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Summary: this is one for all you Gohan lovers!!!

What's a four-year-old to do?

Chapter three: Gohan

One fine sunny day, Gohan decided on sneaking out of his studies and to take a walk outside. He knew his consequences… an angry Chichi, which equaled the frying pan. Gohan was only four, and he needed a break from reading, so that is how this started.

He walked into the forest in his yellow Japanese style clothing with the four-star dragon ball on his head. Gohan hadn't a care in the world and laughed. He passed a pair of dinosaurs and the rest of his animal friends.

It was such a nice day, so he wanted to go to the lake. He waddled and walked all the way and smiled. The sun felt good, and there was a gentle breeze. Gohan rested back on a tree and looked up into the sky.

"The clouds are so cool!" Gohan said. "I never get to do this at home…mommy always makes me study, but I want to fight like daddy!"

As Gohan was resting, a pair of monkeys popped down below the tree branch above Gohan. Their tails were attached to the branch, and they were hanging upside down looking at Gohan curiously.

Gohan looked at them and smiled, "Hi, my name's Gohan!"

He then noticed their tails and smiled even more, "I have a tail just like that see!" Gohan swished his small tail from behind him, and the monkeys came down from the tree to play.

For a while Gohan ran around the meadow with the monkeys to play. He had so much fun with the small interesting creatures, but little did he know he was partially one.

Gohan played, jumped, ran, and hand from trees with his new monkey friends. Soon the sky was turning a sort of orange color and the sun was slowly setting…

Son household

Chichi had been cleaning for a while and then had to cook dinner. Just then Goku walked in looking happy and carrying a huge fish.

"Hey Chi, I got dinner right here!" he grinned.

Chichi had a disgusted look on her face, "Eww Goku, keep that filthy thing outside!"

"Right, by the way, where's Gohan, he deserves a break," Goku said.

"Guess you're right, I'll go get him."

Chichi walked down the hall and knocked lightly on Gohan's door. She then took a little peek in and was shocked to find the room empty. She opened the door all the way and saw his window wide opened.

By now Chichi was steaming, "Where-is-my-SON!"

Goku heard this and immediately ran to the room. He took his own peek and backed away. Chichi seemed extremely mad. She turned to Goku and darkened her eyes, and she said, "Go find Gohan now! You don't know what dinosaurs are out this late, now shoo!"

Goku immediately ran out the door hoping to find Gohan soon.


Gohan had so much fun chasing the monkeys, but it was getting really dark. Even though Gohan was smart, he was curious. When the monkeys climbed up the tree, Gohan had followed them.

"This is fun!" he said while climbing to the way top.

His monkey friends wrapped their tails around the tree branch and hung upside down. Gohan thought it would be fun and did the same. Gohan swung back and fourth laughing, until his tail felt sore, and unwrapped from the tree branch.

Gohan cried for help, but the monkeys grabbed a hold of Gohan and brought him back up.

"Thank you so much friends," Gohan said.

"OooOoo," the monkey replied.

Gohan laughed, but realized it was getting really dark. His monkey friends had climbed down the tree, but Gohan realized he couldn't reach the branches to go all the way down, so he was stuck way up high in a tree.

Gohan held tightly on to the branch and started to whine a bit. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and started crying.

"Help me!" Gohan cried.

Meanwhile Goku wasn't having any luck. He searched high and low, and couldn't find a trace of his son.

Goku stopped to a halt when he heard something…someone crying. He snapped his head to the other direction, and with his acute hearing, he knew it was his son. He raced towards the direction and followed the cries.

Finally he was lead to a big tree, and he flew straight up. There Goku found Gohan crying really hard holding on to a branch for dear life. Goku floated there confused while looking at Gohan.

Gohan opened his eyes and stopped his tears. He looked at his father while moving his head from side to side. "Daddy helps me!"

Goku laughed, "How'd you get stuck up here?"

"My monkey friends were playing game…"

"Enough said son, lets get home," Goku said and took hold of his son.

Goku smiled and flew off towards their home. When they arrived Chichi immediately smothered Gohan with hugs and kisses and whines of why he left.

Gohan said, "Mommy, I am tired of studying! I want to be like daddy and fight!"

"Oh great, my son is growing up to become a thug…" Chichi said and fainted on the ground.

Both boys looked at Chichi, then at each other and laughed. Goku picked up Chichi and walked to their room. He set her down and both boys walked out to the living room. Goku sat on the couch and put Gohan in his lap.

Gohan then looked up to Goku and smiled. "You're the best daddy."

Goku grinned and hugged Gohan a bit tired, "You're the best Gohan."