Author's Note

So yeah I know many of you guys that are reading my two other stories are annoyed that they haven't been updated in awhile. Thing is, I'm kinda stuck at the moment. Serious writer's block, paired with apathy and the fact that I'm distracted by the holidays.

I'm sorry about that, but I promise that by the end of January, I'll have updated them. I hope you like my new story. The idea has been rattling in my head for months now and I've always liked a good OC in a story.

The parts that I gloss over, such as Apollo's Hogwarts years and his childhood, will be shown in flashbacks. For those of you that know the Harry Potter world, well, you'll immediately notice the small differences that have come about because of the existence of the main character. Anyway, tell me what you guys think. Enjoy.

July 10 1992

A part of him was nervous. This was a snap decision. Not something that he's prone to doing, however he had no choice. His baby sister will be starting at Hogwarts this year and so will the little sister of his best friend.

He can't allow anything to happen to them. His sister is all he has left of their mother after all. He thinks back to what started all of this.


The year at Hogwarts had just ended yesterday. He'd promised Luna that he'd take her to go and visit the Weasleys. Instead of apparating, they decided to walk.

He held Luna's hand while she chatted his ear off. He didn't mind. He loved her. It was a pleasant walk. Once they rounded the hill, they both smiled. Just like their own home, the home of their friends was quirky and full of character.

Tall and lopsided, the former pigpen had a homey air to it. A feeling which grew when they entered the gate. A red haired matronly lady let out a shout and immediately ran over to embrace the both of them.

" Oh Apollo and Luna, it's so good to see you my dears. Ginny was just talking about the two of you this morning. " I laughed.

" Nothing could keep us away from your phenomenal cooking Mrs Weasley. " She laughed loudly, a blush staining her cheeks. She led us in and soon we were inundated with greetings from all the Weasleys that were currently there.

After that, Mrs Weasley went to the kitchen to start on lunch and Ginny and Luna ran up to her room. Ron, the twins and I, went outside, leaving Percy with his mother.

" So boys, anything exciting happen at Hogwarts? " Initially, while the twins regaled me with stories of meeting Harry Potter and playing pranks, I smiled.

When Ron spoke of the troll on Holloween however, my smile dropped. I frowned as he described the sequence of events and how he and Harry had to go and rescue their fellow first year.

Things didn't get any better when they mentioned the Cerebrus that was in the school and the the flimsy protective measures that contained it. As the twins spoke, I saw something flickering on Ron's face.

I asked the twins to go and retrieve their brooms and that's when I asked Ron what was wrong. Only my skills with Occlumency kept my placid expression in place.

The Philosopher's Stone in the school. Dead unicorns...I fingered my wand at that and finally, the most horrifying of all. The Defence Professor that was possessed with the spirit of the Dark Lord.

Later on, as I lay in bed to sleep, certain things rattle around my mind. The first and foremost is that the ' protections ' on the stone weren't adequate at all.

When he'd woken up the next morning, tentative plans were swirling around. Whatever the Headmaster has planned for Harry Potter, the rest of the students are at risk. He must do something.

After a rushed breakfast, he heads out. The next few days are filled with frantic researching and interviews, he can't rush into this blindly. He's no Gryffindor.


Waiting for him at the gates of Hogwarts, is his old Head of House. Filius Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw House. He has a slight grimace on his face.

It doesn't stop a small smile from appearing on my face however. I was apprenticed to him when I did my Charms Mastery after all. " Good morning Professor, why the long face ? "

He snorts despite himself. " As happy as I am to see my prodigal pupil again Mr Lovegood, I must say that I'm dismayed at your decision. You are a brilliant enchanter, your talents will be wasted on this job. "

Before he can carry on though, I raise my hand and he subsides. It will take atleast fifteen minutes for us to reach Dumbledore's office so I take the time to explain my reasoning to him.

" I'm well aware that the position is cursed, Professor, however I have taken no chances. I've actually done my research. I've spoken to all the surviving Defence Professors, those that are still alive and lucid and have come to a startling conclusion. "

" The majority of them did not even believe there was a curse. They simply put it down to bad luck. Those few that did believe, never found any evidence of it. I however have taken steps to protect myself, so you need not worry Professor. "

As I spoke, his expression slowly changed. " If it were anyone else, then I'd doubt them. You however are the most brilliant student I have ever taught. If anyone could escape the curse, it would be you. "

We both laugh then. I barely noticed, but when our conversation ended, we had reached the entrance to the Headmaster's office. He bade me goodbye after giving the password and I ascended the stairs.

After knocking and being bade to enter, I opened the door. I looked around. So little had changed since the last time I entered. The only real difference was the multitude of silver instruments. My eyes gleamed as I apprised them.

A chuckle broke me out of my perusal. I looked towards the staircase in the office and was faintly embarrassed. Professor Dumbledore descended, still looking the same.

Long silver hair and beard, gold half-moon glasses and dressed in a deep burgundy robe. " Apollo Lovegood, welcome back to Hogwarts my boy. " I shook hands with him and then took a seat before his desk.

After I declined a lemon drop, the interview commenced. He only asked vague outlines of my plans if I was successful in my application. He also asked for my motives.

For an hour it was back and forth between us. Eventually he opened his draw and produced a contract and a quill. At my raised brows he laughed again.

" You no doubt wonder why you're being offered the job so easily? The fact of the matter is my boy that this position gets harder to fill each year. It's been years since somebody has voluntarily applied so early. "

" What's more, you were Head Boy, as well as possessing the best results this school has seen in nearly two generations. Talent like that shouldn't be squandered. You assure me that you have no fear of the ' curse ' on the position so naturally, I offer it to you. The children will be better off for it. "

After sorting out the exact details of my job description and responsibilities, I sign the contract and then leave. I have much to do until the start of term.

Near the end of July, I was once again at the Burrow, the home of the Weasleys. Mrs Weasley had gone into the village with Ginny and Luna for the day. Percy was visiting a friend.

As an Enchanter, I generally work at home. So I decided to give Molly a break and volunteer to watch over the twins and Ron. Currently, the twins are up to mischief in their room and Ron and I are having a game of chess.

His moves seem half hearted however. After I beat him for the second time in a row, I can tell something is wrong with him. So I ask him.

That's when he tells me about the letters to his friend going unanswered and he tells me about his suspicions about his family. I frown. It's still morning, but it's going to be a hot day today. I make a snap decision. Internally I laugh. I seem to be making many of them today.

I send Ron to go fetch Fred and George and while he's gone I transfigure my robes into muggle clothes. A shorts and t shirt and my boots into flip flops.

When the three boys come downstairs, they gape. I snort. While they're distracted, I transfigure their clothes to match mine. I see the confusion on their faces. I look towards Ron.

" You said your friend hasn't been replying to your letters. So we're going to see if anything is wrong. Then I have a surprise for you guys. " They look shocked for a moment but then all three of them grin.

I lock the house and gate with a twitch of my wand. On the door I leave a note for Mrs Weasley. Once we are on the path outside the gate, I raise my wand arm.

In a few seconds, with a bang, the Knight Bus arrives. I don't pay much attention to the conductor other than to tell him to drop us off on the corner of Privet Drive. I'd asked Ron before.

Twenty minutes later, three slightly green faced Weasleys and I get off the bus at the corner. With another bang, it dissapears. My lips twitch, but I don't let them see that I'm fighting a smile.

Looking around, I slowly make my way down the street, the three boys follow. I slightly tune out their chatter as I look around. All the muggle houses look exactly the same. I can hear the twins mocking the people who live here.

Eventually, we find it. Number 4 Privet Drive. I was wrong when I said all the houses look the same. This is the only house with bars on an upper level window. Exchanging glances, I step forward and knock on the door. I hear a woman shouting for a ' boy ' to get the door. A few seconds later, it opens.

I get my first look at Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. I inwardly frown. There are rings around his eyes from lack of sleep and he looks pale and thin, wearing oversized clothing.

He looks surprised for a moment when he sees me, but then a wide smile breaks out when he sees Ron and the twins behind me. Before he can say anything, a man's voice rings out. " Who the blazes is at the door boy?! "

Thundering steps rings out and I see Harry's face pale. A moment later, a fat muggle with a walrus moustache, rounds the corner. Catching sight of us, he bellows " who the devil are you? "

I brush past Harry and face the man. Harry's uncle I'm assuming, according to Ron. " I'm Apollo Lovegood, a family friend. I've come to retrieve Harry Potter for the rest of the holidays. "

The man's face turns a nasty shade of puce. " A freak! The boy is going nowhere! I forbid it. It's bad enough that..." I cut his voice off with a wave of a hand.

It takes a moment for it to sink in, what I've done, but then he attempts to charge me. A bolt of red leaves an outstretched finger and he slumps to the ground. The Stunner has always been an effective spell.

I turn my head and the four boys are looking at me in awe. I smile and then look towards Harry, " fetch all your things Harry Potter and then we'll leave. A beaming smile breaks out on his face and he runs up the stairs. The other three following him.

I walk back towards the door and shut it. It's then that the other inhabitants of the house makes themselves known. Two screams fill the air. I turn and wave my hand again and they're both silenced. Horrors fills their faces.

" Ah, you must be Mrs Dursley and Dudley. You needn't worry. Your husband has merely been stunned. He will awake in a few hours. I'm merely here to collect Harry. "

There's the sound of thundering footsteps and then the four boys come down, one school trunk and one birdcage with a Snowy owl in it. I gesture to them to follow me into the lounge.

Once there, I remove the gold chain around my neck and throw it onto the ground. It immediately forms into a perfect circle that's about two metres wide. Runes appear then, glowing silver.

I put the trunk and the cage in it, only after letting the owl out first though. They boys look at me questioningly. " You'll notice that I used wandless magic earlier. That's because it cannot be detected by the Ministry. "

" If I were to use my wand in this house, you would get a warning from the Ministry Harry because you are the only registered wizard in the area and you aren't allowed to do magic while you're underage at home. "

" My necklace is enchanted to conceal magic that's used in its circumference however. The Charms I'm going to use now is a bit too finnicky for my wandless magic. "

I step into the circle and tap both the trunk and the cage, casting a Featherlight Charm. Then I cast a Shrinking Charm and an Impervious Charm. Using Conjuration, I then create a silver chain.

Using the Engorgement Charm, I make the links ten times bigger. They're now each the size of a grape. For the next half hour I carve runes into the links using my wand. When I finish, I cancel the Engorgement. I then attach the trunk and cage to it and offer it to Harry.

He looks amazed, and clearly full of questions, so I explain it to him. The purpose of the charms I used and why. I explained to him that I'm an Enchanter and what it entails. I leave him with these parting words on the subject.

" The runes I put on the chain make the conjuration permanent. It's unbreakable and it cannot be summoned or taken from you. You might find it useful. " He looks really grateful. I gesture to him to enter the circle.

He does, without hesitation. I gesture at his clothes with my wand and they immediately start changing. Within a few seconds, he's wearing a shorts and t shirt with flip flops just like us. I gesture at his hair next and a forelock grows to cover his scar.

I repair his glasses next and then I gesture to him that I'm finished. We both step out of the circle and then I bend down and tap it. It immediately shrinks and I put it back around my neck.

His three family members are still in the passage. The aunt and cousin fussing over the uncle. We ignore them and leave. I look towards the owl and tell her to meet us at the Burrow and then we set off towards the secluded corner.

The four boys are chatting to each other excitedly. Once we get there, I raise my wand again. In a few seconds, the Knight Bus appears again. The three Weasleys look resigned, but Harry looks curious.

I let them board first, that way they don't hear me giving away our new destination. I amuse myself by watching their reactions. While they're distracted, I conjure a couple of towels as well as a satchel.

When we reach our stop, they don't react, still thinking we're heading to their home. My laughter breaks them out of it. " Come boys, welcome to Brighton. " They look shocked, but they follow me off the bus.

As we walk, I explain my plan to them. " It's going to be a hot day today. Seems a pity to waste it, so I decided to take you guys to the beach. " Now they look excited.

I cast a nonverbal Tempus Charm and see it's nearly one pm. Food first then. I see a small take away stand that has tables overlooking the ocean. I tell the boys to pick one for us while I buy us fish and chips as well as five cokes.

I'm glad I'm not like most other purebloods, otherwise the muggle world would be hopelessly confusing. After I pay, we wait for fifteen minutes. During that time, Harry asks me endless questions on enchanting.

" If you're interested in being an Enchanter, you have to be willing to work extremely hard. Enchanting isn't offered at Hogwarts, so you'd have to apprentice yourself to a Master Enchanter as I did. "

" To get that far though, you need to have Outstandings in Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Transfiguration as well as Charms. Something that isn't beyond you. Your mother was a charms prodigy as your father was for transfiguration. "

" They were Head Boy and Head Girl in their day. Something only the best students achieve. I beat out their eldest brother Bill and became Head Boy. He's a Curse Breaker by the way. "

We were interrupted then, by our food being served. They were ravenous. It's good then, that I bought eight portions. The Weasleys were amazed at the taste of coke.

The five of us then went down to the beach, where we had a day filled with fun, games and laughter. From what I surmised, this was the first time Harry went to the beach. I was determined then to make this a day that he'd never forget.

After a couple of hours of fun in the water, we left, but not before I treated them all to a sundae. The wide smiles stayed on their faces, even as we rode on the Knight Bus.

The rest of the summer passed by in a similar way. What free time I had, inbetween settling in at Hogwarts and completing a couple of projects, I took the four boys, Ginny and Luna, with me on fun filled days in the muggle world.

They went to arcades, skate parks, amusement parks and I took them to some Quidditch games as well. Safe to say, I was everyone's favourite adult. It was amusing then, when the holidays ended and they didn't know the surprises that were in store for them.

On the morning of the 1st of September, I took Luna and apparated to the gates of the Burrow. I know how crazy things usually are on this specific morning, so I bribed each of the Weasley kids. One Galleon each, if they finished their packing the night before.

As we entered, I could see the surprise on the face of Mrs Weasley, not used to having her family being so organised. We traded smirks as she hugged Luna and I.

Not too long after that, all the kids piled into Mr Weasley's enchanted car. I had a quick errand to run so I would be meeting them at King's Cross.

A quick stop at home, to remove a couple of potions I forgot and I then I apparated to the train station. I made my way to Platform 9 and waited for them to arrive.

Five minutes later I saw them heading in my direction and smiled at them. " Ladies first " I said. Mrs Weasley smiled at me and she, Ginny and Luna went first. Next I motioned for Harry and Ron. When they ran however, they slammed into the wall!

Cursing, they got up, to the laughter of Fred and George. Trading concerned glances with Mr Weasley I approached the wall and made a few subtle motions with my wand.

I frowned as the results of my spell registered. " Mr Weasley, something appears to be blocking the barrier, could you head on over and report this to the Ministry? " He hurriedly nodded and left in a rush.

I cast a powerful Notice-me-not charm around the barrier and the surrounding area. I motioned to the boys to come stand by me and we waited.

They chatted amongst themselves as soon, more and more families and their children arrived. Luckily I cast that spell, or we would have drawn too much attention.

By the time Mr Weasley arrived twenty minutes later, with to harried Ministry wizards in tow, a hundred people had crowded within the confines of my spell.

They worked for ten minutes, trying to undo it and eventually they did, but I heard them whispering about unknown magic. I frowned, but didn't react further. After making sure all the kids were on the train, I apparated away. I can't wait to see their reactions when they see me.