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Summary: It's a dark stormy night, so what is a four-year-old Trunks to do? He goes to his parents for comfort of course. Kawaii One-shot.

Rainy night


The thunder crashed in West city. Over at Capsule Corp it wasn't any better. Sitting wide-awake in his room was a little four-year-old boy with lavender hair. He stared through the dark with his azure scared by the noises of the thrashing thunder. He had tears in his eyes because he was frightened. The little boy's name is Trunks.

"I-I'm scared," Trunks sniffled as tears filled his eyes. He grabbed his little blue stuffed llama and held it close to him. Trunks was to terrified to do anything. His little night light had stopped working and that's when he woke up.

He got up out of his bed and went over to his closet. He snatched a flashlight and walked in to the lonely halls of Capsule Corp. Trunk's felt so lost. He walked for a while and decided he didn't know where to go. Then, all of a sudden he heard something.


He snapped his head to the other direction. Trunks grabbed his llama and sank to the ground. He sat like that for which seemed like an hour. Soon, his eyelids drooped and he was getting sleepier by the moment. Trunks was about to fall asleep, but the thunder crashed and roared. He stood up immediately and walked down the halls…lost.

Finally, he made his way to a window. Trunks stood on his tiptoes and saw something coming into his home. The shadow lurked through the back yard making its way into Capsule Corp.

All of a sudden footsteps were thumping up the stairs and Trunks was even more terrified than ever. Finally the shadowy figure appeared up the stairs. It had big flame like hair that could only be seen.

"Oh no, it's a monster," Trunks whispered lightly and curled up with his llama.

The figure stepped out of the dark and it seemed to be Vegeta.

"Brat, what are you doing up?" Vegeta said with a gruff voice.

Trunks looked up and had tears streaming down his face. He saw that the shadow was his father all along. Trunks still stayed in his position crying.

Vegeta was wondering why the boy was crying and up at this hour. He walked over to his son and looked down at his small body. His son was obviously scared, so Vegeta picked up Trunks and held him.

Trunks looked at his dad with tears still in his eyes.

"D-daddy, I-I'm s-s-scared," Trunks stuttered.

"What is there to be scared of?" Vegeta said while walking to Trunk's room.

"The noises outside are too scary, and I woke up. I can't sleep alone tousan," Trunks said while sniffling.

Vegeta sighed. "How about for just tonight, you sleep with me and your m-…with the onna."


So Vegeta went over to Bulma's and Vegeta's room still cradling Trunks who calmed down.


"What is it gaki?"

"What were you doing up this late?"


There was a little silence, but Trunks decided to break it again.


Vegeta sighed. "Yes?"

"Will you train me?" Trunks said curiously.

Vegeta was shocked, but had an actual smile on his face.
"When you are older, yes."

"Arigatou," Trunks said as his eyes brightened.

Vegeta noticed they were finally at he room and opened it slightly. He turned the knob quietly so he wouldn't wake the onna. She can get cranky when she wants.

"Now gaki, I have to change. Sit in that chair for a minute." Vegeta whispered and walked into the bathroom.

Trunks did as he was told and sat. Vegeta came out soon wearing his boxers. He picked up Trunks from the chair and headed to the bed.

"Shhhh, mommy is sleeeeping," Trunks said in a hush voice.

"Yes, I know. Now go to sleep gaki." Vegeta said and placed Trunks in the middle of him and Bulma.

"Can my llama sleep with us too?" Trunks asked.

"Yes, yes, whatever," Vegeta said and closed his eyes.

Trunks wanted to say one more thing before going to sleep.

"Tousan, I love you." Trunks said and drifted off to sleep.

Vegeta smiled and whispered, "I too." And he fell asleep soon after so.

Meanwhile, Bulma had been awakened the whole time. She smiled and thanked kami…er Dende for such a wonderful family. She was going to have fun-teasing Vegeta about tonight. Soon she too fell asleep with her husband and son.

The rest of the night wasn't so bad for the three sleeping people. Just a few tosses and turns, but everything went well. The rain stopped in the wee hours of the morning and the first to wake was Bulma.

'At least I had my hours of good sleep,' Bulma thought.

Bulma got out of bed and turned to her closet. She picked out a nice summer outfit. She turned to her clock and it read 10:27 A.M. Then she looked at the two who were on the bed.

'My two boys look so cute together, I should get a picture!' Bulma thought excitedly.

She searched around for her camera. Bulma was rummaging through her drawers for a camera. She sighed and wondered what happened to it.

'I know I had at least one in here,' Bulma thought.

She was startled out of her thoughts when she all of a sudden felt two strong arms wrap around her waist. Bulma jumped lightly, but then relaxed at the touch.

"Looking for something?" Vegeta whispered lightly in Bulma's ear.

"Nothing really," Bulma whispered back.

"Onna, don't try and trick me. Remember our bond? I heard everything you thought," Vegeta said teasingly.

"Damn," she said in disappointment.

She turned to face her mate and saw something in his hand. She pouted when she saw it was the camera she was looking for.

"No wonder I couldn't find it."

"You can keep nothing from me Onna."

"Neither can you."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, I heard everything last night. I was wondering where you went, so when I heard some noises in the hall, I snuck out of the room and saw the whole thing with you and Trunks. I must say Vegeta, if you keep doing that you might get lucky."

Vegeta blushed. He would have never thought the Onna would see him.

There was rustling with the sheets in the bed. Both snapped their heads to see little Trunks half asleep with his llama on his head.

"Well hey there little guy, had a nice nap?" Bulma said sweetly.

"Hai kassan," Trunks said while rubbing his eyes.

Bulma walked over to the bed and picked her son up. She hugged him. To Bulma, Trunks was her pride and the same for Vegeta.

"Guess what mommy," Trunks said.


"When I'm older, tousan said he'd train me to become strong like a true Saiyan!" he said excitedly.

"He did, did he," Bulma said while starring at Vegeta.

"Yeah! I wanna be strong like tousan and Gohan!"

Bulma smiled and Vegeta smirked. Oh yeah, this was their kid all right.
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