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Chapter Eleven

Jack found that Sydney's engagement had given him a break from having to pretend everything was normal with Laura. She was so busy on the phone or visiting with Sydney planning for an upcoming engagement party. Plus she was helping Sydney pack up her things to move in with Daniel.

Jack was not happy with his daughter living with Hecht before they were married, but JJ was trying to be nice to Daniel, Jack knew if he threw a fit about Sydney living with Daniel that would cause JJ to start being distance from Daniel again. So Jack was biting his tongue knowing that Sydney would be married to the Doctor soon enough.

In the two weeks since Sydney and Daniel had been engaged Laura had been front and center helping her daughter plan her upcoming wedding. They were searching for where they wanted to have the wedding. Laura had also started looking into how much money they had saved to make sure they could pay for Sydney's wedding.

Sydney herself did not want a big wedding, she wanted just a small wedding with all their family and friends only. Without saying Jack knew he would walk Sydney down the aisle, the fewer people there the better because he was sure when that happened he would be crying.

Laura and Francie was planning Daniel and Sydney an engagement party for this weekend. Jack was hoping for a work emergency to come up, so he could miss the party or be called away during the party, so he wouldn't have to stay to long. Parties were not Jack Bristow's thing. Laura enjoyed mingling with people, Jack had remembered she had before her accident as well. But he couldn't help but think perhaps that was, so she could work information out of people when they had too much to drink.

Jack knew of a few former Agents who could not hold their liquor once they had a few drinks. Remembering back Laura did seem to make her way towards them after they had those few drinks. Jack let out a bitter laugh, it was almost easy to pretend that Laura had always been like she was now a faithful wife when at home.

But then as soon as he goes to work he is reminded every single minute of his Wife's betrayal. He sees the looks the agents that know about Derevko give him. He hates everyone of those looks, Vaughn is the only one he knows that knows the truth that worries for him. The rest he thinks smirk and are joyful that the great Jack Bristow was nothing but a fool for a pretty woman.

That the taskmaster has become the student that perhaps they are smarter than he is. That they would never have fallen for the trap he had. But the truth of the matter is Jack knew anyone of his agents could fall for a sparrow agent just as he had. Maybe they wouldn't spill secrets to her but the KGB had given Jack his dream woman any man would have been taken in by that.

In the last two weeks Jack had been in contact with two different Senators he knew that were on committees that had the ear of the president in order to get Laura a pardon for what she had done when she had been Derevko. They both seemed hesitant at first Jack had shown them Laura's medical records, also how for over twenty years Laura has been a model citizen. The surveillance being done on Laura shown no alternative of his wife other than her being a kindergarten teacher. She was not a spy any longer had no ties to Russian whatsoever, they had tried to kill her in fact because they saw her as a traitor.

Jack knew he himself would likely also need a pardon if Laura was arrested. But hoped it would not come to that. In fact that thought was one of the reason why he had accepted Sydney and Daniel getting married. If the worst happened Jack knew that Sydney would take in her baby brother. Daniel was a good man he knew the doctor would treat his son right.

Jack just hoped that JJ would get over his jealous behavior over Daniel taking his sister away from him.

Laura would give JJ the stink eye every time the little boy would say something mean about Daniel. JJ was doing better he had not said one bad word about Daniel the last two days, so hopefully he was coming around on that front.

Sydney's friend Francie had been at the house almost every night this week as Laura, and she planned the engagement party that would take place at their house two nights from now. Jack's Superiors were not happy about this party, thinking it was the perfect time for a former contact of Laura's to make contact or for her to give them the slip.

Jack had been ordered to reveal the guest list for the party but as he explained everyone was being invited by word of mouth there wasn't a guest list he could just hand over. Jack thought it would only be a dozen or two invited. Francie was catering the whole affair and Laura had rented a tent for the backyard with a few tables and chairs.

Jack had never kept up with all of Sydney's friends other than knowing Francie he really had no idea just how many she had. As a little girl Sydney was always making friends it seemed, but after they moved houses she hadn't had as much time to make new friends. Plus Jack knew he had been a little overprotection of Sydney after Laura's accident.

Jack did not like the CIA being involved with his family at all. For over the last twenty years he had kept his family away from anything to do with his work and now his family was his work. Some days Jack did not want to get out of bed, he would have liked to just lay there and let the whole world pass him by. Then he wouldn't have to deal with the whole mess the KGB made of his life.

Jack knew if he hadn't been ordered to keep his marriage going he would have left Laura. It was hard to keep his true feelings locked inside. It wasn't healthy he was sure to have to bottle up all his angry and pretend nothing was wrong. To still hold Laura in his arms of a night half the time wishing to choke her to death while she slept, the other half wanting to pretend nothing had changed and that Laura was never Irina Derevko. One of the few things that stopped Jack from choking Laura was he knew she truly hadn't been Derevko, the woman who laid in his arms of a night had never been anyone but Laura Bristow. She wasn't the person who had lied to him, cheated on him, stolen information from him, almost gotten their daughter killed.

No, this Laura Bristow was a faithful Wife, and loving Mother. She wasn't Derevko and did not deserve to be punished for things she did not do. This Laura loved him Jack knew, but that didn't change the fact he needed time to clear his head. If given the chance Jack would like to have been able to leave Laura for a while to decide if he loved her enough to forgive the past she couldn't remember. Not being able to do that right now Jack focus on getting her a pardon and proving Laura wasn't a spy any longer. Laura was a wonderful Mother and their children did not deserve to lose her. So Jack would do all he could to see Laura remained free.

Sydney knew just how hard it was for JJ to finally accepted Danny into their family, but the little boy was finally starting to come around he smiled now when Danny entered the room and also had stopped calling him Daniel. Danny was happy to be gaining a little brother.

Sydney also noticed that her Dad had changed his option on Danny as well. She had been surprised to learn that Danny had asked her Dad for her hand in marriage. But the bigger surprise was that her Dad had given his approval.

Sydney knew her Mom loved Danny the two got along wonderfully. That helped a lot, Sydney just knew somehow her Mother had talked her Dad into not throwing a fit when she had announced that she would be moving into Danny's apartment with him. Her Dad hadn't said a word just looked uncomfortable but had not said a word against it. That was as close to approval on her moving in with Danny she was going to get, so Sydney took that as a win.

What surprised Sydney the most was her whole family helped her pack up all her things from Francie and moved them into Danny's. Her Father lift boxes and looked like he wanted to say something but kept quiet. All in all things were good and the future looked to be filled with nothing but happiness.

Jack had been tortured many years ago, but he was sure it wasn't as bad as setting here making small talk with people he didn't really know. Watching them all talk about how wonderful the party was and how the food was to die for. How lucky Sydney was to have landed such a fine man as Dr. Daniel Hecht. This engagement party was trying on Jack's every last nerve and all he could do was smile and pretend he knew the person setting next to him. Yes the man had been their neighbor for the last twenty years but other than just saying 'Hi' every once in a while he did not know the man at all. Sure he had run a background check on him years ago, and it came back clean, but that did not mean Jack knew him.

Sydney had been friendly with the man's daughter who was a year or two younger than her. Plus Laura and his wife were both teachers at the same school which was why they had been invited while other neighbors had not.

What passed for Daniel's friends and family were here as well Jack having been introduced to a few different people but being that he was looking out for anyone trying to talk to Laura he wasn't playing that much attention to them as he should have been. Jack wasn't having a fun night mostly because a lot of people were talking to Laura that he didn't know. But it being an engagement party for their daughter of course people would want to talk to her parents.

Jack himself had been introduced to at least a dozen people he did not know. And he was upset that this party was a lot bigger than he had expected it too big. If he knew this many people were going to be here he would have ordered a few of his agents to come and run checks on different people. Jack knew the whole party was under surveillance anyway but if he had had his guys here he would have been in the loop of what was going on.

Jack felt like he was back to being a recruit the way they were treating him, yes he was allowed to be in control of other missions but the most important one to him, he wasn't allowed to be a part of other than to spy on his Wife. Which he was getting sick of, because she wasn't doing anything.

Vaughn had given him an update on what he knew which wasn't much because there hadn't been any new information found. But Vaughn had gotten a call from his source about some more information on former KGB agents, which had the younger man on a plane this very moment looking into that. They had somehow managed to keep it on the down low for now, but both men knew as soon as they read the information they would have to turn it in.

Jack just wanted this all to be over with he was almost sure he had the support to get Laura a pardon, but she had to be charged with something first for it to go through.

"Jack there you are" Laura said as she came up to her husband she could tell from his body language he was not having a good time."Could you be a dear and see if we have any antihistamine? Danny gifted Sydney a new perfume that has her sneezing nonstop"

"Of course I will go see" Jack replied happy to get out of the party even for a little while. It was a shame Sydney was having trouble at her engagement party if it spares him a few minutes of playing happy Father in law to be Jack couldn't be to upset over it.

Jack returned ten minutes later with the pills and a bottle of water, knowing taking any medications was better with water.

"Thanks Daddy" Sydney said in between sneezing Jack felt a little guilt for taking a few extra minutes returning when the pills seeing just how much his little girl really needed them. Jack was sure in a few years they all would look back on this night and laugh about Sydney's sneezing he could see that Daniel was hovering around Sydney being a doctor Jack was sure the younger man was just watching out for any signs Sydney would need to be taken to the emergency room. But other than sneezing a bunch Sydney seemed fine.

"Your welcome sweetheart" Jack replied to his daughter as she took the pills from him. Hearing music playing Jack turned to see a few tables had been moved to allow for couples to dance. Looking up to see Laura talking to who Jack had been introduced to as a nurse from the hospital where Daniel worked Jack said "Excuse us as I steal my wife for a dance"

Laura laughed as Jack led her to the make shift dance floor closely followed by Daniel and Sydney. For the rest of the night until Sydney started getting sleepy because of the pills, she and Daniel stayed on the dance floor in each other's arms.