A little something I've been working on in my spare time away from Dining with Divinity. I discovered Danmachi earlier in the year, and it's quickly become one of my new favourite series. If anyone gets the chance, I recommend checking it out. It's worth the watch and read.

A little One-Shot idea. Could become a little something more if people enjoy it.

I hope you all enjoy the read.

A Naruto/Danmachi Crossover Idea

Baked Divinity

"Just a little bit more," Naruto muttered to himself, standing precariously on the top of a ladder with a paintbrush in one hand and a tin of paint resting between his feet. His tongue poked out between his lips, his hand moving a mile a second with orange residue flicking through the air and staining the ground below and the shirt he was wearing. He was never the best at drawing, and he was no Sai when it came to the skill, but he could manage something as simple as this. As long as he kept the paint inside the line, he'd consider the endeavour a success. Behind him, walking the streets of Orario, multiple people stopped and watched as the blonde talked to himself, watching and waiting to see what he was doing. They were all very curious to see what he was doing.

Separated into eight sections, Orario, otherwise known as the Dungeon City of Orario, was home to strongest adventurers the world had to offer, and home to the only Dungeon in the world. A city of adventures, and Adventurers. A city of Gods, and Monsters, where Heroes were born and their deeds became famous. When the Gods of Tenkai came down to the mortal world, they created the Tower of Babel to keep the monsters from spilling out across the land, and gifted mortals with their blessing. With the blessing of the Gods, mortals became capable of fighting against the creatures that plagued them for so long.

Groups soon began popping up across the Dungeon City, and soon they became dubbed as Familia's. Dozens, if not hundreds of Familia's scoured the landscape, both inside and outside Orario as each one tried to make a living for themselves. Some were small, and some over a hundred strong, each led by a God or Goddess, who came to view the recipients of their falna as their own children. The falna increased with the more experience (otherwise known as excelia) they gained, and could be read by their Familia deity like chapters in a storybook.

It was on the edge of the West and North-Western sectors where the shinobi found himself. The building had been abandoned for months before Naruto appeared within the city of Orario, taking it over and renovating the whole building to make it look as good as new. Until now, the building had been an old noodle store for more than thirty decades, first opened back in the day when the city was hosting the old Zeus and Hera Familia's. Now though, the owner had long since retired and closed up shop, leaving behind an empty building that bordered on disrepair. Only a fool with a crazy dream would have the courage to take on the building.

Clearly, no one had ever met someone like Naruto Uzumaki.

For months, a large white tarp had covered the building, and the goings-on of construction was heard by those passing closeby. Guild Officials and even some young adventurers had tried to sneak a peek at what was going on within the old building, but each time they all found themselves being turned away by the charismatic blonde. His sunny disposition and charming smile were seemingly enough to send them on their merry way.

Now, however, it appeared the wait was over. One morning the tarp was gone, and in its stead, was a refurbished building looking brand-spanking new. One wouldn't have thought the building was potentially more than a century old. The door was closed, and the windows were the only thing still covered, preventing anyone from peering inside.


In one fluid motion, the blonde surprised everyone by performing a backflip off the top of the ladder, landing smoothly on his two feet. The paintbrush was still in his hand, though no one had the heart to tell him paint was dripping onto the stone path. Everyone was too busy staring at the banner that stretched across the front of the building. Orario was used to seeing the weird and wonderful, but this succeeded in capturing their attention.

The banner was stark white, with not a speck of paint out of place. Spanning across it was the name, Uzumaki Bakery, in orange writing going from corner to corner. In the middle of the banner separating the two words was a pink icing and sprinkled doughnut. Going through the hole in the doughnut, was a fox with nine tails swishing behind it, a cute and adorable smile that plucked at the heartstrings of everyone that gazed upon it.

"Not too shabby, if I say so myself." He said to no one in particular. For the next couple of minutes, he blonde disappeared inside the building, taking the paint and the ladder with him, before reappearing outside with a fresh change of clothes. Unlike before, an orange apron rested comfortably over his white shirt, with one sleeve pinned up to accommodate the lack of a limb. He spun around and faced the people idly sharing at him, "Good morning, ladies, and gentleman. I'm pleased to announce Uzumaki Bakery is now open for business. Please form a single file queue, and please do not push."


Everyone looked at him like he'd grown a new arm in front of them all.

He grinned and swung the front door wide open. The second he did, the scent of freshly baked bread, pastries and warm chocolate washed over the street, making everyone who was moving stop in their tracks, and those that were unmoving to lean in. Walking inside, Naruto pulled the blinds up, revealing the interior of his new store. A long glass display case ran across the back of the room, with a counter for Naruto to collect payment and a door that led to another room. Even from outside, those closest to the front of the new bakery could see the baked good sitting proudly within their jail, with some unknowingly finding themselves pressed up against the glass.

"As I said, everyone who wishes to come in please form a queue, and enjoy my baked goods." The blond replied, slipping inside and patiently waiting behind the counter. In the blink of an eye, a dozen or so people filed inside with more soon beginning to appear.

Short while Later

"Hmm? What's all the commotion about?" Tiona asked herself, looking down the long line of people that were queueing all along the street. Following along, the line of people was at least fifty people strong, each one looking more impatient as the last. She had been out for a simple stroll around the city with no real destination in mind when she happened to enter the west side of Orario. Her twin was somewhere in the Dungeon, at least, that's what she got led to believe after the girl followed/stalked their Captain for most of the afternoon.

She and Tione were going to hit up the shopping district, and take a peek at the new clothing that just came in specifically for Amazons such as themselves. It was their favourite store in the city. It where she bought the clothes she was wearing. They were even going to look at purchasing some new jewellery. They were both suckers for anything gold, just like the rest of their race. Without her twin, shopping was no fun and ended up wandering the city alone.

Lefiya was having one of her lessons with Riviria, and Ais was no doubt farming monsters for their magic crystals somewhere on the Middle Floors. Then there was Bete. Well, she didn't really care what Bete was doing. He was probably off brooding somewhere in Twilight Manor or drinking his body weight in a tavern somewhere.

Looking down the queue of people, the Amazon held her hands on hips before noticing a familiar face amongst them. She leaned in with a hand covering her brow and squinted her eyes to check it was who she thought it was.

"Oh, Raul!"

The young man in question turned his head side to side and found Tiona jogging up to him.

"Miss Tiona?"

"Hey, Raul! What's up! Do you know what's going on?" She asked, motioning to queue, "I've never seen a queue this long outside of adventurers trying to get into the Dungeon."

"You haven't heard? A new bakery opened up this morning." Raul pointed to the building about thirty meters down the road, "That building with the white tarp over it for months finally opened."

Tiona's mouth formed into an o shape, "Really? That what that was?" The Amazon remembered passing by the building a couple of times. Some of the other girls in the Loki Familia tried to guess, but none expected it was getting turned into a new bakery, "So, is the food good then?"

Raul scratched the back of his head, moving one step forward as the line steadily moved, "I guess it must be if so many people are queueing up. I only know about it because Anakitty came back to Twilight Manor about an hour ago, with a big tray of assorted doughnuts in her hands. You should have seen the Hall when she peeled the lid back. I thought the other members were going to try and snatch the baked good from beneath her nose. Anakitty had to retreat to her bedroom so she could eat them."

"Wow, those must be some great doughnuts!"

At that moment, a customer who must have just left the bakery walked passed Raul and Tiona, the lid open and allowing a delightful aroma of warm chocolate to tickle their sense of smell. Neither Tiona nor Raul could help but lick their lips unknowingly.

"That smells heavenly," Tiona whispered to herself, standing on her tiptoes and glanced inside the box. Half a dozen muffins filled to the brim with gooey chocolate chips decorated the interior, with small chunks missing from the top of one as the happy customer happily chewed on his food, "Excuse me, sir. What kind of muffins did you get?"

"Huh? Oh, Amazon of the Loki Familia, right?" The guy must have been an adventurer if he recognised her. By the mask he wore, he must have been from the Ganesha Familia. One of the Level Ones, or Level Twos, "Double chocolate chip muffins with a gooey chocolate centre. They're so good. I can't wait to take these home so my God can try them too."

Watching the man leave, Tiona found herself determined to get ahold of some baked goods too, and found her goal for the afternoon. One by one, she watched as another set of happy customers walked past her and Raul, each with something different in their hands. An elf walked past with a chocolate eclair with cream doused over the top, while a Dwarf from the Hephaistos Familia was carrying a small stack of box's filled with cookies of various flavours. The more she watched, the more she wanted.

Her stomach rumbled, and that was the final nail in the coffin as Tiona made her decision.

"I'm getting in line. I'll see you later, Raul!" Her fellow member of the Loki Familia didn't have time to react. He watched Tiona blitz down the street and fell to the back of the line. If he had to guess, it might take Tiona twenty-five minutes before she got in the store. He'd already been in it for ten minutes. It was moving at a steady rate.

At the back of the queue, Tiona bounced on the balls of her feet, "I wonder what I should get?"

It took about forty minutes, but eventually, Tiona found herself near the front of the queue. Only three people remained in front of her, and she was now standing inside the cute little bakery. If the smell from outside was delightful, then what she got inside was downright divine. She wondered if this was how Tenkai smelled to the Gods and Goddesses. The inside was decent in size, enough for about a dozen people to stand in front of the counter. It gave customers an eyeful of the delectable treats that sat behind the glass.

Raul had already got his order and looked extremely pleased with himself as he passed her. The usually dour and self-deprecating member of the Loki Familia walked away with the biggest smile Tiona had ever seen him wear. One would think Anakitty had planted a big one on him.

Trying to decide what to have, Tiona became oblivious as the people in front of her put in their orders and promptly left, leaving the Amazon as the next person.

"Hello? Are you in there, Miss Amazon?" She heard and blinked in surprise when she found a hand waving not far from her face. One man stood behind the counter, a pleasant and easy-going smile on his face as he leaned back behind the counter.

"Oh, haha, sorry about that," Tiona replied, an embarrassed look on her face as a hand rubbed the back of her neck, "I let my thoughts run away there for a minute. Everything in here looks and smells so amazing I was trying to decide what to get."

Naruto's smile edged wider, "Well, thank you for the praise. Everyone has been giving me kind words all day. It's taken me by surprise how much they've enjoyed themselves." Giving him a once over, Tiona couldn't help but make the small comparisons to her Captain. Namely his sun-kissed blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. Even his voice has the same smoothness that the Pallum possessed, though that's where the similarities ended. He was lightly tanned, and around the same height as Bete with a similar body frame. On his face, she couldn't help but stare at the whisker-markings on each cheek. The most notable feature, however, was the lack of his right arm. His sleeve was folded and pinned to compensate for the missing limb. She'd been around plenty of adventurers who lost a limb in the Dungeon and couldn't help but wonder if the blonde was a retired adventurer, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki. The proud owner of Uzumaki Bakery. So, what can I get you today?"

"I'm not sure where to even start." She scanned the glass cabinet and felt her stomach rumble. It all looked so good, "I heard someone from my Familia return to our headquarters with a bunch of doughnuts. That could be good." She tapped her chin and looked at the wide variety of doughnuts neatly lined up behind the glass. The ones Anakitty brought to Twilight Manor looked appealing and delicious, "I'm Tiona, by the way!"

"It's nice to meet you," He greeted, before replying with, "And that's a great choice. Any preference? Allergies I should be made aware of?"

"Hmm. I do love strawberry." Tiona had one hand on her hip, while the other one cupped her chin, "And nope! No allergies!"

"In that case, take a look at this one." He pointed to one on the top shelf with white frosting laying the top, a swirl of cream covering the top along with multi-coloured sprinkles, "So, this one is a Strawberry Dream doughnut. Inside, the middle had been hollowed out, making the pastry light and stretchy. Inside is a strawberry cream, with a similar texture to custard. It's proven pretty popular this morning. I already had to get a second batch out. One big bite and you'll have strawberry cream leaking out in seconds."

"Wow, that sounds amazing!" Tiona muttered, her face almost pressing against the glass. It looked so good, "I've seen people with trays of doughnuts. How does that work?"

"That's from an assortment I offer. A single doughnut is roughly 30 valis, but I offer two assortment trays. Six doughnuts, each one different, and can be your choice which ones you want, or you can leave it to me to choose for you. That comes to around 165 valis, so you get the sixth one for half the price."

"Oohhhh." Was the only sound leaving Tiona's throat. She bobbed her head up and down as she took it all in.

"That's for the half dozen. You can get the dozen assortment tray, and get the last doughnut for free. Normally, I put six different kinds with two of each. That comes to around 330 valis, but it's up to you."

In a split second, her hands came down on the top of the counter, a fire in her eyes. She made sure not to put a dent on the top, or outright demolish into a broken pile.

"The dozen! I'll take the dozen, please and thank you!"

The blonde nodded, "Alright, coming right up. Would you like to choose, or shall I choose for you?" He grabbed one of the larger trays from behind him and set it up on the counter. He grabbed a par of metal tongs and stood behind the plethora of baked goods.

"You choose. I think it could be all afternoon before I make a decision." She tapped on the glass, pointing at the Strawberry Dream he mentioned moments earlier, "But I want one of those for sure! No! Two! Make it two!" If they were as good as he described, then she wanted at least two of them!

Watching closely, she watched him fill the tray up, filling it up with six different flavours with two of each one. One smelled a lot like syrup. It was exactly like what she put on her pancakes in the morning for breakfast. Another looked like a traditional ring with a sugary glaze and sprinkles. Then there was a pair that looked like the pastry had been folded over multiple times with a sugary glean to it. Digging into her pocket, Tiona pulled out a small sack she kept on her person that contained the valis she was willing to spend for the day.

"Okay," Naruto muttered to no one in particular, "You've got the dozen assortment of doughnuts. I've put in two lots of the Strawberry Dreams, the Honey Cruller, the Old-Fashioned Glaze, the Rakian Maple, the Pumpkin Cinnamon, and finally, the Melon Chocolate Peppermint and Coffee Glaze. Altogether, that's 264 Valis please." He smiled, watching Tiona dig into her pouch and dig out the money.

"Wait? 264 valis? You said the dozen was 330?" Tiona looked at him funny.

Naruto shook his head and pointed to the sign above his head.

Adventurers get 20% off any purchase. Thank you for your bravery and service to Orario!

"Wow! That's such a cool idea!" She admired, her smile getting wider. She was really starting to take a liking to the blonde more and more by the second. Another whiff of her sweet treats tickled her nose, "Oh yeah, that's the stuff." Handing the money over and taking the tray into her hands. She took a long whiff of the mixed scents coming from her delights, and couldn't stop herself from biting the corner of her mouth. She was going to wait until she got back to Twilight Manor before enjoying these bad boys.

"Will there be anything else today?" Naruto asked.

"I don't-" Tiona started, but let her eyes wander as she took in the rest of the cabinet. She held up a hand, asking him to wait one moment, before whipping her pouch back out and checking the inside. She had about 12,000 valis on her person. 'New clothes, or a butt load of cookies, cakes and more doughnuts!' She could afford to splurge a little.

Behind her, she seemed oblivious to the people still in the queue waiting for their turn. People were shuffling on the spot, impatience starting to build as the Amazon continued to stare longingly into the glass cabinet. None would say anything aloud. They all knew who Tiona Hiryute of the Loki Familia was. A level Five Adventurer gifted with the alias, Amazon. Anyone looking to start something with her had better have a will written out beforehand.

Again, she slammed her hands on the counter, making everyone but Naruto jump in surprise, "I'll take another tray of doughnuts! And a box full of chocolate chip cookies! And a piping hot loaf of bread!"

"OH! COME ONE!" Everyone in the queue yelled though neither Tiona nor Naruto paid them any mind.

Chuckling to himself, Naruto nodded at the girl's request, "Sure, you got it. I like people with big appetites."

Tiona giggled, "Me too! Fill your stomachs until your heart's content. That's what I say!" The Amazon was never one to turn away good food and hated anything going to waste. Whereas Tione could be very picky with her food, tending to eat whatever the captain enjoyed. "I love the picture of the fox on your apron, and the sign outside by the way. It's so cute! I love the shade of orange you used for it! More people should use that colour."

"Thanks. I love the colour orange. It's been my favourite colour since I was a little kid. Some people think it's a ghastly colour, but I think it's the best. I think it's..."

"A divine colour." Tiona's voice joined him, and both stood there, staring at each other in surprise. The blonde's eyes widened a margin, with blue meeting dark brown, "You love the colour orange too?"

"Uhuh." Tiona nodded, and the pair fell back into silence as they stared at each other. Outside, everyone in the queue fell silent. Those nearby leaned to the side to get a better look at the interaction going on between the Amazon and the Baker.


Twilight Manor

"Does someone want to explain to me why sunshine and rainbows are crapping out from that's idiots body?" Bete aked, his back to the wall as he stared across the room and towards the amazon with the trays of delicious-smelling baked goods stacked up around her. He arrived back from the Hibachitei in the south-west district of Orario to find a large group of his Familia huddled around a corner, watching the air-headed amazon with a mixture of envy and confoundment. Despite being known for her ever-present smile within their ranks, he was quick to notice the extra amount of positivity radiating from her person.

"We're not sure, though I think Raul knows. They were spotted talking to each other briefly earlier." Cruz, a chienthrope and a Level Four told him, pointing to his fellow Familia member across the room. Like Tiona, Raul had his own tray of goodies, happily munching away on them like there was no tomorrow. Though he didn't go as crazy as the amazon, he did end up buying more then he anticipated.

Bete rose an eyebrow at that. High Novice wouldn't be able to give him the answers he wanted. The idiot had a habit of getting his words jumbled when his intimidating presence was too close. The guy was too timid for his own good.

"Guess I'll find out for myself." Pushing himself from the wall, Bete stalked over to Tiona with his hands in his pockets. Leaning over the amazon, he looked over her shoulder, "Hey, you idiot amazon. What's got you so happy?"

To his annoyance, the amazon didn't reply. Instead, she grabbed another doughnut from her tray and took a big bite out of it. The scent of strawberry jam tickled his nose as small droplets of the stuff dripped onto the table. A hum of glee escaped the amazon and watched her rock back and forth.

'Got to admit, that does smell pretty good.' He leaned over and eyed up one of the doughnuts in the open tray. The one in the top right-hand corner smelled like Rakian Maple. Despite his outward appearance and general gruff attitude, he did have a bit of a sweet tooth, though rarely acted on the desire. He didn't need the idiots of his Familia knowing about his sweet tooth, 'But still. She's got dozens, and I haven't had a doughnut in a long time.'

One hand leaving his pocket, he reached down to grab the sweet treat. As he was about to wrap his hands around it, another dark-tanned hand swatted his away and found a leg swung in his direction. A lesser Adventurer would have found themselves buried in a nearby wall, but his reflexes were high enough that he managed to dodge the barefoot from connecting with his chin. He jumped back a couple of feet, annoyance running across his face.

"Hey! What the hell was that for!"

"Don't take my goodies, you mean-old werewolf. Get your own!" Tiona told him, sticking her tongue out at him and blowing a raspberry. In one quick motion, Tiona scooped up her trays of baked goods and jumped over Bete. Landing softly on her feet, she ran passed the other members of her Familia with great speed and dashed up the grand staircase that led to the Living Quarters.

One would wonder how someone could carry so many trays of baked goods in their arms, but she wasn't a Level Five for no reason. To everyone watching her retreat, they would have guessed it was the delicious baked goods that were making her smile. They were partly correct. So far, everything she'd eaten had been heavenly and tried to savour every bite. The Strawberry Cream, in particular, was her favourite.

But no. What was making her smile wasn't just her treats, but the kind blonde man that stood behind the counter who had the sweetest smile and kindly blue eyes she'd ever seen.

Tiona giggled as she pictured his face.

Later that night- Uzumaki Bakery

"Woh. What a busy opening." Naruto muttered, his hand running through his hair as his clones finished up sweeping the floors and cleaning the counter. It was safe to say the opening of his bakery had been a universal success. Coming to Orario had been a good idea after all, despite his initial scepticism.

Some would have thought the idea of Naruto Uzumaki opening a bakery would have been insanity. Little did they know, the blonde shinobi of Konohagakure was an avid baker in his youth, which carried over as he grew older. While having less time to bake when he graduated from the Academy, he still found time for it on the rare days he had off. He found baking to be a good stress relief. His friends, or at least the ones who knew his secret passion like Sakura and Shikamaru, were avid fans of the stuff he made them.

Landing in a world full of Gods and Monsters after the War had been an adjustment, as was having one less arm then he did before. However, Naruto Uzumaki was a fighter, and he adjusted as best as he could.

"It all looks so good." A low voice said from behind him. Turning around, he found himself staring at a young girl with her face pressed up against the door. Long dar hair tied into long twin tails ran down her body, with blue eyes as bright as the sky. She was dressed plainly, in a white mini-dress that stopped midway down her thighs and flipflops. Despite her small height, she barely came up to the middle of his chest, what caught him by surprise was the size of her chest. For someone of her size and general appearance, it was strange to witness.

He found her staring at the baked goods he hadn't taken out of the cabinet. Walking up to the door, he watched the girl take a step back as he pushed unlocked and pushed it open. When he got a few feet from her, he felt the difference in the air around her.

'A goddess.' He thought to himself. A pair of gods had visited the bakery earlier in the day, so he knew what to look for when he came across one, "Lady Goddess. Are you okay? Is there something I can help you with?"

The goddesses blue eyes appeared sad and tired, and a loud growl rippled through the air. He wouldn't say it aloud to divinity, but she looked a mess, and down on her luck. It was the opposite of what he'd seen of other Gods and Goddesses.

"I'm sorry to bother you. I saw the long queue earlier and the lovely smell that came from here. I wanted to see if I could purchase some bread, though I had to run back to my home to find some valis." She told him and showed some small coins in her palm. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get what she was after.

"I see." He replied. She had a hopeful look in her eye.

Wearing a smile, he motioned for her to come inside and went behind the counter. Though initially hesitant, the dark-haired goddess walked inside, taking in the place and stared at the remaining items that were on display. "Wow. It all looks so good. Did you make all of them?" She approached the counter to get a better look through the glass.

Naruto nodded, "I did. I'm Naruto, by the way."

"I'm Hestia. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Chuckling, he gave a short bow, before asking, "So what can I get you?"

"I'm not sure. I've only got a hundred valis on my person. It's all I could find."

"Well, it's your lucky day.

"It is?" Hestia's head tilted to the side in confusion.

"The last customer of the day gets all they can eat for just a hundred valis."

"Wahh! Did you just make that up!"

The blonde shook his head, "Not at all. It's a good thing too. I wouldn't want this food to go to waste." He teased and took out a couple of trays, "How about some doughnuts? And maybe a box of cookies! Some muffins too would be good!" He said to no one in particular, guiding the food into their respective trays. In all took little more than a few minutes, but soon, multiple large trays sat sealed and ready for collection on the counter.

He was about to speak but stopped when he found himself looking at a teary-eyed goddess whos bottom lip was beginning to tremble something fierce. Long cascades of tears ran down her cheek, leaving small droplets on her dress.

"Goddess? Are you okay?"

"Muuuuu. You're so kind!" Hestia sobbed out and put the 100 valis on the counter before bringing her hands up to wipe her eyes, "Why can't everyone else be more like you!" She plucked the tissue that Naruto was offering her, and used it to dab her eyes, "I thought coming down from Tenkai would be a breeze, but it's so much harder then the others let on."

"Oh? So you came down recently?" If she was brand new to the mortal world, then he had to guess she hadn't yet found her bearings and was still trying to adjust. God's aren't allowed to use their power, otherwise known as Arcanum, effectively making them as strong as a mortal.

The Goddess nodded and picked up a cookie from one of the trays.

"Uhuh. I came down six months ago, and my good pal Hephaistos let me stay with her while I get settled, but then she kicked me out a week ago." Naruto nodded, continuing to listen to her plight, "She said I was mooching too much off her, and told me I had to leave. Now I live in a basement beneath a ruined church, and I have no money. What's worse is no one wants to join my Familia!"

"Oh." It sounded like she had it rough. For an all-powerful goddess who was likely use to getting what he wanted whenever she wanted, and possessing the ultimate powers anyone could have taken away from her, coming down to Gekai must have been a rude awakening for her. By the sounds of it, Hestia may have been a lazy goddess, who didn't understand the concept of working for the things you wanted. Hard work paved the way to success.

In a way, it was like looking at a child who didn't understand the value of hard work. He couldn't deny her situation tugged on his heartstrings. She was lost and confused in a world she didn't know. He knew what that was like better than anyone. Sometimes, all it took was a gesture of kindness from a stranger to help tip the scales, and he had an idea of how to help.

"You're going to be an idiot again, aren't you?" He heard from the back of his mind, "You don't have to help every person you come across, you know."

He shrugged, "But she needs it. There's nothing wrong with helping someone out when they're feeling low."

He could picture Kurama rolling his red eyes, "Someone else will come along. You've done enough with all the food you've given her."

He grinned, "Someone has come along, and that person is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto reiterated to the Bijuu in the back of his mind, "Hey, Goddess Hestia. I have an idea. It's a bit out there, but I think it could be the answer to your problems. It would help me too." He tapped his chest with his thumb.

"Huh? You do?" Hestia asked, half a cookie dangling between her mouth, "What is it?"

"Would you like a job at Uzumaki Bakery!?" He grinned and waited for her answer.

What he got was the cookie falling form Hestia's mouth, the goddess gaping at him.


For those that know the series, the character, Tiona, is one of my favourites. When this idea formed in my head, she was the first person that came to mind. There's something about her that reminds me of Naruto. Similar characteristics, and the way they view their friends like family.

Thanks for reading and please review. I would love to know what you all thought.