Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ

Summary: This is a poem, that Gohan writes when he kept having a reacurring dream. Short but nice.

A child form the Past

Dawn goes down by day,

A child from the past calls my name,

I seek this voice through long ago,

The child's presence gives me a desire to know,

What is the aura that surrounds the figure?

Sapphire and Golden flashes are configured,

The child steps out from the dark hole of eternity,

The face still eclipsed while shaded with mystery,

A cerulean ocean, with a moonlight sky,

Reflects my image which blurs with the wind,

I request to know the child next to me in the water,

I turn to see nothing but to think it was a image gone falter,

The vision of the child occurs once more,

Standing in the dark while the rain pours,

I run to the youngster, who is crying for help,

The mask of the kid is now revealed,

Shock overwhelms my body to what has appeared,

For the child has gold hair and eyes of green,

The child from the past appears to be me.

Kat: I wrote this poem, but it was kind of about me, except I put golden hair when mine is black.

Lady Melanie: God that looks so sad… you are so talented girl!  Wish I was as good as you^^