The Millenia

Author's Note: Hey everyone!! This is an Ancient Egypt fic that I created a while ago, but didn't post up.

Full summary: Yugi and his friends are called the Millenia, defending Egypt while a cold cruel pharoah rules them. But when Yugi and Jou are captured by the High Priest and the pharoah, what dangers await them? Or will they change the pharoah and the High Priest's cold cruel ways?

Special Note: I'm changing these two names in this fic:
Jono=Jou (but the characters will call him Jou)

Warning: This is a Yami/Yugi AND a Seto/Jou fic, and it has YAOI!!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, not even the new names 'blah'=thoughts "blah"=speaking


Chapter 1: Egypt's darkest hour, the people's brightest hope

Egypt. On the outside of it; grand pyramids, golden sand, villages, and the Nile. But to the native's eye: the pyramids hold ashes of condemned people; who died for no cause, the golden sand hid crimson blood of fallen soldiers and slaughtered villagers, the villages were often attacked at the crack of dawn leaving nothing left, and the Nile secretly carried sadness to those who are still alive.

The pharoah of Egypt was the people's worst fear. He had the mightiest power of all Egypt, and he used it. He let his guards do whatever they please, executed innocent people who did nothing but live, and broke anyone whom caught his eye. His crown of red, black, and golden hair was easily recognized around. His crimson eyes were feared, for they showed no mercy, no compassion, no love. His true name? Darkness itself. Yami.

His only friend was the High Priest. The High Priest had cold colbat eyes that pierced into your very soul, but like the pharoah, the High Priest didn't care about anyone. His cold demeaner made him hated around Egypt. His hair was often hidden under a High Priest's turban, but many people say his hair is chestnut brown. His name? Seto.

Egypt had one light to hang on to though, and that light was coming today.

Not far from the palace, a large group of children, from 10 to 18, kneeled in front of the pharoah. The pharoah was picking a pleasure slave. The children whimpered and cried, while the guards kicked them and harshly told them to be quiet. The pharoah turned to his High Priest.

"These children don't look appealing to me. What should we do with them?" he coldly asked in a rich voice. The High Priest smirked. "Kill them, of course." he replied. The children nearest to the pharoah heard him and started to fear him even more. Unaware to anyone, a pair of honey eyes were glaring at the High Priest. Near him was another pair of eyes. Violet, innocent, and staring at the pharaoh.

"When should we attack, Jou?" whispered the boy with violet orbs. "Not now Yugi. Just a little more." replied Jou. He then turned to three other people behind Yugi. "You guys ready?" he whispered.

A white-haired boy with chocolate eyes, a brunette girl with aquamarine eyes, and a brown-haired brown-eyed boy with a unique hairstyle all nodded. Jou gave them a thumbs-up and watched the scene for the right move.

Seto turned to face the crowd. "Children, the pharoah has chosen none of you. He has decided to send you to a better place. Rise." he commanded. Seto then motioned the guards.

The children rose, unaware of what will happen. "Kill them." the High Priest ordered. The children screamed and cried when the guards came toward them.

"Now!" shouted a voice. Everyone turned to the direction of the voice. Jou stood in the middle, with the brunette and the brown-haired boy on his left, and Yugi and the white-haired boy on his right. "Deal with us first!" shouted Jou. Soon, the five youths spread out. Jou took out a sword, the brown-haired boy took out a rod, the brunette took out two golden sais (a/n You know the ones Rafeal from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fights with), the albino got out two chucks (a/n they're two sticks connected with a chain), and Yugi went into fighting position. (a/n For outfit imagining, just imagine what regular Egyptian girls and boys wear, k?)

Jou swang his sword, killing 20 guards with 10 blows. "Honda! Are you still alive?" he yelled at his friend. The pointed brown haired boy looked at Jou. "Yeah I am!" he shouted. Honda then saw 5 guards coming at him. He spun his rod into the air, and threw it. The rod hit the soldiers' heads, knocking them unconscious. "Man, I'm good." he sadi to himself.

The brunette was leading the children to safety. "Okay, follow me." she commanded. Suddenly, 3 guards stood in front of her. "You ain't going anywhere missy." said one of them. The brunette smirked. "Nobody bosses me around." she retorted. The guards came charging after her with their long spears. The brunette took out her sais and blocked their attacks. She pushed the guards with her strength, knocking them on the ground. "Okay guys, we can go ahead." she told the children. "What's your name?" asked one of the children. The brunette turned to to look at them. "Teana." she answered.

As the children and Teana were passing by the guards, 2 of them started rising up. Teana glared at them, then slit their throats with her sais. The 3rd one grabbed a kid's ankle. The child started screaming. Suddenly, the albino threw a chuck at the guards head, knocking him unconscious. Teana laughed. "Ryou, always here to save the day." Ryou chuckled. "No, that's usually Yugi or Jou." he said.

Yugi had 7 guards to deal with. But he wasn't scared. The guards all thrusted their spears at him. Yugi jumped and started kicking in the air, knocking all 7 out eventually. Suudenly, a hand grasped Yugi's arm. "Stop right there!" commanded a rich voice. Yugi turned. It was the pharoah! Yugi punched the pharoah, making his jaw bleed. Yami immediately let go of Yugi's arm.

"Yugi! Are you okay?" asked Jou, running to him. "I'm fine." Yugi replied. Jou nodded. "Great. We have to get out of here!" he said. Yugi nodded and ran behind Jou. Jou turned around and saw High Priest Seto looking at him. But it wasn't a look of hate. More like lust. That scared Jou, so he looked away.

The children and the Millenia reached an oasis just outside of town. "Who are you guys?" asked a child. "We're the Millenia. We help people get to safety." said Honda, carrying a heavy bag. Teana turned to face the group. "This is Malik. He will take you all to Rome, where a friend of ours named Mai will give you clothes, food, etc. for you to travel to other countries. Come back to Egypt when it's safe." she instructed. Malik gave the children a salute.

Malik had tanned skin, lavender eyes, and light golden hair. He was wearing a black cloak. "Come on to my ship." he said. The ship was disguised as a sailing ship, but was enormous! The sails were gold, and the ship was made entirely of wood.

The children climbed aboard Malik's ship. All the children waved goodbye to the 5 youths, as the ship sailed off the private route on the Nile.

Meanwhile, the group returned to their home in the oasis. There was a well, one house, and a gate that led to a small glade in the oasis. The 5 entered the house, where an auburned hair girl was waiting for them. "Hi everyone! I'm glad you made it all safe!" she greeted. Jou smiled. "Hey sis." he greeted. Everyone greeted Jou's sister in their own way. "Hey Honda? What's in the bag?" asked Jou's sister. Honda smiled. "Food to last us a few weeks Shizuka." he grinned, then threw the bag down.

Inside the bag was fish, bread, meat, fruits, grains, and other things. Everyone was happy. "I'll start cooking!" said Shizuka. While everyone started cheering, Yugi stepped out. He went through the gate and entered the glade. He sat down on a rock and began to think.

He remembered how the group got started. He and Jou were both abandoned when they were kids. Yugi found Jou and Shizuka rooting around for something to eat. He took them in and showed them the oasis. Jou told Yugi that if they were going to live in peace, they might as well learn how to fight. So Jou and Yugi trained for hours on end, while Shizuka helped take care of them.

Jou found Honda getting beaten up by guards all because he was starving. Jou defended Honda and defeated the guards. Honda, in his gratitude, told Jou that he'll always watch Jou's back. If he broke this promise, Jou had the right to kill him. Jou then showed Honda the oasis and Yugi, Shizuka, and Jou took him in and trained him.

While Yugi was walking around town, he saw Ryou curled up in a ball in an alley. He walked up to him and asked what's wrong. Ryou said something Yugi will never forget: "He is after my blood" Yugi immediately took Ryou in and trained him to fight. Ryou, in his thanks, offered Yugi pieces of advice when he needed it. Yugi was happy about that.

Teana was the last to join the group. She was running away from her abusive master, and ran into Yugi and everyone. She begged for them to take her in, and Yugi, being Yugi, took Teana in. He was surprised to know that Teana already knew how to fight, she just wasn't allowed to. Teana's former master found her and she killed him. Teana always defended anyone who needed help.

Yugi just sat there, remembering how the group came together, when Jou sat down beside him. "Hey Yugi. Thinking again?" he asked. "Yeah. Just remembering how the group got started." he sighed. Jou smiled. "I remember. I still can't thank you enough for taking me and Shizuka in."

"I can't thank you enough for encouraging me to defend myself." Jou looked at Yugi. "Well, you still deserve all the credit buddy. If it wasn't for you, most of us wouldn't even be here. You're the true leader in this group." he told Yugi, patting his back.

Yugi smiled. "But I don't remember how we came up with the name Millenia." he chuckled. Jou laughed. "You told me that Egypt will be safe in the next millenia. Ever since then, we've always called ourselves the Millenia." Yugi smiled. He then looked at his friend. Jou had a thinking expression on his face.

"Jou? Are you okay?" asked Yugi. Jou shook his head. "No, before we ran off. I saw the High Priest look at me. That look scared me. I'm afraid to go back." he confessed. Yugi shook his head. "If any of us has to be afraid to go back, it should be me. I punched the pharoah, made him shed his own blood. I'll be executed if I step one foot back into that town!" Jou shook his head.

"No you won't. You'll find a way to block the executioner's axe and put him under before I blink!" Both Yugi and Jou laughed. "It's true!" said Jou. Shizuka then appeared. "There you are! Come on, dinner's ready!" she said. Jou and Yugi got up and went inside the house.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Yami's jaw had some ointment and herbs rubbed on it, to help the bleeding and swelling stop. But Yami could still speak. He and High Priest Seto were talking in the throne room. "The 5 people who defeated our guards, who are they?" asked the pharoah.

"They're called the Millenia. People in the towns say that they defend Egypt from the darkness." Seto explained. Yami smirked. "So they like to play Hero, huh?" Seto turned to look at his ruler. "How are we going to deal with them, Yami?" he asked, him being the only one to call the pharoah by his true name. "I still need a pleasure slave, my High Priest." he slyly reminded. "So, you want them to be your pleasure slaves?" asked Seto. "Not all, just one. The boy who hit me. He looks a lot like me. Plus, he has will and fire flowing through those innocent veins. I want him." he hissed. Seto smirked, looking away.

"That blond boy, the one with the sword, he amuses me. He's like a dog with no master. I want to be his master." said Seto. He then turned to face Yami again.. "How are we going to capture them? They are clever and agile." he stated. Yami chuckled. "Simple. We'll pretend to pick another pleasure slave. They'll come to rescue the villagers. And when they come, our toys will come too." Seto chuckled.

Back at the oasis, Everyone was sitting in a circle. "Okay, everyone, now we have to free all the pharoah's slaves. Even the ones in the palace. How should we do it?" asked Yugi. "But Yugi, the pharoah will still need a pleasure slave. He might do what he did today again tomorrow. So we'll have to rescue the ones being presented, then go after the ones in the palace." stated Honda.

"Okay, so Teana and Ryou, you will help the presenters. Honda, you will go to the dungeons, kitchens, bedrooms, anywhere slaves will be. Jou and I will hold off the guards in the palace. Fight whoever's in your way, but try not to kill them." Yugi commanded. "Unless you have no choice." added Teana. "Yugi, Jou, there are a lot of guards in the palace. Including the High Priest and the pharoah himself. Do you think you can do it?" asked Ryou worriedly. Jou and Yugi looked at each other, then at Ryou.

"Of course we can, Ryou. We'll be all right. Just get all the slaves out of there and Yugi and I will take care of rest." Jou answered in a confident voice. "Just make it home safe, k?" said Shizuka. Everyone turned to her and nodded.

The sun set, cooling Egypt and bringing mystique into the air. While everyone else slept, Yugi was in the glade, practicing his skills. (a/n In case you haven't figured it out yet, Yugi does martial arts) Yugi punched, kicked, and spun in the air gracefully, creating fake opponents in his mind. Yugi then walked over to a tree. Yugi swung his body and kicked the tree, causing it to snap and fall. "Ahem." said a voice.

Yugi turned around and saw Shizuka with a shawl wrapped over her shoulders. Her Egyptian dress fluttered slightly in the air. "You really need to sleep, Yugi." she scolded. Yugi smiled, then turned away from his friend. "I can't right now, Shizuka. I keep feeling like something bad will happen on the mission." he confessed. Shizuka sighed, then walked over to Yugi.

"Nothing bad will happen, but if it does, all of you will get over it." she reassured. Yugi sat down on a rock, then turned to face the auburned haired girl. "Thanks." he replied. Shizuka smiled, then sat down beside him. "I wish I could go with you, but someone has to stay here and help Malik prepare the ship." she sighed. Yugi chuckled. "Your brother will kill me if I even tried to ask if you could come. Don't get me wrong, I would love for you to come, I just want to respect your brother's wishes." Shizuka smiled. "I know. I understand." she answered. She then put her hand on Yugi's. (a/n No people, it's Yami/Yugi in the story!) "Now, get some sleep." she ordered. Yugi chuckled and got up with her.

"Okay, I will." he replied. The two walked together to the small house to get some well needed rest. yugi closed the door while Shizuka went to her small bed. Yugi climbed into his bed, looked at everybody's peaceful faces, then fell into his own silver slumber.


That has got to be the LONGEST chapter I have ever written. Whew!! I'm glad though, that I finally got it started. Yes, this is only a chapter. More is coming, but only if I get some REVIEWS!! ^_^