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Putting The Pieces Back Together.

Chapter one: Fulfilling of a promise

The son of Namikaze Minato had made a promise to his father. As he watching the scene unfold from the shadows. His Heart, Mind and Soul started to ache with sorrow. Because he knows history has been changed. He closed his eyes for a moment then he silently stepped out of the shadows. He silently cast a body bind on the masked man holding his brother Naruto. Hadrian stepped over and took his brother Naruto from the bastard carefully. He made sure to knockout the masked man to be unconscious.

Hadrian turn to see his most precious person. Minato saw gorgeous green eyes. Youth hold his son. He then saw masked bastard who was now on ground.

The young man spoke "Yondaime sama please stabilized the seal on your wife! So I will be able to hand you your son. I would. be able to heal your midwife who is currently bleeding out on this floor."

All Minato could do was nod his head. He stabilized and strengthened the seal on his wife. A few moments later it was done. When Minato looked over he saw the young man standing on the side looking down at his son. He softly speaking to his son as Minato walked over hear what he was telling his son.

Hadrian began to speak softly to little Naruto please listen well, "I protected both your parents. I protected you from being jinchuriki of Kurama. Eat your vegetables to grow strong and don't eat ramen constantly. unconditional love those ones you care for." Hadrian suede on his feet with his brother in his arms . "Know this love is stronger than hate or fear. Learning Shadow clone will help you because you my brother have to much chakra for the normal clone. knowledge is power know that you will become an amazing Fuinjutsu seal master. you will become one of the strongest Shinobi that are out there.. please watch out for Jiraiya do not let him corrupt you with is books and humor. Become a great Hokage just like Dad! I have seen you as Hokage. I want you to know brother Naruto.. I kept my promise."

Minato heard all of what the young man said. though the words "just like dad " stop him in is tracks for a moment.

Hadrian turned without another word.. handed Naruto to his father. He walked over to the bleeding midwife. Crack reverberated around the cavern.. As he bent down onto his knees.. He started healing. He whispered softly to the bleeding woman "you're going to be all right" he said. Minato gazed upon his son in his arms. He lifted his head seeing green eyes healing Sarutobi Biwako. Without a moment thought Minato walked to Kushina he gave up Naruto to her. without a word said to anyone he flashed away. He left to get Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage A moment later Minato was standing in front of the home of the Sandaime Hokage. Hiruzen seen Minato standing there! Their eyes met Minato said,

"Please come with me."

Hiruzen just nodded his head he placed his hand on Minato shoulder as they flashed away. Kushina was elated to be holding her son! As she watched the green eyed man that saved them heal Biwako. He did not say much at all. He help brought Biwako to her feet he finished healing her. She began checking over baby Naruto and her. Kushina watched as the person walked over to the unconscious man he started to put seals on him.

Minato and Hiruzen flashed into the area. They saw the young man place seals and chakra repressing cuffs on to the masked man. Hiruzen walked over to Biwako he hugged her.

she whispered "word's to him."

Minato walked over hugged his family. Both Sandaime and Yondaime Hokage new if the young man did not step in a few more people would be dead.

Minato talked about little things with Kushina. Afterwards he made his way over to Hadrian. He thought about what he heard early in the night. The words (just like dad) ringing in his head. He sensed his own chakra was in a seal on Hadrian. How could it be ?It hit Minato in the face Hadrian is apart of his family. Minato made eye contact with Hiruzen telling him he was going to talk to Hadrian. Hiruzen gave a slight nod of his head indicating he understood.

"Excuse me." Minato said. "Can we talk over there away from the captured man." The young man looked into Minato's eyes. He said, "Yes Yondaime sama." they walked away from the man.

Minato found a spot turned around he made eye contact with Hadrian and said. "I'm going to set-up a privacy Jutsu so that no one could hear us is that alright with you"..

"yes Yondaime Sama."

Minato went through a few hand signs and activated the Privacy Jutsu. They both stared at each other for a while. Minato broke the silence

"I want to thank you for what you did for my family."

"It wasn't a problem Yondaime Sama." "I am."

Hadrian interrupted "Please do not say in your debt because I am not. I do have to go soon is there anything else I can do for you.. Yondaime Sama.."

"Yes you can tell me how your apart of my family clan?"

Hadrian stepped backwards. "I am not." he said.

Minato did a few more hand gestures and the privacy Jutsu tinted so those on the outside could not see.

"Please do not lie to me I can sense my Clans seal upon you with my chakra."

"I am not Hadrian said.

Minato stepped forward and looked within the green eyed youth. then he reached out and touched the seal and sent chakra through it. Hadrian was frozen still. Minato's chakra flowed into the seal that was on him he was an idiot. He should have left right after saving them. As Minato was getting feedback from the seal. A tear fell from the green eyed youth.

As the information came back to Minato from the seal that was on Hadrian as member of Namikaze family. He saw a tear fall. In that moment Minato knew more about the young man.

"I should go I have more to do this night" Hadrian said.

He tried to pull away but Minato would not let him. Minato did a one handed Jutsu then pulled him into a hug. Whispering into the youths ear "I have you let go its okay."

"No!" he response

"I have to go please let me."

"No!" Minato said. "I am coming with you."

"No you have your family and village to look after Yondaime Sama." "You are my family to."

Hadrian was trying way again.

"I am no longer apart of your family I kept the promise I made."

"Stop lying to yourself! I can feel your inner battle."

"I picked up the pieces and spent all of these years putting my heart back together."

Minato leveled a disbelieving icy stare. "I am older then you now I can take care of myself thanks. I doubt your wife will let you go."

He gave another disbelieving icy stare "I am your clan head I am going with you. I will leave a Shadow clone with them with plenty of chakra storage seals to replenish the clones chakra."

Minato held onto him.

"You do not have to do this Yondaime Sama."

"Yes I do! We are going to talk once we are out of here and by ourselves understood."

"Yes sir."

"Before I let the privacy Jutsu down?"

The breathing from Hadrian started to get faster and faster. Out in a rushed breath.

"The man underneath mask is Uchiha Obito."

Minato let go of Hadrian and dispelled the multiple Jutsu he had up. Afterwards Hadrian and walked over to the group waiting for them both. The Yondaime looked pissed off… He walked over to the bound man and took off the mask. The other's took in a sharp breath in as Uchiha Obito was revealed to the group. The young man just stood there waiting for his orders. Kushina looked at him but he was staring straight ahead not looking at anyone. Before anyone spoke Hadrian did some hand signs and a privacy barrier sprung around the six of them. He nodded his head at Minato.

"Thank you"

"Your welcome Yondaime Sama."

Minato gave them all an a frigid stare to Hiruzen, Kushina and Biwako all knew it was there Hokage speaking now.

"please make sure that not a single person knows that he is still a live. Don't allow the elders to know do you understand me."

"Yes sir." They responded.

"Biwako please take Kushina and my son home with you."

"Yes sir" he looked over and saw his son. He turn back and faced the Sandaime.

"Hiruzen this young man and I have a few things to do and we will be back in two weeks time."

"He is running on a schedule and has a few others to save." They both looked at the youth.

"I offered my assistance because he saved us all it's only in a fair trade."

Kushina looked into her husband eyes. She new he was right they all could have died.

"I will be leaving a Shadow clone here with plenty of chakra storage seals to replenish the clones chakra. We do not need the elders getting wind of this at all."

Hiruzen looked Minato in his eyes and new something else going on but couldn't say anything right now in front of there wife's. It involved the young man standing there at attention just waiting. Hadrian walked over an he opened a storage seal. Hadrian pulled out one prisoner scroll and unsealed it. He placed Uchiha Obito inside it. He turn to see them all staring at him.

"It's a prisoner scroll it will keep him suspended until we interrogate him."

They all nodded there heads to indicate they understood. Hadrian said, "I would suggest that Yondaime Sama that you assign Genma and Kakashi as guard for Kushina and your son."

"In that way Biwako does not get overwhelmed with helping out."

"It would be good for Kakashi and Genma to get used to an infant."

Hadrian said, "Before we go I have classified information to give this is an S-Class Secret do you all understand." The group all nodded. He looked him in his eyes "Sandaime Sama I beg your forgiveness this information you're not going to like."

"Shimura Danzo authorized orochimaru's medical experiments in the hope he could get the shodaime Hokage Senju Hashirama DNA cells implanted into him."

"Lady Senju Tsunade is going to be completely and utterly pissed off that her grandfather's body was desecrated by these two disgusting men." He opened and closed his hands.

"Shimura Danzo allowed Orochimaru these experiments and had opened so much crap that he has done it's unacceptable he has also experimented on babies."

Now they had a look of rage on their faces.

"Orochimaru has stepped down the road to try to find immortality which is very unacceptable."

"Shimura Danzo is also sewing unrest in the Uchiha Clan. He essentially wants to eliminate them all. So that he can take the Sharingan and implant it in himself."

The four other people standing the were utterly silent as they process what they were just told.

"I beg your forgiveness Sandaime Sama as I said you wouldn't like the information that I told you. I'd also truly not trust the other Elders as well because I'm not sure if they're in on it."

"Shimura Danzo and Orochimaru are traders to the hidden Leaf Village Konohagakure No Sato." Hadrian dispelled the privacy barrier.

Hadrian looked down at his watches an saw the time's. It was time for him to go. As Hadrian started move and walk away. Minato snapped out of his stupor and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm still going with you regardless of all the information you just laid at our feet." Hadrian just coldly stared at Minato.

it's all good like I said. you have your family here I can handle everything that I need to handle thank you for your offer though." Minato leveled him another one of those looks. Hadrian took a step back but said nothing. "Okay." Minato said "

"let's deal with this situation.I know all the information that he gave us is a hard pill to swallow. Needs must and all."

"Hiruzen are wife's and my son are going to need there rest. Are you alright with all of what was said and what we decided in our discussion."

Hiruzen said, "This quite disturbing Minato with all the information that was given."

Hiruzen looked Hadrian he understood immediately and rolled up his sleeve to show his ANBU tattoo on his arm. Hiruzen placed his hand on the tattoo. He send some of his chakra into the tattoo authenticate it. The Chakra went into the tattoo and it was verified.

"Thank you" Hiruzen said

"your welcome Sandaime Sama."

Minato *got a glint in his eyes* and looked at Hadrian. He said,

"I Namikaze Minato Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato here by reinstate you as ANBU."

Hiruzen saw that the young man's face drained of all the color.

"I am retired I never intended to get reinstated by the way Yondaime Sama."

"Why not?" ask Kushina.

"Do the words I'm retired I don't want to do this anymore give a clue."

"I kept the promise I intervened I'm done. Besides I have other places to be and I'm going to be late."

Minato new right then and there he pushed a little too far. He saw all the anger build up in the young man. Hadrian exhaled a heavy breath he also sighed. Hadrian dropped his head into his hand. He lifted his head back up and looked into his father's eyes. Hadrian said

"Yes Namikaze Minato Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato I accept my reinstatement Yondaime Sama. Know this Yondaime Sama I am not working for the rest of my life as an ANBU lap dog."

"I have other important things I need to do with my life then stick around Konohagakure No Sato."

"Let get going" Minato said.

"I will send for Genma and Kakashi to meet us all at the Sarutobi compound."

"Tell them to pack for ten days just to be on the safe side of things."

Hadrian turned 90 degrees handing Sandaime Sama envelope.. Hiruzen open it was filled with several thousand Ryo

"this should cover everything that you all need while we're gone. Hiruzen Was about to protest.. Please just accepted I'm inconveniencing You by taking your Yondaime Hokage away."

"We are go on another rescue mission."

"But now I cannot argue anymore now that I'm reinstated as I am ANBU once again."

They flashed away.. too the Sarutobi compound. They set everything up. Minato wrote out two summons. The he said Kuchiyose no Jutsu and slammed his hand on the ground. Minato asked his toads.

"Please deliver those summons to both recipients."


The summon Read as.

Genma and Kakashi

Immediately Pack your stuff for a ten day mission. You will report to the Sarutobi compound. You will be helping the Sandaime. Instructions will be given when you will arrive.

Signed by

Namikaze Minato Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato