(Cut to the middle of a city in the night; it is abandoned and crumbling)
(a figure runs into frame; Heavy breathing can be heard from its mech-like armor. It holds a beefy shotgun in its hands)
(It looks behind its back; nothing can be seen. It sighs in relief and ends its running)
(It walks up to the remains of a truck and lies on it, looking up at the moonlit sky)
"Finally, a break.."
(The armor opens up; revealing a Short-haired girl in a high-school uniform, sweat crawling down her face. She rubs her eyes and hops out of the armor, landing on the ground with a soft thud)
(She looks around her once more)
"No cicadas here.. finally.."
(She grabs the shotgun from the armor and attaches it to a leg holster)
(Then, her stomach growls. She places her hand on her tummy)
"Me too, tummy. But there isn't a whole lot to eat around he-"
(She then looks at the truck once more; her eyes widen and she grins)
(Cut to the inside of the truck. She then opens it, revealing the inside to be full of sealed boxes)
(She runs up and rips open one of the boxes, its contents bags of junkfood)
(She places down her backpack, throws out some notebooks and proceeds to stuff the backback full to the point to bursting)
"Man, Yomi will be so jealous watching me hork down the good stuff!"
(Just as she was about to hop out of the truck, she hears a clicking from outside, she stops dead in her tracks)
(She slowly backs up and hides behind a small pile of boxes. The clicking only getting louder)
(Then something slowly enters the truck, its clicking echoing in her head. Right besides the terrified high-schooler is the shadow of a bug-like creature)
(She places her hand on the shotgun, shaking in her shoes. for what seemed like hours the thing just stood there.. clicking)
(The thing stops clicking and turns its many-eyed head to the entrance. Just as it was about to leave the truck, the high-schooler's stomach growls loudly)
(Her face turns pale and she whimpers to herself. The thing turns its head and starts to buzz loudly, quickly heading towards her)
(The high-schooler quickly grabs her shotgun and pumps it. Just as she pumped the shotgun, the thing makes its way over to her and swipes at her with one of its "Arms", slicing the boxes cleanly in half. The high-schooler quickly jumped to the side and shoots a round into its body, the recoil of the shotgun forcing her down onto the cold metal wall)
(Bits of exoskeleton and flesh splatter onto the ground and onto the high-schooler, the creature just turns its body and swipes once more, cutting through the wall like if it was butter. the high schooler ducks in time and unloads another round into its arm, the shot tearing its arm from its socket. The creature turns its head at the high-schooler, though its eyes showed no emotion, the high-schooler could tell in some way it was storming)
(The high-schooler tries to book it. the thing swipes at her once more, slicing her right leg. The high-schooler falls out of the truck and onto the road, she grunts in pain, her vision started to blur. She looks behind her; a arm right above her body. Just as the arm was about to stab into her, she rolls to the side and pumps her shotgun)
(The thing is now right next to her, it raises its arm up for the killing blow. The high-schooler aims between the neck of the bug-like thing)

"And you want to know what i did next?"
"Wha did ya do wha did ya do!?"
(Next to the short-haired high-schooler is a plain, medium-haired high-school girl. Something about her is... different)
"I looked at it straight in the eyes and told it; "Hey, BUG OFF" And blamo!, blew its head off!"
"Whoah! I cant believe ya encountered a cicada an' lived!"
"Yeah i know, its one of my greatest life achievements so far"
(Then, another different high-schooler steps into frame. She looks down at the short-haired girl and crosses her arms)
"Tomo, didnt i tell you not to tell made up stories to Osaka? You know she cant really tell-"
"Made up?! I am no liar! I'm just telling her how i got a backpack full of salty goodness, aint that right?"
(Osaka looks to the tall, long-haired brunette)
"If you must know, she stole them from the school while everybody else was asleep. Isn't that right?"
(Tomo shakes her head, The brunette glares at her and slowly raises her arm)
"Alriight, jeez!"
(Tomo looks to Osaka)
"No, i didnt go face to face with a bug a few days ago as cool it would've been"
"Aw.. Ah really thought ya did this time.."
(Tomo places a hand on the disappointed girls shoulder)
"Still a pretty good story though, huh?"
(Osaka nods)
"Ya tell the best stories! why dont ya become ah author one day?"
"Sitting down, writing down stuff while sipping juice just isnt in my blood. What flows is my passion for action!; Protecting my home, going into battle wearing cool armor, saving screaming ladies, and crushing the heads of our bug-based enemies! oh how wonderful it'll be!~"
(Tomo hops like a little girl for a second before calming herself down)
"..That and who'd be around to make fun of Yomi if i didnt tag along?"
(Tomo wraps her arm against Yomi's. Yomi sighs)
"You're going to be the end of me one day.."
"Hey, somebody has to do it"
(The two girls sit town next to each other. Tomo opens up the bags up chips and munches away. Yomi tries to block it out to no avail)
(Tomo looks at the brunette, her mouth full of cheesy puffs)
"You wamf som?"
"Dont tempt me"
(Tomo gulps down the mouthful of junkfood)
"Suit yourself then"
(The train then enters a station and comes to a stop where a announcement plays)
"There's our stop. Tomo, did you bring the lunch money this time? I hear they're serving something edible for once"
(Tomo pulls out a handful of dollars from her pocket)
"You bet!"
"Alright guys, lets go"
(The three girls exit the train. Cut to a landscape shot of the coastal city in front of the 3 girls. Tomo places her hands and her hips and takes a deep breath of air)
"Ahhhhhh~ Dont you love the smell of fresh air in the morning?"
(Osaka takes a sniff, she gags)
"Tha air around here smells kinda funny"
(Yomi turns her head to the right)
"Im pretty sure its because the homeless man next to you"
(The other two girls turn their heads to the man besides them. The man holds out a hat)
"Spare change?"
(Yomi and Osaka place a quarter into the hat and turn to Tomo. Tomo grumbles something to herself and places a whole dollar)
"Wow Tomo! How nice of you to donate a whole dollar to aid in this mans trying time!"
(Tomo crosses her arms and looks away)
"Hmph. I might be abit selfish, but im also a caring person you know.."
(She uncrosses her arms and a smile returns to her face)
"First one to school gets milk tea!"
"Oh you're on!"
(The both of them race off. Osaka notices and panics)
(She goes off after them, falling behind)

(Cut to a classroom somewhere in the school. The three girls enter and take their seats, sitting right next to each other)
(Osaka zones out. Tomo turns her head to her)
"Whatcha thinking, osaka?"
"What do yall think the sargent will be like?"
(Tomo thinks for a second)
"Hmm.. from all the american movies ive seen i think the sargent will be Harsh, Gruff, and Mean! They'll make us drill until you're skin and bones, crushing your soul into a fine paste, shooting you on sight for the slightest mistake, making weenies into hardened killing machines, That kind"
(Osaka shudders at the thought. Yomi shakes her head)
"I doubt they'll force high-schoolers train like the real deal. Anyways, i think our sargent will wise, smart and strategic; like a master tactici-"
(Suddenly, the door slams wide open; everybody going silent)
"Gooooood morning class~"
(A middle aged woman walks into frame, shes happily humming a familiar tune to herself)
"So will be the cannon fodder of the future?"
(She reaches a podium and turns her head to the students; her smile leaves her face. The classroom is nearly empty)
"(huh.. i could've sworn there where more signatures on the list..)"
(She turns her head to the right; She notices a certain 3 students staring at her with shock in their eyes)
"(Those 3 again? I aught to ask the school to stop assigning them to me)"
"Hey miss!"
(Tomo then waves at her happily, a smile fills the womans face)
"(Hmph, Another year with these 3 cant hurt that bad..)"
(She clears her troat)
"Okay then... Anyways, My name is Yukari Tanizaki. Some of you might know me as your english teacher from class C-10, others might know me for my good looks and 'Features'"
(She does a slightly suggestive pose; The class just stare at her quietly)
(Yomi raises her hand)
"Why are you here, miss? Shouldn't you be teaching english today?"
"I was, but your original sargent recently kicked the bucket, so i was swapped from english to make you into the finest cicada killers around. Not sure why they chose me, but hey, orders are orders"
"But why-"
"Now now, we can get into the details later, Koyomi. Anybody have any more questions?"
(All is quiet)
"Good. Since the train to Station A-ZU wont arrive for another 2 hours, im not in the mood to answer all the questions you all have floating up there; Especially you, Osaka"
"Ah maaan.."
"Since we have time to kill, i thought we could pass the time with...-"
(She whips out a large stack of papers from under the podium.)
"-A surprise english quiz!"
(The whole class collectively groans in disappointment)
(Yukari hands out the quizzes. She hums happily to herself some more)
"Hmph, i might be your sargent but im still a english teacher at heart damnit. And besides; Whoever gets the most right gets a reward~"
(Tomo gazes at Yukari in intrest)
"Which is?!"
"Not saying, its a surprise"
"At least give a hint!"
"Aint happening. Now if you have anything you want to say or do, do it now; Unless you want to get started"
"..Ah could use one of dem lucky charms right now.."
(Yomi opens up her backpack and takes out a small, coin and passes it to Osaka)
"You can borrow mine for the meantime"
"Thank ya"
(Tomo looks down at her paper; She groans and turns to Yomi)
"Hey, Yo-"
"You have a brain; Use it today at least"
(Tomo turns back to her paper; dread fills her face)
"(If only i had somebody else to turn to during these desperate times..)"
(Suddenly, there is a soft knocking on the door; Everybody turns their look to it)
"Hmm, Who could that be?"
(Yukari opens the door. She sees nothing in front of her)
"Down here!"
(Yukari looks down; In front of her is a cute, pigtailed little girl with a smile brighter than the sun looking up at her; She holds a small stack of papers)
"Are you Mrs. Yukari Tanizaki?"
(Yukari looks at her in disbelief)
"(This has to be some sort of joke..)"

"Uhhh.. Yeah, im Yukari, What brings you here little girl?"
"I came to join the Hokkaido Exterminators, Ms. Here are my recruitment papers"
(The little girl hold out the papers to Yukari. Yukari starts to imagine the kid in tiny mech-armor being chased by cicadas)
(Yukari gets the papers and reads, nodding her head once she finishes)
"..Paperwork checks out. Just wait here for a sec"
(She closes the door, sighing. She walks up to the podium and mumbles something to herself)
"Class... We have ourselves a late-rookie coming all the way from Tokyo!"
(The class talks amongst themselves)
"Now now, just because shes from Tokyo doesn't mean she cant stomp on a few bugs aswell. Comon in, class is waiting!"
(The door slowly opens, the whole class goes silent when a little girl walks out and stands next to Yukari)
(The little girl stands proudly and gives a class a smile)
"Trust me, im still in shock. Moving right along, this is our late-rookie - And according to her papers, this little bundle of joy is Chiyo Mihama"
"Im Chiyo Mihama, Thank you for having me in your team!"
(Chiyo bows at the class)
"Chiyo Mihama is 10 years old, but because she enlisted i legally cant say no to her desires. Though i am not sure why a 10 year old would want to be a glorified roach-stained newspaper, im not going to ask. And none of you better use her as cicada bait just because shes shorter than the rest of you"
(The class starts to cheer her on, though the 3 girls look at her funny)
"(Shes going to be eaten alive..)"
"Moving on, take a seat and pencil, for everybody was barely starting off their english exam before you came around"
"Though i am your sargent, im still a english teacher. So take a seat and get to it, rookie"
(Chiyo looks around for a sec before deciding to sit next to Tomo)
"Good. Now that you've got to known each other, get back to work."
(Yukari yawns and lowers herself, resting her head on the podium)
"While you do that, imma take a quick nap. Wake me up in a hour or whatever.."
(Yukari falls deep asleep, yawning loudly. For awhile, everything is quiet; then tomo starts poking Chiyo in the back with a pencil)
"Are you smart?"
"Well.. I did get into high-school a-"
(Tomo passes her a blank worksheet)
"Do my work, should be preschool stuff for you"
"While you do it im going to take a quick nap. Sargent has the right idea"
(Tomo too falls alseep. Chiyo turns to the brunette in confusion)
"Dont listen to my excuse of a friend, she likes to 'Outsource' others to do her work. Just leave it blank"
(Chiyo turns her head more to the right; She sees Osaka looking at nothing in particular)
"Mind her, she does that alot"
(Chiyo turns back to her desk; 2 papers now await her. She whimpers slightly to herself)

(Cut to a few hours later; The whole class is waiting in the station. The 3 girls are sitting on a bench)
"Osaka, i still have no clue how you passed that exam - it had like a 100 questions on there!"
(Osaka takes a bite out of her rewarded chocolate bar)
"Maybe ah was just lucky?
"Or maybe you got help from tiny tim over there!"
(Tomo points to chiyo; she stands in front of a vending machine)
"Or maybe Osaka actually put some effort into it, unlike you. You asked a little girl to help you for gods sake!"
(Yomi takes a bite out of a bun)
"Its a new low for you, Tomo. I wonder wha-"
"Ah, bite me. The only reason i flunked is because she purposely put the wrong answers to spite me"
"Tomo, shes a little kid. I doubt she knows much about english more than we do"
"Nonsense! Do you remember the movie with the detective and the murder that happened in a elementary school?"
"The one that you always force me to watch whenever you come to visit because its your favorite movie?"
"Yeah, that one. Well as you remember; The detective interrogated everybody in the school to no results and was about to call it quits, at least until he found a pair of bloodied safety scissors that lead him into a rabbithole and everything came to the conclusion that it was one of the students; The killer being a 10 year old girl!"
"You really think that little ol Chiyo is up to something? Tomo, i think that movie is starting to rub off you in more ways than one"
"Think about it, nobody ever suspects a little girl until you hear cute giggling at the end of a hallway! and before you know it, you have a pair of safety siccors in your neck"
(Osaka turns to Yomi slightly afraid)
"Ah think Tomo's on to somethin'"
"Dont tell me you think Chiyo is a killer too! Shes a little girl, you could literally pin her down with one hand and be reading a book with another!"
"..That is if you can find her"
"The hell you mean?"
"Smaller things tend to be better hiders, so if you where being hunted by one it would be near invisible!"
"...Tomo, i think you're starting to have more in common with Osaka than Yukari"
(Chiyo approaches the 3 girls)
"You say that now, but we'll see who hears cute giggling at the end of a dark hallway"
"Hey im back! I bought you all some snacks! (Chiyo opens up a small baggie and each girl a snack. Tomo looks at the little girl in questioning)
"Uhh.. Thanks, Chiyo"
"You're welcome!"
(Chiyo smiles brightly at Tomo. Tomo mumbles something under her breath)
"(Ill be keeping a eye on you, girlie..)"
(Chiyo takes a seat. Yomi turns to Tomo)
"See? What you consider a killer just bought you a snack! How could she be dangerous?"
(Chiyo turns her gaze to the two girls)
"Dangerous? Whos dangerous?"
"Tomo thinks you're a d-d-dang-"
(Tomo quickly holds Yomi's hand, shutting her up instantly)
"What Yomi is trying to say is that.. uh.. That you'rrre.. dangerously cute for somebody wanting to be a cicada killer"
"You really think so Yomi?"
(Yomi nods silently)
"I might look cute, but i-"
(A train enters the station and comes to a complete halt)
"Train to AZ-U has arrived! gather your belongings and get your butts in the train!"
(Yukari blows on a whistle and everybody starts boarding the train. The 4 girls board and take their seats. The doors close and the train quickly leaves the station)
"Why did you hold my hand earlier in the station?"
"It was either that, or me elbowing your stomach and risk being slapped with the force of a million men. It got you to shut up, nothing more"
"I suppose so.."

"Wha kind of dog is Tadakichi? Is he one of dem guard dogs that are mean?"
"Tadakichi is a Great Pyrenees, He's a gentle giant who wouldn't even hurt a fly!"
(Chiyo looks through her backpack and takes out a framed picture of a large, white dog with her riding it like a trusty steed)
"Whoa, He's bigger than any dog ah ever seen! Ya think he minds it?"
"He never seems to complain when i ride him. I dont think he does"
"Ah want one now"
"Best we get our things ready, Osaka"
(Meanwhile on the other row of seats, Tomo is fast alseep while Yomi is reading a book)
"Train's about to arrive, Tomo"
(Yomi shakes Tomo abit, Tomo's head rests opon Yomi's shoulder - Tomo mutters something under her breath)
"(5 more minutes mom... snooore)"
"If diplomacy fails.."
(Yomi jabs tomo on the side)
"GHYAAA! I SURREND- Ay, whats up with the sudden wake up call?"
"Trains about to arrive at the station and i dont want to carry your stuff"
"Carrying my stuff gives you the muscle you so very much need, so im doing you a favor"
"Shut up"
(Cut to a landscape shot of a ruined city in the distance; The 4 girls look out the window in awe. The train stops at a station and opens its doors. The 4 girls exit and take a look at their surroundings; The station is bustling with activity. The station itself is terribly bland and brutalist)
"Aah.. I remember this place like yesterday"
(Yukari stands next to the 4 girls)
"Like yesterday?"
"Oh right, i dont think i ever told you guys"
"Told us what?"
(A person in uniform approaches the small band of rookies; The uniformed person gazes at the rookies intensely, the rookies look slightly scared)
"So these are the rookies you expect me to turn into Exterminators, Yukari?"
"Hey, they signed the papers themselves, not me"
(Yukari hands over the papers to the uniformed person. They read the papers and sigh)
"Papers check out. Well, when life gives you lemons.."
(The person removes their helmet, Revealing a middle-aged man with long, greying hair. He takes a deep breath and looks at the rookies once more)
"Good afternoon, Rookies, You look like a varied bunch, so how about you introduce them to me, Sargent Yukari?"
(Yukari clears her throat)
"The tall brunette with glasses is Koyomi Mizuhara, she joined because she wants credits to join the more prestigious universities"
"Honer to be here, Sir"
(Yomi bows her head)
"The short hair with a big smile on her face is Tomo Takino, she joined for "The cool guns and armor, not letting Yomi have all the fun, and crushing the heads of her bug-based enemies"
"Reporting for duty, Sir!"
(Tomo gives the corporal a big thumbs up)
"The one who's spaced out is Ayumu Kasuga, She joined because she would be very sad if she left her friends alone"
"Hi! A'm Osaka!"
(Osaka stops spacing out and waves at the corporal)
"The pigtailed 10 year old is Chiyo Mihama, though i am not sure why she joined actually, she didnt write why"
(Chiyo bows and looks at the corporal with a smile in her face)
"Good Afternoon, Mister! I might be young, but i will do my absolute best!"
(Yukari introduces the rest of the rookies. The corporal chuckles to himself and bows)
"Good to meet you all, My name is Corporal Maryland of the local Hokkaido Exterminators"

(Cut to the inside of a bus; It is stuffed to the brim with rookies and luggage)
"So what you think AZ-U will look like? I hear its basically school, but with military stuff thrown into the mix"
"You think we'll still have to continue our education there?"
"Thats what my mom told me. And if she is right then doing all this is worth squat! i came to shoot things, not learn math!"
"We're still high-schoolers, Tomo. We have to finish our education one way or another. And besides, im sure you'll get the chance to shoot something there"
"I suppose so. Maybe ill be able to pump some lead into a cicada while we're there"
"Thats the spirit"
(Cut to another set of seats; Yukari looks bored out of her mind)
"God, its taking forever to get there.."
"Its only a hour drive to AZU. And besides, we're almost there"
"I dont remember it being this boring. And besides, the rookies seem bored to death aswell"
(The two turn their heads; Either the rookies are sleeping or being bored)
"Yeah, they look abit dead. What do you want me to do about it?"
"Why not tell them why they are here to begin with? That'll probably wake them up"
"..Fine, Im not doing much anyways"
(Maryland gets up from his seat and clears his throat)
(Everybody turns their gaze to Maryland)
"Ive noticed that you all look like you've been staring at paint, like if joining the Hokkaido Exterminators is but a mere field-trip. But let me tell you, this is the real deal and i will not have you sitting around like this once we get to business; So let me wake you up by telling you why you are here"
(Maryland turns his gaze to outside; the ruined city not too far)
"20 years ago, that city over there was known as Sapporo; It used to be a Beautiful city before the bugs swarmed it and made it into their nesting grounds. 4 years ago a local exterminator militia successfully captured a abandoned military base with a small piece of the city and named it 'Azuma Square', Then we bought it and changed the name to 'Station AZ-U' and here we are now; Pushing back the Cicadas over time to eventually capture back the city. Better than nuking it, thats for sure"
(He turns his gaze back to the rookies)
"The reason you are here is beyond me, but i do know that we all joined to kill those 6 legged bastards at some point. Right?"
(The rookies talk among themselves)
"Whatever you think, just know that some of you might end up as cicada feed"
(The rookies go silent)
"Sargent Yukari, do you have no faith in these rookies?"
"Hey, just letting them know what to expect"
"Well, i have faith that these rookies will become great exterminators one day and i will be sure of that. But just know that i wont be doing any of the teaching stuff, thats Yukari's job"
"So we'll haft'a learn english ov'a there too?"
"You're all high-schoolers, so you'll be carrying your education no matter where you go until you finish it"
"Even in the field?"
(Cut to a few moments later; The bus arrives at AZU and the bus opens its doors. Yukari steps out first and stretches)
"Man, it hasn't changed a thing since last i left!"
"If it aint broke, dont fix it"
(Maryland steps out of the bus. He looks at the base and smiles)
(The rest of the rookies exit the bus and look around)
"This place looks like if the school was turned into a military base, right tomo?"
"Took the words out of my mouth"
"Do ya think we'll get our own beds or will we haft'a share?"
"I cant imagine Me sleeping with Tom-"
(Tomo starts to chuckle)
"Rookies, i want to welcome you to Station AZ-U, You will be the next generation of Exterminators with the main goal of clearing out the infestation in several key areas to reclaim the city. When this is all over you'll be able to whatever your little hearts desire. But i have a feeling some of you will stick around. Any questions?"
(Osaka raises her hand)
"Yes, Ayumu?"
"Will we haf'ta share beds?"
"No, each of you will be getting your own bed. Any more questions?"
(No response)
"No? Then let us start off with the first duty of the day; Me showing you all around AZU so that you dont get lost. Come along now"

(Everybody follows Maryland into AZU. Cut to a montage of the rookies being introduced to several places of the base)
(End montage and cut to the 4 girls during lunch)
"What did ya'll bring for lunch? Ah packed mah'self lunch, look"
(Osaka takes out a small bento box from her bag. She opens it; Its spicy curry)
"When did you have a taste for spicy curry?"
"Ah dont.. Ah think ah packed the wrong lunch.."
(Chiyo takes out her lunch; Its a perfectly made bento box. The 3 girls look in shock)
"I woke up early this morning to make it! Its alot harder than i thought but it was fun too!"
"Y-you make your own lunch?! a 10 year old?!"
"Yeah, i figured since im a high-schooler now i aught to make my own"
"Im impressed! See Tomo? If a 10 year old can make herself lunch, you-"
(Tomo slams her hands on the table and glares at a now slightly scared Chiyo)
"Are you trying to make a fool out of me?!"
"What, no! Im ju-"
"Well know this, Little Missy; You have made a enemy of me, Tomo TAKINO! I will not be clowned by a 10 year old girl! You-"
(While Tomo shouts at the 10 year old girl, Osaka's stomach growls. Osaka looks at her food in despair)
"(Maybe if a'h eat it very fast a'h wont feel the burn?)"
(Osaka gulps and attempts to down the curry. She makes it half way through before she stops dead in her track. Her face becomes red, sweaty and full of tears)
"(Ah have made a grave mistake..)"
(Everybody stops what they're doing and turns to Osaka. Osaka is hyperventilating and panicking. She quickly grabs Yomi's drink, only to spit it out all over Yomi once she realizes its a carbonated drink)
(Osaka quickly stands up and looks around her for a water fountain to no avail)
(Osaka runs out of the cafeteria flailing her arms like a mad woman. Yomi dips her finger in the curry and gives it a taste)
"..Is it spicy?"
"Huh.. this curry uses shishito peppers"
"Arent those kind of sweet and not very spicy?"
"Hey chiyo, i bet 50 yen you'll cry the first bit-"
(Yomi karate chops Tomo's head and Tomo falls silent)
"Shut up and eat your lunch. Chiyo, dont listen to whatever Tomo tells you, okay? Shes always uptight about her self-es-"
(Chiyo nods. Tomo was about to raise her voice, but was silenced once more by another chop to the head)
(Meanwhile Yukari is sitting outside when Osaka runs up to her redder than a tomato)
"Whoah there, speak slower i cant understand you"
"A'h.. need... water.. a'hm.. on.. fire"
"I brought some bottled water, but its in my living quarters"
(Yukari hands Osaka a keycard of sorts)
"Be sure to bring it back to me when you had your fill"
(Osaka runs off)
"What did she do this time?.."

(Cut to the living quarters; Everybody is sleeping soundly except one; Tomo. She tosses and turns, visions of her stomping the heads of her bug-based enemies full her head. She wakes up in a sweat. She could hear clawing and loud meowing from inside of her head)
(Tomo jumps off her bed quietly and walks up to a sleeping Osaka)
"Psst, Osaka.. Osaaaka.. Osaka"
"mmmmphmmh.. W-wha? Is it mornin' already?"
"Hey, do you still have the keycard?"
"Yeah, ya gonna get some water?"
"Uhh.. yeah"
"Can ya get me some too? A'hm awfully thirsty too"
(A Idea hatches inside of her head, making Tomo grin slightly)
"You know what, why dont we go get some together? I hear theres a vending machine not too far from here"
(Osaka gets up and brushes herself off. The two girls quietly exit the room and wander around for awhile)
"Ya sure you know where the vending machine is? We could alwa-"
(Osaka turns to a map on the wall; The two girls are near the elevator to the armory. Tomo swipes the keycard from osaka)
"Wha are we doin near the armory? Tomo?"
(Tomo stares at the entrace to the armory; A single guard stands guarding. She can already see herself hold up high the head of a Cicada for all to see. The only thing she has to do is get rid of osaka)
"Tomo ya there?"
"Hey.. i need to talk to you about something ive been thinking about"
"Wha do ya have in mind?"
(Tomo pulls osaka into a corner, hidden away from any guards and cameras)
"Whatever i tell you is a secret between the both of us, you got that?"
"Good.. You know how sometimes there is this burning desire to do something you shouldn't because it is dangerous?"
"Wha do ya mean?"
"Well, remember when you dreamed you could fly by jumping off the roof of the school? Everybody knows thats dangerous and even dimwitted, yet despite the warnings you went to the roof and nearly jumped when yukari stopped you! Did you feel something going up the stairs to the roof?"
"A'h felt.. excited? A'h never thought i'd figure it out, but there a'h was! I swore A'h could feel the wind in my hair"
"Well, i guess you could say im feeling the same; Ever since i was a middle-schooler, i had dreams of being like my grandpappy; A man who'd go out of his way to fight in the front-lines to slay those who threaten his home and to calm his inner wildcat. I intend to slay the enemies of my friends and ill be damned if i dont start tonight!"
"But thats dangerous! Ya could get yourself killed!"
"I know, everybody else would think so too, but you want to know what, I drink the waters of risk, i sleep in the bed of danger, i breath the idea of my own demise! I fear no bug! I, TOMO TAKINO, SLAYER OF CICADAS, FEAR NO DEATH, NOT NOW OR EVER!"
(Tomo laughs like a madwoman. Osaka steps back slightly afraid)
"Osaka, i was going to tell you to go back to bed, but now i leave you with a choice; Either you go and get your water and go back to bed, or you can come with me, Taste the freedom of danger and show those 6 legged freaks not to mess with Humanity, Me and You!"
(Tomo holds out her hand. Osaka just stares at it)
"Tomo.. when ya told me that story earlier today, A'h belived you really did. Ya told it from the heart like if ya where really there, and a'hm not sure why, but ah was inspired! Now ah know what it feels to be like ya; Dangerously free! And ah.. ah kinda like that feeling"
(For awhile Osaka just stares... Osaka then looks at Tomo straight in the eyes, her grin wider than ever before. She shakes hands with Tomo)
"Heh.. I guess in some ways it always been us against the world. Now, nothing can stop us!"
"Yeah.. So, whats ya got planned?"

(Cut to the elvator entrance; A security guard stands there, bored out of her mind. Out of all the places she could be assigned, why did she have to be the one assigned to the armory elevator? Everybody else got assigned somewhere somewhat interesting, but nooo; Lets assign Mrs. Lani to-)
(Suddenly, a rather different girl walks up to her and just.. stares at her..)
"Uh.. Are you lost, rookie?"
(She just continues to stare at her with her unchanging eyes)
"..Is everything alright?"
(She girl keeps on staring. Lani starts to worry)
"..Is there something behind me? Is there something on me?!"
(Osaka continues to stare. Lani looks uncomfortable)
"S-stop looking at me like that! You're starting to freak me out"
(She swears that strange rookie was staring into her soul)
"Oh... hai there! Ah was wonderin where the bathrooms are and if ya can take me to em"
"Oh. Uh.. sure! Come along now"
"(Strange, but rookies do get lost the first days. And besides, it was better than just standing there all night. Shouldn't take that lo-)"
(Suddenly something whacks Lani in the head and she goes limp; her body falling to the ground. Tomo comes out of the corner she was hiding in with a glass bottle in hand)
"Tomo.. is she dead?"
(Tomo checks her pulse)
"Nope, still breathing. We aught to hide the body, but where?.. I know!"
(Cut to the tomo finishing up a scene; Lani's body was stuffed into a bathroom stall with a couple beer bottles for good measure. Tomo locks the stall and smiles at her handiwork)
"This is what booze does to you, Osaka; First you feel fine and before you know it you end up like Mrs. Lani over here"
"...Can we go now?"
"Yeah, lets not waste anymore moonlight. Comon"

(Cut back to the living quarters; Chiyo is sleeping soundly when the sound of metal grating fills her ears)
"mmphm.. unng.. whats going on..?"
(Chiyo slowly raises out of bed and walks up to the window)
"..What are they doing this time of hour?"
(The armories garage door fully opens. Suddenly, a ATV speeds out and does a donut on the pavement)
"Man, this whole driving thing feels natural to me. Wanna give this bad boy a spin?"
(That voice, it sounded familiar.. Chiyo turns to the bed next to Yomi; Its empty of her supposed "Ememy")
"A'hm good, just dont drive like Mrs. Yukari please"
(Chiyo's eyed widen. She turns to the bed next to hers; Osaka is nowhere to be seen)
"Cant make any promises"
(The ATV speeds off out of the base)

(Chiyo stood there in shock, she couldn't comprehend what just happened)
"(D-did they just- they- she- but-)"
(For a few moments more she stood, then her brain goes to panic mode and she runs over to the sleeping brunette)
(Chiyo tries to shake Yomi awake. Yomi quickly rises up and accidentally slaps the little pigtailed girl, making her fall to the ground)
"AHH! DONT HURT ME PLEa.. Oh, its just you! Wha- Why are you on the ground?"
(Chiyo rises and turns to Yomi; Her right cheek now has a seering handmark, Slight tears in her eyes. Yomi winces at the damage)
"Oh my god, I am SO sorry! You you want me to take you Nurses office!?"
(Chiyo shakes her head and sheds a few tears. Chiyo takes a deep breath)
"Slow down. So what did you see?"
"I think i saw Tomo and Osaka steal a ATV from the armory and drive off out of the base and into the cit-"
(Yomi became pale. Then she looks at Chiyo in some sort of emotion between panic, fear and anger)
"...Holy shit"

(Cut to the middle of a city in the night; it is abandoned and crumbling)
(Two figures walk into frame; Heavy breathing can be heard from the one with mech-like armor, The other figure holds a beefy shotgun, whistling a familiar tune to itself. The armored one falls to its knees and takes off its helmet)
"how.. long.. have.. we.. been.. walkin'?.."
"Its only been 10 minutes since we crashed the ATV. Why?"
"Its so.. hot in here.. why do people even wear these things.."
"Did you turn on internal AC?"
"Internal AC?"
(Tomo opens a small compartment in the armors back and presses a button)
"Ahhhh, thats much bet-"
(Suddenly, they hear a clicking to their right. The two girls quickly hide behind the remains of a truck. The clicking comes closer and stays in place. One was pretty sure they would die of a heart attack on the spot, the other holds a shotgun closer to herself than family)
(For a few moments the clicking stayed, then it stops and sounded like it was walking away)
(The two girls internally sigh a breath of relief; Only for Osaka to hiccup...)
(Just as Osaka did that, a massive arm comes down and slices the truck in two, nearly slicing the girls in half)
(Two other arms stab into the halves and tear the truck in half, Revealing a 3 armed cicada that towers over the two girls. Tomo fires a round into one of its eyes, forcing her down onto the ground. It flinches in pain, then all of its other eyes concentrate on the short haired girl)
(Tomo whimpers. A arm raises above the high-schooler and plunges down, Tomo barely rolls away and pumps her shotgun. She stand up attempts to flee, but a unseen arms slams the high-schooler's side; The high-schooler is thrown a few feet into the air, she then falls to the ground and groans in pain, the Cicada buzzes and charges towards her)
(Osaka stands, paralyzed in fear at the sight of the Cicada. She wanted to run and hide, she wanted to be back in bed to dream whatever dream she had, but then she heard tomo scream her name.. Something in her rose up, it told her to help her comrade in need; So she listened. Osaka charges towards battle)
(Tomo tries to get up and run, she only goes a few feet pain before overcomes her. She looks headlong at the bug charging at her, shotgun in hand. Just as the cicada was about to slice the high-schooler in half, a stream of flame engulfs the cicada from behind. The cicada turns to its new attacker)
(Osaka charges at the beast, she lets out a steady stream of flame from her right-arm nozzle. The cicada swipes, Osaka nearly jumps out of the way but is then pinned down by 3 smaller arms that stab into the backside tanks of the mech-armor. Osaka struggles to get out, screaming and cry out)
(For a second Tomo panics, then she remembers something Maryland said from the tour earlier)
(Osaka struggles for anything that can remove the tanks to no avail)
(Osaka screams in pain as one of the arms tear through the armor into her side. She tries to struggle, she eventually starts to go limp..)
(Tomo looked in horror as her friend went limp, her body had turned pale, tears flowing down her face. She wanted to faint, but the wildcat in her wouldn't take no for a answer; Especially if one of her friends was on the line. Her brain became blank; the only thing inside was rage, sheer burning rage directed at this.. beast. Without any restraint, Tomo stands up, pumps the shotgun and charges headfirst, screaming the warcry of her wildcat ancestors)
(The cicada quickly turns to Tomo, throwing Osaka away but unable to throw off the fuel tanks. The cicada roars at Tomo and charges towards her. It raises its 3 arms and pounces. Tomo dives, rolls and fires a slug at its underside; Bug bits splatter all over the high-schooler. The bug falls to its side, but quickly gets up and charges. Tomo jumps out of the way and unloads a round into one of its arms; The arm is torn straight from its socket but slices into Tomo's leg, causing her to groan in pain. The cicada turns and charges at the injured short-hair once more. Tomo pumps the shotgun and stands her ground)

(A ATV stops at a wreckage of one of its own; Two figures walk towards the wreckage, one of them holding onto the others shirt out of fear)
"Well, heres the ATV but no sign of Tomo or Osaka anywhere. You have any idea, Chiyo?"
"I-I dont know.. i think we should'nt be here"
"Me neither, but whatever that knucklehead's reason was for having to drag Osaka in all this, im going to rip her a new-"
(Yomi grabs the radio from Chiyo)
"This is Mizuhara, over"
"Well, we found the remains of what could be their little joyride but not the two so far"
"Yes Yukari?"
"Understood, mrs"
"Thats so kind of you Mrs. Yukari!"
"So where do you think they are, Yomi?"
"Knowing Tomo, she could've gotten herself in all sort of situations! For one-"
(Suddenly, a loud bang could be heard. The two girls look at the direction the sound. Chiyo pinpoints it and the two girls heads towards it)

(It was strange floating around in nothing; Well, it is nothing, unless you count a weird yellow cat thing staring at you while you do. But despite its weird look, something about it made it feel as if it was a father, your father to be more specific. For what seemed like forever Osaka floated in nothing, the cat thing her only company. She was about to do a sick triple backflip when the cat thing spoke to her)
"Ayumu.. Ayumu.."
(Osaka approaches the cat thing)
"How are you?"
"A'hm good, just been floatin' around. Say Mr. Cat, am ah dead?"
"No, you are not dead. This is all merely where you go when you are unconscious"
"Ah thank goodness! Ah still gots lots of things to wander; Like-"
"Yes, Yes, much to wonder about. Now, do you know how you ended up here?"
"Hmm.. Well, ah was with Tomo fightin' a big bug when it grabbed me and poked me really hard with somethin' and here ah am"
"Tomo, Huh? That girl has a Spirt of a Wildcat in her, for better or for worse. I bet she gets herself in plenty trouble"
"She can sometimes be mean.. and loud, but ah've known her since 5th grade and we're good friends! One time she gave me one of dem melonbreads just for bein a good friend, an' that was really nice of her. Tomo's a good friend"
"She sounds like the type. Well, ill be heading off"
"How come?"
"Well you're going to be waking in a few moments and dont want to bother you with whatever comes next. Good Luck, Ayumu Kasuga!"
"See ya later Mr. Cat!"
(Slowly, osaka came to. Her body strangely felt light weight as if there was nothing at all. Slowly her vision restored itself; first thing Osaka saw was Tomo; For some reason she was just standing there. Then her eyes gazed slighty to the right; The Cicada charging at her full speed. Seeing the danger Tomo was in, Osaka quickly got up and charged towards her)

(Tomo felt weak, she wanted to collapse and let the end come to her. But something inside of her insisted that she go out in a blaze of fury like she always wanted, so she humored it. She aimed the shotgun at the stuck fuel-tanks and readied her trigger finger; She was ready, she was going to die in a blaze of glory, and maybe she would tell Osaka what she missed and maybe eat some meatballs later.. yeah, consider it a date. But then she noticed something approching from her side. Before she could understand what it was, it tackled her out of the way of the charging Cicada. Tomo pressed the trigger and before she knew it, the world was nothing but the whitest of whites)
(After what seemed like a eternity in a ringing white void, her vision started to come back. The first thing she saw was the charred remains of her enemy. She then looked at the thing that tackled her; It was Osaka. The suit slowly opened up and a beaten Osaka falls from it. She crawls towards Tomo and lies herself down next to her)
"ah'm going to take a nap.. night Tomo"
(Osaka falls alseep next to her. Tomo looks at her and smiles. Tomo pats her head and sighs)
"Sleep tight, Osaka. You deserve some shuteye"
(For what seemed like hours Tomo just looked up at the moonlit sky, not a care in the world. Suddenly, what sounded like a ATV comes to a stop closeby)
"Chiyo, Call base and tell them we need medical here, pronto!"
"Yes mam!"
(Yomi runs up to the injured girls and tries to clean up any wounds and such. Tomo turns her head to Yomi and gives a big smile)
"I did it, Yomi. Hehehe"
(Yomi turns to Tomo worry in her eyes)
"Tomo?! How bad are your injuries?"
"Hmm.. well, pretty sure i broke half of my ribcage and probably wont have a leg to stand on, but other than that, i feel fine"
"Fine?! You are not fine, Takino! You literally sent the base into a panic and and i was forced to find your sorry hide and-..."
(Tomo was starting to lose consciousness and she was starting to fade. As she faded, Yomi's voice seemed to become more angelic as she faded; Or maybe her voice was always angelic and maybe Tomo never really bothered to notice it until now... Maybe she should tell Yomi.. maybe..)

(After what seemed to be a eternity of doing backflips, Tomo was starting to wake. First thing she saw was the face of her pigtailed rival looking at her)
"Hey, i think Mrs. Tomo is starting to wake up!"
(Tomo looks in front of her; Its all familar faces! Theres Corporal Maryland, Yukari, Yomi and even that Lani chick! Maryland and Yukari and walk up to Tomo)
"Evening, Takino"
"Hey Tomo, how you holding?"
"Could be worse for wear. Spit out what you have to spit"
(Maryland clears his throat)
"Well, considering the events of two nights ago i aught to kick you out"
"...So be i-"
"-But apprently you're well liked amongst your small group, so much in fact that they locked me out of my living quarters so that they could reason with me for 4 hours straight - Heck, even Sargent Yukari was on your side. And well, i saw their reasoning; If you had the gonads to wake up in the middle of the night, steal base property and go out into the city with the intent of killing bugs with only a shotgun deserves some respect from me, even if it is pretty much suicide"
"Thanks, Maryland. I knew you-"
"But as punishment for doing all that to begin with, you and Ayumu will be made to do janitorial services for the rest of your time here. Should be fair, right?"
"..I suppose. Better than being kicked out. Say, hows Osaka doing?"
"Mrs. Ayumu? She's over there"
(Tomo turns to her left; Next to her is Osaka, who is eating from a ration. Osaka looks at Tomo and waves happily)
"Hiya Tomo! The folks here gave me breakfast from this bag! It tastes kinda funny though"
"Hehe, be sure to save me some of that, i wanna try some bagfood myself"
(Tomo turns back to Maryland)
"You know what? I think cleaning up vomit wont be all that bad after all"
"Good to hear. Well, ill leave you to your day, I got a base to run"
(Maryland exits the room. Yukari down at Tomo)
"Hey squirt"
"Hey Sarge"
"Gotta admit Tomo, what you did last night was damn impressive! I heard you and Osaka actually killed a brood cicada!"
"A what now?"
"Basically a mother. Those things can be vicious, and i would know having encountered a few myself. But by the time i did, i was already half-way finished through schooling and advanced training. You got some spunk in you, kid. Keep up the good work. Ill see you in class a month or two from now"
(Yukari leaves the room. Lani shakes her head disaprovingly at Tomo ands walks out. Tomo turns her head to Chiyo and gives her a grin)
"Dont think our rivalry has ended just because im stuck here, Peanut. Ill beat you in something, thats for sure"
"I think you already beat me in being a better exterminator, first day of school no less!"
"Tomo: 1, Peanut: 0"
"Im not a peanut!"
(Chiyo glares at tomo. Tomo lets out a hearty laugh)
"You call that a glare? Ive seen kittens look at me angrier than you, oh man.."
(Yomi approces Tomo)
"Run along now, we grown ups got business to do"
(Chiyo walks away. Tomo turns to Yomi)
"Sup Yoms"
"Hey Tomo"
"Pretty eventful first day of school, huh?"
"I'll say. Cant belive you and Osaka actually actually *killed* one of those things - Let alone a brood mother!"
"You said i would get the chance to shoot something, and i took it to the max!"
"You and Osaka nearly died getting to the base! If You or Osaka died, i wouldnt be able to live with myself. ..Maybe i *could* live a alittle if you at least went into a coma"
"Ah shut it, you know you would miss me"
"Bet. Say, you want to know whats funny?"
"This whole thing sounds awfully like the story you told on the train yesterday"
"You think?"
"Think about it! You got to fight a cicada, got your leg sliced off, you even got to say a one-liner"
"Hmm... once you say it that way, its like i was living the story in person! Life is funny that way i guess"
(The bell chimes and the hallways come to life with activity)
"Well there goes the bell. Today is day one of 'School' and you're going to probably miss out on who knows how much training! Want me to bring you you're assignments so you dont miss out?"
"Ill be fine; If me and Osaka can kill a brood mother without any prior training then im sure its just in our blood! Right?"
"Alright. Well, see you later today?"
"Its not like ill be going anywhere anytime soon"
(Yomi heads towards the door. She turns to Tomo one last time)
"You dont plan on doing such a thing again, right?"

"Hehehe. No promises"