The next morning I woke up early to get water from the well before the women of the town would get there. Grabbing a rope and two buckets I quickly tied a secure knot from one bucket to the other. I scurried to the well, and filled the buckets up. Everything was calm with the sun peeking over the horizon. A bird could be seen flying to a familiar mustard tree, and a slight breeze blowing smoke out of the chimneys. I picked up the water, being careful of my hurt right shoulder. Today I lifted it with hardly any pain for my effort. It was such a pleasant morning I slowly made my way back, thanking God for my many blessings including my family, friends and the peace that comes from practicing forgiveness.

Joktan bounded toward me as I neared the house, "Morning Daniel! Need any help?" He asked.

"Get the door for me please." With a bright smile he opened it for me.

"Thanks, why are you so giddy this morning?"

"Awe, just gonna say a 'good morning' to the laddies on this beaut of a day." He said with a wicked grin.

I Laughed, "Well good luck with that friend! You had better not get yourself into trouble," I warned. Returning Joktan's grin with smile, as he scampered off to the well.

As I set the water down in the kitchen I was careful not to wake my sister. I went out to the my work shop to clean up the cobwebs and wipe down the surfaces. Then I finished polishing off the remaining items there. Heading inside, I found Leah awake and cooking breakfast. "What's that?" I said peeking over her shoulder.

She answered, "Stewed honey carrots and fried eggs that we can put on bread," As I started pulling out plates and forks to set the table.

"Thanks," She said with a smile. Just then we heard a loud screech, and some laughing in the background. Running over to the window in the front door, Leah and I see Joktan running home with several laddies with buckets chasing him. Slapping my face I said, "What did I get myself into?" Just then Joktan reached the door, leaving behind three women with overfilled buckets sloshing water on their skirts. Clapping him heartily on the back I said, "I don't know if anybody can run faster than you when you have a herd of wild women on your tail!" Still laughing, I handed Joktan a dry pair of cloths for him to put on in the shop. Without realizing it till now, I was surprised that this was the first time Joktan came into our house. Leah laughted, and ruffled Joktan's hair without a single fright. Proving that she accepted him like family. I think it's kind of funny that I have a nack for picking up strays, such as Samson and Joktan. But I wouldn't ever want to take back letting Joktan live with us. I love his carefree and joyful attitude, and he's made things much more pleasant even on my bad days. Stepping outside, I see Joktan sitting on the ground with my much too big clothes on with a grin splitting his face in two. Following his gaze I see a pretty brown haired girl waving at him, " You can never get enough of them can you?" I ask.

"Nope, I got all of them, but none of them will get me." Joktan said with his eyes glistening with mirth.

"I have some tools in the shop I finished last night, can you deliver them for me?"

"Sure," Joktan said jumping up and heading to the shop.

I talked to Leah, that afternoon about all sorts of things. For she had never stopped asking questions about the people of the town, as well as Joktan. "You are not trying to set him set him up, are you now?" I teased.

"No, but it is smart to keep an eye out for an especially good one." She smirked with one eyebrow raised.

Just then there was a nock on the shop door, leaving to open it, I found a young Roman soldier with a worped sword in his hand. "Can you fix this?" He asked coming inside.

"I'll see," I said taking it in my hand. The sword wiggled slightly as I held it. It had a bend near the tip, and the handle guard was starting to fall off. "It shouldn't be too hard to fix, the handle will take some time to fix nonetheless." I answered.

"How long will that be? He asked.

"About 30-45 minutes." I say while he is rubbing his hands nervously. Seeing his anxious face, and knowing that my shoulder has not been giving me any fits recently, I decide to help him out now. "Why don't you tell me how this happened as I work on it?" I ask.

"Well, it really is really a sad tale. We had this huge prisoner that was delivered to us in Chorazin. We were told to take him to Ptolemais. Taking him with us the next day we came to a river. However, as we were crossing over the giant bent over into the river. Thinking he was going to keel over and die, I raced toward him. Hoping to get his head out of the water. Next thing we know there is this huge boulder going up in the air and about to crash down on our heads. Running backwards I soon found myself falling to my back. So I twisted and rolled to escape it as it came down with a mighty crash. It sent shivers up and down my spine as wave after wave washed me ashore. He paused and took a deep breath, Five of our men didn't make it. One was a friend and the other four I don't know.

"I'm sorry," I say. As all was silent for a minute. I had almost got the heat hot enough to start my work, but I had to know what happened to my friend after that. "What happen to the giant man? I ask, trying not to sound too interested.

"I don't know, I recon he died in the river. None of us wanted to look for him, as we wanted to be back at Chorazin." He replied.

Overwhelmed I almost dropped the sword in the fire as I slid the new hot handle guard on tapping it into place, swallowing my sadness I ask, "What about your sword."

"It fell when I tumbled. Then when it was all over I saw it stuck in in some stones close to the shoreline. When I pulled it out it was bent with a loose handle guard as it is now."

"Thanks for telling me your story, Mr.?" I say as I screw the a bolt on at the end of the handle.

"Rufus Gunthram."

Stepping out I say, "Nice to meet you, I'm Daniel Bar-Jamin" As I shake his hand. "Where did you come from?"

"Rhodiapolis," He replied.

Returning to my work, I see I have just the bent edge to fix. Lifting the hammer over my shoulder I let it fall onto the sword. In that moment my vision blurred as a wave of pain rushed down my arm. Dropping the hammer I grabbed my arm and groaned. The pain wouldn't quit and continued across my shoulder blades, making me feel real dizzy. Next, I feel myself falling down into darknessā€¦