Chapter 3

The Bahamas

(A.N. Okay now it is going to be like the movie now, that's if I can remember how it went, I just might have to go rent it, but anyway on with story)

"Wow, its even more beautiful in person than it is on tv", said Courtney!" Yeah it is, said Trunks. Whoa, what's up dudes, said this short, fat, dude with dredlocks. Umm hi, said Sam. Hi ladies, my name is Andre (A.N. Forgot that dude name) how about we go up to my room and *smack*. Bitch get the fuck away from, Sam screamed! Man, you didn't had to do that, said Andre! Well dudes, if you want some weed, holla at me. Who would want some weed from him, beside all the weed is rolled up in his head, said Brad. Everybody laughed.

*The Island Resort*

Welcome to the Island Resort, said a tall, dull looking woman from around the counter. Hi, said the group. Okay, so like do you have a reservation, oh yeah and my name is Gladys? Yeah, we have one under Samantha Bryant (A.N. That is your last name right? Oh yeah, and I wanna thank you for helping me out on my other story!) Okay here are your keys and Darryl with show ya'll to your rooms.

So you guys, have the honeymoon suite, said Darryl. Yeah, we do but we're not married or nothing, said Sam I wasn't talking about that, I was going to tell you that back in 1965 a couple commit suicide in room 345. Well me and my boo got room 346, said Brad. I won't let no ghost get this girl, said Trunks. Ahem, I can take care of myself, said Courtney. Well enjoy your stay here, said Darryl.

*Room 345*

This sure is a big room, said Trunks. It's the honeymoon suite, what did you expect. I'm tired I think I'll go take a nap, said Courtney. Can I join you? No you can't, you're sleeping on the couch! Aw, I thought we had something going.....on the boat early. Nope, like you said that I lead a man, I lead you to tell me what happened. So you used me? If that's what you want to call it. But. But nothing you're sleeping on the couch, I would have to be desperate to let you sleep in the same bed with me.*Squeak, Squeak* Their at it again, said Courtney. That's how we should be, said Trunks. See that's a reason why you're sleeping on the couch.

*Room 346*

This bed is really bouncy, said Sam. Why don't we go to the pool, said Brad. Yeah, we should so I can show off my new bathing suit. (A.N. I think that's how it went) Yeah, so I can just rip it off, said Brad. Maybe and maybe not, said Sam. We should go invite Courtney and Trunks. Aw man, I thought we was gonna have a little free time, said Brad. Well you guess wrong. *Sam gets up and goes across the hall* *Knocks on the door* Come in, said Trunks. *Sam open the door* "Where's Courtney," asked Sam? "She's in the bedroom unpacking, he said while pointing to the bedroom". Hey, said Sam. Hi, what brought you over here, asked Courtney? Oh, I came over to see if you and Trunks wanted to come over to pool with me and Brad. Sure, I wouldn't mind coming. Great, I'll go tell Trunks, said Sam. *sighs, and says to herself why does Trunks always have to come* Because you two needs to hookup, said Sam. *startled* Huh, how did you know, what I was thinking, asked Courtney? I read your mind, that's all, said Sam. Didn't nobody tell you to come barging all in my head! My bad, I'm sorry, said Sam. *Both of them walks back up in the living room* Trunks, do you wanna come to the pool with me, Brad, and Courtney, asked Sam? Sure, sounds like fun, I finally gets to see Courtney's other side, said Trunks. *SMACKS* You stupid pervert! I HATE you, screamed Courtney as she walked back into bedroom. (A.N. Okay, okay, I know this is not how the movie went, I'm just mixing it up with my mind) Um, bye Trunks, bye Courtney meet us down at the pool, okay, said Sam. *She stood for awhile, waiting for a answer, she glanced at Trunks he had a mad but sad impression on his face and glanced to the bedroom and there wasn't a sound coming from out of there* I guess I'll go now, said Sam as she headed to the door. Sam, said Trunks. Yes, said Sam? I'll meet you and Brad at the pool. Okay, bye, she said as she closed the door.

Wonder what will happen next? Will Trunks and Courtney ever get together? Well we won't know. Well I'll know, if I let it happen. In chapter 4 the killings will begin! Hahahaha, man I'm weird, but anyway hope you like the story so far.