has always been yes, ever since you asked me if I wanted to live with you the answer was yes. You showed me then and there that you wanted me, and I loved you for that instantly. Of course, I want to be your daughter, you dog. I thought of you as my dogfather anyway." Jasmine finished. Jumping to hug her new father.

She might have been more adult than most, but Jasmine was also still a 14-year-old orphan who'd just gotten a family. Happily crying her eyes out.

As Luna moved to hug the two as well, she saw Pauline debating internally whether to join in or not. Luna pulled her along, choosing for her. Xeno joined as well, completing the group hug. Pauline was joining their family, so she'd better get used to it. Luna couldn't believe how lucky they were to be a part of this beautiful family. Something was missing though.

"Dobby, Kreacher, Winky! Join us, you are a part of this family too." The elves joined in without protest.

Now they were complete.

48. Horcruxes and Babies

After that emotional weekend when the adoption was finalized, a letter arrived. Account Managers Bonetooth, Gnarlmaw and Jean Delacour requested a joint meeting, specifically asking for Jasmine and Sirius to be there. The whole family was seated with their guests, everybody there knew this was important.

"We found them." Bonetooth answered their most burning question.

"I assume you need at least one of our group to help you with something?" Jasmine asked their visitors. She knew they wouldn't be here otherwise, given her stance on Voldemort.

"And it has something to do with the Black family too, since Gnarlmaw is here. Alright, spill." Sirius demanded.

"Indeed." Bonetooth said uncomfortably. Luna laughed. "Two Gryffindors acting all Slytherin." Breaking the tension somewhat as her remark earned her some smirks.

Gnarlmaw cleared his throat. "We did a 'routine inventory check', in the Lestrange's vault. Hufflepuff's Cup was there, it was a Horcrux. We've been looking for a legal way of getting it out of there for a week now."
Bonetooth took over. "By researching Tom Riddle's past, we found a likely hiding place for the ring. The Gaunt shack in Little Hangleton shows much dark magic and is protected by the darkest wards, among them Parseltongue activated ones. We're still rounding up a team to go after it."

"That legal way to get into the vault is dependent on Sirius taking up the mantle of Lord Black." Jean told the group. "And the wards surrounding the shack would be much easier to dismantle with a Speaker. You understand now, why we have come to you for help."

Jasmine sighed. "Yeah, yeah, we understand. I guess I'll help, Sirius?"

"It's a little complicated." He said, looking over at Pauline. "If I take up that mantle, I take on the responsibility to continue the line. According to the Black family charter, that means I have to marry within a year and produce an heir within five years."

Pauline nodded sadly, she knew what he was about to say and put her hand on his shoulder in support.

"I could ask Pauline to marry me, however much that would tarnish the proposal, but I cannot produce an heir." The man told the group solemnly. "I'm infertile, my swimmers are incredibly lazy, apparently that's a lasting gift from the dementors according to my healer. He told me it's a miracle they still move around."

The entire room offered Sirius and Pauline their support. Luna and Jasmine looked at each other with thoughtful expressions, for entirely different reasons.

Their visitors looked beaten. "That means there's no way to get the cup." Jean said.

"There might be," Luna said, immediately improving the mood. "Love, didn't you say I was more than ready to take my OWL's?"

Jasmine suddenly lit up with a beatific smile. "Luna love, are you sure?" Luna just nodded.

Jasmine stood up, took a small box from behind her back and faced her girlfriend. Everybody understood what was happening at once, even Gnarlmaw, and were happy to witness this happy event.

"Luna Estelle Lovegood, you have seen all that I am and love me for it, just like I do you. I don't ever want to go through life without you by my side, so I ask you this." She got down on her knee and held out the box, opening it and showing a pair of beautiful rings. "Will you marry me?"

Luna shouted her answer and kissed her fiancé full on the mouth. "Of course, I will, I am yours and you are mine, for now and always."

Jasmine smiled and took the female ring, which was of an elegant Celtic knot gold with diamond design, and slowly slid it on Luna's ring finger. Immediately it flashed a white gold and resized to fit her finger snuggly.

The only one here who somewhat expected this to happen was Bonetooth, the reason would become clear in seconds as Luna picked up the other ring which was the male equivalent of Luna's and put it on Jasmine's finger. Where it changed with a flash and became the twin of Luna's ring.

"What just happened?" Luna asked her fiancé.

"I asked Bonetooth about a ring for me and he told me that male and female design usually differ. He delivered these in secret just last week. Now, let me change forms and see what happens."

As Jasmine changed into Harry her ring changed with her, to become what it had before. It had the same Celtic knot design with a slightly broader band with white gold interspersed with the gold instead of diamonds.

Harry changed back after they were done admiring the rings. Wearing muggle female clothing didn't really fit his male form, which is why he had charmed underwear with an undetectable space extension. They had proven to be a necessity for him.

Before buying and wearing those, Jasmine had once worn dress and knickers when changing into Harry. Luna, upon seeing the bulge of his cock tenting the dress had laughed her head off that day and afterwards had suggested this, based on bras that did the same for overly busty women. Luna wore those because she thought her breasts got in the way too much, she was much bigger than she appeared in that area. The shopkeeper had looked at them strangely after that request but had happily taken their money for the order.

The adults all congratulated the newly betrothed pair. Xeno once again voiced his approval of the marriage before Jean asked, "I don't understand though, how does this help us with our problem, Jasmine or Harry cannot become Lord Black can they?"

"They can if Sirius abdicates his position as Heir Black due to infertility, his heir due to adoption would then be Heir Black." Gnarlmaw explained, everybody present knew of the adoption.

"But don't do so just yet Sirius." Jasmine told him hesitantly. "I don't want to give you false hope, but you might be able to be a father yet. I just need you to give me a sample of your swimmers."

"What?!" Sirius asked indignantly. He was clearly not the only one that did not understand. And despite the trust he had for his daughter, he thought it cruel to give a man hope like this.

"I admit, it is a long shot, but when you said your swimmers still swam, however slowly, I knew there was a chance. What do you all know of the muggle technique of surrogate mothers? In particular by use of the new technique called In-Vitro-Fertilisation." Jasmine asked the group. Nobody knew anything about it except for Luna, who took over, seeing that Jasmine was not comfortable explaining this just yet.

"It's putting Sirius' sperm cells with Pauline's egg cells and making sure they get fertilized." Luna explained to the stunned adults. "They do this in a glass box, heated to body temperature. When they are sure the eggs are impregnated, they put them in the mother, who doesn't even have to be the actual mother. That's where the 'surrogate' term comes from. There the eggs grow into a baby."

"They can do that?" Pauline asked incredulously. Sirius had seemingly lost the power of speech.

"Yes, they can." Jasmine confirmed. "It's especially for when the mother or the father has trouble having babies. Mostly because a woman is infertile because the womb is not strong enough to carry or when a man's swimmers aren't good enough."

The ensuing silence was broken by Xeno. "Well, I'll be damned." The goblins clearly empathised with his stunned statement.

"I can't promise you this without a doctor looking at your baby-batter though." Jasmine cautioned.

Pauline got to her feet and grabbed Sirius, "you're taking a day off, first thing tomorrow we're going to see that doctor." Sirius nodded dumbly.

Everybody present understood that both Pauline and Sirius wanted children badly, and that Pauline had known of Sirius' problem beforehand, giving up her desires for the man she liked.

Then something dawned for Sirius. "Why do you even know this?"

Jasmine blushed and looked at her feet shyly, Luna just smiled at her lovingly. "I will probably have trouble birthing kids, my mum had it too because it runs in the family. Two is already an unlikely number of children for me. Jasmine knows this but wants a big family." Luna told them.

"I knew about this because I once caught my Aunt looking at the news of that particular procedure again and again. I figure she's had problems too. Since I can be a boy as well as a girl, I figured I could bear the rest. Using Luna's eggs and my sperm I can become a mother too. As a surrogate mother to my own child if you will, that's why we know so much about this."

This was too much for Sirius, who promptly fainted. Xeno just barely caught him. "He has a habit of fainting, doesn't he?" Luna asked Jasmine with a laugh, who agreed. "I don't blame him. Nothing normal about our life, is there?"

"That would solve that problem, but only if you marry him in a year." Gnarlmaw said, looking at Pauline, who looked resolute. "I've already started loving him, and if he proposes properly, I will not say no." Pauline stated, looking at Sirius prone form with a loving smile. "But don't tell him that, though. I expect a proper proposal."

They all laughed and promised they would keep it quiet.

"Then there's the issue of the ring. You already said you'd help, which we thank you for." Bonetooth got back on to business, though Sirius was still out on the floor. "You'll only need to try sweet talking the wards into lowering for us. After that, it's the team we're assembling that will do the work. You should remain safe on the side-lines."

Jasmine nodded. "Right, I've no problem with that. When's the plan?"

"We're hoping to do this in a month, when the third task starts. The area is muggle and that will hopefully give us time to do this without a ministry team interrupting us, if they even show up at all." Bonetooth told the rest. "I'm demanding a large Auror presence at the third task for protection," Jean added with a laugh.

"That should work."

"If this In-Vitro works, then there was actually no reason for you to marry this quickly huh girls? Sorry if I disrupted your pre-existing plans." Bonetooth told them.

"Of course, there was a reason, we're in love and want to spend the rest of our lives together." Luna stated emphatically. "We had already decided that we'd get married after getting our OWL's. Also, I really loved being proposed to in front of all our family, there's no regrets for me."

Jasmine smiled at her love and kissed her for that. "Now how about a party, we've got something to celebrate after all." Cheers greeted that announcement.

Jasmine enervated Sirius and got the elves to set up a party. The goblins would stay for a few hours, happy and surprised to be included here.

49. Pressure Points

A week passed before Sirius got the news that he was a viable candidate, his swimmers were still alive, they just didn't move much. This made him an ideal candidate for IVF really.

He proposed on the spot, telling Pauline how much he felt for her with only the doctor as a witness, ending with his hope for making their own family. Pauline accepted, apparently his proposal passed muster. This led to another impromptu party that shook the Barn. Pauline hugged the stuffing out of Luna and Jasmine when they gave their best wishes. The Delacours came by as well.

The next day Sirius took up the mantle of Lord Black and dissolved Bellatrix's marriage to Lestrange for breaking their contract. The contract demanded not only an heir within five years but also stated that the husband would keep the wife from harm, getting shipped off to Azkaban broke that.

This entirely legal move gave the House of Black rights to 10% of the vault's value, the dowry back (another 15%) and no less than five heirlooms to be picked by the Lord Black. Sirius picked the Cup and the four most rare books he could find. He had no use for suits of armour or ornate jewellery that were fashionable hundreds of years ago.

The cup was given to the goblins to destroy and the books joined their new neighbours in the Barn's library. A lot of odd and useful magic was in those books, though there were also charms that had limited usefulness, Luna and Jasmine found. For example, one charm was a partial one-way portal, working just like you would assume but nothing passed through completely.

For example, you could charm two equal sized surfaces to act as sender and receiver, pass your arm through and operate it on the other side. But you could not throw a stick through the portal. All that would do was that it would be pulled back through and shot back just like it had fallen through. The portal itself would exert a form of gravity without being subjected by it, fascinating stuff but largely useless for the moment. Jasmine wrote it down in a notebook regardless, it could always turn out to be handy later.

One of the four books came from the far east and actually contained tips on how to make sex more pleasurable by using wandless magic. Luna and Jasmine just overlooked the parts suggesting how to dominate and later indoctrinate unwilling males and females using the techniques. They had no need to subvert people into mindless sex-slaves.

It spoke of pouring magic on certain pressure points using your fingers. Basically, like how Harry powered his runes at Privet Drive the past summer. Jasmine and Luna were reading this book together when they got to the location of the pressure points.

"How about it? Luna, love, care to try?"

Luna only gave her the okay when they had read on to see if there were warnings. "Take it easy on me at first okay?"

Jasmine kissed her and held her head with her left hand, putting her fingers on the last two vertebrae in her neck. Her right hand was positioned really low, her fingers on the lower vertebra of Luna's spine.

Already knowing how to modulate the power output from her rune wards, she started very slowly pouring magic through her fingers. She only noticed it was working when Luna started purring against her mouth. Keeping the output constant, Jasmine just kept it up.

A few minutes later though, this proved to be enough as Luna started shuddering in her arms from her first orgasm.

"That was great." Luna breathed. "I love it and definitely need to learn it. You should experience the same. It felt like you were stimulating my whole body at the same time."

"You read that those points were the lesser of the bunch, right?" Jasmine said enthusiastically. "Imagine if I do that from inside your pussy, we might trigger that squirting thing the muggles were on about."

"Ooh, we got to try." She said happily, already imagining her next orgasms.

"Luna, I just thought about something else, this was maybe at 5% of my maximum magical output. We need to be very careful with this." Jasmine said carefully. She knew she was very strong magically, the Patronus at the end of third year had shown that. Jasmine really was worried what would happen when she let her magic go free.

Luna, however, didn't see the problem. Instead, she saw the solution. "Didn't we set out to research this?" She tried calming Jasmine, no way would she give this up. "We just need to try how far we can go in order to keep it safe. If it turns out not to be safe, well, then we just won't publish those results and keep them to ourselves."

Jasmine saw the logic in that and was eventually persuaded to start studying the effects some more. Luna loved the lot of it, she now understood how you could become addicted to the techniques. Tomorrow she started working on wandless magic.

At the end of the day, Luna got Jasmine to try licking her nub whilst pushing magic through her tongue straight into Luna's clitoris. This surprisingly, culminated in Parseltongue, which quickly made Luna explode. Literally gushing fluids, mostly clear but also white. Trying it without Luna, they found that the magic actually stretched Jasmine's tongue to resemble that of a snake, which vibrated when she spoke.

A few more of these techniques and they'd have a bestseller on their hands.

50. Download Complete

Gabbi was ready for her first download, or upload depending on the perspective used. Her mindscape was complete, her memories ordered, and her parents had once again given her permission to try. They did want to be there though and considering that Appoline was also ready for a download, she would try first. Today they would try, and all were gathered around the table in the Barn.

"I'm going to teach you how to apparate, since you confessed to being exceedingly bad at it last time you were here. Tom was very good at it, and spent ages learning how and why it worked, the result is a smooth ride. I just need to upload the condensed memories into your mind. Will you let me in?"

"Yes." Appoline said simply. Before freezing up with Jasmine as they entered her mind. Not bothering to mention that she had no protections worth mentioning yet, just as Gabbi didn't. They had only had time to order their minds yet.

Ninety seconds later for those not involved, they got back to moving. "Do you feel the memories, see how easy it is to sort them?" Jasmine asked the woman.

"Yes actually." Appoline said in wonder. "Because my mind is ordered now, I can essentially keep them separate indefinitely if I want to. Also, I understand now what you meant with compressed and condensed. I can hear you telling me everything about the process. Three D's indeed," She scoffed. "This is so much better explained. I can even remember how you, or I guess Tom, felt how it feels when you do it right."

Jasmine laughed. "Take a few minutes to integrate it and then try the fading one, you'll like that one. Smoothest ride there is."

A little later, Appoline softly faded away, leaving with nary a pop. Thirty seconds later, she faded back in sight, now with sunglasses on. "This beats every method of learning ever." Appoline said, suitably awed. "You know that, right?"

"I know." Jasmine answered with a smirk. "You need to practice a few times yet; you still made a sound."

"I will, but you've already given me a great gift. I used to hate apparating. Thank you, and if it's all like this, you can teach Gabbi everything you know."

"If I do that, she'll be the most educated ten-year old on the planet." Jasmine said, prompting a wave of laughter.

"Now me!" Gabbi demanded, Jasmine laughingly complied.

OWL's were coming soon, as was the final task of the Triwizard Tournament.

The girls prepared every day. Each morning, Jasmine uploaded stuff into Luna's mind for a few minutes and they'd practice stuff for a few hours in the afternoon. After that it was pure relaxation, not really a normal schedule for OWL students. This was much better, their tutors only came to test them periodically, amazed at their students' progress.

The weekends were for teaching Gabbi and others. Sirius, Xeno, Pauline, Jean and Appoline had quickly become converts after they had seen Appoline learn to apparate like a pro in a few minutes. Now they were all studying Occlumency to better train their minds for protection and more importantly, for learning in the new way. It was to be a family secret, Jasmine had told them, and they had all agreed.

It was two days before they would try their luck at the Gaunt Shack. Xeno, Pauline, Appoline and Gabbi would support Fleur at the Tournament whilst the rest would join the party at the shack. The goblins had sent a missive that the team was hired and were now training together.

With so much free time on their hands, Jasmine had finally thought of a use for the one-way partial portal charm, but it was kind of limited because of her current gender, so she resolved to try this when they decided to incorporate Harry in their sexual playtime. It was not yet time, but it involved Luna's knickers, and she couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities.

This made her frisky, something Luna noticed and exploited happily, reciprocating made it a win-win situation anyway. Both girls couldn't wait until they got their OWL's, not only would getting those mean they would get married, it meant that Harry got to play as well. They would be using protection until they had their NEWT's a year later, plenty of time for some good old-fashioned practice.

51. The Final Showdown

It was time, the moral support part of the family had already left for Hogwarts to attend the third task. Now the rest was taking the floo to Gringotts, from where they would take a portkey to the Gaunt Shack.

"Hi there Bonetooth, Team." Harry greeted them in male form. All participants had signed contracts of non-disclosure to protect his identity in this. Even if it did leak out that Luna and he were here, he'd rather that Harry Potter was placed there than Jasmine Potter.

All of them nodded to him as Luna and Sirius floo'ed in, except for one red-haired man. "Harry Potter?" He asked instead.

"Bill Weasley, I assume?" Harry asked him. Bill nodded dumbly. "You really shouldn't put your trust in Dumbledore or the Prophet you know." Harry shook his head. "All they do is lie."

Luna joined his side. "Are you trying to catch flies Bill? If so, there are none here, I don't think they live underground."

That shut Bill's mouth nicely, next to Harry Potter and his old neighbour Luna Lovegood, he hadn't even noticed the infamous Sirius Black yet.

"Now that we're all here, you know the plan. Take hold of this rope, the portkey leaves in 1 minute." The goblin who led the team told the group.

"The team leader is called Hacksaw, listen to him and all will be well, he's a cousin." Bonetooth told Harry, Luna, and Sirius. "See you after then."

They all held the rope and disappeared, reappearing in the woods surrounding the shack. Another group port-keyed in a second later, a few meters from their location. It was Jean with his team of French curse-breakers.

"Now, move out and stick to the plan." Hacksaw commanded, before walking to the three outsiders and Jean, who'd just joined them. "You can do nothing until we reach the shack, which might take half an hour. I know it seems silly, but we have to approach carefully. Standard tomb-raiding procedures, it is the Dark Lord we're talking about."

"It still seems like overkill. Two teams I mean." Harry said in the range of Hacksaw. The goblin laughed and replied, "we goblins like overkill, Lord Potter, especially if it means we don't fail." They all saw the logic in that.

It took twenty full minutes to walk those fifty odd meters. Three meters from the shack, the wards began, and they were terrifying.

"Flesh-eating followed by an acid-lungs ward and then topped with a burning bowel ward. Watch it people, this is serious stuff." One of the ward-breakers told the group.

"Bowel burning, sounds like a marauder prank." Sirius said laughingly. Bill heard and approached them. "That ward exchanges your faeces with burning coals, which quite simply burns you from the inside out. These are no harmless pranks."

Sirius quit laughing immediately. "Right, right, I get it."

Twenty minutes later, the group stopped their work. "We've analysed what we can. Now we wait until the Third Task starts, then we can brute force our way through the wards."

"That's in 7 minutes." Hacksaw updated them. "Good work team, we're ahead of schedule."

Then he walked to Harry. "Have you thought of possible passwords? If not, start thinking, we need that password. We have a backup plan, but I'd rather not use it."

That sparked Luna's curiosity. "Hacksaw, can you tell me about the back-up plan?" The goblin directed a vicious smile her way. "See that man there? He's actually a squib whose only job is to handle those muggle explosives. Wards can be overwhelmed by brute force you see, and those explosives are very useful for that, especially since wards only stop magic. We goblins are quite aware that muggles are the only real masters of destruction.

That was interesting, especially to Sirius, who looked as if he was a kid in a candy store. He admitted immediately that he would pay a lot to see them in action.

"It's time, let's do this." Hacksaw let them know. All wizards on the team aimed their wands and started whatever they were doing.

Ten minutes later, it was clear, this was not easy. "He must have used a ward stone. We can overwhelm it with power, but it will take a lot. That's unfortunate." Was the professional opinion of Hacksaw.

From Riddle's memories came the knowledge they needed. "It's the base of the chimney, Hacksaw." Harry told him. "Maybe you could use those explosives." Sirius added hopefully.

"It's a good plan. John! It's your time. Base of the chimney."

"Right boss. I'm on it." And he was. John expertly threw a small block of C4 with a lit wire sticking out of it. He only used about a tenth of the bunch, but still he told the group to back up ten meters before the throw.

The C4 exceeded any of Sirius' expectations, as it blew out the base of the chimney and some more besides. Half the shack was either gone or collapsed.

"Wow…." Sirius said slowly. John just nodded; he'd seen the reaction before. Hacksaw laughed and reminded them. "Overkill."

One of the curse breakers delivered the welcome news. "The wards are gone."

"I guess we don't need my Parseltongue anymore either?" Harry guessed.

"Nope, this took all wards down, making our work much easier. Blowing the ward stone did release a massive amount of magic though, easily enough to trigger ministry sensors." Hacksaw told her, before addressing the team. "Get to it men! The timer is running!"

They encountered one more problem that was easily handled. A massive snake inferi sprung up to attack the team when they tried to enter the premises, but Harry distracted it with snake-speak while the curse-breakers killed it with fire.

When they found it, Bill and one other curse-breaker almost died from the compulsion charm on the ring. Instead of opening the box to get the ring. They opted to use Fiendfyre to destroy both it and the shack. One man used it and the rest shielded and contained. After they managed to destroy the fire, both teams were all somewhat exhausted.

Just as Hacksaw was preparing the return-portkey, a hauntingly familiar scream rent the air. "Fleur!" Jean said, fast losing all colour in his face. "You sure?" Luna asked him. He just nodded.

"Keep calm, we'll get her." Harry spoke for all of them. "One hundred meters that way, just over the hill."

In response, Jean waved his team closer. "I know it's not part of the job, but this is my daughter we're talking about. It is possibly Voldemort himself; will you help me?"

They raised their fists and saluted their minister for magic out of a respect that would turn Fudge green with envy. Jean thanked them gravely.

The goblin team looked at their leader Hacksaw, who nodded. Second job, same rates, hazard pay included, choose now. All nodded, including Bill. God bless goblin efficiency, that took all of ten seconds.

All of them started walking and planning at the same time. Sirius approached John and asked him for one of those. John thought about it and gave him a piece equal to the one used previously, warning him about the use of such a substance.

Jean and Hacksaw were planning the use of disillusionment spells and how they would start the fight if it proved impossible to take away Fleur without a fight.

Invisibly, they slowly crept up over the hill and saw what was happening. Fleur was tied to a stone angel bleeding whilst Voldemort stood addressing his followers. Thank Merlin for that bastard's grandstanding because Fleur would be dead already if not for that.

"What do we do?" Jean asked Hacksaw and Sirius.

Sirius had the answer ready; he was a marauder after all. Not to mention he had fought in a war; he knew one or two things about strategic thinking. Signalling that he had a plan and whispered loudly enough for the team. "John, prepare two of those bombs and set them alight. I'll turn them into rats with a timed transfiguration and let them scurry along towards the DE's. They'll return to being bombs and detonate, taking them out."

"French team creeps around the side to Fleur's position and shields her when the bombs go off. We'll rush the DE's position and mop up what's left. Harry and Luna," he hesitated here, clearly not liking this part of his own plan. "You distract Voldemort for a second and then we'll all fire at him at once. He might be a badass, but he can't take us all at once."

Surprised, everybody found it to be a solid plan and agreed. There wasn't time for debate anyway.

John lit the two fuses simultaneously. Just as they were about to blow, Sirius transfigured them and sent them running. That was the exact second where the plan deviated from reality.

All the team knew it was not supposed to go this way and just prayed for the best. Apparently, Voldemort was done with his speech and he turned around, having sent one death eater to fetch Fleur.

Sirius swiftly adjusted his plan, sending a mental nudge to change his orders to the rats. Instead of both taking the DE's out, one walked up to Voldemort's legs where he was promptly swallowed whole by a huge snake that came out of nowhere and wrapped itself around Voldemort's legs. 'Will it still blow?' Sirius just had the time to think this as the other rat stopped in the middle of the group of DE's as planned.

Just as Fleur was released and the death eater handed Fleur her wand, the rats changed back and the bombs went off.

It did still blow, rather amazingly in fact. Everybody shielded their eyes with their hands to keep their eyes free of flying debris. The resulting carnage was glorious. There was time to admire that later though. Both teams rushed to do their part.

When the dust settled, it became clear just what those bombs had accomplished.

The French team had quickly stunned and bound the lone death eater that was near Fleur and moved to shield her, but it proved unnecessary. Fleur was furious and hurled a fireball at the stunned and bound DE and spit on his burning body. Then she looked at the team, looking to see if anybody would want to argue about her actions. The team wisely held their mouths shut.

The goblin team had rushed towards the DE's, but only three were well enough to give them any resistance, little as it was. Lucius Malfoy, Avery and Walden MacNair had been somewhat shielded by two of their colleagues who had taken the brunt of the blast. The rest was everywhere, literally blown apart.

Malfoy had lost a leg and his wand, Avery was missing his off-arm and his legs were broken and Macnair was just battered and bruised. All three were quickly subdued and unarmed, nothing was done to help them survive, however.

The most beautiful happenstance was the mystery snake. Nobody had any idea where it had come from, but it had blown up less than an inch from Voldemort, taking the lower half of his body with it.

"How in the hell did the top survive?" Sirius asked John, who was equally flabbergasted. "I don't know." Voldemort's head lay there, perfectly untouched, next to half a meter of the snake's tail. One shoulder was still attached to the clearly broken neck of the dead Voldemort.

"Did you use the same portions as before?" Sirius asked John again. "No, I told you before right. Overkill man. Always overkill. I actually used double." Sirius laughed out loud and hugged John hard. "You have the best job my friend." John looked sheepishly at his new friend, but he denied nothing. Sirius picked up the snake's remains and laughed loudly. "Guess who's getting a pair of new shiny leather shoes. Woo Hoo!" Nobody reacted, not knowing how to.

Harry walked around looking at everything before turning to Luna. "He's really dead, isn't he?" Luna hugged him hard. Then she gave him a kiss filled with all her love and hope for the future, turning Harry to mush. "Harry, our kids can grow up safe now." Harry got the biggest smile and started whooping. Then he stopped and told Luna, "Love, I don't think I can wait anymore, you are going on the potion and then we'll practice." Luna just smiled and nodded. "Every morning and every evening Love."

Having witnessed all that, Fleur chose that moment to voice her confusion. "What the hell is going on?!"

Everybody took that as a cue to start moving again. Yes, Voldemort was dead, probably. But life goes on, even if only for the living.

Jean was still hugging and explaining things to his eldest when Luna and Harry approached. "Fleur, you have a choice to make." He said to her. "And what choice would that be?"

"Well, do you want to tell the world Voldemort is dead or not? I'm not going to tell them." Harry said, not really explaining things clearly at all.

"Harry has left behind Britain for a reason, no way will he take any kind of credit for this. If he got his way, nobody would know he was here at all. What would a squib do here anyway? Right?" Luna added.

"You want me to take credit?" Fleur asked incredulously. "Who would even believe me?"

"A lot of people actually, if you take what's left of him." Harry pointed at Voldemort. "You'd stand head and shoulder above disbelievers with that." Luna coughed loudly, no, she did not laugh at that pathetic attempt at humour. Sirius was rolling on the ground, too out of breath to properly express how awesome he found that pun.

Harry just grinned, proud of his pun. "You don't need to do anything. If you just left for France now that would be fine too. You've fulfilled the contract so you're free to leave, if you're willing to forgo the thousand galleons and eternal glory. If glory is what you're looking for though, he will really give you a head start."

Luna coughed again. Really, she coughed. As did Jean this time.

"I'll go back, I think." She grumbled some obscenities in French. "But I don't want to take anything. I just want to see my mother and leave this godforsaken country." Fleur decided.

Harry laughed at that. "How'd you get here anyway?"

That shook Fleur, of course they wouldn't know, it was just luck that brought them here. Fleur spotted gold and bent to pick it up. "Here, with thi-" and she was gone.

"Where'd she go?!" Jean panicked.

"Back to Hogwarts probably." Luna stopped his panic. "The cup was obviously a portkey. Now, do we take anything back with us? Or are we just going to leave this lying around?" Waving her arms around, she pointed at all the dead and dying DE's plus their leader.

"If we tell anybody, we'll take a lot of heat. Let's make this a black-op, strictly secret. Hacksaw, you ok with that?" Jean asked the goblin, who nodded.

"That's right. Let's transfigure the lot into cheese and pop this joint." Harry told him.

"How about we pick up Fleur together?" Luna asked Harry and Jean. Sirius was talking with his new buddy John, showing no signs of stopping. Harry understood Luna didn't mean as Harry, so he changed.

Jean thought about it and decided he rather liked to go get his daughter and make sure she was safe. "Right. Let me just wrap up with Hacksaw and my team and we can leave.

"You want to make an entrance?" Jasmine asked Luna. "What did you have in mind?"

A few transfigurations later and both girls wore dresses that were common in France. The girls had called Winky to replace their bras with normal ones, ones that didn't hide how big the girls were getting. Two bows around their bellies accentuated their lithe bodies and widening hips. They were looking good.

Five minutes later and the graveyard looked like new, they had buried the evidence, literally. "Let's go then." Luna and a freshly transformed Jasmine took Jean's hand, as they were not supposed to be able to apparate. Sirius had decided to go home via Gringotts floo, it wouldn't do for him to be seen by anyone.

With a last wave towards the group that was finishing up, they faded away.

52. Undercover Boss

The three reappeared in front of the Hogwarts gates.

"Why did you girls dress differently anyway?" Jean asked.

"We want to show Hogwarts how good leaving has been for Luna. Showing of her delicious boobs will do that nicely" Jasmine started. "They don't know Jasmine but having such a scorching hot girl as my friend should also make them think." Luna added. "Besides, never will they equate Harry Potter with Jasmine when I'm looking like this." Jasmine finished. "When they're not drooling over her flawless skin and scrumptious bottom, that is."

Luna's last statement got Jasmine blushing and Jean laughing. Looks like Luna won that round. "All right. Let's do this."

They walked into a veritable circus, which was strange since Fleur had been back for over ten minutes now. Dumbledore was being shouted at by everybody there, including Appoline.
"Let's look for Fleur Luna. Jean, I think Appoline needs you." Both nodded and separated.

Jasmine caught a bit of Appoline's rant as she was walking away, she had a good set of lungs on her. "You waste of space! How in the nine hells do you explain Fleur being port-keyed out of Hogwarts huh, that is supposed to be impossible except for a portkey made by the headmaster. Do you toss those around like candy? Or do you just hand them out to Death Eaters? I cannot believe how they let you be around a school full of children. You don't even know who did it, because you did not restrict the access, how is that safe?"

Fudge stood a bit away arguing with a livid madam Bones. Who to hear it, had just about had it with the stupid man. "I'm going to expose your bribe-taking ways if it's the last thing I do. I'm not afraid of that poncy Malfoy." Jasmine shared a smile with a few bystanders when they heard Amelia Bones say that to the minister. Everybody knew the man was corrupt as all hell.

Minerva McGonagall was talking to the press, throwing Dumbledore under the bus. She looked to have it well in hand. The sole reason Albus was still involved with the third task after all, was that he was a fine lightning rod.

Snape was in the middle of everyone, staring at his spotless right arm in shock, his dark mark gone. Jasmine hadn't expected that, not at all. She couldn't resist saying something to the lost man. "Lily would hate you for your cruelty towards kids, especially hers. Why don't you just quit and go do something far away from here? Who's stopping you now?"

Severus Snape looked at her in shock, not recognizing her at all. How did she know him? How indeed. "You killed your father for his cruelty to become a lackey to the greatest bully of all." She knew that from Tom's memories. "Now you bully children yourself, all day every day. Who will kill you for your cruelty Sevy? Think about that, you freak. To think Lily once loved you."

The man was so out of it that he didn't even respond as she walked away.

Spotting Luna waving at her, she walked that way. There was Fleur, with the other two champions.

"I just wish Harry was here, I'd like to apologize to him." Cedric Diggory said just as she went to stand next to Fleur, along with Luna.

"For what exactly, if I may ask?" Jasmine asked him. "Who're you?" He asked her. "Anyway, it's because I didn't help him, knowing he did not enter the tournament. I just left him alone."

"Leaving him alone was a kindness all in itself, and more than others gave him." Jasmine told Cedric. "That's all we can do for him now too. I don't think he expects anything more from you or anyone else."

"Sounds like you knew him. By all accounts that's all he ever wanted." Luna said, a smile in her eyes.

"Nobody knows where he went, do they?" Jasmine smiled at her. "Wouldn't he tell the people he wanted to know?"

"Weren't you his girlfriend Luna?" Cedric asked her. "I still am Cedric; he never broke up with me." She answered simply, saying nothing and everything at once. "Luckily, my girlfriend here does not mind this fact. Right Jasmine?"

Jasmine smiled saucily at her and kissed her, then she winked at the champions and poked one of Luna's fun-bags. "Luna has a big heart. I'm sure she can love us both."

"Do you have room for one more in your big heart?" Fleur asked laughingly.

A shared look and both answered together, "You have a reservation already, actually."

Fleur's smile turned predatory in an instant. "Shall we go then? I'm very curious to see what that breakthrough on your research means."

"You are welcome to join, a Veela would make things interesting." Jasmine told her. "Maybe Luna can convince her boyfriend to help out."

"Research?" Viktor Krum asked. "You research magic?"

Luna smiled her wicked smile. "Sex-magic, we are going to revolutionize sex boys. And I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind helping at all Fleur. He's the mastermind behind our research after all."

With that statement, the girls giggled and walked away, leaving two stupefied boys behind.

"I think we've been had, Cedric." Krum said, Cedric just shook his head with a smile. "No Viktor, Harry Potter has the absolute best and the absolute worst luck. If he has lost his magic, you damn well better believe the universe tries to make it up to him by giving him three girlfriends."

"Damn." Krum concluded.

"All three are beyond hot too, I mean, did you see those girls? Only him."

"Damn." Krum stated again.

"Damn." Cedric agreed.

'Damn,' though Rita Skeeter.

53. Harry Potter, Sex God

"You do know Luna, that there's no way that story won't spread, right? All of Hogwarts will have heard it before the day is out."

"I know Harry, don't you like it though? Harry Potter, Sex God. Sounds like a good title for our book, doesn't it?"

"I guess Harry Potter can be our nom-de-guerre. So long as I don't have to do book-signings, I can't imagine myself enjoying those. You want to publish then?"

"Can we afford not to? This might improve the sex-lives of the entire wizarding world. They'll be having sex so much that bigotry is sure to lose its appeal. This might seem like just a book, but the story we're going to tell the world might as well start a revolution."

"I love it when you're so passionate about stuff."

"Do you want me to show you some passion, girlfriend?"

"About that, did you mean that about letting Fleur join?"

"Of course I did Harry. I know you like her; I like her too. If she wants to join us that way, I won't stop her. Do you think that's bad?"

"No, I don't, but I didn't know what you thought about it and you know that's most important to me."

"Well, don't worry about it. If we start to love her then we'll love her, in the meantime however, let's make love to her. Would you like that love?"

"I love that, Luna, and I love you."

"Show me how much you love me then, Mister Potter. And don't hold back this time, I'm not a virgin anymore."

"Yes ma'am!"


"What the hell?!" Luna exclaimed at the breakfast table. The prophet had just arrived. "Calm down sweety pie, tell us what the idiots wrote this time." Xeno said.

"They have it right. They actually have it right for once." She just muttered.

"Who wrote it?"
"Rita Skeeter."
"Not again! I really hate her."
"Daddy, you know mummy wouldn't want you to remain alone forever, right?"
"I know sweetie pie."
"Write her a letter then."

"I will, sweets."

Harry looked over her shoulder to see what the fuss was about. Besides, he needed to get his mind of that disturbing image, though Rita did fit with Xeno aesthetically. 'Don't think about that. Just. Don't.'

Skipping over a few headlines that told the story of the finale of the third task and the fact that Dumbledore would be impeached for endangering students, Harry found what he was looking for. 'Not headline news for once, that's good.'

Boy-Who-Lived still has magic! By Rita Skeeter.
In an interview with the three Triwizard champions, incredible news was shared. Much has been said about Mister Potter's absence from the wizarding world. The boy turned squib might not have lost all magic though.

His girlfriend and her girlfriend - yes you read that right - came by Hogwarts after the third task to invite Triwizard Champion Fleur Delacour, a known Veela, to join Harry's research into magic. What magical research could a squib do I hear you ask?

Apparently, he has been researching sexual magic with the aforementioned girlfriends and had some kind of breakthrough. His offer to a Veela, known for their sexual magic, suggests that he's going deep with this research.

We of the Prophet wish him luck in his endeavours and ask that he shares his findings when they are completed.

"Ha! That's amazing. Not the being spied upon without knowing it part, we were just lucky we didn't say anything of importance. I mean, this is the first story about me from the Prophet that I actually like." Harry said.

"You like it?" Luna asked him.

"You told me yesterday that it was a great advertisement for our future books. Other than that, this is something I don't mind being associated with. To be honest, I find it really funny."

"Ok, that's alright then. Are you ready to go get some OWL's?"

"I think I've been ready for months now Luna. Let's do this."

As they moved to the floo, Sirius and Xeno wished them good luck. "We don't actually need that, but I appreciate the sentiment." Luna said, making the rest laugh.


A flash of green flames and they were in the ministry building. They quickly located the testing halls and entered. The testing began.

54. Job Prospects

"Aren't you at all nervous?" Pauline asked the girls; she had moved in after saying yes to Sirius' proposal.

"Nope. Right, let's see." Jasmine said, opening the official looking envelope. "All O's, except for History. Nice. How did you do Luna?" She said calmly.

"All O's, except for History. Nice. I guess we match perfectly Harry." Luna mimicked cheekily.

"Shall we get the NEWT's in a year dear? It might pay off to take it easy like that, besides, I kind of like studying in our way."

"Whatever you say honey. That does leave room for our projects."

"You know, seeing this I think you are being an amazing father Sirius. You too Xeno. I just don't know how you take it." Pauline told the men. "It's a little exasperating how they breeze right through their school lives."

Sirius just nodded, not even having looked up from his newspaper. "I haven't even asked them what they want to do for work. I'm sure it'll be something cool, amazingly easy - for them - and extremely lucrative."

"We have thought about it you know." Luna said seriously. "But it's just too easy to make money."

"What do you mean?" Pauline asked. Sirius slightly lowered his newspaper to look at Luna, curious despite himself.

"Well, we projected the numbers for a few of Jasmine's ideas and it is mind blowing how much money you can earn using just one spell."

"Can you give examples?" Sirius asked the girls.

"You know how the exchange rate between wizarding currency and other currencies are fixed to the English pound don't you? 1 Galleon is about 6 Pounds, that's fixed." Jasmine interjected.

Seeing everybody nod she continued on, Xeno was listening too. "Do a muggle job that requires physical labour with spells quickly. Like repairing stuff or even houses. One powerful Reparo spell does what normally takes hours, meaning you can do the work of multiple people in less time. Say someone earns 120 quid per day, that's 20 Galleons. That's a normal wage right, also in the wizarding world?"

"Yes, sounds about right." Pauline confirmed.

"If you do in one hour the work of what five muggles do in a day, that gives you 600 quid or 120 Galleons in one hour. That hour will probably exhaust you magically, possibly a lot if you are not magically strong, but you'd be done for the day. Doing more would be counterproductive because there's only so much work and muggles would think what you did was impossible. That's with one spell, you only need to do it without the muggles seeing any magic."

The adults were hanging onto her every word, making Luna smile.

"Do the same with cleaning spells. Housewives are good at those, they aren't hard, they don't exhaust you too badly. You can clean a house in under half an hour where normally it takes four hours. Do six houses a day and you make out like a bandit."

"Another example. Muggles pay for waste disposal; they don't have vanishing spells and have to burn it or bury it. Take-over that job, use Confundo to fool some muggles and presto, you earn money by the bucketload."

"Use portkeys and apparition to make deliveries or arrange transport instantly. Making portkeys is supposed to be difficult but that's reflected in the wages. Transport really brings in the dough. I estimate that you can earn thousands of Galleons per month if you have the business side set up right."

"I don't even want to talk about painting using colour spells."

"What does a house elf cost?" Luna asked suddenly, neatly interrupting Jasmine's flow.
"About a thousand Galleons, and 2 or so per month for food." Xeno answered.

"Those can do all of the above, they only need to be bonded to someone with magic, to do those for free and with pleasure. Understand what we're getting at yet?" Luna asked.

Jasmine decided to drive the point home with the endgame.

"Team up with squibs who organize the work for people with magic and you've got an unstoppable workforce. They work the muggles, we do the work. If we were to set up a muggle company, we'd hire 20 squibs to organize the work and 20 magicals to do the work. We estimate you can bring in millions of pounds per year with such a setup. Invest a portion of that into house-elves and your work gets automated. Which allows you to hire more squibs without hiring more magicals. We'd rake in the gold by the truck loads."

"I think that's enough Jasmine. You seem to have broken them." And it was true. Pauline was gaping like a fish, as was Xeno. Sirius was rubbing his head like he had a bad headache.

"But we haven't even told them what we decided to do with the rest of our lives, love."

"All right, but that's the last for today, they need time to process it all."

"Just tell us." Pauline egged them on, eagerly even.

"We have decided." Luna spread her hands proudly. "To start a wizarding revolution." "By bringing sex to wizards and witches." Jasmine finished.

"What?" Sirius asked, followed by a "How?" from Pauline. "Don't we already know sex?" Xeno asked idly.

"Permission to kiss Pauline on the mouth?" Jasmine asked of the pair, who clearly didn't understand where this was going.

"If she's going to do what I think she will, you'll soon understand." Luna said turning to Jasmine. "50%?" Jasmine nodded. "It's lips only, not a pressure point, per se. Not connected directly for certain."

Sirius looked at Pauline, who shrugged. Both nodded their assent, it couldn't be that bad, given the subject. Besides, it was just a kiss, right?

Jasmine walked up to Pauline and inched closer to her face. "Don't worry, just accept what you are about to experience, we're all adults here." Then she gently pressed her lips on hers and began pushing her magic through their lips. Jasmine didn't push at her maximum power but did use a lot.

Pauline was flushing red fast. Perspiration dotted her face as her body began to tremble.

An odd five seconds later, they separated. "That should do it." Jasmine smirked.

"So, how was that?" Luna asked with a grin.

Pauline had yet to open her eyes, but she was breathing hard. Sirius saw this. "What the hell? What did you do, what happened?"

"Can't you see?" Luna said proudly.

Xeno also looked on interestedly as Pauline finally opened her eyes, pupils still fully dilated.

"I just came." She finally said as if coming out of a daze, which in a way, she was.

"What? You mean the story about sexual magic was real?!" Sirius shouted.

"Of course, Harry Potter, Sex God, coming to a bookstore near you soon." Jasmine grinned. "What do you think we do all day?" She added saucily, swaying her hips in an exaggerated fashion.

"I've got to know how that works." Xeno said at the same time as Sirius said, "I did not need to know that." "I agree," Pauline agreed, though which statement she agreed with was another question.

"We'll make sure you get the first copy when we're done. For now, start practising wandless magic, that's a requirement." Luna promised. "If you can power runic wards with your finger, you can start to learn.

"And no, I can't upload the technique either. This is working with your own magic, can't be standardized as it's wholly different for each person." Jasmine anticipated the request.

"Better start practicing then." Xeno said. Pauline nodded, it was that simple. Sirius would be getting homework.

"Daddy, you like Rita Skeeter, don't you?"

"Yes, muffin. She's vicious, beautiful and smart." Xeno admitted easily.
"What do you think she'd give for a preview of Harry Potter, Sex God?"
"I definitely need to practice. Do you happen to have a book about wandless magic kiddo?"
"Yes, I do daddy. I'll give it to you this afternoon. I'm still practicing myself."
"Thank you my wonderful daughter."
"I love you too daddy."

"I sometimes wonder how that relationship works." Sirius admitted out loud. "And then I think it's better not knowing." Jasmine and Pauline privately agreed.

55. Mixing Business with Pleasure

"Fleur is coming over today, are you going to give her a preview too?"

"Of course, same drill as with Pauline, although this time I might also show her my tongue, that's bound to intrigue her."

"Right, you know, we really need to warn people up front. These techniques are highly addictive."

"I've already incorporated that. Chapter 1 is entirely devoted to the warnings. Now focus, seek your magic and draw it out."

"Right you are. This is the most important homework I've ever had. I'm highly motivated you know, seeing as I want to make you scream your love of me to the heavens."

"What have I created?" Jasmine mock bemoaned.

"Someone who loves all of you." Luna answered easily. "What are you working on anyway, is it perverted?"

"Wandless Reparo. Seems handy."
"Might be. That's not perverted though." Luna sighed, she was turning into a real sexual deviant.
"Last week I mastered channelling magic through my cock, when I master the Reparo I can slap things better with my schlong. How is that?"

"I love it when you talk dirty." Luna breathed, her face flushed red.
"I love you too Luna, but you do know I was kidding right. Right?"


"Hi Fleur! How were your NEWT results?" Jasmine asked.
"Is that all you called me for?" Fleur pouted. "I had hoped it was because of your offer."

"They are connected."

"Why, are you offering me work?"
"Well, we might have an offer you can't refuse, but that's unrelated to the sexual magic. With that we just want you if you want us too."

"Have you ever heard rumours about Veela being creatures of sexual magic?"


"They're true."

"I see. That a yes then?"

"Yes!" Was said with a hungry look.

"Follow me, we're going to see Luna now."

"Hi Luna!" Fleur announced herself, very happy to see her other friend.

Luna looked up from the thing she had been focusing on with a vengeance. She had finally succeeded. The rune flashlight casted a nice red light over the whole room.

"Hi Fleur, have you considered our offer? The sexual one I mean." She asked, smiling wearily.

"I have and I accept. I know you two love each other but want to try adding me in the mix. I'd like to try because I like you two very much. If lust turns into love, we'll see then." She said seriously.

Luna looked at Jasmine, "may I try first?" Jasmine smiled brightly, "sure, she's all yours." Sitting down to watch the show.

Fleur was very curious when Luna faced her and asked her if she could show her how to French-kiss. Being very much bi-sexual, and French even more so, she was happy to oblige. A few seconds in the kiss however, she was asking herself who was teaching who. And what, most definitely what. What the hell made this kiss feel so good?

She felt her lips swell and tingle. Luna's lips gave off a faint tingle. The tingling spread as to the back of her neck, where Luna's hand held her gently. As did the heat, her heartbeat picked up speed and she was getting all hot and bothered.

Luna's other hand found her back and she felt herself being pulled into her, keeping their hips together. Then she felt herself getting moist. What the hell? Sure, it usually wasn't hard to get her motor running but never this quickly.

Her beautiful tits were pressed against Luna's, both bras had inexplicably vanished because she felt Luna's hard nipples poke her own solid ones. She found herself grinding their hips together, legs interlocking. Luna dry-humped her slowly as they continued to do battle with their tongues.

Sweat was pouring from her pores, exiting her body everywhere to mingle with Luna's. Veela's don't sweat easily, if at all, so this was surprising to Fleur. How was a fourteen-year-old capable of this?

Minutes passed, it was getting hotter and hotter, until both girls shuddered simultaneously, crying their pleasure in the other's mouths. They came hard and long.

Jasmine clapped. "So that's what that looks like! Man, that was hot! The red light added something to the whole as well, we need a room with lighting like that, I think."

When the two participants got down to earth, Luna spoke first.

"My god, it was like a feedback loop. Everything I fed you, I got myself. Is that a Veela thing?" Luna panted.

"I don't know, I've never felt anything like that except when with other Veela. Never this quickly though. I think you did the same thing we do. Except we do it instinctually. I've really no clue how to not do it that way. Other than via this way, Veela can do no wandless magic."

"Interesting, very interesting," Jasmine decided. "You are already helping us Fleur."

"Luna, try me. We're going to do a test. If we both push our magic towards the other, maybe we can recreate the effect. You up for another round?"

"Give me five minutes. Phew, that was hard. I had to really push. These past few minutes drained me just as hard as a continuous casting exercise would."

"It gets easier when you perfect your wandless casting. You had just figured it out too right?"

"That's right."

"Well, you did amazing love."
"Oui, you really did Luna."

"So Jasmine," Fleur asked, really relaxed. "Tell me about this work offer I can't refuse."

"Sure, first a question though. Were you planning to get work? If so, why?"

"Why? Yes, I was already looking at Gringotts as a possible employer. For the money of course, my parents have money, but I want to earn my own way. I'd go stark, raving mad with nothing to do anyway."

"Exactly what I was hoping to hear. So listen, we were thinking of easy ways to exploit the muggle world to earn Galleons and we came up with this idea for a firm. A company if you will, that will use squibs and muggleborns and later elves. We'll be doing ….."

"... and the only thing you'd be doing then is management. Start it up using non-disclosure and no competition agreement contracts like the goblins use and we're set to make it big. If you liked it, you could even streamline the process and roll it out in another country. That's something for really far in the future though. So, what do you say, Fleur?"

"I'm suitably impressed. People have tried this before but never on this scale and to my knowledge also never using squibs, house elves or muggleborns. This sounds like an amazing opportunity. A good plan that'll take me awhile to roll out completely and I look forward to working with you."

"Awesome!" Jasmine said, genuinely happy. She didn't think Luna and her would be willing to sink that much effort in this plan themselves, not when they could pursue their magical sex project or pursue making a family anyway.

About the magical sex part, "Luna, up for round two? Or shall I show Fleur my tongue first?"

Luna just waved him to Fleur, still lying on her back.

"What do you mean show me your tongue? What's wrong with it?" Fleur asked.

Jasmine decided to just show her. Sticking out her tongue and feeding it magic, it grew to almost a foot long and split, like a snake's. "How do you feel about cunnilingus Fleur?"

Her eyes had grown from big looking at that tongue. "Yes please."

"Lie down then, and I'll show you my next trick."

56. Daily Prophet Headlines

Empty chairs at the Wizengamot! By Rita Skeeter.
Yesterday's session of the Wizengamot shocked Britain. Several Pure-blood pillars of our society were missing. What's more, Gringotts has confirmed the deaths of these august members. What happened? Should we be afraid for our lives? Coincidence though it might be, but all missing members got to stay out of Azkaban 14 years ago by stating that their actions in the war were because of the Imperius curse. This reporter is curious to know the truth. Do these remarkable facts have anything to do with Albus Dumbledore's recent bout of craziness? The retired man has been heard saying that You-Know-Who has been reborn, this is just one of many signs showing his declining mental health according to the ministry.

Harry Potter brings out a book! By Rita Skeeter.
A year after the news of Potter's research on Sex magic, the rumours spread by his girlfriends, yes multiple, are finally confirmed. The book, Harry Potter, Sex God! has hit the shelves. It advertises the most basic of wandless magics as a way to spice up our lives behind bedroom doors. Since few people have that ability, we have yet to confirm or debunk these theories, though the book explains how everybody can learn. What's more, there's an entire section of girl-on-girl sex techniques and a section of muggle techniques for everything from mundane sexual positions to birth control to pregnancy techniques. Disregarding the social mores of it all, If this turns out to work as advertised, this might well be a turning point in British magical history.

Out with the old and in with the new! By Rita Skeeter.
Recently fired Cornelius Fudge has often been heard lamenting about what is happening with his government, does he have a point? We cannot say whether the changes are for the better or not but there definitely have been some changes. Ever since the Wizengamot lost most of its more traditionalist members, more liberal bills have been passed and laws instituted. Our new minister Shacklebolt has also been cracking down on rampant corruption and bigotry, making sure that blood status has lost importance compared to grades when it comes to finding a job. Crime is being punished more and the law is upheld. Even Hogwarts has succumbed to the trend, their longest standing (or floating) professor Binns has been replaced, as have most of the older faculty. Younger professors and new courses seem to be the legacy Headmistress McGonagall is going for, since she has stated to have been looking for her successor. We at the Prophet hope she will find the right person soon.

Boy-who-revolutionized-Sex has magic! By Rita Skeeter.
Six months after the release of Harry Potter, Sex God! which has already been proven to work as advertised, new news on the famed Mr. Potter has been unearthed. One ministry worker who wished to remain anonymous has found that Potter's school records have been updated to show an impressive amount of OWL's and NEWT's. These high grades include subjects that involve the use of a wand, leading us to believe that the boy turned squib has turned back into a wizard once more. The famed Mr. Potter has not been seen since the start of the Triwizard Tournament 2 years ago. Since owls cannot find him, he is unavailable for comment. What does this mean? We wish to know! If Mr. Potter reads this, we urge him to respond.

57. Headmistresses

"Are you going to respond to her letter Luna?" Jasmine asked her with their first baby on her lap. The blonde, green eyed girl called Lily Selene Potter, snored cutely in her female father's arms.

Owls had not been able to find a Harry Potter, because Jasmine had long since become Jasmine Potter in her head, in her magic and in her body, for the most part anyway. She had made her choice and was very happy with it.

"Do you even want to?" Luna asked her right back.

"You know I love nothing more than continuing what we have been doing here. I want some more babies, it's my turn now anyway." Jasmine said honestly.

"Even though Fleur is pregnant now too?" Luna asked her seriously.

"Of course." Was the quick reply, not that Luna had expected differently.

"Don't you get bored Jasmine? We could spend a few years revolutionizing Hogwarts and then continue back on with our other projects you know."

"I do admit, I am a bit bored. But you better make sure we can be shared Head; no way am I taking this position on my own you hear."

"Did you think I would let you go alone? I'm following you like a tick, my lovely wife." Luna laughed, never mind if they would take the job or not, she had already won with a life like this. "I'm sure Fleur will follow us there too. Especially with you being in male form all year."

"You know I can't be pregnant as Headmaster don't you, that means postponing the baby. I'm not going to let them know of my duality." Jasmine argued.

"How about we tell her that we'll take the job next year? Jointly." Luna proposed with a smile.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll make an appointment at the clinic. They know me by now anyway."
"Yeah, it might even be twins, like Sirius and Pauline are having."
"I'd like that." Jasmine said, closing the distance to her lovely wife.

Harry Potter might be Jasmine Potter most of the time, but as lives went, she thought she was living a pretty good one.