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When the Policemen had knocked at his door Jack Bristow knew something was wrong, Laura had been late arriving home from running errands. But she sometimes ran later than she had expected too, she would always breeze in with some tale of a student stopping her to talk about a paper due or getting stuck behind slow drivers, or of course meetings that run later with her department head. So Jack hadn't let himself get to work up with worry about something having happened to Laura. But seeing the look on the two young officers faces told Jack all he needed to know without any words having been spoken.

"It's Laura, isn't it? Something has happened to her?" Jack found his voice asking before he could comprehend just want a 'Yes' answer might mean to his whole life.

"Mr. Bristow your wife was involved in an accident tonight her car was hit on a bridge and went into the water." One of the officers answered hating this part of their job. Having to tell people that their loved ones were hurt or killed was never easy.

"Is she okay? Did she get out of the car?" Jack asked. Not wanting to know if the answer wasn't the one he needed to hear. The one that would tell him that his Wife of ten years wasn't laying trapped inside her car at the bottom of some riverbed.

"She was rescued from the car" the second officer supplied happy to be able to give some good news if only that Mrs. Bristow had been rescued alive from the car as it had filled with water. "Your Wife was very lucky that Fire and Rescue were returning from a call and seen the whole accident. They were able to get her out of the car before it sunk"

"How badly was she hurt?" Jack asked knowing if Laura had been conscious she would have demanded the nurses call and tell him what had happened. No, the police showing up at his door meant that Laura was hurt bad.

"They've taken your wife to Memorial Hospital all we were told was she was unconscious when they transported her there. If you like we can take you there?" The first officer informed and asked him.

Jack politely declined and watched the officers leave after telling them he had to get a sitter for his daughter before he could leave for the hospital. Taking a deep breath Jack went in search of Sydney he needed to tell her about her Mother that she had been in an accident and was in the hospital. He would then call Emily up and see if she would watch Sydney, so he could go to the hospital.

Jack knew he was stalling because the longer he didn't go to the hospital the longer he could make himself believe that Laura wasn't hurt that bad that everything would be okay. He was falling apart on the inside but his CIA training had him push that down and concentrate on getting things done. He could fall apart at a later date when Sydney and Laura didn't need him to be at the top of his game.