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It was now the next morning and Jaune woke up to find something he never expected. Pyrrha was laying on top of him in nothing but her underwear. The other girls were each in their respective rooms, with Salem, Cinder, and Emerald having their own room. It wasn't exactly fancy or anything but it was a decent enough temporary solution.

On the other side of the room, the same situation was happening with Ren and Nora, but with Nora being in her pajamas along with Ren. At least they were not in Jaune's shoes with Pyrrha. The Arc doesn't know why, but Pyrrha, after leaving Ozpin office and stopping Roman from murdering Ash, was acting a bit strange.

Jaune now knew she liked him, for a reason he doesn't know, and that his semblance can be very powerful. Being able to amplify Aura is sure to come in useful. But last night, after Jaune had thought everyone went to sleep, Pyrrha had snuck into his bed during the night. He was aware and embarrassed since she was in her underwear. But he then recalled the fact that they already went further than this, which he was starting to remember bit by bit.

Aura is funny with its ability to heal.

He was not ready to repeat what happened that night at all. He doesn't even know how he was able to do it, but he blamed it all on the alcohol's ability to, as Yang put it once: 'release the hidden beast within'. He wondered what that meant for a while, and now he had the answer. Bedding 8 women in one night ought to be a record.

But for now, he had to deal with the other aspect of his venture; married life. A part of the girls refused to divorce him, which led to the others being stuck with him as well. He felt guilty that he was basically forcing them into a relationship with him this way. But, as Ozpin said, they all need to agree to the divorce. He was not going to argue if they all wanted to divorce him, he was not going to force them or anything. But now? He didn't know. Weiss hated him more than ever and even Yang was giving him dirty glares for also getting Ruby in the mix.

Cinder and Emerald also did not fancy him if the glares they also gave him were any indication. They were in this for Salem, who, speaking of, is a total mystery for Jaune. After apparently bringing an emotional sledgehammer on her, she had been nothing but kind and emanated a motherly aura around herself. Only to him, that is. At rest, she was acting differently with the other girls in their marriage. With Ruby, she was somewhat distant and looked guilty. With Yang, she was indifferent. With Salem, she was more or less interested in the stuff Blake was reading. Weiss proved difficult but then easy.

From what Ozpin had explained to them, Salem was once a royalty, so it proved as no surprise when she was able to hold a very decent, and somewhat complex, talk with Weiss about not bringing in a bunch of lawyers to undo the marriage. She was getting along very well with Pyrrha as well.

But that is where the normal interactions end. With Cinder and Emerald, she acted with more authority and the girls obeyed her. Jaune would have to look into that and ask her some things. For example, why she seemed guilty around Ruby and about, well, everything.

But first, he needs to get out and take a shower. Slowly, he slipped away from Pyrrha and made his way to the bathroom where he did his routine. Later, the day was bound to be interesting.

Ok, when he thought about the day being interesting, he didn't think it'd be this interesting. Everyone tried to act normal, but there were key things that made that impossible. For one, Ruby, Blake, Pyrrha, and even Emerald were all wearing their rings. Secondly, the news about their marriage was not exactly kept secret by Ozpin, notifying the staff of Beacon about it aside from enrolling Emerald in as well as a plus 1 to team JNPR. And lastly, Nora. She made the news public by basically showing people her ring, Ren's ring, then pointing at Jaune and his wives.

Safe to say class was somewhat awkward with rumors spreading around about how exactly Jaune managed such a feat. At least Nora did not boast about his wedding night with them. "Gods above, that'd be so embarrassing"

After the first class was done, the group headed for the second one, but Jaune got intercepted by Cardin along the way. He did at a good time as well, when Jaune was alone, without anyone to help him. "Arc…"

"Oh my God, Cardin, not again! I thought we were cool after Forever Fall!" Jaune said, eyeing the bully. But then he was left stunned when Cardin put his hands together and bowed to him.

"Please teach me how you did it!" He begged.

"What?" Jaune said.

"How did you marry all of those girls?" Cardin asked. "I even heard there were more you were hiding! How many, Jaune? How many did you marry?"

"Eight?" Jaune sheepishly replied, making Cardin widen his eyes more.

"You have to tell me how you did, man! Please! I know I was a jerk to you, but you have to tell me how to do it as well!" He begged more, at which point Jaune had to come out.

"Cardin, I do not know how I did it!" Jaune replied. "It was more of a mishap during a drunk night more than anything. We also cannot get divorced so...Yay me." He finished, then watched as Cardin put a hand on his shoulder.

"You are lucky then. Very lucky." He replied. "Look, Jaune, regardless of how you did it my respect for you has grown ten folds. Anything you need, just ask me."

"Thanks, but I don't think-" Jaune stopped himself when an idea came to his mind. "Actually, can you try to be nicer? You are a bully, not gonna lie, and if you want a girl to look at you then I suggest trying to be nicer first."

Cardin flinched at that, but overall, he knew Jaune had a point. "Alright. I guess I can do that. I will also inform you of any bad rumors and try to set them straight - the peaceful way!"

"Good," Jaune replied. "The last thing we want is me building up some kind of mafia"

Cardin snorted at that, but somewhere in Vale, there were two people who sneezed at that. "Alright, alright. But a fair warning; many of the guys are already discussing how to kill you. They even started to give you nicknames and whatnot."

"Of course" Jaune sighed. "Well, inform me if they plan to go through with it. You have my scroll number, so just message me, alright?"

"Noted." And with that, the day continued.

"Ok, note to self, thank the girls. Cardin was acting nice to me, damn it! Pigs must be flying!" He thought and continued his day at Beacon. Eventually, they ended and he returned to the dorms along with Pyrrha and Blake, the others going their separate ways. But he had other plans at the dorms. Namely a cold shower then hitting the bed.

"Jaune… I'm starting to feel really hot for some reason." Pyrrha said as she started to turn red in the face.

The couple had just gotten married and managed to wobbly make their way to a hotel where, thanks to Weiss, they purchased a room big enough for all of them for the night. The girls were all laughing and goofing around one way or another until Pyrrha talked and they noticed how she rubbed her thighs together.

"Come on girl! Take it all off if you're hot! That's what I do!" Yang shouted as she went to her and pulled up Pyrrha's shirt with her hands, the champion being too dizzy to stop her. Once her top was off, Pyrrha blushed further as a brown, simple bra was exposed to them. "Heh. Simple tastes, P-money."

"Y-Yang! Why did you do that?!" Pyrrha asked, looking embarrassed. This earned a collective giggle from them all.

"I think before you ask that, you should look at your teammate over there on his bed. I think he's enjoying the view~" Yang replied. Pyrrha then noticed Jaune blushing on the bed, wearing his armor and sweater topped with jeans who, to her own embarrassment, started to have a noticeable bulb in them.

Cinder giggled seeing Jaune's reaction and decided to crawl behind him, hugging him from behind and roaming her hands on his armor. "Look at you, being all cute and flustered." She said, her seductive tone being somewhat affected by the alcohol, but this effective. "You know, Pyrrha, such a reaction is usually a good sign from a boy. It means he likes your body."

The champion blushed hearing that, but then turned to Jaune "Do you find me pretty? Does seeing me without clothes on make you happy?" Pyrrha asked.

"W-Well…" Jaune couldn't bring himself to say it so he instead simply nodded to let the redhead know she was right.

"W-Well… In that case…I guess since we are married now it doesn't matter much if you see me naked." Pyrrha then unhooked her bra and slowly removed her bottom clothing, letting Jaune marvel at the sign which was Pyrrha Nikos.

"Pyrrha, you are…" Jaune tried to say, but Pyrrha blushed, looking away. "Beautiful…" He finished, which made the champion look at him with a small smile. However, the moment was swiftly interrupted.

"You heard him, P-money!" Yang shouted, then let out a small hiccup. Out of all of them, she was definitely the drunkest. "There is no need to be shy about being naked, girls! He is OUR husband after all!" A collective amount of nods and sound of approval echoed through the room as each girl stripped themselves bare, making the Arc, despite his drunk state, thank his lucky stars.

"Now, Jaune…" This time, Salem was the one to speak. Her hair was let down, and the veins that usually decorated her face were also gone. Granted, she looked younger like this. "We are all yours for the night~"

"Indeed, mistress." Cinder said, still behind the boy. She caressed his armor, letting out a small frown. "But this is unfair...He still has so much on."

"You are right, Cinder." Salem said, then she turned to Ruby. "Mind helping out, little rose?"

"Aye, aye, captain!" Ruby said and used her semblance to pounce on Jaune, rapidly undressing him. When she was done she put the clothes aside, but then she turned around to join the girls in awe.

"He is definitely bigger than Adam…" Blake said as she slightly dropped at the sight of the Arc rod. It was standing proudly up, twitching ever so slightly each time a gust of wind went by it. All of the girls were looking straight at it, and Jaune, despite wanting to cover it out of instinctual embarrassment, didn't.

"Well, then…" Pyrrha said, walking to the bed and crawling to Jaune, putting her face in front of his. "Claim your wives, Jaune."

Jaune jolted himself awake and looked around the room, noticing that he was, thankfully, inside his dorm room. It was the weekend and it seems like he had slept in. "Was that a dream, or memories from that night?" He asked himself, then tried to move, but he noticed two things. One, Pyrrha was next to him, again, clinging to his side in her underwear. For real now, she has gotten very comfortable being around him like that ever since the marriage, even sleeping in his bed like that. But the issue was number two, which was little Jaune currently not being so little anymore. "Not now when Pyrrha is here, please!"

Granted, he didn't remember the night he ended up deflowering Pyrrha, but he didn't think he wanted to remember either. Mostly because he still thinks it was not him entirely who did that, nor were the girls themselves either that night. Proof of that was clearly the next morning where he really thought he was done for.

He tried to sneak away as he did before, but found Pyrrha clinging to him harder this time. He needed a cold shower, quick, before she woke up and- "Mmmm…" Shit. She was waking up. Green eyes fluttered, opened, and looked up, seeing the goofy grin of Jaune. She put on a kind, tired smile. "Good morning, Jaune." She greeted him.

"H-hey, Pyrrha. How did you sleep?" He asked. However, she has her hand on the still covered little Jaune which was growing bigger by the second.

"I've heard about this kind of thing… it's called morning wood correct? Please… allow me to take care of it." Pyrrha said as she released little Jaune from his confinement. It popped out with vigorous energy, surprising the red-haired girl in the process.

"So this is a penis… it's twitching and it's almost… scary…" Pyrrha said.

"Wait! You don't have to do this Pyrrha!" Jaune tried to protest.

"N-No! It's ok! I can… I can do it…" the red-haired girl said. Pyrrha had a smile on her face but Jaune could tell that it was at least partly a fake one. He could tell she was incredibly embarrassed and possibly uncomfortable with the situation. However before he could say anything, the gladiator-like girl was stroking his weiner up and down with her hand. It was a bit clumsy but Jaune felt incredible from it. It was a feeling he had never experienced something like this before, besides the drunk shenanigans from a few nights ago.

"Does this… feel good? I hope I'm doing it right…" Pyrrha said. With this, Jaune snapped back to his senses and quickly stood up off the bed.

"It's ok Pyrrha! I can take care of it myself!" Jaune said as he got ready to run to the bathroom. However before he could, the red haired girl grabbed his arm.

"Jaune… I'm sorry… my technique was bad…" Pyrrha was now feeling bad because she felt that Jaune was not satisfied with her.

"N-No it's not that! It's just that… you don't need to force yourself to do this. It's my fault that my lower half became like this so it's my job to take care of it." Jaune replied.

"I-I'm not forcing myself! I'm your wife now so… it's my job to pleasure you and make sure you're satisfied… so please… let me do this… I love you Jaune…" Pyrrha said while blushing crimson red. Hearing that last part made something snap inside Jaune. He couldn't say no anymore after hearing that she loved him.

"Pyrrha… I love you too…" Jaune said as he then kissed the red-haired girl on the lips. Both teenagers were starting to get really hot. As the two broke away from the kiss, Pyrrha unhooked her bra and bent down.

"I also learned about this from studying… hopefully this feels better than my hand…" Pyrrha said as she took her large breasts and caressed little Jaune between them. She then dripped a bit of drool from her mouth on it to get it moister.

"Oh my god… Pyrrha this feels amazing… I'm… I'm gonna…" Jaune was now moaning"

"Go ahead and release it… I'll take it all…" Pyrrha said as she then licked little Jaune while still massaging it as he let out a large amount of milk from little Jaune.

"So this is semen…" she said as she then licked the remaining off of little Jaune. "It tastes… strange…" Pyrrha said. But then a scream was heard.

"HEY! JAUNE! PYRRHA! WAKE UP ALREADY!" A familiar voice from a certain member of team JNPR shouted out. This caused Jaune and Pyrrha to nearly panic but they kept themselves together enough to get themselves cleaned off and dressed, just in time before their teammates entered the room.

"Hmmm… I smell something weird…" Nora said, but then Ren, who was her husband, followed behind her and took in the smell. He looked at Jaune and Pyrrha, then sighed. To him, it was obvious what must have happened. "What do you think smells like that, Renny?"

"It is best if you do not find out, Nora" He replied, making the ginger pout. "Regardless, are you guys going to get out of bed? It is nearly 10 in the morning, and Jaune you have other wives to tend to"

"Oh...I guess you are right." Jaune muttered as he slowly got up. "I did say I wanted to talk with Salem about something."

"I am sure she has a lot of secrets to say" Ren replied. "All of the information about this war, and how it ended, was a lot to take in."

"Agreed. Anyway, I will see you all later." Jaune said before leaving.

Jaune walked over to the room where Salem, Cinder, and Emerald were staying at. Ever since the whole marriage thing went down, Salem and Cinder revealed that their other member of Cinder's team, apart from all of the girls, named Mercury Black, was also in on the whole plan. By the time the staff got to the room they found him gone along with his stuff.

He reached the room, then knocked. "Come in." And to his luck, Salem was inside the room. Jaune pushed the door open and walked in, seeing Salem on a chair with a book in hand. "Oh, Jaune. What a pleasant surprise." She greeted him while putting the book down.

"I guess…" Jaune replied. "Listen, Salem, I actually wanted to ask you about something" He then took a seat on the bed next to her, watching as the pale woman hummed at his question. "Why did you act so...regretful? Around Ruby?" He asked, then he continued. "You seem to act off for some reason."

At this, Salem sighed and looked down. "I guess it had to come out eventually. Why not have it done now?" She said, then she got up, walking to the window. "Jaune, you already know I have done horrible things before our marriage, correct?"


"What if I told you one of those things is related to your other wife, Ruby Arc Rose?" Salem said, then she watched Jaune widen his eyes slightly. The boy gave it some thought, trying to figure out what it might be. Then he recalled Ruby telling him about her mother. Realization struck him, then he looked at Salem, who only had a sad frown on her face. "It seems to have figured it out. I send Tyrian Callows, another one of my associates, to take care of the silver-eyed Huntress, Summer Rose."

"Oh no…" Jaune muttered, already being able to picture what will go down once this happens. "Salem-"

"But!" That moment, unknown to Jaune, was enough to change the course of a long family history and mend a very old wound. "She is not deceased. She is captive back at my castle." This made Jaune widen his eyes again, but this time a smile crept onto his lips. "When she was brought in, a wounded, half-dead Tyrian having to drag her all the way, I could tell she was not just another huntress. She was also a mother." She stated. "As I have been once a mother as well I couldn't bear to leave a child without one, even if what I did was a little different. I imprisoned her, covered her eyes with a piece of cloth, and she has been there since. Grimm would drop her food and water, but other than that she interacted with no one but me."

"Salem that's...That's great news!" Jaune said, walking to her and grabbing her shoulders. "If we can bring Summer back then Ruby will be thrilled to meet her mother! Please, tell me we can bring her back!"

At this, Salem put her own hand on his, then leaned her head so her cheek touched it with a warm smile. The warmth of a human hand, she missed it. Then she slightly opened her eyes, smiling at him. "I already did." She said, then Jaune looked outside to see a strange sight before him. Out there, in the campus of Beacon above the ground, was a wyvern-like Grimm flying with a person in their claws. They landed, putting that person down, then flew away.



"Thank you. And I am sure Ruby and Yang will thank you as well"

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