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It only took 24 hours to confirm Nathaniel identity and prove Titan was founded by his dad.

It also helped that Nathaniel dad called every press and News station and told them, so that helped.

Nathaniel standing up to that woman quickly went viral, he went viral because he used his position to actually be a decent person and if he took after his father, Titan had the public's support.

Rich people shut up and signed up, hearing that they won't get away with their BS with this bank.

In 24 hours, that famous reviewer had to shut down her website because of the influx of people who had seen the video and we're appalled by her attitude as she tried to bully somebody who was just doing their job.

Businesses were actually banning her from their premises because they didn't want to put their staff through meeting her.

She was Akumatised.

The Akumatised woman came after Nathaniel because she was pissed, lucky Ladybug and Cat Noir came to the rescue.

She came after him 7 times and the police finally realized she was doing this on purpose and had to escort her out of Paris to a jail cell so that Nathaniel didn't have a magical woman after him.

As for his school life, word spread who his dad was and really thank heavens for the school filled with child of famous parents.

Being the child of a CEO of Bank was actually disappointing to these people, his dad didn't appear on tv.

There was boring business rich and famous rich, the students preferred Famous rich.

Everybody had signed up to Titan by now and then the Winter holiday hit and people were talking about Titan again because they were waiting for that 10 per cent of sweet, sweet money to come in.

Will Titan hold onto that promise or would Nathaniel father be a dick and try to gaslight people about what they heard and read, then the next thing they knew, he had brought an island.

Nobody likes given out money to costumers.

However, when asked Nathaniel said his father was extremely busy at the moment.

Indeed he was, the whole bank was as they prepared to close for the holidays.

However, on the 15th of December, Titan quietly deposited 10 per cent of everybody bank account and that's not all, Nathaniel dad put an additional 1 thousand in each of their bank accounts so that everybody can go Christmas shopping, even the homeless.

When people woke up to their bank balance and a thank you with the additional money, the name Titan was trending worldwide because of the delighted shock, costumers got that morning.

Imagine having a bank account at 12 years old and then you get a grand from the bank.

Nathaniel was cheered like a hero when he entered the school the very next day.

Those people on the fence about the bank signed up the moment the news hit about what happened.

When everybody was free, it was like the Christmas shopping season truly began and everybody was getting what they truly wanted this year but could not afford previously.

The number of people shopping skyrocketed and that was very good for the economy as the shops saw that money boom because of the increasing costumers.

And what did Nathaniel family do for Christmas?

They went to help at a soup kitchen while ignoring the news.

And then it got out what Nathaniel got for Christmas.

Nathaniel was now the proud owner of a whole block of streets in Paris.

When the World heard this, everybody lost their damn minds.

Which kid of Paris owned a street or an entire block?

But MAN did Marc family suddenly welcome him like the son they never had when he came over.

Meanwhile, his dad was abroad for talks about setting up branches oversees.

The man called every night to see how they were doing while every business nearby was trying to make sure Titan favoured them when it opened.

The world began to celebrate when the talks were finalised and they opened Titan branches abroad.

Everybody just came rushing in on Titan, wanting that bonus, especially the very poor who heard what they did at Christmas, however, Titan didn't neglect security at all, even if they had to fly very muscle men abroad to protect people in banks they would do so.

Even if he had to train people and promise a salary.

Why work with bank robbers when you making so much more than a regular person around your area and being security was the dream?

Some places even took whoever showed up which revealed an unbelievable scary sight of 20 surrounding a branch like an army.

January and February felt like it was none-stopping opening for Titan.

By the end of February, Nathaniel father was on Time magazine as the latest billionaire and it was estimated that every minute he was making mansion money.

Which meant every week, he made almost a billion or over a billion.

An unbelievable sum but when you treat people like people, most of them will take care of you back.

He invested into the economy all around the world, put money into medication, technology, helping businesses.

He was the most well-respected man on the planet because most people loved him.

Titan was truly a Titan.

Nathaniel met Earth leaders who wanted to talk with his dad.

His life had completely changed in only a few months.

However, it felt like Titan had a purpose far bigger than keeping the world economy good.

Titan invested into the colonisation of the stars and brought a planet, imagine the smiles when people who couldn't get funding to send things up, were given Titan's big fat checks to do so.

The team really only needed that money, they sent thing up every day, they even sent up gadgets that could make food and nobody really thought much of this.

Maybe, in like 1000 years people would have the money to branch out and have babies on other planets.

And then a forest died and people began to experience out of season weather.

The next thing Calvin Kurtzberg knew, he was called into a world leader emergency meeting.

Yes, that was how important he was now as a businessman.

He sat down and an hour later, the meeting that would change the world began.

It was not good news.

"What do you mean, the Earth is dying!?" Yelled one man.

The poor scientists said. "We have checked and checked. Usually, we assume that it's magical or a power doing this but we have checked all over the world, the ground and everything is given out. We don't think the Earth will survive a year"

A woman said. "That's nonsense. The Earth has held strong through so much. If there is a crack we fix it. How can our entire planet be dying?"

Calvin finally spoke up and said. "Honestly, I am surprised the Earth lasted this Long"

"Pardon?" Said a man.

Calvin said. "Well, I've read about the Early signs of Superpowers thanks to Paris. Back then its was really the Miraculous power that existed. However, in our time, we have a whole continent filled with superpowered people who have little to no respect for their own surroundings."

The USA president opened his mouth.

He said. "It's not just the USA but all around the world, we have people not caring for the Earth and even defying the Laws of Reality. In Paris, we've had a girl who can command the weather more than once. We've had a person who can turn into literal Animation and made their attacks affect the real world. Ladybug is seen fixing the city, but I have to wonder. Magic screwed the city up and she's fixing it with magic. Is she really fixing it or is she just putting a plaster over a gaping wound? Wake up, we live in a time where the laws of Reality mean nothing to the human race. With the amount of abuse the Earth and its natural laws go through every day, are you shocked that the Earth is dying and wants to take us with it?"


Everybody opened and closed their mouth because they couldn't come up with a counter for this.

They all knew the laws of what they shouldn't break but they've done it already or they're getting there.

There was even two Miraculous's for time travel for christ Sake and they even had that time travelling incident in Paris!

And the poor Earth.

He said. "It's too late to regret it now. Even if somebody spoke up, its become common to break every rule imaginable. Do you think supervillains will listen if you beg them to stop messing with Reality or using their powers? They will simply do it more just to spite you."


"You don't seem worried," said a woman noticing.

"Of course not. Do you think I'm going to let me and my family die when we've done nothing but help the world? I've never once praised those who don't care for the environment or the law of Nature" He said. "I'm too smart to go down with you mourns"


"Wait. Are you going to flee to your planet Titan?" Said that scientist.

And suddenly all their faces changed.

Titan, a planet with similar conditions to Earth and was even bigger.

He saw the look in everybody eyes and said. "Hell, to the fricken no. I'm not letting the entire Human race move in on my planet. Your just going to repeat the same mistakes on that one. The crimes and the violence will just move planets." And then he said. "And do you have any idea how many murders or attempted murders are in the world right now? Hawk Moth crossed a whole continent and almost succeeded in World War 3 and yet he was never caught. We don't have a clue who is. For all we know, he can be a normal person or he could be a millionaire who has been cashing in money from people he tormented. I'm not letting Hawk Moth or a person who is thinking about murdering my own family live next to me"


There was generosity and then there was stupidity.

He said. "Okay, what if I say yes, how are you going to guarantee that every rocket even makes it to Titan? Rockets can be messed with. It only takes one dangerous person to mess with it and then you're looking at hundreds of dead bodies mixed with Rocket parts on the surface on the Earth. How are you going to make sure an unwell person doesn't take over and use people as a barging chip or straight-up murder them? Hasn't this happened before?"

And they were silent again because he brought many solid points.

The human race had a serious problem, there was no point even evacuating if half of the rockets are sabotaged or were carrying people who refuse to change.

He said. "There is a way for the human race to move to Titan but it can be viewed as a major breach in privacy and a lot of people will be left behind"

"What is it?" Said South Korea.

He told them and they were wide eyes.

"Wait, a minute. That's basically turning people into robots without the transformation" said the USA. "People need freedom."

"Well, you can stay here with all those people shouting freedom," he said, he saw her jaw drop. "I have no obligation to help the Human race with this one. I can just take all my family and all my workers and leave the planet. I won't even look or hear anything as the planet is destroyed. The Earth has a year left, no matter what route you pick, people are going to die."

He then said. "Now, you can either chose to tell the world my plan or you can value the very thing that put you in this mess and let you and the whole planet die around you."

He then closed by saying. "I am not a villain. I want to see Humanity survive. I surround myself with people from all different social classes and parts of the world. When I move to Titan, things will be very different, there will be restrictions. I am not the worlds Savour, I am a family man. Titan will allow me to chose who is near my family. On Earth, I can have a submarine for a house and find out there is another submarine house just a couple of miles away and they could be robbers. I also want Titan to live, if Titan dies a few months later because of people then that's it for me and my family. We don't have the means to move to another planet that fast. I'm not going to throw my family to the wolves just so people who have learned nothing can ruin what I give them."

And then he got up and said. "You have my number. Call it or don't. I'm just one man with no superpowers. If it means protecting my family from what's to come, I will abandon wealth and the world. You have a choice" before he said. "But I'm sure your Superheros can do better"

And then he left, leaving a silent room.

32 hours later, he had a very hard talk with his family.

Author Note: I have this story called Clover about making the last year of Public school awesome with Kagami Tsurugi along for the ride. I just can't seem to finalise the first chapter.