The Millenia

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Chapter 12: Darkness and Light find comfort in each other

Inside the wonderous palace, down the hall, within the walls of the pharaoh's chamber, laying in deep slumber in soft and sheltered sheets, was Yugi. On the outside, he looked pretty, perfect, and peaceful sleeping. But his dream spoke differently.

Yugi was on a battlefield. Witnessing the fight. All the fighting, killing, and weapons damaging their targets. He looked around. Everywhere lay dead bodies. Bodies of solders, the enemy, and what shocked this sinless man nearly to his own death was the bodies of his friends. Butchered, sliced, or simply stabbed. Lying on the ocher sands of Egypt, crimson life spreading as far as the eye can see.

But that's not what made Yugi's heart scream with absolute fear. Yugi saw a man. A man with long black hair and navy blue eyes, with a sword in his hand, charging after him. Yugi was paralyzed to the spot where he stood. He couldn't run, he couldn't hear, he couldn't even scream. All he could do was stand and watch.

Suddenly Yami came in front of him, taking the sword's hit that was meant for the pure martial arts master. Yugi's eyes widened. Yami died, right in front of him. And the worst part is, he didn't do a single thing to save him. Yuugi screamed.

Yugi woke up. His soft violet eyes were wide, and his skin was covered with cold beads of sweat. Yuugi sat up, the silky covers still concealing his lower half of the body; however, showing off his sleek chest. Panting, Yugi wiped off the sweat from his forehead. 'It was just a dream' he thought. 'It can't come true. Can it?'

Yugi, now fully dressed, walked down the hallways, looking for any of the Millenia or Jou. 'Hmm, Jou must be busy hanging out with Seto. I don't trust Ryuuji. From what Jou told me, it looks like his and Seto's relationship are going to be facing very tough weather' he thought. Yugi looked out to the horizon. The sun was very high up, so that meant that it was near noon.

'The meeting Yami's in must be over by now' he thought with some confidence. Yugi walked down the corridor, hearing his own footsteps echo throughout the hall. Yugi then saw Yami walking with his guards, talking about with something with a serious face. Yugi smiled at first, then frowned. He didn't want Yami to worry over him and Yami always figured out what was bothering his petite lover. But before Yugi could turn away, Yami spotted him.

"Yugi! You're finally awake!" he greeted. Yami then turned to his guards.

"You may go, I have said all I needed to say to you." he stated. The guards nodded, bowed, then left the pharaoh with his soulmate. Yami smiled kindly at Yugi.

"Did you have a pleasant rest?" he asked kindly. Yugi remembered the dream he had, and decided not to tell Yami about it. 'I don't want to make him worry' he confirmed in his mind. Yugi smiled and nodded. "Yes, I did." he lied. Yami chuckled and hugged Yugi.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you to see first thing, love. But the meeting lasted a long time and they wouldn't let me leave to join you." he said, giving Yugi a kiss on the forehead. Yugi sighed and gave Yami a light kiss on the lips. "It's ok love. I understand. What was the meeting about?" he asked innocently. Yami frowned slightly and gently stroked Yugi's bangs away from his face so he could see his sweetheart's soft voilet irises. "I need the entire Millenia here to tell you that, love. For it concerns every person in Egypt." he explained. Yugi nodded.

Later, the entire Millenia, along with Yami and Seto, were gathered into the counseling room. Yami, of course, sitting at the end, with Yugi on the right and Seto to the left. Jou was next to Seto, Shizuka was next to Yugi. Teana was next to Shizuka, Honda was next to Jou. Ryou was next to Shizuka, Malik was next to Honda. Bakura was next to Ryou, Marik was next to Malik. Mai was next to Bakura, Isis was next to Marik. Ryuuji sat on the other end of the table, looking very smug. Jou and Seto tried to ignore him, but that was very hard when Ryuuji wouldn't stop staring at them.

"Okay, this morning I have found out something very important." the high pharaoh began. "In Rome, there is this man named Pegasus J. Crawford. He's not a Roman native, but he's a man with high power. He wants to wage war on Egypt." Everyone was shocked, even horrified. Egypt was just recovering from terror within their own land, and now they have to face a foreign one.

"I don't know why he wants to wage war on us. But I do want to know this. Mai, Isis, and Ryuuji; do you know this man?" he questioned. Isis nodded.

"Yes, and I think I know why he wants to wage war on us." she answered. "You see, Pegasus was a kind, gentle man. He was greatly loved because of his beautiful paintings, many of them focused on the beauty of his lovely wife, Cindy (a/n does anyone know the Japanese name of Pegasus's wife? I'm just guessing) But his wife died, and he fell into despair and depression." she ezplained. Yami gasped.

"Wait, I know Cindy. She was once here in Egypt as my guest. She was kind, and sweet. But during that time, I mistreated her. I sent her to her death because she told me so." he confessed. "She told you to kill her?" said Honda. Yami shook his head. "No, I sent her to her death. I hung her, outside the palace." he told the Millenia, shamefully. Yugi looked at him with kindness and pity, and silently took Yami's hand into his own.

"Well, Pegasus must've found out, and I guess that's why he wants to wage war with you, with a thirst to see your blood spread out onto the golden sands that cover Egypt's horrendous sins." Isis added, pointing outside. The wind was gently blowing in the distance, creating little whirls of sand. Seto turned to Yami. "My pharaoh, tell them about the army Pegasus plans to use against us." he suggested. The pharaoh nodded.

"Pegasus has a group of people working for him, that have certain fighting abiliies just all of you. Pegasus knows how to swordfight. He's not as good as a gladiator but good enough to kill someone. Including Pegasus, there are 14 people. We have 12 people in the Millenia. The group is called the Shadows because most of them attack using secret magic. They're also after you, Yugi. Along with the rest of the Millenia." he explained. Then he sighed. "You are outnumbered, Yugi. What will you do?" Yugi smiled.

"Make it even. Yami, you and Seto can join the Millenia." he suggested. Yami shook his head. "Yugi, I don't know how to fight. Ever since I was born, no one has ever taught me how to defend myself. My father taught me to depend on other people to save your own skin. I am not worthy of a place within your circle of friends." he said. Yugi shook his head, took both of the pharaoh's hands, and looked into the carmine eyes of his lover.

"Yami, I will teach you a style that is easy and very effective. Any person somehow knows how to defend themselves. I will teach you how to turn that knowledge into your own sixth sense. So don't worry, ok?" he reassured, his eyes smiling with warmth and tenderness. Yami, knowing Yugi somehow always makes sense in this world full of confusion, nodded. Yugi chuckled, then turned to the rest of the group.

"All right. Now, since most of them use magic, we *have* to fight like we've never fought before. Practice often. Use your fighting skills as normally as you would walk or speak, for now you have to depend on them at this time more than ever." he said. Everyone nodded.

"But Yugi, why should all of us have to fight? There are *certain* individuals here who cannot stand up for themselves." Bakura hissed, glaring at Ryou, who just lowered his head in shame. Yugi noticed this and looked at Bakura. "I'm sorry, Bakura, but I do not see a single person in this room who cannot fight. I don't have your eyes, so I don't see what you see." he stated. Ryou's eyes lit up with gratitude. Bakura leered at Yugi in frustration, then scowled at Ryou, who noticed and lowered his head again. Marik kicked Bakura under the tabe and frowned at him. Bakura just ignored him.

"I have a list of the Shadow members right here that a spy gave me. You all can read it and plan a strategy. Plan well. We don't know when he's going to strike us." Yami warned. He passed the list to Yugi and Yugi read it. The list looked like this:

~Pegasus: Full name is Pegasus J. Crawford Age: 33-43 Gender: Male Fighting style: Sword fighting Weapon: Sword Fighting level: 8

~Rex: Full name is Rex Raptor Age: 15-18 Gender: Male Fighting style: Summoning dinosaurs Weapon: Hunter's spear Fighting level: 6

~Weevil: Full name is Weevil Underwood Age: 15-17 Gender: Male Fighting style: Conjuring insects Weapon: None Fighting level: 5 but cheats

~Bandit Keith: Full name unknown Age: 20-25 Gender: Male Fighting style: Gadgets/machines he created Weapon: Machines Fighting level: 5-6

~Mako: Full name is Mako Tsunami Age: 17 Gender: Male Fighting style: Javelin-throwing Weapon: Metal Javelin/long spear Fighting level: 4-5 (a/n Does anyone know what's the name for the sport event that had javelins in it?)

~Panic: Full name unknown Age: unknown Gender: Male Fighting style: Blinds foes in darkness, then kills them Weapon: None Fighting level: 3

~Bonz: Full name unknown Age: 10-13 Gender: Male Fighting style: Necromancer/ summoning ghosts Weapon: None Fighting level: 2

~Para: Full name unknown, but brother of Dox Age: 30 Gender: Male Fighting style: Creating labyrinths of illusion Weapon: None Fighting level: 7

~Dox: Full name unknown, but brother of Para Age: 30 Gender: Male Fighting style: Creating labryinths of illusion Weapon: None Fighting level: 7

~Arkana: Full name unknown Age: 30-40 Fighting style: Pulling magician tricks Weapon: None Fighting level: 7

~Espa Roba: Full name is Espa Roba Age: 13-16 Gender: Male Fighting style: Telekinesis Weapon: Anything he can find Fighting level: 4

~Noa: Full name unknown Age: 10-13 Gender: Male Fighting style: Trapping minds in another reality Weapon: None Fighting level: 8

~Odion: Full name unknown Age: 30-32 Gender: Male Fighting style: Calling ancient monsters to do his bidding Weapon: Metal rod Fighting level: 7

~Mokuba: Full name unknown Age: 12 Gender: Male Fighting style: Shadow magic Weapon: None Fighting level: 8

When the list was passed to Mai, she sighed in disgust. "They're all *males*! What happened to all the females?" she asked sarcastically. Isis sighed. "You know how Rome feels about women." she replied matter-of-factly. Mai shook her head in absolute aversion, then passed the list to the person next to her.

The list soon reached Seto, who went pale when he saw the last name. 'No, it can't be him' he thought. 'He wasn't supposed to be a warrior' Jou saw the paleness and the sweat on his lover's face, and quickly grabbed his hand. "Seto, are you all right?" he asked, with pure worry in his voice. Seto snapped out of his thoughts, and nodded, gripping Jou's fragile hand with a firm grip. Yami noticed this and turned to the group.

"The meeting is over. Go now and plan how you are going to defend the country you swore your allegiance to." he commanded. Everyone nodded and rose from their seats. Marik stomped over to Bakura and grabbed his arm. "I need to talk to you right now." he hissed quietly. Bakura glared at his friend, but nodded. The two soon left together. Ryou and Malik looked at each other with curiosity. "Let's follow them." Malik suggested. Ryou took another glance and shook his head.

"We shouldn't. We might get caught." he warned. Malik smirked. "If what I think is right, they won't do anything to us." he said. Malik then walked to follow Marik and and Bakura. Ryou sighed, then followed Malik soon after.

Seto and Jou reached the High Priest's bedchamber, where Seto quietly sat on the bed. Jou knelt and looked up at Seto's overwhelmed colbat orbs with his own relaxed honey brown. "Seto, you know one of the people on the list. Do you mind telling me who? And how you know that person?" he inquired, needing to know exactly what was going on with his lover.

Seto sighed, and looked down at Jou with an emotion that no one could ever describe, then he took one of Jou's gentle hands and held them with a light grip. "The very last name on the list, Mokuba, is my little brother." he confessed. He turned to Jou's face, looking for any sign of shock, inquiry, or even pity. But instead he saw a look that said *Tell me more*, so he continued.

"You see, when I was 12 years old, my parents died. Mokuba was my little brother, and the only family I had. Then the pharaoh, Yami's father, decided that Mokuba would learn his powers as a High Priest better if he learned them in another country. So they sent him off on a ship, to go find a country best suited for him." he explained. Then Seto remembered a painful memory that he wished didn't happen.


A little boy was running through the empty halls of the palace. His sable hair flowing freely behind him, his sullied blue eyes full of fear and sadness. Running like the wind, this little boy fled into his sheltered bedchamber, one he was currently sharing with another. A young Seto, who was once occupied looking over the city on the balcony, now turned to face the little boy panting fromt he long run. Young Seto came over to him with concern and love, and knelt down to his level.

"Mokuba, you shouldn't be here. You need to be on the ship before the sun touches the palace." he said, almost scolding the little boy. The little boy, now named Mokuba, shook his head and squeezed Young Seto into a tight embrace, with tears trickling down.

"Big brother, I don't want to go! I want to stay with you!" he sobbed. "Please don't make me go with them! Please, big brother! Please don't make me go with them!" he begged, wailing at his older sibling. Young Seto looked at his younger relative, wishing with all his heart that he could fulfill his brother's wish, but he knew that if he defied the pharaoh, he would die.

Young Seto pulled his brother away so he could look at him, smiled at him, then gently wiped away his tears. "Mokuba, you are the best brother that anyone could ever wish for, while I'm the exact opposite." he said sadly, looking down on the ground. Mokuba looked at him with confusion. "What makes you say that, big brother? You're the best, don't let anyone say you're not." he stated. Young Seto looked at Mokuba with tear-filled eyes.

"Mokuba, I cannot do anything to make us stay together. You know what would happen if we don't do what the pharaoh says." Mokuba nodded, knowing that his brother was right. Young Seto went on. "Little brother, can you promise me something?" he asked, half smiling. Mokuba nodded again. Young Seto sighed.

"The pharaoh said that you can come back once your training is over. Now, for your training to be over, you must do everything your teacher tells you, with no complaint. Can you promise me that? Can you promise me that you will do what your teacher says, with no complaint? And be a good boy so you can come home?"

Mokuba looked long and hard into his brother's eyes, then he burst into tears. Grabbing his brother into another tight embrace, he started crying again. "I promise, big brother! I'll be a good boy so I can come home! If I do everything the teacher tells me to do, and I come home, will I stay with you forever until we can't anymore?" he sobbed. Young Seto smiled, gently but warmly hugged his little brother, and nodded.

"Yes Mokuba. When you come home, you can stay for as long as you want. Just be a good boy so you and I can be together once again." he whispered, crying softly.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End flashback~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Jou looked into his lover's eyes. Instead of finding that usual confident Seto, he saw that young blue-eyed boy waiting for his brother's return. Jou's warm fair eyes were now welling up with tears, tears of sadness and pain that seemed to transfer from Seto to him. Seto took notice and immediately pulled his lover into a soft and sweet embrace.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you worry." Jou protested, meaning the tears. Seto shook his head. "No," he said. "Puppies are allowed to cry."

Jou chuckled at this sentence, and pulled Seto into a tighter embrace. Seto welcomed this and lightly kissed Jou on the neck. Neither men knew who was listening near the door, who planned to exploit Seto's weakness to the pharaoh, and render Seto useless to the Millenia.


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