I Know What You Did Last Summer

Chapter 1

Beep, beep, beep, beep. *Groan* I'm so tired, said Courtney. Maybe you shouldn't had been with Trunks all night, said Sam. Aaaaaahh!! Sam what are you doing in my room!? I just came to borrow a skirt. A skirt, you could have woke me up. I didn't want to bother you. Awww, man my head hurts. I told you not to drink all those drinks with Trunks last night. I was drunk. Yeah, Miss goody two shoes, was drunk as a dog. What happened, asked Courtney? I'll tell you later, by the way don't you have a class today? Yeah, what its 1:30 already, I'm late!


You're late Miss Johnson, said Mr. Jackson. I'm sorry I kind of over slept today. A honor student, should not be late for class. I'm sorry, sir, but it's the last day of school and maybe this honor student should be late for once. So is that your excuse? Well yeah, I guess. Class does anybody agree with Miss Johnson today? I do sir, I think that Miss Johnson should had been late today, said Trunks. Mr. Brief, I know that Miss Johnson is your buddy, but you don't have to take up for her. Well sir, I do this time, cause part of the reason of her oversleeping is because of me. Ooooooo, what was you and Courtney doing, for her to be late for class, said a boy. Wellll, if you want to know so bad. Trunks, you wouldn't! *ding dong* Courtney Johnson report to library, said the announcer on the intercom. Well got to go, bye.

Trunks better not tell them about nothing that happened, but I don't remember nothing that happened. I wonder who wants me in the library. Whoa! Trunks! Why you in so big of a hurry, asked Trunks? To see who wants me in the library. Don't nobody want you, I talked to Bra telepathically and she got you out of Mr. Jackson class, so you want get embarrassed. Thanks, wait a minute why am I thanking you, you was about to tell them what happened, that was embarrassing enough! *brrrrrrrrng* (A.N. If you didn't know where we was at, we all go to Southern University) I got to go, said Courtney. Where are you going, schools out, its summer time! I'm going home and just relax! Can I come! Come here Trunks. *pow* No you can't come, said Courtney as she kicked Trunks between his legs!

*Back in the dorm*

Hey, you're back already, asked Sam? Yeah, when I got there class was almost over, and Mr. Jackson was questioning me, asking me why I was late and then Trunks almost straight up embarrassed me in front of everybody. So you just had a bad day. Yeah, Trunks was going to tell the whole class about what happened last night. You can't get mad you don't even remember what happened last night, said Sam. Yes I can get mad, I should have the right to know what happened to me, if something bad did happened, I might lose my reputation. Well everybody who went to the Sigma Party know what happened. What happened, asked Courtney?

(A.N. Okay, I know this is not no where near how the movie went but it will, when we get to part where they win the tickets to go to the Bahamas, the flashback scene that is coming up next is gonna be kind of taken from the movie Drumline, I love that movie, then after that, the rest will be coming out of my crazy, imaginative mind, but anyway on with the story ^_^!!!)

*Flashback of the Sigma Party*

Everybody was in shock when you walked in the room with Trunks, said Sam. Trunks, I don't even get along with Trunks. You did last night. Well anyway, everybody was in shock to see the top honor student dancing all wild, and especially with Trunks, knowing that he got mostly every girl here as his on little toy. So I called you over cause we was about to do a step off. You came over and started to step, Trunks was looking at you all funny, like he was hungry or something. After the step off you went over by Trunks and watched the boys do their step off, so Trunks put his arm around your waist, and you turned to him and started kissing, in front of everybody, after that you and Trunks left. I don't know where ya'll went, but if you wanna know you should go ask Trunks. I did all that? Yeah, you did do all that, usually when we ask you to step off you wouldn't come, but you did this time, I think you just wanted to impress Trunks for once. If I did that, ewww I shouldn't had kicked him between his legs today. You kicked him, why did you do that? He was acting like a pervert. He's a boy that's how he suppose to act.

*The next day*

Whassup, Baton Rouge! This is DJ New Orleans, holding it down, on the top 20 countdown on MAX 94.1, and we're also giving away 4 tickets away to one lucky person who goes to Southern University, so hit us up at 504-9876!

Courtney, what was that number again, asked Sam? I know you are not going to try to win those tickets. Yeah, I am gonna win, anyway what's the number? 504-9876. Oooooo, its ringing! Hello, is this DJ New Orleans! Whassup, what's your name! My...name is Samantha! Okay Samantha, if you get this question right you win the tickets to the Bahamas, you have 10 seconds, to answer, are you ready! Yeah, I'm ready! Okay, who sings the song Roll Out? 10 seconds. 10, 9, 8, Roll Out, I know that song. 7, 6, 5, 4, Its Ludacris, said Courtney. Okay, umm Ludacris, is it Ludacris! Is that your final answer? Yeah! Samantha, you....won! I won! Yay! I'm bad! What is your favorite radio station! MAX 94.1!!!

Oh my god, oh my god, I'm going to the Bahamas! Lets see who should I take, okay one for me, my man, my momma, my brother. Pleease take me, I'm your best friend! Girl you know I'm gonna take you, but you gotta find somebody else to go with you. I don't have nobody to come with me. Why don't you ask Trunks. Why would I wanna ask him, I can't stand him. Ask him and then maybe you can ask him about what happened, said Sam. Oh well, I guess I'll ask him to come, do you know where he will be at? I think he's at the dock where he works at. I'll be back later. Bye.

*The docks*

Trunks! Hey Baby Girl, said Trunks. Don't call me that, said Courtney. You didn't mind me calling you that at the party. Well anyway, I want to know would you like to come to the Bahamas with Sam, Brad, and me? The Bahamas, how did she get tickets anyway? Sam won the Bahamas getaway, off of the radio. That's cool, I'll be glad to go, under his breath maybe I can get you to like me. Trunks what did you just say? I said I'll be glad. No, no not that you said something else after that. I said that maybe I can get you to like me more. Will see, what will happen, I got some questions for you anyway. Oh yeah, we leave tomorrow at 8:00 meet us here, bye, said Courtney as she ran back to her car. She is so gorgeous, Trunks said as he waved bye to her.