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Special Assassination and Tactical Squad Black Ops.

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Putting the pieces back together

Chapter two: Getting Ready

After they all flash to the Sarutobi clan compound. The green eyed back hair with red streaks in his hair ANBU. He was Flat as a board watching the activity around him. His mind was running. He saw his father get ready to make the Fuinjutsu chakra stored seals. Hadrian had them in spades. Hadrian strolled over to his father and handed Minato chakra storage seals. Hadrian just handed over about 50 already made seals with his chakra stored seals within them. They were converted into Namikaze chakra type for Minato use only. Minato was reading them he was impressed with the seals work that went into these.

Hadrian said, "Those should last your Shadow clone 3-weeks. we'll be back before the seals would need to recharged."

"Once we get back you can have 2 Shadow clones working on paperwork a day for a month."

"You can also recharge them when your sleeping."

"They will last you 7 rounds of use after your initial first time use. Your shadow clone you will make will be wearing them on his bicep."

"I will also give you the template so you can create your own."

Minato decided it was time to go home he got prepared to flash away. He walked his way to his desk he packed a few items he can't leave. He packed his clothing other items for his mission. All of the Items went into this Fuinjutsu bag he has used. He placed the bag it into a Fuinjutsu storage seal that was woven into his jacket. He also put Fuinjutsu sealing supplies in side another Fuinjutsu storage seal. Minato packed Kushina, Naruto clothes and other items that the two might need for two weeks. He also packed his son other items that would last about a month worth and toys. He closed up his house in a yellow flash went back to the Sandaime residence.

Minato eyed Hadrian he handed his jacket to him. He made a few handed signs and his shadow clone into *poofed into existence* so he could take his place. Hadrian eyed handed the jacket back to his father He made a quick decision. He made one handed sign a privacy Jutsu popped into place so no one could hear him. Taking two necklaces out of his Fuinjutsu storage seals He handed one to the real Minato. "Please put this on yourself this will help you when we leave." He turn to the clone and hand him an identical one.

"This will help you eat and sleep along with the seals to keep you going.

"the necklaces are to anchor you both to this timeline."

"They will disappear once you put them on and only you'll be able to take them off."

"Once we leave I will explain where I come from and everything else you demand of me as my head of Clan."

"I am call to rights as a member that no one knows this it private not your wife do you understand me." they both answered "Yes"!

They put the necklaces on and they both disappeared They could feel them around their necks. One more thing about the necklaces. It makes your Shadow clone as real as you. You both know what I mean yes we do. Hadrian said,

"I do not want here when Genma, Kakashi come to compound."

"there's a lot we're going to be doing." "I will tell you both now that it will be two weeks inside the village but a lot longer do to the time travel do you both understand."

they both looked at each other turned to Hadrian they both thought and suspected he was his son. they said, "we agree with you."

"What do you want to do with the Trader Uchiha Obito he can stay inside the scroll for the two weeks while we are gone?"

they looked at each other and said, "Let him stay in the scroll it suspense is life correct."


"He can stay there until we get back." I am going to drop the privacy barrier. They both nodded there head's they both walked to the other We have to go now.

"I love you Kushina." He took Naruto he hug ,kiss him He said him "to be good for mommy."

Then he left his Shadow clone with them. He went to talk with Hiruzen about a few things. Minato waved his hand and a privacy barrier went around them both.

"My clone is ready for the two weeks"

"I've decided to keep Uchiha Obito in the prisoners scroll for the two week's while I'm gone."

"we can deal with him when I get back Thank you for everything."

Hiruzen looked Minato in his eyes He said, "the kids from the future I sensed it in his ANBU tattoo."

"Yes"! Like I said.

"He saved us all and I'm going to help him in return with this rescue mission."

Hiruzen said, "I will look after are wife's and your son while your gone." He fiddled with his pipe in his hands.

"I will discreetly have one of my trusted ANBU started to check with my guards."

Minato hand him a stack of Fuinjutsu seals. "these can help."

"Be careful with this endeavor I am have two of mine come over to stay and you have my clone he will help as well."

"Be safe Minato come back whole and happy."

Hiruzen took a deep breath in and said, "Please take care of are green eyed ANBU talk with him while you are gone and get to the bottom of why he so angry."

"I will."

"good I will see you in two week's."

with a wave of the hand the Fuinjutsu barrier dissolved. Minato walked over to the green eyed ANBU he placed his hand onto Minato shoulder and they used a long range Hiraishin It was a golden Flash they were gone.

Genma and Kakashi arrived in time just to see the golden Flash. Their expressions we're hilarious to the Sandaime, Yondaime Hokage because laughter could be heard from the Group standing in the Courtyard. Minato stepped up and said,

" you both are going to help myself and the Sandaime with a project which is classified do you both understand me"?

"Yes Yondaime Sama." they said this in unison. Good let all go inside and get settled in.